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Double homicide of the two city workers in New York

I am not going to get worked up about a couple of New York City police workers getting off’d. This double homicide is as inconsequential as a pair of gangbangers (the non-sanctioned kind) getting plugged. I don’t care.


In fact, I would go on to ask if it is too much to hope for that this is a sign of the people saying “we’ve had it with you thugs.”
On the upside, The Funeral Show promises to be an extravaganza. I might just head down to The City to watch. I love bagpipes.
People are expected to carry on with their North Korean-style fake crying and mourning every time a man in black gets dispatched. Meanwhile, Detroit police worker Joseph Weekly, who shot seven-year-old Aiyana Jones while he was filming a First 48 episode, is still at large. Sadly, he is the closest Amerikans have come to seeing a homicidal police department employee brought to justice. I wonder if Detroit’s police pipe and drum corp showed up at her funeral?
Dees Illustrations
Dees Illustrations

Michael Weiner Savage propagates the Two Minutes of Hate; I’m still not buying it

During my three-minute drive home from work each evening (I walk to work when the weather is nice), I sometimes listen to neo-con shill Michael Alan Weiner Savage. Mr. Savage-Weiner is on a tear when it comes to the eeeevil muslims. The recent shooting incident in Australia shows every sign of being very the same false flag as all the other ones (Ottawa, District of Criminals Naval Yards, Boston, Newtown, etc., etc., etc.).

Judging by the fact that Weiner’s ratings have plunged from 10-million listeners in 2009 to half that number today, it is fair to say that a growing number of people are wise to who the likes of Weiner are working for. While the quality of his advertisers has declined along with the ratings, that phenomenon is by no means confined to Weiner. Top-shelf neo-cons such as LImbaugh, Hannity, Savage-Weiner, Beck, etc, once counted blue-chip companies such as General Motors and Proctor and Gamble as their clients, they now flog “conspiracy” videos, precious metals boiler rooms and boner pills. Then there are the cures for diabetes and cancer. And don’t forget the work-at-home scams. In other words, Big Neo Con is now competing with Jewnstown for the same advertisers.

Curiously, the big neo-con talk radio shows devote a significant amount of advertising time to Ad Council (public service) advertisements. One wonders how a program can pay its spokesman tens of millions of dollars annually – one hundred million in Pills Limbaugh’s case – more money than paid advertising could even mathematically generate, and still be able to afford to run free spots. A conspiracy kook might even be forgiven for suspecting that millions of dollars was being funnelled through these ads in the guise of “public service.” Actually, my favorite one is “This Week at the F.B.I.” They were looking for some guy regarding a murder of a church in Montana. The federal bureau of incineration still haven’t prosecuted anyone for murder of 76 people at another church in Waco, Texas in 1993 so I don’t know why they are bothering with a penny-ante homicide in the Treasure State.

Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Hill and Knowlton (who, 25 years ago, brought you Nayirah al-Sabah’s tale about Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwait babies on the floor and stealing the incubators, just to take you down memory lane) or the Council on Foreign Relations can’t very well run ads telling Limbaugh’s, Hannity’s or Weiner’s listeners what swell Joes those companies are. But run some ads featuring the vaunted FBI or Smokey the Bear? Now, that’s the ticket.

While I don’t spend a lot of time listening to neo-con talk radio, when I do, the kind of callers they get make me ask myself: how can anybody be that damned stupid? Then I think back to Premiere Radio Networks (who own Limbaugh, Hannity and George Noory among others; Weiner is owned by Cumulus). Several years ago, it was made public that Premiere was hiring actors to call into their programs. And they were also offering Premiere On Call to any show willing to pay, not just Premiere.

I’m not singling Weiner out here. Hannity is just as much as a fascist israel-firster as Weiner is. And Hannity isn’t even an israeli citizen. To his credit, Limbaugh doesn’t spend a whole lot of time doing the apartheid state’s laundry, but he is very much an agent for the banksters and the neo-con narrative.

On December 4, Savage Weiner was making known his disgust with the video which showed Eric Garner being murdered by Daniel Pantaleo, a New York City police worker. Weiner was all over the map that night. Castigating Pantaleo and his fellow NYPD employees, he was sure to keep up the “I support the police,” “you guys have a tough job,” hippies, commies, etc, narrative.  He also touched on other issues of police brutality while defending homicidal police worker Darren Wilson. Unfortunately, Weiner Savage never identified the two main causes of the explosion in brutality by police department employees: a) “training” (brainwashing) by outfits such as SPLC, ADL, AIPAC, etc and direct training in israel itself which has encouraged police workers to treat “citizens” the same way israeli police treat Palestinians and; b) veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with their brains fried on SSRIs to keep them from having to deal with the war crimes they witnessed and / or participated in.

I have a message for Michael Savage Weiner and the rest of his neo-con ilk: not only are your lies a matter of public record, you risk being brought to justice in front of a future war crimes tribunal.

The “Sydney shooting” was a contrived false flag. Just as Ottawa was. And Newtown (couldn’t find a brown guy in all of New England, eh, Mike?). There was that “Via Rail / Amtrak plot” here in Niagara Falls that is certain to collapse once the role of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the federal bureau of incineration is exposed in open court. Umar Farouk Abdulmattalab was clearly walked around security (according to, among other witnesses, Kurt and Lori Haskel, a Detroit lawyer couple). Remember the one about that Iranian-American pothead used car dealer down in Texas who was plotting to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S.? That one went down the memory hole in a hurry. How about those eeeeevil muslim terrorists Yousef al-Khattab (formerly Joseph Cohen), Adam Ghadan’s birthname is Adam Pearlman, Abu Tallhah al-Amrikee (ooooh, that’s a realllly scary name) had a less menacing name: Zachary Chesser. All former jews. Who just happened to become high-profile Muslim terrorists. But we’re not going to get into their former lives, are we Mike? Uh, no.

You, Weiner, will be proved a liar with regards to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. “Russia” didn’t shoot down Flight 17 any more than it “grabbed” Crimea.

And let’s not forget: Anwar Awlaki, back when he was wanted as one of the “9/11 masterminds,” dined with senior military brass at the Pentagon.

Zio-media’s influence is slipping. And slipping fast. In fact, it has declined precipitously just since the October 22, 2014 homicide in Ottawa. Within just a few hours of that event, Google search results prominently featured sites which sought to ridicule “conspiracy theorists” and warn their readers of those tinfoil-hat wearing kooks and their “false flag!” cries. Such websites debunked “evidence” which hadn’t even been made public.  Today, when I typed in “Sydney False Flag” into Google, the first several pages were filled with results which led to pages which legitimately warned that a false flag was, indeed, the case.

When China and Russia finally pull the plug on The Dollar, israel is done. At least as a colonial power. AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, and the rest of the isralien special interests…bye, bye. All that money to buy up the b.s. media: gone. The federal reserve: gone. The District of Criminals hold on the rest of the United States and the world: history. If you don’t believe the collapse of the fraudulent federal reserve economy is inevitable, just as any of the gold bug boiler rooms advertising on Weiner. Or LImbaugh, Or Hannity. Or that overnight flying saucer show.

The end of the israelien empire will also mean the end of the government of israel paying college students in the apartheid state and abroad to spam newspaper comments boards with its propaganda. Similarly, the isralien government, the U.S. state department, the C.I.A. and other federal entities will not be able to fund any more voice actors to carry out their versions of Premiere On Call.

So keep telling those lies, Big Neo-Con. Keep being the apartheid state’s bitch. Your audience is declining. Your listeners that remain are greying. Listening to you is like watching old YouTube videos of Comical Ali over there in Baghdad (remember Weapons of Mass Destruction?).It would be funny had it not resulted in the deaths of millions.

See, Mike, this is what you don’t understand: most people don’t believe (and never did) that crushing someone’s genitals is an acceptable – and reliable – way of obtaining information. And you’re really not going to like this one, Weiner: more than half of Americans accept that the U.S government was complicit (or worse) in the “attacks” of September 11, 2001. I have news for you, Mike. Once your new world order collapses, the “9/11” story will collapse along with it. And when the world finds out who really did “9/11,” the apartheid state’s holohoax tribute from around the world will dry up to nothing.

I suppose it’s still an encouraging sign that Americans are still such a moral people that their government has to lie to them and conceal its torture, atrocities and other war crimes. Because D.C. fears that if it’s behavior was fully made public, nationwide anger (not to mention that of the rest of the planet) would threaten the very existence of the federal government.

These guys are totally desperate. And what their masters in Tel Aviv will do to try and maintain control is absolutely frightening.FALSE-FLAG-NUKE


2014-10-23 Robert Nicholson Bullshit

Yeah, yeah. I know. tinfoil hat. Conspiracy kook, space aliens, etc, etc. Like those of us who engage in critical thinking haven’t heard that a million times before.

Just one question: What has government NOT lied about (just once) in the past, say, fifty years? Governments and media have lied so often and so convincingly for decades that only an idiot would just take their word for it. On anything. 

We have the means to independently verify every fact we are exposed to. So grow a brain and start verifying.

Within hours of the shootings in Ottawa, websites which purported to “debunk” false flag claims came out of nowhere and rose to the top of Google searches.

Ottawa Citizen / National Post
Ottawa Citizen / National Post


Establishment” media worked tirelessly to scrub any hint of dissent or inquiry from their comments sections. They are still reporting on this event (particularly Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s “conversion to Islam angle”) however most comments are now disabled.

The most obvious question is this: how did Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, after shooting Nathan Cirillo manage to make the roughly-400-yard trek from the War Memorial to the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings? Two hundred yards of that 400 would have been on the grounds of Parliament Hill itself. The parliament buildings resemble an armed camp any day of the year, never mind when parliament is in session and the prime minister and his cabinet are on the premises.

Did the entire RCMP security contingent and House of Commons Protective Services go on one big stand down? According to police reports, ten minutes elapsed between the time Cirillo (who was guarding the War Memorial with an unloaded rifle) was shot and the time Bibeau entered the Centre Block. It is absolutely unfathomable to believe that in the time it took Bibeau to make the 200-yard dash across the grounds from Wellington Street (after hopping the fence), armed officers wouldn’t be at the front door to greet him. Such incompetence on the part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police would be like suggesting that the entire air defenses of the United States government stood down on September 11, 2001. Absolutely incomprehensible.

Police department employees out-of-uniform, wearing ski masks, and not displaying badge numbers.
Police department employees out-of-uniform, wearing ski masks, and not displaying badge numbers.
An employee of the Ottawa police department points his firearm at Canadian citizens.
An employee of the Ottawa police department points his firearm at Canadian citizens.

So far, there have been no reports that a live drill simulating such a scenario was taking place. Unlike on September 11, 2001 or July 7, 2005.

The narrative tells us that the House’s the sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers heroically shot Bibeau with his sidearm. Was Bibeau meant to get further? Was Vickers’ presence overlooked in crafting the script? Was Vickers set up to be the hero all along (they sure had his biography ready for the media in a hurry)? We may never know. I lean towards the former. Vickers’ actions give ammunition (pun intended) to opponents of gun control who maintain the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Too bad Cirillo couldn’t be trusted with a loaded gun.

In every “mass shooting” (and I concede this wasn’t technically a mass shooting; Vickers stopped it in its tracks), you have a “hero narrative.” That would be Vickers. However, in this instance, you also have cowardice. Michelle Rempel, M.P. For Calgary North, tweeted, Mom im okay Im in hiding. Yeah, that the image we want our “leaders” to project. Hiding and sending twitter messages to their mothers. Of course, if Rempel is anything like my M.P., Rob Nicholson, she’s been in hiding since the day she was elected. It is worth noting that in most of Alberta, if a chimpanzee were allowed to stand for office, he would be elected provided he ran as a Conservative. It’s just that easy.

Stephen Harper receives a purported briefing from RCMP Commissioner Robert "Bob" Paulson.
Stephen Harper receives a purported briefing from RCMP Commissioner Robert “Bob” Paulson.
George W. Bush reads a children's book (upside down) while the U.S. comes under attack.
George W. Bush reads a children’s book (upside down) while the U.S. comes under attack.
Calgary member of parliament Michelle Rempel.
Calgary member of parliament Michelle Rempel.

Then there was Stephen “Steve” Harper. While receiving a briefing about the “situation” from R.C.M.P. Commissioner Robert “Bob” Paulson, Harper was drinking a glass of wine. So either Harper, who claims to be a teetotaler, “suffers” from alcoholism so severe that he not only needs to drink on the job but will allow himself to be photographed while doing so. Or, was Steve so confident that the script was being followed as planned that he allowed himself to feel relaxed. Not unlike George W. Bush reading My Pet Goat (upside down) while his country was literally under attack.

While the shooting incidents were unfolding, the RCMP presumed to direct citizens not to upload cellphone photos and videos. Apparently, they don’t possess cellphone killers unlike their American colleagues.

Fortunately, none of their officers channeled Paul Vance, the Connecticut State Police employee who threatened to arrest anybody reporting information about Sandy Hook that didn’t come explicitly from him.

According to the Federal Bureau of Incineration (FBI) the number of murders which took place in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012 was zero.
According to the Federal Bureau of Incineration (FBI) the number of murders which took place in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012 was zero.

The Ottawa “attack” was preceded by a hit-and-run incident two days earlier in Quebec which resulted in the injury of one soldier, whose identify has not been released and the death of another , Patrice Vincent. The incident was quickly held up by the Harper regime as “homegrown terrorism,” even as the Quebec provincial police were conducting an independent investigation. The suspect in the hit-and-run, Martin “Ahmad” (of course) Rouleau, another Muslim “convert,” was subsequently shot and killed by police.

On October 16, a week before the Ottawa shooting incident and four days prior to the Quebec hit-and-run incident, public safety minister Steven Blaney (CON-Quebec City) announced legislation which would “crack down” on “homegrown terrorists” and give the spy agency CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) more powers, particularly with regards to its relationships with other members of the “Five Eyes.”

On October 23, the day after the Ottawa shootings, it was reported that the Harper regime was considering legislation which would make it an offense to “condone” terrorist acts on-line.

From the National Post of October 23:

Sources suggest the government is likely to bring in new hate speech legislation that would make it illegal to claim terrorist acts are justified online.

The Prime Minister told the House of Commons on Thursday that Canada’s law and policing powers need to be strengthened in the areas of surveillance, detention and arrest. He said work is already under way to provide law enforcement agencies with “additional tools” and that work will now be expedited.

The Conservative MP (unnamed in the original article) said the new legislation was crafted before this week’s events and is not “trauma tainted.”

There you have it. Problem. Reaction. Solution. Canadian Fear Campaign: “Islamic Extremists” and the Dubious Role of Intelligence Agencies.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was said to be depressed, mentally ill and a drug addict. And he had a history of petty crime. A perfect candidate, as it turns out, for an interested party to mold him into their own image.

The subject of “mind control” is generally relegated to late night talk radio and / or radio programming originating out of Austin, Texas.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s long-running investigative documentary program The Fifth Estate ran a segment called The Sleep Room in 1984. The report documented the C.I.A.’s role in sleep deprivation, mind control and other psychological warfare experiments at Montreal’s Allan Memorial Institute in the 1950s and 1960s. The experiments were overseen by psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron. The experiments supposedly ended when Cameron died in 1967. Cameron’s “work” was part of a larger program known as Project MK (Mind Kontrol) Ultra.

SSRIs and other anti anti-depressants figure prominently into both mass-shootings as well as contrived “terrorist” plots which the Federal Bureau Incineration and Royal Canadian Mounted Police always seem to be breaking up.

Mitchell Johnson, who was 13 years old in 1998 when he and his then-11-year-old cousin Andrew Golden shot and killed five people and wounded 11 others, was being “treated” with anti-depressants. Eric Harris, one of the two (that we know of) Columbine shooters was similarly being treated.

Seung Hui Cho was mentally ill when he shot up Virginia Tech.

In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a “mass-shooting” incident where mental illness compounded with prescription anti-depressants didn’t play a major role.

Of course, if you really want to wave a red flag in front of the gun-grabbers and enrage them until there is mucus spraying out of their noses, bring up the fact that all of these “mass-shootings” happened in places where guns were banned. Either by the institution or business where they happened, or the state they happened in. Even in carry states, having a gun in a business or institution that has banned it is treated as illegal possession. Mind you, had Michael Zehaf-Bibeau carried out his attack at the U.S. Capitol instead of Ottawa, Canada, and had U.S. Capitol police stood down just like the R.C.M.P., we can be certain he wouldn’t have gotten past Dianne Feinstein.

When the FBI and the RCMP break up the contrived “terror plots,” the participants are always drug addicts or otherwise troubled young people. Just like our Mr. Bibeau. John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, the Vancouver-area couple charged with “plotting” to blow up the B.C. Legislature, were recovering drug addicts who were receiving methadone treatments from a neighborhood pharmacy. They lived in a basement apartment. They were jobless. Oh, yes, they were also Muslim converts. It is interesting to note that their local mosque had thrown them out because they were troublemakers. Nuttall and Korody were expressing sentiments which were sympathetic to al-Qaeda (which they apparently didn’t know was al-ciada).

We can be certain, however, that in this case and every plot that has been broken up, the public was never, ever in danger because as RCMP Deputy Commissioner Wayne Rideout said (referring to the Nuttall / Korody case): “(the RCMP used a variety of techniques to) monitor and control (the accused throughout their conspiracy)…the suspects were committed to acts of violence and discussed a wide variety of targets and techniques. In order to ensure public safety, we employed a variety of complex investigative and covert techniques to control any opportunity the suspects had to commit harm.” In other words, they have their man on the inside and won’t let things get out of hand. Unless, of course, they need to.

Parliament Hill shooter kicked out of Burnaby mosque two years ago

Zehaf-Bibeau was asked to leave the mosque, because he had “gotten a hold of keys and stuff from the mosque, and when he got out of jail, he just started sleeping there”

Vancouver Sun, October 23, 2014

The list of mass-shootings, terror plots (contrived, successful and otherwise) that feature SSRIs, mental illness, drug addiction and other “strange” people is just too long to be covered in this article. However, it is safe to say we can add Michael Zehaf-Bibeau to the list.

I am not suggesting that Stephen Harper personally ordered this attack. I don’t believe any member of the Harper regime “ordered” it or had it carried out. Any number of organizations could have been “in on it.” The C.I.A. and the Mossad (israel) come to mind first and foremost. The Council on Foreign Relations has become one of Harper’s most reliable patrons. The C.F.R., headed by David Rockefeller, counts among its most legendary members war criminals Henry Kissinger, Richard “Penis” Cheney and Richard Haas. When it comes to terrorism (whether it be the traditional blow-stuff-up kind, the tyrannical police-state kind, the takeover-non-compliant-government-kind or the more genteel, kinder, softer Goldman-Sachs-rob-the-bank-wearing-an-Armani-suit kind), the Council on Foreign Relations takes a back seat to nobody. With the possible exception of the Trilateral Commission, of whom James Moore, M.P., (CON-Port Moody-Westwood-Port Conquitlam) and current Industry minister is a member. (Hey, Jim, I’ve taken a screenshot from your website so don’t bother trying to memory hole it).

As one can see by visiting the official website of the Prime Minister’s Office, Steve is a frequent visitor to the C.F.R.

Stephen Harper CFR slide

Speaking of Goldman Sachs, it just so happens that Steve was down in the City speaking at their world headquarters. Among other things, he discussed the problem of young people going overseas and becoming terrorists. Strangely though, the phenomenon of young Canadians and Americans participating in war crimes and terrorism for the israeli Occupation Army didn’t come up.

There are no real terrorists. At least, not the Hollywood-type Central Casting terrorists we have been trained to fear. The people around the world whose lives have been destroyed by israeli, American, “federal” “reserve” and other bankster aggression know the end of dollar hegemony is near. And with it, the end of the War Of Terror. Furthermore, they know that the very people who live in countries governed by their attackers have had it.

False Flag: The Movie (credit: Michael Rivero,
False Flag: The Movie (credit: Michael Rivero,

Britain said it would not participate in Iraq III. So what is “ISIS’s” response? Kidnap a Brit, cut his head off and post the video in order to get the Brits so riled up they will want to change their minds and destroy ISIS. Turkey would not allow the U.S. and its allies to use its airspace. So what does ISIS do? It sends missiles across the border from Syria. Canada didn’t participate in Iraq II (the 2003 Shock and Awe / Mission Accomplished thing). Canadians are just as opposed now as we were over a decade ago. So what does ISIS do? Attack Canada and get the Canadian people angry and demanding blood. None of this makes any sense.

If you want to invade a country because peoples’ heads are being cut off, you might want to start with Saudi Arabia.

I knew why, because I had been through the Pentagon right after 9/11. About ten days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. I went downstairs just to say hello to some of the people on the Joint Staff who used to work for me, and one of the generals called me in. He said, “Sir, you’ve got to come in and talk to me a second.” I said, “Well, you’re too busy.” He said, “No, no.” He says, “We’ve made the decision we’re going to war with Iraq.” This was on or about the 20th of September. I said, “We’re going to war with Iraq? Why?” He said, “I don’t know.” He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do.” So I said, “Well, did they find some information connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda?” He said, “No, no.” He says, “There’s nothing new that way. They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.” He said, “I guess it’s like we don’t know what to do about terrorists, but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.” And he said, “I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.”

So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”

—General Wesley Clark, March 2, 2007

In Canada, elections do not have constitutionally-mandated dates. However, by law (which can be repealed), set election dates every four years on the third Monday in October. This would require an election on October 19, 2015. Harper ignored this law during his last mandate and called an early election on May 2, 2011. HOWEVER…the constitution sets the maximum life of a government at five years (which would take the regime through to May, 2016). In event of a national emergency (war, insurrection or disaster), a government can even exceed its five-year lifespan with the consent of 2/3 of all members of parliaments. Since the ruling Conservative Party only has 161 of the 308 seats, that is a highly unlikely circumstance; it would require 42 more votes than it currently has).

Historically, in Canada, governments that remain in office more than four years are regarded as seriously in trouble with the voters. In October, 2016, the Harper regime’s mandate will have been four years and five months into its mandate.

Canadians, Americans, Britons and mainland Europeans have had it with their governments. We have had it with usurpation by israel. We have had it with the banksters. The Dollar is near death. The regimes have tried everything else and failed. Now all they have left (short of nukes) is the false flag. And this week, it was Canada’s turn.

Bullshit button
Yeah, it’s bullshit, all right.

No matter how angry you are, don’t get suckered into The enemy’s False Flag trap.

There are two types of false flag traps: the first one tricks misguided fools into unwittingly working for the very people they are opposed to. The other is the false flag that uses those entities to hornswoogle the public and try and get it onside with The Beast’s agenda. The objectives are overlapping.

Let’s start by discussing al-Qaeda (or, as I like to call it, “al-ciada.

Al-qaeda, as we understand it, was an outgrowth of the Mujahadeen, the insurgents in Afghanistan who fought against the Soviets in the 1980s. The Mujahadeen, who included Osama bin Laden amongst their members, were praised by president Ronald Reagan.

Reagan - Bonzo
Former United States President Ronald Reagan (right).

We started hearing about Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda in the late 1990s after the attack on the U.S.S. Cole and the Kenya embassy attacks. Of course, al-Qaeda’s stock rose into the stratosphere after September 11, 2001.

If nothing else will convince you that al-Qaeda is a creation of “The West” (i.e., the C.I.A., the Mossad, British intelligence), then consider this: “al-qaeda” is an Arabic phrase which literally translated into “the base.” X-Files fans can watch the opening sequence of Season 1’s “Fallen Angel” where an Iraqi fighter jet pilot is shown communicating with his commander. he says, “qaeda” and the slide shows him as communicating with his “base.”

However, “al-qaeda” is also Arabic slang for “the toilet.” I credit Michael Rivero ( for frequently discussing this little fact. As Rivero explains, the name “al-Qaeda” was obvious coined by somebody with only a basic understanding of the Arabic language. If someone said, “I’m from the toilet and I’m here to kill you,” we would die of laughter. Imagine if the Irish Republican Army had instead called itself “The Crapper,” “The John,” or “The Bowl.”

Deceased international criminal Osama bin Laden (1957-2002) in this undated photograph.
Deceased international super villain Osama bin Laden (1957-2002) in this undated photograph.

Like McDonald’s al-Qaeda’s brand has been franchised around the Middle East. Al-Qaeda in North Africa. Al-Qadea in Yemen. Al-Qaeda in Iraq (that was the big one!). Al-Qaeda in Syria. Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Isn’t it funny how the “al-Qaeda” narrative never showed up where it might do the most benefit for its own purported agenda: occupied Palestine?

Which brings up another question: Why do al-Qadea, Anonymous and Wikileaks never seem to show much interest in israel? I realize that, according to the narrative, those three outfits have very different purposes, in the case of each of them, they do not seem to bother with The Apartheid State.

Tragically, some good people get caught up in the scam.  Bradley Manning thought he was performing a valuable service. And he was. But Julian Assange and Wikileaks left him hanging out to dry.

Private First Class Bradley Manning
Private First Class Bradley Manning. His conviction was a travesty and a tragedy, but not a surprise. A constitutional restoration is certain to happen long before Manning’s 35-year sentence is up. Click for the Apache Massacre video.

I find it exceedingly difficult to believe that Julian Assange couldn’t find a single incriminating piece of information about israel. You would think that after all the atrocities it has committed just since Operation Cast Lead, “Anonymous” would have downloaded every single byte from israeli Offense Force computers and broadcast the names, addresses, and American Express card numbers of every single i.O.F. war criminal around the world. .Or at least, threatened to (I’ll get into that later).

InGaza Eva Bartlett
Eva Bartlett,

And if al-Qaeda were real, you would have car bombs exploding at israel-occupied Palestine checkpoints every day. “Al-Qaeda” doen’t even claim to be in occupied Palestine. A Texas man, Barry Bujol, was in e-mail contact with “al-Qaeda” in an effort to join their cause (at, their cause as he understood it.). If you are e-mailing al-Qaeda or Anonymous or Wikileaks and trying to officially join their cause, you might as well be e-mailing the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. itself. Furthermore, if the al-Qaeda “terrorists” are so stupid that their recruits are trying to join by e-mail, then we really have nothing to worry about in the first place.

In fact, in the United States, Canada and Britain, every single “terrorist” plot broken up by their respective state security services not only had informants in place, but used those informants and the resources of the state to move those plots along. And the only people that get fooled into participating in these plots are an overlapping group of teenagers, young adults, unemployed people, drug addicts and half-retards.

Need more evidence that you are being had?

Anwar al-Awlaki ( who Barry Bujold thought he was communicating with by e-mail) dined at the Pentagon, even as he was sought as al-Qaeda’s notorious Number Two.

Youself al-Khattab, before he founded the Revolution Muslim website, used to hang out as Mosques and beat up Muslims back when he was using his birthname, Joseph Cohen, and attending rabinnical school.

Adam Ghadan, the “American Al-Qaeda” used to be known as Adam Pearlman. And his grand-daddy was on the board the A.D.L.

Now, maybe you’re not ambitious enough to join al-Qaeda. After all, that’s a lot of work playing on those monkey bars all day as you train to go to war with The Great Satan. Maybe computers are more your forte. Alas, Anonymous!

Guy Fawkes Painting
Guy Fawkes, mascot of the Anonymous movement, was done in by one of his own co-conspirators. Pretty much what you can expect if you allow yourself to believe that you are acting as part of “anonymous.”

As with al-Qaeda, if you are in contact with somebody trying to “get into” Anonymous, you might as well just e-mail Northern Virginia with all your personal details yourself and get around the middle-man.

Even if Anonymous doesn’t really care with what’s going on in occupied Palestine, have you noticed how it seems to show very little interest with the israeli nationals in the United States (a.k.a. the banksters?) You want to do some good, Guy Fawkes? Fine. Shut down the high-frequency trading computers running between the New York Stock Exchange and Goldman Sachs. Wipe out the computers at Bank of America and J.P. Morgan. Publish the names and address of every single bankster (both primary Manhattan address and their pad in The Hamptons). Show us what Lloyd Blankfein does on his computer when he’s not doing God’s work. How about giving us some dirt about the “federal” “reserve?”

Anonymous jumped the shark in Ferguson, Missouri when it “outed” the then-unknown murderer of Michael Brown as somebody completely removed from the crime. This could very well have gotten the man killed. It was an absolute flustercuck that revealed for all of us just how fake and impotent Anonymous really is.


Tweeting images of Guy Fawkes and saying “we do not forgive. We do not forget.” Oh, I’m really scared. Mommy, can you make me some hot chocolate and bring it to me downstairs?

Five years ago, Anonymous threatened to reveal the names, images, personal and financial images of Mexican “drug lords” it purportedly back off a few days later when the drug lords threatened to kill civilians. Of course, as we all know, drug lords keep everything about them stored on computers connected to the internet. In any even, it was a useless, irrelevant gesture on the part of Anonymous. Eric Holder already knows who they are. He ships them his guns and they send the drugs back north in exchange.

In Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are specialists in carrying out what they call “Mr. Big” operations. They can take months. Or years. They easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some have cost millions. The way it works, in a nutshell, is undercover police operatives gradually move you into their world with the final objective being for you to confess to a crime which you may or may not have committed. In the most complex operations, everyone around you in your life is a cop. When their targets are known to be alcoholics or drug addicts, supplying them with their favourite vice is a particularly useful tool to speed up the confession and make the arrest.

Mr. Big Chocolate Bar

If you are as liberty-minded as I am, if you frequently write to your local politicians and tell them you are as mad as hell, if you are active in the independent media, if you post freedom-themed YouTube videos, you are probably on somebody’s radar. I’m not suggesting anything will come of it. Just because they know about you doesn’t mean they’ll SWAT you. But you want to be very careful who you associate with and who you share your opinions with among your co-workers, friends, even family. If somebody, out of the blue (no pun intended) comes to you and starts telling you about how he has this “big idea,” tell him to go to hell and walk away.

Obviously, al-Qaeda, Anonymous, Wikileaks and now ISIS, ISIL and Islamic State in…whatever (think al-Qaeda in…) have a wider audience beyond their unwitting volunteers. It’s the billions of people around the world who need to have the latest war sold to them in order to prop up the U.S. dollar.

Nearly 25 years ago, the American public was fooled into the need to go to war with Iraq when Nariyah al-Sabah gave her tearful testimony about Iraqi soldiers has merciless thrown Kuwaiti babies had thrown babies on the hospital floor and stolen the incubators.

Nariyah al-sabah
Notrious liar Nariyah al-Sabah became an international war criminal when she was only 15 years old.

The lies that led to Iraq II were numerous. Colin Powell, a man whom I respected (until then) deeply, showed grainy black-and-white satellite photographs (hint:  satellite photographs are ultra high-resolution. Not grainy. And they are in colour, not black-and-white) that purported to show a mobile weapons laboratory in Iraq. Most of us call those things “fire trucks.”

New Orleans Fire Truck
A mobile chemical weapons laboratory, as described by Colin Powell, is seen prowling the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana as it mercilessly searches out its next victim.

Of course there was the whole Niger yellow cake thing. And then, once it got going they had to keep up the momentum. Ergo, Jessica Lynch. Not long after that the “al-Qaeda in Iraq” fairy-take took off. The Fox News drones sooned parrotted, “we gotta kill them al-kadda over dair in I-rak before day come ‘ere.” Now the same intellectual heavyweights are telling us how Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly say it’s critical to shoot children in the head from helicopters, blow up schools and hospitals, drop white phosphorous bombs on everybody and basically act in ways Nazis would have found beyond the pale because, after all, they are all terrorists, they are squatting on the land of God’s chosen people, and our God has the biggest penis.

Fox News Brainwashing

Speaking of Dicks, it is frankly embarrassing to tune into neo-con talk radio or watch Fox News as they hold up the likes of Richard Cheney, George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger and other war criminals as revered guests.

The Beast and its willing accomplices in the B.S. Media lied about Vietnam. It lied about Iraq (time, again, again, and again). It lies about Iran (who have never instigated a war of aggression in its history as an Islamic Republic) . It lied about Afghanistan. It lied about Libya. It lies about Syria. It is lying about Ukraine. It not only enables the war crimes of The Apartheid State, it endorses them and claims all of their victims are “terrorists.”

The only government department I am half-way inclined to believe is the weather service. And they lie about global warming.

For the sake of humanity, governments around the world need to be brought down. But it’s not going to be done by shooting people or blowing shit up. The U.S. dollar will collapse. It is mathematically impossible for the ponzi scheme to continue much longer. And that is when all the wars and all the atrocities around the planet will stop. Overnight.

What if I told you the dollar is going to collapse

We can help speed up the process by buying gold and silver, taking physical delivery keeping it in your own possession It’s as easy as going on e-bay. If you are comfortable, buy bitcoins. But keep them in cold storage in multiple locations. Close your bank account, open a credit union account, but keep only enough in your account as to meet your obligations. Even small banks and credit unions have to do business with the likes of the zombie mega banks.

Refuse to watch the B.S. media. E-mail them and tell them you are doing so. Tell them they are full of crap. Newspapers are going out of business on an almost daily basis. Layoffs and bureau closures are regular events in the news business. Make sure they know you are happy to speed up their demise.

Rocky Mountain News Final Edition


And when the Romania moment finally happens (December 25, 1989 in the case of Romania) don’t bother arresting the criminals. Let them leave with their ill-gotten gains. Let them have their worthless paper money. Don’t worry about the gold-tinted bricks. It’s probably tungsten anyway. Rebuild our countries around  and deal with the criminals later. They will probably be contained in the City of London or israel, so they will be easy to find when the tribunals start.

Nicolaie and Elena Ceaucescu execution
It took less than a month for Romanians to go from a football riot to the Christmas Day televised spectacular which saw their despot president and his wife arrested, tried and executed on live television. The New World Order won’t go as quietly, unfortunately.

As Michael Rivero often points out, the U.S. government is prepared to fight the next revolution the only way it knows how: with violence. Like Enron and the Soviet Union before it, the whole thing will collapse under the massive weight of its own fraud and criminality.  And they can’t put us in jail for letting them have all the rope they need, even as their own hand is on the lever of the trapdoor.

Block at the top of the Tower of London
There is still a large wooden block at the top of the Tower of London.








Easy ways to boycott The Apartheid State

Hit The Apartheid State’s nationals at home and abroad where they live: make a permanent withdrawal from the fractional reserve system.

Close your accounts with the big multi-national zombie banks. Open an account at your local community credit union. But since the credit unions themselves must keep a majority of their assets with the same big banks we need to boycott, keep only enough in your account as is necessary to meet your monthly obligations.


Photo Illustration. Prime minister of The Apartheid State Netanyahu at the United Nations.
Photo Illustration. Prime minister of The Apartheid State Netanyahu at the United Nations.

Buy gold and silver and take physical possession. Forget about doing business with those boiler rooms advertising on “patriot” talk radio. Buying gold and silver is as easy as going on E-bay. You’ll get the largest selection at the best price. And the people you buy from won’t be pestering you from now on to buy even more. If all you can afford is $50 or $100, then that’s all you need to buy.

Get into bitcoins, and even litecoins and other altcoins if you feel comfortable.  There are a number of bitcoin exchanges which make purchasing these “coins” easy. I know what you’re thinking: Mt. Gox and other well-publicized collapses, robberies and other mysterious disappearances. Like gold and silver, you want to keep your coins in your own possession, unlike Mt. Gox’s unfortunate clients who purchased their coins and left them in the possession of the exchange.

The easiest way to store bitcoins and litecoins is, after you purchase your coins from the exchange, withdraw them and store them in your cellphone. Or you can even print out vouchers from a number of websites and store your coins on paper. Either way, the only way you can lose your coins is if somebody takes your phone (and discovers them) or breaks into your house and takes your vouchers.  And in the former, your coins are easily backed up. In the case of the latter, you keep photocopies and store them elsewhere. Provided you are able to transfer your coins to another wallet after the theft or loss is discovered in time, your money is safe.

Obviously, somebody stealing your cellphone or robbing your home is a real threat, the possibility of banks and government stealing our money through “bail-in” schemes (see Cyprus) is a more ominous threat.

As Bitcoin is become more popular, it is becoming easier to make purchases without having to transfer your coins back into Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Dollars.  Most bitcoin enthusiasts use Android and i-phone apps, which make buying and selling their coins a breeze. It’s as easy as scanning a Q.R. code.

The best part of bitcoins and other crypto-currencies is you are cutting the banksters out of your life.

In dealing with professional services, I do not deal with people whose allegiance to The Apartheid State is obvious. My family doctor is originally from Libya.  When I vote, I am only going to vote for people whose loyalty is to Canada. I will not vote for a dual national of any country.

AIPAC Clinton Netanyahu Obama Biden
Dees Illustrations. Not pictured are Canadian israel-firster politicians Stephen Harper (prime minister), foreign minister John “Hot Tub” Baird and dean of israel-firsters in the Canadian knesset, Irwin Cotler.

The Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement is a worthy one. The only problem is, BDS only concentrates on goods manufactured in the occupied territories (Gaza and the West Bank). But not buying soda machines and boycotting Scarlett Johansson movies only goes so far. The Apartheid State is a parasite and we need to cut off their blood supply wherever they live.

By cutting the Apartheid State nationals worldwide out of our financial dealings, refusing to watch, read, or (much less) pay for Big Media’s bullshit, boycotting entertainment and refusing to do business with doctors, lawyers, accountants and other “professionals” whose first loyalty is to The Apartheid State, we can stop the bloodthirsty Offence Forces savages overnight.

What did the Germans do that made the zionists so angry eighty years ago?  That was before World War II and before the Slave Labour camps for those of you who are mathematically challenged.
What did the Germans do that made the zionists so angry eighty years ago? That was before World War II and before the Slave Labour camps for those of you who are mathematically challenged.

The bottom line is this: every time you participate in every day economic activity with an Apartheid State dual national, you are supporting this:

Shot Gazan Child

even if you don’t know it.

If you ask me, that’s one shitty deal.

Lloyd Blankfein One Shitty Deal


Don’t give them your money. Don’t be their clients. And for krystsakes, DON’T VOTE FOR THEM.

After we stop voting for them, then we can stop having our wealth expropriated every April and sent to Tel Aviv.

Keep Calm and Boycott Israel

If we’re really successful, we might even be able to put The Apartheid State’s spyware enterprises and intelligence companies out of business while we’re at it.

A message to the residents of The Apartheid State

A tragic event occurred recently. Tragic, at least, from a Zionist public relations perspective. Eighty-nine year old Johann Breyer died before he could be committed to trial for being a participant in World War II-era Germany’s slave camps. That means they’ve run out of Nazis.

What are the Nazi Hunters going to do now? Start arresting the grandchildren of the purported Nazis? For generations, the P.R. machine has run at full steam. We were made to feel guilty by the survivors of the slave labour camps. Then it was “I’m a child of a survivor.” Now it’s, “My grandparents survived…”

The only thing that has allowed The Apartheid State to advance it’s P.R. machine and commit atrocities worse than anything the popular narratives tell us Nazi Germany committed has been control over North American and European institutions by nationals of The Apartheid State. And Germans were only able to behave badly for six years. The Apartheid State is into it’s sixth decade of collective punishment, starvation, police and military brutality, torture, chemical weapon use, dispossession and other atrocities.

Fox News Brainwashing
Dees Illustrations. If you were to go strictly by the Bullshit Media, you would think The Apartheid State has this one sewn up. Just like all its other wars. Sadly, for them, that’s just not the case. Controlled opposition, censored comments, propaganda and criminalization of dissent actually have our oppressors believing we’re under their control.

The current inhabitants of Occupied Palestine should be mindful of the fact that their control over the U.S. government is quickly coming to a close. The only way your Apartheid State has been able to behave the way it has for the past sixty years is your ability to extract money and materiel from unwilling Americans. The only thing that has enabled the U.S. government to comply with your demands is its unique ability to print an almost infinite amount of money. Those days are over. The ticks have exsanguinated the American dog. And I can assure you Canada and Europe are in no position to pick up the slack.

Heil Netanyahu
My god, I’ve seen this fucking movie before! A megalomaniac leader and a brainwashed people with a superiority complex. An enemy race being confined to ghettos without adequate food, medicine or even running water. Rampant disease. Atrocities. Chemical weapons.

The BRICS nations (primarily Russia and China) have had it with dollar hegemony.  A minor example of that exasperation is the fact that Americans aren’t in Iran and Syria fighting your wars.  All it takes is a phone call from Beijing or Moscow and the dollar goes bye-bye. That’s what prevented American troops from being sent to Damascus. It has been reported that Germany (remember them?) is in secret discussions to join the BRICS.

You are going to wake up one morning and find, to your horror, that overnight, the dollar died.  The dollars your government has in its various accounts will be worthless. As worthless as those 100-trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes you can buy on E-bay for a U.S. dollar. There will be no more missiles shipped over. No more F-16s. No more materiel. You will be on your own. Worse, when Americans, Canadians and Europeans find out what their israel-Firster politicians did to them, those crooks will be seeking asylum from you people to protect them from us (remember how the snivelling bullshit media moans about the 100-million-plus gun owners in the United States? Well, those guns aren’t for deer hunting).

While you wouldn’t know it from your Zionist-owned media worldwide, the world has come to the conclusion that war crimes are taking place in The Apartheid State. When you no longer have the might of the United States military to defend you, and pet governments and institutions worldwide to follow your orders, you risk creating a situation where your own people are at risk from hundreds of millions of your angry hosts rebelling.

I didn't enlist...
Americans balked at fighting The Apartheid State’s wars in Syria or anywhere else. I don’t know what makes the Zionists think things will be any different from now on.

The impartial examination and discussion of World War II history has been criminalized worldwide. Even in Germany. However, unlike seventy years ago, today’s provocations on your part are well-documented. Between your war crimes at home and the destruction of economies and subversion of governments worldwide, your citizens everywhere stand to be in a world of hurt if you don’t back off.

Jews of the world declare war on Germany
The London Daily Express, March 24, 1933. Putting aside the question of whether events transpired as we are led to believe between 1939 and 1945, we are never supposed to ask what made the German people so angry to begin with? Could it have been economic bottle rockets lobbed at them from outside their borders? Could our anger  escape the control of our masters once again? A few million pissed of Germans was bad enough. What happens if billions of people on multiple continents lose it?

This isn’t a threat. Not that I am in a position to carry out any threats to begin with. I’m just an angry white guy with a glorified typewriter. No, It’s a simple fact. After the French Revolution, nobility who escaped The National Razor were hunted down worldwide. For decades. Your Nazi Hunters have been the mainstay of  Zionist popular culture  since the Nazis existed.

Are you so foolish as to believe that, once the United States isn’t running interference for you, some of the billion or so Muslims  won’t send their own Likud Hunters around the globe seeking out The Apartheid State’s war criminals? They’ll start at the top and work their way down until the last lowly israeli Offense Force private has died seventy or eighty years from now.

And since every jew man and woman in The Apartheid State is subject to conscription (excepting of course those Ultra-Orthodox pussies who instead spend their time protesting – and worse – the immigration of black jews and the resulting deleterious effect on their precious racial purity),  That makes every one of you a war criminal.

As you gather on hillsides every night and applaud the slaughter and starvation of your racial inferiors, as your kids sign those missiles destined for Palestine’s hospitals and schools, as your military engages in naval piracy as it boards ships with humanitarian supplies (food, medicine, water, etc), murders their crews and sinks their ships, remember this: every stinking one of you is subject to being dragged to The Hague.

Jew children signing bombs
Even the popular narratives of World War II history never had the Nazis behaving as repugnantly as The Apartheid State does today. It’s citizens and its military are indistinguishable, thus worthy of future war crimes prosecutions.

Right now, all you have is Americans printing money and sending it to you. Once that’s done, you’ll either find a way to co-exist with your neighbours. Or you won’t.

Speaking on behalf of the rest of the world, I can safely say we’ve had it with you. We’ve had it with the lies. The guilt. The manipulation. The fraud. The murder. The bloodlust. The expansionism.

In the meantime, in the interest of self-preservation, I’d stop believing your own propaganda if I were you. Just because people call into American neo-con talk radio and gush about what a swell bunch of people you folks are, that is not indicative of public opinion in the U.S. and worldwide. Anyone who has ever tried to post a newspaper comment critical of The Apartheid State knows we are being lied to.