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My request to the Ontario Provincial Police: Investigate the Ottawa false flag

Call me an optimist, but here goes: When Commissioner Paulson of the RCMP requested the Ontario Provincial Police investigate the homicide in Ottawa and purported related shooting event at Parliament Hill, a thought occurred. Could it be possible that Paulson knows that there is more here that meets the eye (i.e. the tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy kooks are dead on AGAIN)? Is it possible that there are things going here that he cannot politically investigate and keep his job at the same time? Is Paulson setting up the OPP to uncover explosive revelations? The OPP is an agency of the government of Ontario, whose current reigning party is Liberal. The RCMP is a creature of the federal regime, which is controlled by the deceptively-named Conservative party. Thus, as an investigating body, the OPP is free from federal interference (though not federal obstruction, in the case of the Parliament of Canada Act). 

Of course, I was hoping the federal reserve and its kept governments (Canada included) would have collapsed under the weight of their own fraud and criminality by now. But I continue to hold out hope.

November 1, 2014

Mr. Vincent Hawkes

Commissioner, Ontario Provincial Police

777 Memorial Avenue

Orillia, Ontario

L3V 7V3

Dear Commissioner Hawkes:

I understand the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have requested the Ontario Provincial Police investigates the two homicides which took place in and around the House of Commons in Ottawa on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.

I would request your department include as part of its investigation:

  • The possibility of a violation of section 22(1) of the Criminal Code, specifically counselling to commit an offense. I am alleging that the deceased subject, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was counselled to commit this crime by an unknown third party or parties (a foreign government, an intelligence agency or a “think tank.”)

  • Allegations, based on widely-publicized social media photographs, that the R.C.M.P. had a heavier-than-normal presence in and around the parliament buildings prior to the shooting of Cpl. Cirillo.

  • An investigation into who would have benefited by an “attack” on the House of Commons. Specifically, the fortuitous timing of this incident which allowed the government to pass long-sought legislation and propose even greater powers for “police” and domestic intelligence agencies.

An investigation into the emotional state of Stephen Harper, the prime minister during this incident. A widely-publicized photograph shows Mr. Harper indulging himself with a glass of wine while receiving a briefing from R.C.M.P. Commissioner Robert “Bob” Paulson.

I would point out that in virtually every “mass-shooting” in the United States, the perpetrator or perpetrators were either on prescription anti-depressant medication, withdrawing from them, or (in the case of Mr. Bibeau), a drug addict.

My concerns regarding this incident are based on the fact that on September 11, 2001, it is well known that NORAD was conducting a drill whose scenario was remarkably similar to what was taking place in “real life.” Incredibly police and security forces in London were participating in a drill which depicted bombs and bombings of public transport on July 7, 2005.

I would also respectfully direct your attention to experiments conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency at McGill University in the 1950s and 1960s into the susceptibility of certain individuals to being conditioned to commit acts they would not otherwise fathom. These experiments were known as Project MK (Mind Kontrol {sic}) Ultra are believed to have been concluded with the death of the Alan Institute’s head Ewen Cameron, a psychiatrist.

I will not claim to be an expert when it comes to law enforcement methods and criminal psychology. However, if we had a situation where a young man found out that he was to inherit a great amount of money or collect on an insurance policy for a relative, and that relative were to suddenly pass away under mysterious circumstances, one would think you would look at who would benefit from that person’s untimely death. Regardless of his physical location at the time of death.

I am requesting that the Ontario Provincial Police scrutinize every detail and every statement regarding these homicides. I will expect that, once your investigation is complete, it will be made public immediately with no “advance copy” made available to government.

I would also like to bring to your attention that, in a photograph published by the Reuters News Agency, an employee of the Ottawa Police Department is shown pointing his rifle at Canadian citizens who are armed with nothing more than cellphones and cameras. Another photograph shows persons whom one would assume to be police constables, in only a partial uniform and with no badge numbers or name identification showing. I respectfully request your department identify and refer them for prosecution.

If offenses by Canadian government “officials” are found to have taken place, I will expect the O.P.P. to be just as zealous in apprehending the offenders as you were in the SWAT raid on Michael Schmidt, who was selling milk directly out of the cow.

As a servant of the people, I am certain that you would be just as concerned as I am if a government were to use a violent incident as a pretext to further strip our rights as free men away from us.

Yours very truly,

Michael Schmidt OPP thebovine wordpress
Owen Sound-area farmer in negotiations with an Ontario Provincial Police worker during the raid of his dairy farm, from which he was selling unpasteurized milk. (
Michael Schmidt - CTV News
Michael Schmidt (CTV News)
Harper drinking during shooting briefing
Canadian prime minister Stephen “Steve” Harper enjoys a snifter or Rose while R.C.M.P. Commissioner Robert “Bob” Paulson updates him on the purported attack on his regime.




1023 Shooting 295.JPG
A treasonous Ottawa police department worker points his rifle at Canadian citizens.
Police department employees out-of-uniform, wearing ski masks, and not displaying badge numbers.
Police department employees out-of-uniform, wearing ski masks, and not displaying badge numbers.