Canada’s State Broadcaster: The Canadian Bullshit Corporation (CBC)

Submitted via CBC Feedback on July 7, 2016 in honour of the “permanent” banning of my commenting account because of this:Bullshit button. Yet, this is okay:

2016-03-17 09_53_52-McDonald's Canada CEO calls foreign worker controversy 'bullshit' - British Colu
I remember once watching CBC Newsworld. They switched over to the weather segment. It was cold. Damn cold. Well of course it’s cold. This is Canada. And it was winter. The weatherman, Jordi Morgan, said he wanted to use words to describe the weather but he couldn’t because, “This is CBC. And it is the middle of the day, not after midnight.” That was back in the good ol’ days when The State Broadcaster used to show soft-core porn late at night.   .

Recently, you “permanently” deleted my commenting account because my avatar was “offensive” (it was a picture of a Bullshit Button). It looks like you recorded my I.P. address, too. So I have to wait for my internet to go down again, at which point my cable company will change my i.p. address. I have Cogeco Cable, so fortunately I shouldn’t have to wait too long for this to happen.

As you are aware, I made a practice of putting up all of my “content” which you and your friend Keith Bilous over there at ICUC in Winnipeg “disabled,” on my own humble website,

With no more deleted comments to put up, I have moved into “analyzing” your stories. “Story” being the operative word here. I title the headline “CBC Bullshit…” and use your own headline. I then parse your claims paragraph by paragraph, calling out the bullshit as I go along.

I’ve noticed something interesting. People are Googling “CBC Bullshit” And interestingly enough, my humble efforts are turning up just under your claims. And I am getting a lot of traffic from those dissatisfied people.

2016-07-07 13_16_53-cbc bullshit - Google Search2016-07-07 13_17_33-cbc bullshit - Google Search2016-07-07 13_18_15-cbc bullshit - Google Search

Now tell me, CBC, why would so many people be inclined to type into The Google those words, “CBC” and “Bullshit?”

There must be a helluvalot of people – not just in Canada but around the world – who have concluded that what you are reporting is, well, bullshit. Is it because of all the things that are reported during “mass shootings” that don’t make sense? For example, in Orlando, how was Omar Mateen able to shoot up the place, while simultaneously calling 9-1-1 and bragging about it, calling television stations and other dinosaur media, doing Facebook posts? I mean, what was this guy? A human octopus? And when he DID make those phone calls, why was he speaking Arabic, not English? Isn’t it kind of unusual for a guy who grew up in Brooklyn to be speaking Arabic? His dad, the rich guy from Afghanistan, didn’t even speak Arabic. They speak Pashto in Afghanistan. And that’s just one example of your bullshit. And that is why people are Googling CBC and Bullshit.

2016-07-07 13_24_49-Spy accused of helping teens join ISIS claims he worked for Canadian intelligenc2016-07-07 13_25_30-Spy accused of helping teens join ISIS claims he worked for Canadian intelligenc

Now let’s talk about “ISIS.” You know, that outfit that John McCain went over to Syria to visit? Had his picture taken with Abu-I’m-Dead-Again-Goddammit-Bakhu-Al-Baghdadi? AKA Simon Eliot? Mohammad al-Rashad, the CSIS agent who was smuggling three teen British girls into Syria to “fight” for ISIS (by your own reporting)? Ring a bell? So much Bullshit when it comes to “reporting” about ISIS I don’t know where to start. Like why McCain was over there. Why Mr. Al-Baghdadi was air-lifted to israeli-occupied territory and treated by israeli doctors when he died the first time. Why “we” sent them all those nice Toyota trucks. How all of “our” guns and ammo ended up in ISIS hands. Why those people being decapitated with butter knives in Rita Katz’s movies never seem to scream or react in any way.


Then of course, there’s Donald Trump. On articles that you are actually dumb enough to enable comments on, you are finding, to your absolute horror, that he has a lot of support up here in Canada, too. The Hitlerly Clinton campaign is probably regretting that their biggest booster, Canada’s State Broadcaster, is actually, well, in Canada.

I’m not going to get off on a tangent here. It’s Bullshit. Pure One Hundred Per Cent U.S.D.A. choice Bullshit.

You may be smug thinking you have your Liberal sugar daddies back in power up there in Ottawa (as if the previous Harper Regime was any less of a sugar daddy, mind you). But I guarantee you, it’s not going to last. When the housing ponzies in Vancouver and Toronto collapse and bring down the greater national economy and expose it for the fraud that it is, the amount of money available to be taxed away is going to plummet like Peter Mansbridge’s hair line.

Peter Mansbridge Gulf Crisis Spectator Tribune
In 1990, State Broadcaster spokesman Peter Mansbridge did his part to work Canadians into a frenzy in order To Sell A War. Kuwait, Babies, Incubators, etc.

You are full of shit.

Everybody knows you are full of shit.


The worst part is that I, as a Canadian taxpayer (at least for now), have to continue subsidizing your propaganda (again, just for now).

I’m going to continue to use my little soapbox to call out your bullshit. Of course, I will remain mindful of that whole fair use and editorial response mumbo jumbo when it comes to copyright law.

And thank you to all your fellow CBC colleagues who have visited. You know you are always welcome. I just hope you guys take notice of how nicely, smoothly and quickly my page loads. See, I don’t load it down with video crap, Shit’s Creek ads, multiple layers of adware, spyware, malware, google analytics, etc., etc., etc. And when the page is almost loaded, you don’t get a message on saying “Shockwave has crashed. Reload?” Because I don’t use Shockwave. Shockwave hasn’t been necessary for at least a decade. Your I.T. Department might want to look into that. Ah, hell. Just outsource the goddamn site to India where they know what the (fornicate) they are doing.

2016-06-26 04_31_46-Donald Trump slumps in polls after Orlando - World - CBC News

Oh, and just to reiterate, when things in the world do go “kaboom,” such as nine years ago today in London, on September 11, 2001 in New York City, Arlington, Virginia and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, in Nairobi, Kenya, Newtown, Connecticut, Orlando, Florida and a hundred other places, we do have questions. “Authorities” are telling us things that don’t make sense. If you choose to abrogate your responsibility to ask those questions for us and to merely act as the surrogates for The State, then Corporate Media is of no use to us. NBC, Brian Williams took a pay cut from US$15-million down to $8-million (the poor bugger) after he was exposed as a liar. Peter Mansbridge’s pay is a state (broadcaster) secret. It really is enlightening to know how much one gets paid to Bullshit one’s own country and planet. And literally sell out your fellow man. This is why newspapers are closing. Why television news bureaus are laying off. It’s happened at the CBC before (remember Julie van Dusen’s temper tantrum with Sheila Copps that last time your sugar daddies were in power?)

Fake Mall Shooting Victim
A purported victim of the Westgate Mall shooting in Nairobi, Kenya, who has just been shot in the back, is seen runningfor his life on September 21, 2013.

To a growing number of people across the planet, corporate media is synonymous with BULLSHIT. I don’t watch television news and I haven’t bought a newspaper in years. I don’t believe anything your or your fellow Presstitutes and Whorespondents “report” without obtaining independent verification. And that’s where you lose. You could lie to us so easily even a decade ago. Peter Mansbridge, CBC and media around the “free” world told us about babies and incubators in Kuwait and we were outraged. You told us about Saddam’s Nukular Bombs. But ever since you tried to tell us about chemical weapons in Syria (purportedly used by Assad against his OWN SUPPORTERS? Seriously?) your audience has fallen off a cliff. Our British friends are seeing that with Brexit and our American friends are seeing that with Donald Trump.


hqdefault (1)
Soviet media’s attempts to cover up the Chernobyl disaster spelled the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.

We don’t care what you say. We know you are lying. You are the contemporary incarnation of mid 1980’s Soviet media. We are laughing at you. You are a joke. You are nothing.

We know you are lying! Michael Rivero,

2016-06-26 05_28_59-EU referendum_ Vote to Leave puts Britain on uncertain course - World - CBC News

Newspaper Death Watch
Newspaper Death Watch (

2016-06-27 04_02_45-Why don’t you ban this individual_ – CBC Help Centre

As an aside, LettersToTheBeast applauds Canada’s State Broadcaster in joining other corporations around the world in changing their logos – temporarily – to reflect homosexual diversity. Whether this is in honour of Gay Pride Week, or in response to the purported shooting of 49 homosexuals at a club in Orlando – again, purportedly, by a U.S. government security contractor who himself was homosexual is unclear. But LettersToTheBeast notes the gesture nonetheless.

Having said that, over here at LettersToTheBeast, our favourite logo alteration is that of the legendary, venerable Gadsden flag:

Gadsden Flag Shoot Back.jpg-large

Regardless of the accuracy of reports coming out of Central Florida, LettersToTheBeast reminds our American friends that violence can present itself at any time. Particularly when you are living under a violent, desperate government.


If only someone could explain how Omar managed to hide that AR-15 under his T-shirt in 90-degree Florida summer weather. Must be a fucking magician. Same way he made those phone calls, spoke Arabic when he grew up speaking English in Brooklyn and his dad spoke Pashto, and did his Facebook stuff. All while shooting up the place. The guy is goddamn Superman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and Shazzam all rolled into one.

Orlando Omar Mateen Club Smells Like Bullshit

Yeah. It’s bullshit, all right.

Garak Lying 1Garak Lying 2Garak Lying 3

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  1. Thank you for this post. Searching ‘CBC bullshit’ is exactly how I got here. This is 2023, almost six full years since you wrote this and things have only gotten worse at the Canadian Bullshit Corporation.

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