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Good news, everyone! Cambridge, Ontario officially crime free. Police cite bus driver for speeding and issue press release

September 19, 2014

Last week, the local media in Kitchener, Ontario was abuzz with news that the local police department, Waterloo Regional Police, had stopped a bus for speeding in the neighbouring city of Cambridge.

Here is the story, verbatim, from the Kitchener-Waterloo record (fair use, Record. So sue me):



GO Transit bus driver nabbed for speeding

Cambridge Times

CAMBRIDGE – Police pulled over a double-decker Go Transit bus this morning (Sept. 8), after an officer on radar patrol spotted the bus speeding.

The bus was loaded with passengers, travelling on Beaverdale Road in Hespeler at about 9 a.m.

Police declined to say how fast the bus was going.

Similar stories ran on local radio stations as well as the lone local television station.

The road in question is a rural two-lane. The posted speed limit goes from 80 km/h (50 mph) down to  50 km/h (30 mph) before going back up to 80. The bus driver would have been attempting to detour around traffic on the nearby Highway 401, an approved procedure by the bus company, GO Transit.

I found it rather curious that, in all the media reports, the actual speed of the bus was not reported. I sent an e-mail to Waterloo Regional Police chief Bryan Larkin. I have yet to hear back.

Dear Mr. Larkin:

In the absence of any prominent media contact on your WRPS website, I will address these questions to you.
Last week, local media breathlessly reported that one of your heroic police department employees bravely, acting in the best interest of safety of course, bravely intercepted a GO bus on Beaverdale Road in Cambridge. 
According to your press release, the bus was travelling “in excess of 50 km/h” in place in the area. Strangely, it neglects to say just how far in excess.
This, of course, would the be the same stretch of road where the speed drops from 80 to 50 and back. As you know, it is a rural stretch of road and as, such, under the highway traffic act, the speed limit would be 80 unless otherwise signed. So a driver – any driver – who wasn’t paying complete attention would assume that the speed was 80. And might even push it up to 90. Or 100.
Ah, but that’s why your boys in black love that road so much! It’s like Waldo, Florida. Except there are no palm trees.
Three questions:
1) Just how fast was this bus going? 65? 70? 80? The inference one gets from reading the press release is that you want to brag about your trophy – the GO bus – but you are embarrassed to admit the bus was travelling no faster than everybody else does. He couldn’t have been going that fast, or you would have said so. And he wasn’t doing 100 because you didn’t tow the bus away. So, let’s have it, Bryan. How fast was he going?
Seriously, Bryan. I’ve seen this before. The local police department makes a big deal about some “speeding” crack down in a school zone and some cop brags on TV about how they stopped a delivery truck for doing 80 in a 50. Or something. 
2) Is it standard practise for your police department to issue press releases about speeding charges? And in bagging his trophy for doing absolutely nothing that anybody else on the road doesn’t do, did your police department employee stop to think about the inconvenience caused to the passengers on the bus, the humiliation caused to the bus driver, not to mention the very likelihood he (or she, I don’t know) will be fired for this?
3) When I – and my trusty dashcam that I bought to protect myself from Orangeville’s Police Officer of the Year (2004) Peter Curtis – see you guys driving in an utterly reckless manner (i.e. doing 140, 150 on the 401) turning on the cherries just to go through red lights, tailgating, etc, what are you going to do about it? 
After the Dzsanski murder at the Vancouver airport, Benjamin “Monty” Robinson’s free ride for killing Orion Hutchinson, the G-20 and the murder of Sammy Yatin, it’s no secret that most Canadians have lost their respect for the police. As for me, I lost my respect for you guys years before that. Oh, and by the way, Bryan: I have a stellar driving record. I don’t “hate cops” because I got a ticket. I “hate cops” because you guys have become militarized and you think
you’re my boss.

Police department employees are increasingly taking umbrage when the slaves confront them. In the United States, the answer is to arm police departments for war against the people. Reports of “officers” tazing and otherwise torturing people for perceived non-compliance are now commonplace. The manly men in black even shoot dogs.
Fortunately, such behaviour in Canada is rare and is a guaranteed to result in criminal charges against the police employee (of course, they almost always beat the rap, but they don’t beat the ride). Unlike the United States, the constitution is still intact in Canada. Judges still uphold defendants’ rights and still expect police department employees to observe them.
Mr. Larkin: When your police department is so petty that it not only stops a bus and cites its driver, and then issues a press release gloating about your catch, and you don’t even say how fast this bus was traveling, and when you can’t even answer your e-mail and tell us what the driver’s speed was, you are nothing more than the Chief Revenuer. Of course, we already knew that.
There is one question in my e-mail I should have asked, but didn’t: Mr. Larkin, where do you derive your moral authority to lecture us peons about “traffic safety” when it is well-documented that when a police department employee gets pulled over in his own vehicle, he need only show his fellow P.D.E. his badge and he is on his way.
In the history of the Highway Traffic Act (the legislation governing motor vehicles in the province of Ontario) and similar motor vehicle act legislation across Canada and the United States, I can say with a great deal of confidence that the incidence of police charging other police with traffic offenses is nearly non-existent. With apologies to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “no changeling has ever harmed another.”
And courageous police officers who DO charge their fellow police department employees are ostracized severely. Or worse.
It’s too bad this bus driver didn’t have one of those fancy badges.
All the news stories reporting this incident (at least the ones I came across) disabled the comments.

I don’t know how much the government of Israel paid to sodomize the Stephen Harper Regime. But as a Canadian, I am unwilling to pay the price

September 18, 2014

Mr. Stephen Harper, M.K.
The Knesset (Canada)
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A5

Dear Steve:

If I have to write to your office, and the other offices of your associated liars, israel-firsters and criminally-insane war-mongering psychopaths every day – even every hour – I will. I will keep writing if that’s what it takes to make sure you know your lies and your propaganda are not getting past me. Bob Nicholson’s receptionist told me to “write a letter” if I had a problem with him.

Your New World Order was defeated on global warming at Copenhagen. You were defeated on Piggy Flu. You have been defeated on numerous false attacks. We stopped war with Iran through the Bush regime and have – so far – similarly stopped it this far into the Obama regime. I will concede you got Libya past us. But the Libyans promptly kicked out your puppet government, relegating its “parliament” to a Greek-registered auto ferry. Now Libya is mired in civil war as Libyans are determined to kick out your New World Order. The lifespan of your narrative about Dr. Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons (against his own supporters, on the very day U.N. Chemical weapons inspectors visited, no less) was measured with an egg timer.

You (and by “you” I mean not just yourself, but your friends in the U.S. Government and the Council on Foreign Relations among others), created “ISIS.” You used to call it the “Free Syrian Army.” They are an off-shoot of the al-qaeda (i.e. al-ciada, or “the toilet” if you are familiar with Arabic slang). ISIS has been described as even “too much for al-qaeda.” Uh, yeah. Right. Sure. Whatever. Even as the ISIS narrative is in high gear, the Obama regime has been arming “moderate” wings of the “Free Syrian Army.” And those arms have been promptly shipped to the ISIS bad guys.
Let me be blunt, Steve. You are a politician. All the people selling the latest war for israel are politicians. You guys lie. About everything. You think you are such accomplished liars that you lie about things you don’t have to lie about just so you can stay in practise. Why, even your last Supreme Court nominee was a liar. He lied about something he didn’t even have to lie about: he claimed he was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings when he was 14. Seriously, Steve? By the way, Steve, I want to thank you and Peter for royally pissing off the Supreme Court. At least I know they will go out their way to protect me from your fascists designs for the next year.

You have a few years on me, Steve. Torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin and the israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty are before my time. But I can assure you that I am old enough to remember, Osirak, israel faking radio signals resulting in the attack on Khadaffy’s compound, killing his five-year-old daughter (it takes a real manly man to kill a five-year-old doesn’t it Steve?). Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators. Niger yellow cake. Chemical weapons laboratories that were actually fire trucks. And of course, the grand-daddy of them all: weapons of mass destruction. And those are just the exposed false flags that immediately come to mind. Adam Gadahn. Yousef al-Khattab were formerly Adam Pearlman and Joseph Cohen. Don’t forget Zachary Chesser. Now you have “al-Baghdadi,” formerly Simon Elliot, an israeli dual-national from London. You guys aren’t even trying any longer, Steve. If you’re going to lie to me, put some effort into it. Take Nariyha al-Sabah. Now that was an amazing performance, She even fooled me. Mind you, I was only 21 years old at the time. I understand they still give each other high-fives in the corridors of Hill and Knowlton.

More than half of our American friends (and I would wager a similar number of Canadians) accept that the U.S. government, among other governments, was complicit in – if not culpable for – the “attacks” of September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City, Pennsylvania and the District of Criminals. If We The People know you lied about 9/11, you don’t think we’re probably questioning what else you have lied about? Millions of people just might lose their fear of questioning World War II history if you’re not careful, Steve.

Syria was not an issue until you and your NWO friends sent in the “Free Syrian Army.” And the legitimate Syrian army promptly cleaned its clock. Your chemical weapons narrative didn’t work. Now you’re doing “beheading videos.” Interestingly, these movies are not released by “ISIS” itself but by some woman named Rita Katz, an israeli who runs the “SITE Intelligence Group.” She claims she “trolls” the “Muslim websites,” finds these videos and releases them before the “Muslims” themselves have a chance to do it. This makes absolutely no sense. Given the decades-long record of lie after lie after lie after lie after lie, I am inclined to conclude your friends in the N.W.O. are trying to pull the wool over our eyes again. Are the videos fake? Yes. Are those poor men portrayed in those videos dead? Yes, probably. But they didn’t die in the videos.

It’s also curious that when Britain said it was not going to be fully participating in this latest U.S. government adventure. So what is “ISIS’s” response? Cut off David Haines’s head. And make a video of it for Rita Katz to release (oops, scratch that Rita Katz part). Turkey refuses to allow the U.S. government access to its airspace in order to attack Syria. So what does “ISIS” do? Lob rockets across the border from Aleppo. Uh, yeah. Right, Steve. Your collective noses are so long I could hang my laundry off of them.
Then there’s Ukraine. Ever since your New World Order deposed the previous government, everything that has happened since has been lies and deceptions (by way of deception, thou shalt do war. I heard it somewhere). If so many people weren’t dying and suffering, it would be entertaining to watch as Vladimar Putin lets you guys in the N.W.O. tie your own nooses. How does that expression go: give a man enough rope…I heard that somewhere, too.

Now Steve, I know your New World Order friends need this war. The federal reserve needs this war. You need this war. israel needs this war. Any war. Desperately. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had us going to war with Scotland or Iceland next. After all, we all know how pissed off Jim Flaherty was with Iceland when they said, “no.” (“No? NO? The hell you mean, ‘NO?” You don’t get to say, “NO!” — Jim Flaherty and the I.M.F.ers)

The Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Dollar is in its death throes and as it thrashes around in violent spasms, hundreds of thousands of people – if not millions – are going to die.

I realize how imperative it is that dollar hegemony continue. After all, if The Dollar collapses, it’s going to take Goldman Sachs. J.P. Morgan and the other zombie banks with it. And you Likudniks up there in Ottawa won’t get your prized corporate directorships. So you have two deadlines Steve: the inevitable annihilation of your party and the one-and-a-half-quadrillion dollar derivatives collapse. The question is: which will happen first?

Then of course there’s your friends David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger down there at the C.F.R. Time is running out for them, too. And I really want to see the New World Order destroyed, a worldwide constitutional restoration, and to see those sonsofbitches brought to The Hague before they die.

And worst of all, what is the government of israel going to do when The Dollar collapses and their client governments in Britain, Europe, Canada and of course the United States aren’t in a position to send them billions of dollars and euros in cash, missiles from the U.S., submarines from Germany (of all places)? Making peace with their neighbours and formally drawing their borders is likely to be a non-starter. As is arranging with Iran to turn that oil pipeline back on. Buying that newly-discovered gas from Gaza? Not gonna happen. Buying Litani River water from the government of Lebanon? Equally unlikely. I guess when israel throws the mother of all temper tantrums, we’ll find out just how many nukular bombs they really do have.

I don’t know what the government of israel and its operatives in North America promised you when you got sodomized, but as a Canadian, I am unwilling to pay the price.

It is a remarkable co-incidence that everybody worthy of having freedom, democracy, human rights and humanitarian assistance brought to them just happen to live on top of billions of barrels of oil. And those people live under governments who would rather not do business with The Dollar. A military intervention in North Korea, liberation of the gulags, clearing of the minefields and bulldozing of the barbed wire is a policy I would once have gotten behind. But there is no oil under the feet of the enslaved North Koreans. Too bad for them, eh, Steve?

Framing this latest conflict in any other way than a war for the banksters, big oil, the government of israel and its agents and nationals abroad is an affront to my intelligence and that of millions of Canadians.

Steve, when I see your picture, my mind places a chiron over your body that says, “He’s lying.” It really is too bad David Leisure is not Canadian because I would absolutely vote for him.

If you want endless wars for israel, then fine, Steve. Go there yourself and fight it. Same with Obama. Take your kids. Barry’s girls are approaching military age. Take Netenyahu with you, too. All you politicians who want war: you go and make war yourselves. You fight it and you pay for it. But leave us out of it.

I wish Russia and China would make that goddamned phone call, pull the plug on The Dollar and stop these wars dead.


P.S. Steve, I nearly forgot: One guy who wasn’t lying: General Wesley Clark. Seven countries. You are way behind schedule on Syria and Iran.

Garak Lying 1
Andrew Robinson (aka Mr. Garak) explains the art of lying to Mr. Worf. And the need to stay in practise. (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Paramount Pictures)

Garak Lying 2Garak Lying 3

An f-word and s-word-laden tirade against the banksters, government lies and endless wars for israel

September 11, 2014

Mr. Robert Nicholson, M.K.

The Knesset (Canada)

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A5

Dear Bob:

I’ll make this so simple that even you can understand it.

Building Seven Shaped Charges

On this, the 13th anniversary of the “attacks” on New York City and Washington, District of Criminals (as well as the United States Air Force’s shoot-down of United Airlines flight 93), I am done being force fed your regime’s lies. I am done paying for endless wars for israel. I am done having war crimes committed in my name. I am done working for the banksters. I am done with the U.S. War of Terror.

Yesterday, I called your Niagara Falls constituency office and spoke to some woman who was so stupid she didn’t know where the Black Sea was. This, of course, was in regards to your temper tantrum regarding a Russian air force jet “buzzing” one of “our” (i.e. your) bathtubs. I asked her what would happen if a Russian destroyer happened to weigh anchor off of Port Dalhousie. “Oh,” she said, “that would be completely unacceptable.”

Map of the Black Sea
The Black Sea, where the HMCS Toronto was positioned when a Russian fighter jet flew overhead, is an awfully long way from, uh, Toronto. And Royal lovers, spare me the bullshit about how grammatically incorrect I am about saying “the HMCS.” Seriously. I don’t care.

You, the New World Order regimes, started “Ukraine.” You overthrew the previous elected government because its president refused to be part of “Europe.” You call the decision of the Crimean people to return to Russia “Russian aggression.” You, personally, supplied the Ukrainian usurping regime with weapons and materiel.

You started ISIS, or IS, or IL or whatever it is you want to call it. You sent it into Libya. Then you sent it into Syria where it failed to complete its mission of overthrowing Assad. Then ISIS (formerly al-ciada) got uppity and decided to get rid of your puppet regime in Iraq.

And if you think I’m going to get all riled up about going to war against Syria on the basis of two fake S.I.T.E. videos depicting the decapitation of two israeli citizens, then you are absolutely delusional.

Brent Spiner Decapitated
Next thing you know, ISIS will be claiming they decapitated Brent Spiner and use this picture as proof. (Star Trek TNG: Time’s Arrow; a cool episode actually. You should watch it on Netflix).

No, sir. I’m not buying the lies. I’m not going to “support our troops.” Grab a rifle, head over there yourself, take all of your fellow regime criminals with you. Don’t forget their kids. Remember, Harper and Flaherty’s kids are of military age.Liar Liar Pants on Fire

No more wars for dollar hegemony. No more wars for israel.

No more wars for these people.
No more wars for these people.

No more distractions from the disaster you have inflicted upon us with your bankster friends.

Jump You Fuckers

I am calling you out. Again. You are full of shit. And you are not fooling me.

I may not be able to stop you from your war mongering designs. No more than I can stop somebody from breaking into my car or my house. But I have it on pretty good authority that unlike Libya, Iraq, Syria and Iran, Russia and China really do have nukular bombs. Of course, who needs nukes when all they have to do is make a phone call? After all, that’s how the last war on Syria and Iran was averted.

I understand Russia now owes $250,000,000,000. That’s less than half of Canada’s official national debt. Or about the same amount that your regime has run up With nearly ten times our population. Not to rub salt in the wound, but that $250-bil that Russia owes is a fraction of Amerika’s annual deficit. And a piss in the ocean compared to its official national debt. See, Bob, that’s what happens when you kick out the oligarchs and put them in prison. Iceland did much the same thing. So, yeah, Bob. I’m sure Vladimir Putin is just quaking in his boots thinking about all the horrible things you, Steve and John are going to do to him.

Vladimir Putin
Tic Tac Toe
Barack Hussein Obama

What frightens me is just how far the New World Order is prepared to go to keep its one-and-a-half-quadrillion dollar derivatives scheme going just a bit longer. And what (with apologies to Peter van Loan) your “government” is going to “do to Canadians” on their behalf if they are unsuccessful.

Mushroom cloud

Also, Bob. I looked up the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act. In fact, I believe I even mailed you an excerpt of it regarding the genocide in Occupied Palestine. There’s no statute of limitations. You guys really should keep that in mind.

Nariyah al-Sabah: Kuwait babies being thrown out of incubators.Nariyah al-sabah

Colin Powell: Mobile chemical weapons laboratories (i.e. fire engines).New Orleans Fire Truck

George Bush, Richard Penis Chency, Donald Rumsfeld, Condaleeza Rice, Colin Powell (again): Weapons of Mass Destruction

Barack Hussein ObamaBuckwheat: Assad used chemical weapons.

The Harper Regime: Russia shot down Flight 17. Russia is invading Ukraine (uh, no, Bob. If Russia did invade Ukraine, it would be occupying Kiev by now).

All proven, documented lies. Don’t forget global warming and piggy flu.

You’re not going to lie to me any more, Bob. No more fucking way. Got that, Bob? Canadians aren’t buying the bullshit. You can’t get away with it any longer.


Unbelievable BullshitBurned out Bullshit signAs Scotland votes for the possibility of independence from England, and as Crimeans voted for independence from Kiev, I want independence from Ottawa. John Baird said, “Fuck Toronto.” I say, “fuck Ottawa.”

And I say to all you criminal psychopaths up there in Ottawa, and all your New World Order friends in New York City, London and Tel Aviv: Fuck you, too.


P.S. Your receptionist told me you don’t do public meetings. What a pathetic coward you are. I guess we’re just expected to mindlessly vote for you. Oh, but she said I can always write a letter. And I am entitled to my opinion. Oh, that’s awfully big of her, Bob. We seriously need a constitutional restoration in this country. Or, at the very least, a credible opposition candidate.


CANADA: M.K. Wayne Easter calls for “study” of Canadians leaving to fight foreign wars; no mention of Canadian-born israelis of course

September 5, 2014

Mr. Wayne Easter, M.K.

The Knesset

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A5

Dear Mr. Easter:

It has been reported that you have urged “Public Safety” (i.e. Safety of Government) minister Steven Blaney to study the issue of Islamic radicals returning to Canada from foreign battlefields.

Apparently, you are concerned about young men going off to fight for ISIS, ISIL, IS or whatever the latest acronym is for this week’s two minutes of hate.

Apparently, 80 such men have returned to Canada. It says here: CSIS and the RCMP have been reaching out to community leaders for years in an effort to discourage impressionable youths from heeding the call of radical Islamic figures.

In a similar vein, I would like the regime to order the arrest of Canadian-born teenagers who have sworn an allegiance to israel and who attempt to leave Canada to fight The Apartheid State’s wars. Failing that, I would like the R.C.M.P. to apprehend them upon their return under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.

I am confident that an objective investigation would find that the number of young men leaving Canada in order to shoot Arab children in Occupied Palestine, blow up their schools, engage in “double taps” (launch a small attack, wait for the crowds to gather, wait for the fire department, the ambulances and security personnel to show up and then blow them all away) and hospitals and rain white phosphorous down upon them is somewhat higher 80.

As our israeli friends are fond of admonishing us when it comes to the events of 1940s German history: Never Forget. And Never Again.



Heil NetanyahuShot Gazan ChildIzl War Crimes 2Izl War Crimes 4Izl War Crimes 5Izl War Crimes 1

Keep Calm and Boycott Israel

American Jewish newspaper The Algemeiner runs yet another story dismissing BDS; Here’s my comment that will never be published

NOTE: I threw this comment together in a few minutes. I knew they wouldn’t post it, but  that wasn’t why I sent it. I wanted the Jewish American Paper itself to know that they can’t get away with this crap any longer. But I’ll be damned. It’s up there. They posted it. Gotta give them credit for that.

If their target readership were not so insular, and if they actually engaged with the rest of us in society, they would realize that they are in very deep trouble. They would join  us in demanding our politicians CONDEMN not SUPPORT the war crimes and atrocities happening in Occupied Palestine. The country to which they claim loyalty (even though most of them have never even been there), The Apartheid State, is literally going to get all of them killed if they – and it – don’t back off.  This is not a threat. Just a simple expression of the facts. What do you suppose will happen when entire countries have been looted clean and the looted, operating on pure irrational rage, go after the nearest target? Uh, yeah…I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this before in history. 

The best case scenario I can think of is that this whole system collapses on its own. Like Enron. Or the Soviet Union. Or both. Then the criminals can flee the various countries they’ve looted (if they haven’t done so already) and we can go about rebuilding. And let’s make certain that in our new America, new Canada, new Europe, new Britain, new Australia, etc., these people are never again allowed to usurp our institutions and control our governments. 

NEVER AGAIN must anyone  of the same kind be allowed to pull each other up the rungs of power in the various corporate structures (government, finance, media, academia, etc.) and disproportionately control our countries.

I probably should have added Disney and MGM to the list of parks me and my family wouldn’t patronize either. To put it succinctly, we won’t have anything to do with anything that adds money to Hollywood. That’s OUR most effective way of supporting the BDS movement.

You Evangelical Christian Zionists out there…you are a bunch of misguided fools. The jews hate you even more than they hate the Muslims. And if you went to israel and started handing out bibles, preaching and “reaching out” to your jewish “friends,” they would tear you from limb to limb while the police stood by and watched. 

If the israelis were capable of showing gratitude, I’m sure they would thank you for enabling them to continue to  the slaughter.  You people are wilfully ignorant. 

In fact (and I’m not quite certain how to break this to you zionist xtians) the countries most friendly to Christians – and most respectful of Christian archaeological sites and history – are Syria and – wait for it – Iran. Iraq used to be. Until Jesus, along with Richard Penis Cheney, told him to invade the place, kill millions of people, install a puppet government and steal the oil.  Yes, another glorious war for israel. But I digress.

Christmas in Tehran 4
Christmas in Tehran. I’m pretty damned sure that in Canada or the U.S., no Muslim, has ever filed a complaint about a Christmas tree or nativity scene in a public place. Those complaints originate from one group of people. And it isn’t the Iranians.

Christmas in Tehran 1 Christmas in Tehran 2 Christmas in Tehran 3




I’m going beyond BDS. I took my money out of the bank years ago in favor of gold, silver and now bitcoin. I keep only enough in my credit union account to meet my monthly obligations. So I’m cutting the “israeli” national banksters out of my life. A world run by Goldman Sachs is one shitty deal.

My physician and dentist and even my pets’ veterinarians are not “israeli” nationals. In fact, my doctor is from Libya.

And now I’m boycotting Hollywood. No more trips to the movies. No more Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando. No more DVDs.

I don’t have cable and I don’t buy newspapers so I’m not supporting the Zionist “news” media. And, by the way, my Spyware Doctor software blocks most website ads. Including the Facebook ads. I don’t use Facebook either. As Mark Zuckerberg himself said, “Facebook users are dumb fucks.”

I don’t vote for “israeli” dual nationals and “israel”-firsters.

You can dismiss and ridicule BDS all you want. The fact is, “israeli” ticks have sucked the American dog dry. The day will come when Europeans, Canadians and especially Americans are either unwilling or (more likely) unable to send Tel Aviv any more of our money. And when that day comes, “israeli” nationals around the world will pay for their war crimes.

The Bullshit Media can run all the “stories” it wants about how poor, misbegotten “israel” is suffering at the hands of those evil Palestinians, how the jews have always suffered (double bullshit), how great the world is and how BDS will fail. You can invoke all the popular narratives about German World War II history you want as well. Steven Spielberg can make all the movies he wants. You are only lying to yourselves. Orwellian fantasies brought down the Soviet Union and it’s going to bring down the New World Order, too. I hope the likes of Henry Kissinger, George Soros and David Rockefeller live long enough to see it.

The world now sees “israel” in the same light as we were told to view Nazis. Congratulations. You are relegating yourselves to the dustbin of history. And you didn’t even need the evil Iranians to do it.

Child with head blown offIzl War Crimes 3Jews Watching Gaza BombingJew SwastikaKeep Calm and Boycott Israel

What did the Germans do that made the zionists so angry eighty years ago?  That was before World War II and before the Slave Labour camps for those of you who are mathematically challenged.
What did the Germans do that made the zionists so angry eighty years ago? That was before World War II and before the Slave Labour camps for those of you who are mathematically challenged.
The Crucifixtion of Jews Must Stop Martin Glynn
The “Six Million” narrative goes back long before the 1940s. This op-ed piece, by then-New York state governor Martin Glynn, was printed in 1918. It quotes the figure “six million.”