American Jewish newspaper The Algemeiner runs yet another story dismissing BDS; Here’s my comment that will never be published

NOTE: I threw this comment together in a few minutes. I knew they wouldn’t post it, but  that wasn’t why I sent it. I wanted the Jewish American Paper itself to know that they can’t get away with this crap any longer. But I’ll be damned. It’s up there. They posted it. Gotta give them credit for that.

If their target readership were not so insular, and if they actually engaged with the rest of us in society, they would realize that they are in very deep trouble. They would join  us in demanding our politicians CONDEMN not SUPPORT the war crimes and atrocities happening in Occupied Palestine. The country to which they claim loyalty (even though most of them have never even been there), The Apartheid State, is literally going to get all of them killed if they – and it – don’t back off.  This is not a threat. Just a simple expression of the facts. What do you suppose will happen when entire countries have been looted clean and the looted, operating on pure irrational rage, go after the nearest target? Uh, yeah…I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this before in history. 

The best case scenario I can think of is that this whole system collapses on its own. Like Enron. Or the Soviet Union. Or both. Then the criminals can flee the various countries they’ve looted (if they haven’t done so already) and we can go about rebuilding. And let’s make certain that in our new America, new Canada, new Europe, new Britain, new Australia, etc., these people are never again allowed to usurp our institutions and control our governments. 

NEVER AGAIN must anyone  of the same kind be allowed to pull each other up the rungs of power in the various corporate structures (government, finance, media, academia, etc.) and disproportionately control our countries.

I probably should have added Disney and MGM to the list of parks me and my family wouldn’t patronize either. To put it succinctly, we won’t have anything to do with anything that adds money to Hollywood. That’s OUR most effective way of supporting the BDS movement.

You Evangelical Christian Zionists out there…you are a bunch of misguided fools. The jews hate you even more than they hate the Muslims. And if you went to israel and started handing out bibles, preaching and “reaching out” to your jewish “friends,” they would tear you from limb to limb while the police stood by and watched. 

If the israelis were capable of showing gratitude, I’m sure they would thank you for enabling them to continue to  the slaughter.  You people are wilfully ignorant. 

In fact (and I’m not quite certain how to break this to you zionist xtians) the countries most friendly to Christians – and most respectful of Christian archaeological sites and history – are Syria and – wait for it – Iran. Iraq used to be. Until Jesus, along with Richard Penis Cheney, told him to invade the place, kill millions of people, install a puppet government and steal the oil.  Yes, another glorious war for israel. But I digress.

Christmas in Tehran 4
Christmas in Tehran. I’m pretty damned sure that in Canada or the U.S., no Muslim, has ever filed a complaint about a Christmas tree or nativity scene in a public place. Those complaints originate from one group of people. And it isn’t the Iranians.

Christmas in Tehran 1 Christmas in Tehran 2 Christmas in Tehran 3




I’m going beyond BDS. I took my money out of the bank years ago in favor of gold, silver and now bitcoin. I keep only enough in my credit union account to meet my monthly obligations. So I’m cutting the “israeli” national banksters out of my life. A world run by Goldman Sachs is one shitty deal.

My physician and dentist and even my pets’ veterinarians are not “israeli” nationals. In fact, my doctor is from Libya.

And now I’m boycotting Hollywood. No more trips to the movies. No more Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando. No more DVDs.

I don’t have cable and I don’t buy newspapers so I’m not supporting the Zionist “news” media. And, by the way, my Spyware Doctor software blocks most website ads. Including the Facebook ads. I don’t use Facebook either. As Mark Zuckerberg himself said, “Facebook users are dumb fucks.”

I don’t vote for “israeli” dual nationals and “israel”-firsters.

You can dismiss and ridicule BDS all you want. The fact is, “israeli” ticks have sucked the American dog dry. The day will come when Europeans, Canadians and especially Americans are either unwilling or (more likely) unable to send Tel Aviv any more of our money. And when that day comes, “israeli” nationals around the world will pay for their war crimes.

The Bullshit Media can run all the “stories” it wants about how poor, misbegotten “israel” is suffering at the hands of those evil Palestinians, how the jews have always suffered (double bullshit), how great the world is and how BDS will fail. You can invoke all the popular narratives about German World War II history you want as well. Steven Spielberg can make all the movies he wants. You are only lying to yourselves. Orwellian fantasies brought down the Soviet Union and it’s going to bring down the New World Order, too. I hope the likes of Henry Kissinger, George Soros and David Rockefeller live long enough to see it.

The world now sees “israel” in the same light as we were told to view Nazis. Congratulations. You are relegating yourselves to the dustbin of history. And you didn’t even need the evil Iranians to do it.

Child with head blown offIzl War Crimes 3Jews Watching Gaza BombingJew SwastikaKeep Calm and Boycott Israel

What did the Germans do that made the zionists so angry eighty years ago?  That was before World War II and before the Slave Labour camps for those of you who are mathematically challenged.
What did the Germans do that made the zionists so angry eighty years ago? That was before World War II and before the Slave Labour camps for those of you who are mathematically challenged.
The Crucifixtion of Jews Must Stop Martin Glynn
The “Six Million” narrative goes back long before the 1940s. This op-ed piece, by then-New York state governor Martin Glynn, was printed in 1918. It quotes the figure “six million.”


3 thoughts on “American Jewish newspaper The Algemeiner runs yet another story dismissing BDS; Here’s my comment that will never be published

  1. I have independently surfed the web ever since Al Gore invented it ROFL. I have also witnessed the ongoing censorship of the truth about those savage psychopaths. The truths expressed herein I have found from other sources. In the knowledge that censorship would become a reality; I saved almost every photograph, video and document proving the savagery of them, the UK,(and us) and those who “represent” us, the citizens of the United Snakes of Amerika.
    I do watch the lame stream “news” propaganda on occasion and then research the other side of the story by looking up AlJazzera, Press TV, Pravda, the Peoples Daily and alternative sources. There is very little editorial opinion offered (except the comments section) In Fact; a comment I made about wishing for the total destruction of Nazi israel was removed from an Iranian web site I posted to! but, many true facts. The facts are that we have been led into the abyss that Friedrich Nietzsche warns of in his thoughts: Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

    The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny. — Aesop’s Fables

    In the 60’s there was a Steppenwolf song titled “Monster On The Loose”. Looking back I find it to have been very prophetic. That cool number has an entirely new meaning now that the unvarnished truth about our sordid history is proven thru forensic science and unpublished works of our victims and unbiased witnesses.
    I am honestly ashamed that I served with the 101st Airborne Division when I thought I was “serving my country”, when in fact I participated in the genocide of 4.5 million innocent Asian people because of their skin color and culture to make a gang of Nazi Zionist banker thugs rich!
    Those now serving are beginning to realize what I came to realize not too long ago.
    I saw an article back in 2007 about what will be needed to “support” the returning troops, The top priority stated by that government “official” was “MORE PRISON CELLS”.
    I have railed on about the suicide rate since the “stop loss” policy went into effect. They are sort of addressing that epidemic now with very short spot commercials encouraging vets to call a “hot line”. Being acquainted with several returning troops who did 4+ tours in Iraq: they unanimously say they will never call that “hot line”. Their meds often run out because appointments are so far apart the script is gone before they can get a refill. Short term use of Psychotropics and COMPASSIONATE cognitive therapy really do help. However: as with any other government agency, COMPASSION, never was or will be of any consideration because they, and we, know: that call for help will result in losing their 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms, which is what the “official souses” on the hill want!
    There’s another rock n’ roll song that comes to mind “Mothers Little Helper”. Those dumb asses think they can just jam a bunch of zombifying drugs down their throats and all is well. CURRENTLY BANGING HEAD ON WALL!
    IF ANYONE NEEDS “regime change” IT IS US! As for the fascist theocracy of Apartheid (Nazi) israel: only total irreversible DESTRUCTION will do!
    Where did our wealth really go? It’s time to go to Jerusalem and make a forceful withdraw. They haven’t earned a piece of a single red cent they hold.

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