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CTV News Bullshit: Summers in Northern Hemisphere may last half the year by 2100: study

Our friends at the Canadian Television Network really should have checked with The London Independent before running this press release.

TORONTO — A new study has found that summers in the Northern Hemisphere may last nearly six months by 2100, if efforts to combat climate change are not taken.

Researchers behind the study out of China warn that a longer summer season will likely have “far-reaching impacts” on agriculture, human health, and the environment.

The study, published Monday in peer-reviewed scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters, reports that global warming is driving “dramatic and irregular” changes to the length and start dates of seasons, which may become more extreme in the future without efforts to mitigate climate change.

The propagators of the press release, the obscure Geophysical Research Letters (peer reviewed!) may have at least learned from The Independent and pushed back their forecast to the 22nd century, when most of us plan to be dead.

It was not made immediately clear why not freezing to death, a longer growing season, and going out in shorts and tee-shirts was a bad thing.

Your humble correspondent defacing his wife’s car in Orlando, Florida on January 10, 2021
Your humble correspondent leaving work in Niagara Falls, Ontario on February 18, 2015

Researchers behind the study out of China warn that a longer summer season will likely have “far-reaching impacts” on agriculture, human health, and the environment.

Yeah, that’s right CTV. More food will be grown, better quality food will be grown, and billions fewer will starve.

With regard to CTV’s original premise regarding the existence of global warming…

Frost on the ground in Orlando, Florida on December 27, 2020

… They really ought not be worried.

CBC Bullshit: Closing of HuffPost Canada ‘abrupt’ and ‘devastating,’ editor says

The closing of HuffPost Canada and HuffPost Québec was an abrupt development for the journalists who were in the middle of a workday when their new ownership made the announcement.

“It was devastating,” Maija Kappler, lifestyle editor for HuffPost Canada, told CBC News in an email on Tuesday. “I love my job so much, and I know it will be really difficult to find another one in journalism.”

The outlet said in a statement on its website that it will “no longer be publishing content” as of March 9, while existing content will be kept as an online archive. The site was shut down later in the day.

“People who were working on stories weren’t able to finish and publish them,” Kappler said. “There are stories written by freelancers that have been submitted and were ready to be published, but we have no way to get them out now.

BuzzFeed recently acquired HuffPost from Verizon. BuzzFeed, which also announced layoffs for the U.S. newsroom on Tuesday, said it’s closing HuffPost Canada and HuffPost Québec’s operations and laying off 23 workers as part of a broad restructuring plan for the company.

Gee, that’s a real shame.

Your humble correspondent is so old, he remembers when Canadian newsradio network CKO abruptly went off the air back in 1989.

Naturally, the state broadcaster disabled comments lest the more unsympathetic readers suggest the Huffing-and-Puffington Post’s newly-unemployed typists learn to code. Or perhaps set up their own website as a means of getting their work published. Naturally, this writer wouldn’t have the first idea how to do that.

“I’ve been with HuffPost Canada for about two-and-a-half years, but some of my coworkers have worked here since it was launched,” she said. “I can only imagine how hard it is for them.”

Welcome to the real world, Sweetie. The COVID hoax you have been propagating for the past year has put hundreds of millions of people in Canada, the United States and worldwide out of work.

While The Mothercorp neglected to enable commenting regarding the termination of HuffPost’s Canadian staff, readers were offered the chance to add their two cents (presumably, two Canadian cents) worth in an article having to do with a newly-discovered organism which is able to decapitate itself (or otherwise have its head severed) and grow a new head.

Media industry workers would do well to remember that, while they may revel in their status as “essential,” they are definitely expendable to the firms who fund their direct deposits every Friday.

Perhaps they should start writing articles exposing the fraud of COVID testing, the highly-inflated “case numbers,” the number of purported COVID deaths which are actually due to car wrecks, disease, old age, etc.

They could write about how the failed global warming / climate change playbook has been applied to “COVID” and has worked masterfully in achieving the exact same goals: mass unemployment, de-industrialization, a renter society and debt-funded universal basic income.

They might want to get started before we all become China (hint: despite what you’ve heard, that’s not a good thing.)