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CBC Content Disabled: February 23, 2016


Donald Trump wins Republican caucuses in Nevada

Trump follows up wins in New Hampshire, South Carolina with Super Tuesday looming

The Associated Press Posted: Feb 23, 2016 6:09 PM ET

CBC amd ICUC continue to scrub any mention from their comment sections that Heir Hillary may have some, ahem, legal challenges ahead of her. They are also hostile to any historical reference to a president, or presidential candidate, not previously anointed by israel and the colonial establishment.


And we all know what happened to JFK. And RFK.




Quoting “Polls have it that if Trump wins for the Republican spot Hillary will end up President…we can only hope.” Hillary will be in the big house before she ends up in the white house.



When the government has buried you in shit, more government shit just doesn’t matter! — Michael Rivero,

CBC Content Disabled: February 21, 2016


Trump wins big in South Carolina, Clinton takes Nevada and Bush drops out

‘There’s nothing easy about running for president,’ Trump says in victory speech after Republican primary

The Associated Press Posted: Feb 21, 2016 1:52 AM ET

The usual CBC / ICUC censorship going on here when it comes to Hitlery. Complimenting her orange outfit, which she is quite fond of wearing (get used to it, honey!) and accurately quoting her infamous “We came, we saw, he died! Ha! Ha! Ha!” were killed before they lived.


Quoting “Hillary, please retire!” Hillary for prison 2016!



“We came! We saw! He died! Ha! Ha! Ha!” — Hillary Clinton


Doesn’t Hillary look great in orange?



I HATE DC.—Michael Rivero,

CBC Content Disabled: February 18, 2016

CRTC rejects plea from small internet providers seeking wireless access

Ruling means cellphone bills likely to remain high, consumer groups say

By Peter Nowak, CBC News Posted: Feb 19, 2016 5:00 AM ET



Quoting a paragraph in the article “‘We think the decision strikes a balance by encouraging both additional competition and continued investments in building networks.’ said Rogers spokeswoman Jenniffer Kett. ‘Consumers want a wide variety of choice, but they also want top speeds and reliable service.'” Are you kidding? Rogers can’t even keep its own I.T. infrastructure running. Their customer service website is always slow, and often down. Trying to check your balance on is likely to return an endless loop while the page says (in typical I.T. vernacular), “Hang on, we’re thinking.” Even it’s intranet is prone to failure. How many times have you called and – surprise, surprise – gotten right through to a human being only to be told, “Oh, I’m sorry. Our computers are down right now. Can you call back in a couple of hours?”

Donald Trump admits he was for Iraq war, but says position soon changed

Trump had ramped up criticism of George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in last debate

Thomson Reuters Posted: Feb 18, 2016 8:16 PM EST


Quoting “In 2002, alot (sic) of people thought the invasion was the right thing to do given the so called ‘intel.'” Yup. Niger yellow cake. Fire trucks. Black and white satellite photos. The Laptop o’ death. Ahmed Chalibi. Seemed like an open and shut case at the time.

Liberals denounce and agree with Tory motion condemning Israel boycotters

All parties agree BDS tactics against Israel bad policy, but that’s about all they agree on

By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Feb 18, 2016 7:20 PM ET



Quoting “I decline to comment as it would most likely be ‘disabled’ by the thought police.” Then set up your own WordPress website, screen capture your pinks and put the censorship there for all the world to see. I’m proud to say typing “CBC comment disabled” on Google returns my humble website as number two. Right underneath the CBC itself. Thanks, Keith!
Quoting “Canadians and people around the world will continue to boycott israel. We can not just sit and watch illegal oppression of innocent Palestinians.” Can’t help but point out that comments such as yours are generating double-digit likes, whereas apologists, propagandists and Operation Megaphone-types spouting the usual talking points are falling way behind. Our comments may be censored, but not our likes.


The last official act of any government is to loot the nation — Michael Rivero,

Netflix blocks Canadian customers. So goodbye, Netflix.

I have been a Canadian Netflix subscriber for five years. Or, about as long as they have been in Canada. One of the things I learned is how limited their content is, compared to American customers who, historically have been paying the same monthly charge as Canadians (Netflix charges their Canadian customers in Canadian dollars, which currently valued lower than the American dollar, but for the past five years has been nearly at par or even higher than the U.S. dollar). Yet Canadian Netflix content is about half that of its American titles.


Like millions of other Canadian Netflix subscribers, I added on a service called Unblock-us ( To access that American content. For that, I paid an extra US$50 per year. Unblock-us, and companies like it, made available to Canadians services Americans take for granted: Amazon Video, Hulu, and even many YouTube videos which are restricted from being viewed outside the U.S. (Comedy Central clips, for example). These VPN “unblockers” have been popular with on-line consumers around the world, not just in Canada. While Netflix has been publicly opposed to unauthorized viewers of its American-only content, it has been privately permissive. Until Last month, that is. Netflix announced it would be cracking down on verboten viewers such as myself “within the coming weeks.” And in my case, last night, Netflix followed through on its threat.


When the original Netflix announcement was made, my wife and I decided, as a matter of principle, we would pull the plug on Netflix. We both despise being taken for granted as paying customers. By any company. So, last night as I was attempting to watch a forbidden American title (an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as I recall) a message popped up: “You appear to be using an unblocker or VPN service. Please log back-in on a standard connection.” Or something to that affect. In short, I was caught out.


So I called Netflix. My call was answered in a minute. Gotta give them credit for that. And my call was answered by an American. Give them credit for that, too (you folks over there in Bangalore and Manilla, you just can’t quite pull it off with those fake American accents. ). The man answered. As usual, when you call Netflix, the people who answer sound like they are on drugs and having a good time. Nothing wrong with that. “Hi! Welcome to Netflix. My name is Miles. Who do I have the awesome pleasure of speaking with this evening?” I didn’t answer his question, I got right to the point. “I want to cancel my account.”


Miles replied, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” Of course, he said “sorry” like a damned Canadian. After my having supplied all the pertinent details to identify myself and discouraging his attempts to get into chit-chat (at one point, I said, “Can we get this done?”) he finally asked why I was cancelling. Programming? Just not interested? I simply replied, “Unblock us. Canada.” He simply said, “Oh…”


Netflix was one of the few remaining American technology accounts in my life that I paid for. Like many people around the world, after Snowden I started disassociating myself with U.S. tech. I cut off my toll-free fax internet fax service. I stopped using Microsoft’s cloud service in favor of a Swiss outfit. I also started using a Switzerland-based e-mail service ( Other than this WordPress account, Netflix was pretty much all that was left. And now, that’s gone.


Countries such as Russia, China, Brazil and even Saudi Arabia are weaning themselves off of The Dollar. The rest of the world doesn’t want U.S. agriculture because of Monsanto. Russia has declared U.S. “food” imports unsafe for human consumption. Growth hormones found in American milk are forbidden elsewhere. However, the rest of the world does want Hollywood (“Hollywood” of course, meaning London. Or Auckland. Or Sydney. Vancouver. Toronto, and everywhere else Hollywood movies are made. Except Hollywood, it seems). And we were willing to go to extraordinary lengths to access it. But Hollywood has made it clear, by pressuring Netflix, that it doesn’t want us.


The irony, in my case, is that my home is right smack dab on the border in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I can see the Robert Moses Parkway outside my window. I can hear the trains blowing their horns. I can hear the fire engines and the police cars (lots of police cars; Niagara Falls, N.Y. is a very exciting place). And, just to be fair, the good people of Niagara Falls, N.Y. can hear our tourist helicopters as they transport a tiny fraction of the millions of people visiting Niagara Falls, Ontario every year. But I’m just not close enough for Netflix.


No city in the United States has suffered more from the U.S. government’s “post-nine-eleven” hostility to foreigners than Niagara Falls, New York. The city resembles a small version of Detroit. Block after block of burnt-out, dilapidated and otherwise abandoned houses, commercial buildings and vacant lots. Rampant petty crime. Niagara Falls police officers carry storm window plastic and duct tape with them to get car owners whose windows have been smashed back home. The former Rainbow Centre Mall, located at the U.S. end of the Rainbow Bridge, has been vacant for a decade. There is a small pocket of retail (Niagara Factory Outlets, Wal-Mart, Wegmans) but that is in the Town of Niagara, not the city itself. And it is miles from the border. With the currency and oil price wars pushing the Canadian dollar down to punishing depths, the Delta Sonic gas station on Niagara Falls Boulevard, which used to be backed up on to the street with Ontario-plated cars waiting to enter, is now deserted. It will be interesting to see how long the Walden Galleria Mall in suburban Buffalo can hold out. Like many business in western New York, it flies a Canadian flag at the entrance to its property along with the U.S. flag, so that gives you some indication of how valued Canadian customers are to its business.


Niagara Falls isn’t the only American city being shunned by visitors. Hoteliers in Las Vegas have been practically giving their rooms away for years now. Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened ( regularly reports on his program that tourism has been on the decline in his home state of Hawaii for years, as well. Rivero refers to the TSA as the “Tourism Suppression Agency.”


And now, the U.S government, and even industry itself, wants to do to America what is has done to Niagara Falls.


One might ask, what were those forbidden American titles my foreign eyes were viewing without authorization? Well, I used to watch old sixties and seventies programs like Dragnet, Adam-12, Emergency. Netflix never carried Green Acres or ChiPS, so that was kind of a shame (yeah, I know Estrada was corny and silly, but the show was still fun to watch). I used to watch the original Star Trek series. I watched spin-offs Deep Space Nine, Voyager, the ill-fated Enterprise. I can still access (provided I remained a paying subscriber) Star Trek: The Next Generation and The X-Files.


The upside of ditching Netflix is I can now call my local cable company, the moribund and pathetic Cogeco Cable, and downgrade my internet service since I won’t need that super premium unlimited package any longer. That ought to save me $20 or $30 a month. And during my “weekend” (Thursdays and Fridays) I can catch up on Ron Gibson’s WhatReallyHappened video podcasts on YouTube.


The simple fact is, I don’t need you, Netflix. And I don’t need you, either, Hollywood. I don’t watch television (other than the aforementioned Netflix “re-runs”). In fact, you’ve been an extension of BDS for years now. Apple sales are in decline. Microsoft and Google are in panic mode because they are seen as agents of the N.S.A.


You don’t want my money, Hollywood? Fine. I’ll keep it.


As for Unblock-us, thank you for years of great service. I know you did your best. But when you get down to it, Netflix just didn’t want our business and was willing to fight to the mat to make sure you didn’t give it to them for us.

I live in a free country, and I have all the permits and licenses to prove it! — Micharl Rivero,





CBC Content Disabled: February 17, 2016

Barack Obama says constitution on his side in Supreme Court dispute

The court would be unable to issue rulings on any issue in which the justices split 4-4

By Darlene Superville, Josh Lederman, The Associated Press Posted: Feb 17, 2016 12:57 AM ET

As usual, CBC and its censors at ICUC gave free reign to commenters who ridiculed the “conspiracy theorists.” Facts and arguments responding to those comments were deleted, despite being fully within CBC’s “community guidelines.”


While I was annoyed in the past with such censorship, I now post my comments with the expectation they will be killed. For that reason, I am now making a point of quoting the comment I am replying to within my own comment so its context is clear when I post it on



Chris Wallace Interviews U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia On "FOX News Sunday"
WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 27: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia takes part in an interview with Chris Wallace on “FOX News Sunday” at the FOX News D.C. Bureau on July 27, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)
Quoting: Antonin Scalia was assassinated. Obama gun-grab and other illegal moves can go ahead. America is finished.” I agree. And it’s unfortunate why someone can’t ask how the third-ranking political figure in the United States dies of a massive heart attack in a still-neatly-made bed, “in perfect repose” with a pillow over (his) head. And doesn’t get tended to by a doctor, has no autopsy and is embalmed in a matter hours.
Quoting “The President of the United States is the President of the United States for all four years of his term. The machinations and hypocrisy of the Republican Party boils down to unpatriotic betrayals of their constitutional duty and respect for America & the founding fathers to out-right bigotry because President Barack Obama is a Black Christian American President rather than being born in Panama (McCain) or Canada (Ted Cruz, born in Alberta). That means the President is not only in power, but obligated to filfill his/her duties of Ambassadors, Office holders, including especially US Supreme Court Justices when they are vacated.” Those appointments have to go through the senate, first. Shame such a system doesn’t exist here in Canada. Then maybe a woefully unqualified candidate such as Marc Nadon wouldn’t even come up for consideration. Instead we have to rely on civic-minded lawyers like Rocco Galati to stand up for the Canadian people on his own dime. Speaking of Rocco Galati, CBC, you covered his lawsuit against Nadon’s appointment to the SCOC wall-to-wall, but not a peep about his COMER lawsuit against the Bank of Canada. What’s up with that?
Quoting “Is there any conspiracy that Trump won’t fall for?” So that’s all it takes to keep you from asking questions? Somebody might call you a “conspiracy theorist?” Or even better, you get to call someone a “conspiracy theorist.” Or gleefully (shout) Bigfoot! Or aliens! Flat earth! It shouldn’t take Donald Trump or Fox News to remind you the man was found dead, alone, hours after he died. And didn’t have so much as an autopsy.
Quoting “I see that Fox News has been very effective at brain-washing.” The only brainwashing going on here is from those people who are conditioned to react to basic questions by sating “fake moon landing!” “Bigfoot!” “Aliens!” “Flying saucers!” Or Fox News. These are very basic questions. When someone does alone and unexpectedly, there is an autopsy. Investigations are carried out. This applies to a whino who dies on a street corner in the middle of the night in the dingiest area of the city. It certainly ought to apply to (an associate) justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Fox News Brainwashing

Quoting: Republican obstructionism meets Democratic spinelessness. Brace yourself for another American political stalemate!” Republican obstuctionism? Democratic spinelessness? Do you realize how vilified the likes of Cruz, Rubio, Boehner, McCain, Collins, Graham and many other Republicans are by their fellow Republicans? Sean Hannity calls them “the surrender Republicans” and the “surrender caucus.” Even Rush Limbaugh has pretty much disowned the current Republican party and even the Bush family itself. The Republicans have gone along with Obama at every turn. Obstruction? You’ve got to be kidding. And if you’re mad at the Republicans because they wouldn’t go along with the global warming hoax or gun-grabbing, just remember: Obama couldn’t even get that agenda through the house and the senate when they had Democratic majorities.
Quoting” Obama cares nothing for the Constitution. Hates it. It’s in the way of his communist ideals. Completely hypocritical but also consistent with his anti-America profile. Not many months left of this fool.” The entire political establishment in the United States is opposed to the constitution. The same could be said here in Canada and our joke version of a constitution. Of course, in our case, all the politicians need do is stand before a bunch of people dressed like Santa Claus up there in Ottawa and say “reasonable limitation” or “notwithstanding.” Having said that, I will give the current Canadian supreme court credit for holding the Harper Regime at bay. For the most part. BTW, remember: Junior Bush said the constitution is nothing but a (gosh darned) piece of paper.


Amazing. The mere “threat” of being called a “conspiracy theorist” is all it takes to keep people from asking questions. About anything these days. A lot of things about Justice Scalia’s death just don’t add up.
israel STFU
Avatar for GeorgeWashingtonsGhost on Photo illustration by Michael Rivero,



We have a political system that awards high office to the most ruthless, cunning, and selfish of mortals, then we act surprised when those willing to do anything to win power are equally willing to do anything with it. — Michael Rivero,

CBC Content Disabled: February 14, 2016

Republican debate starts off sombre, escalates into personal attacks

Death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia prompts talk about who should appoint successor

The Associated Press Posted: Feb 14, 2016 12:55 AM ET


Valentines Day found no love for those who would speak ill of Heir Hillary over at the CBC and Hillary’s manager of her on-line reputation – and CBC’s comments censor – ICUC.

Quoting “This is such a beautiful thing. It doesn’t really matter which one of these clowns wins the primary. Hillary will crush any of them.” Yeah, Hillary looks great in orange, doesn’t she?

Memo to Keith Bilous: it really doesn’t get any more obvious than that. Anyway, she really does look great in orange. Don’t you think so?


Mind you, there is always room for improvement, of course…



Anyway, moving right along…

Quoting: At least in the republican debates there is no mention of women going to hell, unlike the democratic party who told female democrats they “will go to hell” if they do not vote for Hillary. Nope…no mention of anyone going to hell in the republican debates.” The woman who made those remarks, as well as the woman who is her preferred candidate, ought to know. For the war crimes they have committed, their suites are reserved.

Hey, Don’t blame me, Bilous. I’m not the one who said it.

Albright: ‘special place in hell’ for women who don’t support Clinton

Former secretary of state says women must help each other, while people are talking about a ‘revolution’ led by the first female US president

Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright introduced Hillary Clinton at an event in New Hampshire on Saturday, telling the crowd and voters in general: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

What a bitch. Can you imagine having to wake up next to that thing every morning?

But…never it let it be said ICUC’s censors don’t have a sense of humour:


I don’t have anything relevant to add to this “story.” I’m just trying out my new avatar, which I changed to reflect the recent clampdown in the CBC comments section. When this comment is killed, I’ll put it on my own website,, with the rest of my “disabled” “content.” Thanks. Have a nice day, Keith. (2 likes)


israel STFU
Michael Rivero,
I am not a terrorist!! On my best days I am only mildly irritating! — Michael Rivero,


CBC Content Disabled: February 7, 2016

Trudeau set to reveal details of anti-ISIS mission

Ministers of National Defence, Global Affairs and International Development to attend

By Catherine Cullen, CBC News Posted: Feb 07, 2016 7:56 PM ET

It was a bonanza for Keith Bilous’s CBC News censors as the clamp down on free speech continues. Comments that criticized CBC, reminded readers and viewers about babies, incubators and weapons of mass destruction were killed before they lived. Invitations for fellow readers to simply google “John Mc Cain and ISIS” were similarly “disabled.”


The comments that I would have expected to see from other like-minded readers were nowhere to be found.


McCain: Russian airstrikes target CIA-backed rebels


Quoting: “Hopefully, Mr. Trudeau will take heed of the silent majority of Canadians who want to see him institute conscription and send our young men and women to kick ISIS’ backside. We can defeat terrorism, solve unemployment and toughen up our millennials (sic) all in one go.” You want to defeat “terrorism?” Stop messing around with other peoples’ countries. And knock it off with the fake terror groups. There is no Emanuel Goldstein and we have never been at war with Eastasia. Google John McCain and ISIS. Tells you all you need to know.
The Russians have proved bombing ISIS (for real) works just fine. That’s why they are on the run. Or on the drive in those beautiful Toyota Hilux’s “we” sent them. And that’s what is making John McCain so angry. The Russians are bombing his assets.
Get out of Russia’s way. They have the ISIS thing covered. Ah, but that’s the problem. If you’re John McCain.
“The Russians are bombing our assets!”—John McCain. (Hey John, nice picture of you and Simon Elliot, there).

John McCain ISIS 1

Quoting: “If I hear coast to coast to coast one more time, I think I am going to puke. Every speech we (hear) that there are no tax payers in Canada we are citizens My 2 year old grand daughter is a citizen but not a taxpayer. It’s taxpayers money (you’re) throwing around taxpayers, taxpayers, taxpayers, get it.” The neocons (both Liberal AND Conservative) would have your grand-daughter as well as her future grandchildren enslaved for their entire lifetimes to pay for these fraudulent wars if they had their way. “Liberal” and “conservative” are irrelevant labels. They are all owned by the same people. And I agree. That third “to coast” after “coast to coast” is particularly irksome.
Maybe that’s why the Russians managed to do in three months what “we” couldn’t do in three years: destroy “ISIS.” To the consternation of Bilal Erdogan.
I don’t watch CBC. I don’t watch any of the corporate b.s. media outlets. And I don’t believe anything I can’t independently verify for myself.
Yup. Liberals have been had again. New boss is the same as the old boss. See Barack Obama.
I wonder if Trudeau is smart enough to understand what is really gone on here? I don’t suppose he’s ever googled John McCain and ISIS and seen what pictures pop up? I think he is smart enough. The problem is, just how far can he go? If I could speak ot Mr. Trudeau, I would say just one thing: “Justin, we know what is really happening. And millions of Canadians have your back. Get us out of this thing. It’s a hoax,a  fraud and a farce.”
Quoting: “Please don’t make a fool out of Canada and especially do not humiluate our toops…we have to be a player on the world stage.” Considering “our” troops are participating in a fraudulent, illegal war and considering they are prosecuting that war alongside the very same “allies” that were killing them in Afghanistan, I’d say “humiliation” ought to be the least of your concerns. Our American friends in the U.S. Armed Forces who posted those “I didn’t serve ” pictures seem to be on the right track. This is not Nineteen Eighty Four. That was a novel, not an instruction manual.
Quoting: “If you say so. How long will it take to actually get to the context of the said allegations, CBC?” Just a friendly reminder, the CBC told us Iraqi solders were stealing incubators from Kuwaiti hospitals. And that Saddam Hussein had Nukular Bombs. That the context I take CBC “reporting” in, as well as all of the corporate “media.”
Give ISIS our Sea Kings…gee, that’s not a bad idea. I’m sure they would enjoy their retirement down there in Arizona. Or in that country I can’t name. You know, the place where Abu Bakhr al-Baghdadi died. The first time. According to the Jerusalem Post of April 28, 2015.
Jerusalem Post, April 28, 2015


Submitted to CBC Feedback, February 11, 2016

This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to Mrs. Joly regarding CBC commenting censorship having gone into overdrive. I’ll make it so simple that even you people can understand it: I know you’re full of it. Millions of Canadians know you’re full of it. And clamping down on the comments won’t make a difference. See my “disabled” comments on my own website, You’ve given me quite a collection this week.

You know you’re just making fools of yourself, right?

I like how my comment last week reminding viewers / readers that CBC told us about babies and incubators 25 years ago, and Saddam’s Nukular Bombs 14 years ago. And that fairy tales about “ISIS” ought to be taken in the same light. I also like how your censors at ICUC are also clamping down on any mention of googling John McCain and ISIS.

What a nice picture.

So go ahead. Eliminate the comments section. Admit you’re bullshitting us. Not sure how Keith Bilous is going to pay for his Tesla. But go ahead and do it anyway. That’s one less wasteful thing taxpayers will have to fund.

Bullshit button


Dear Mrs. Joly:

Please find attached a letter I wrote (via paper snail mail) to Peter Mansbridge, CBC’s “chief correspondent” and host of their show, “The National.” I wrote this letter on December 31, 2015.

To put it bluntly, I am sick and tired of being constantly lied to and propagandized. The letter makes reference to the censorship in the comments sections of Since then, that level of censorship has become even more draconian. My own website,, has examples of comments CBC has removed for no reason other than they conflict with a political or corporate agenda. If this were CTV, the Toronto Globe and Mail, the National Post or any other private media empire, I would not care. Newsrooms are closing around the world and jobs are being shed by the thousands as people cease paying to be b.s.’d. But in the case of the CBC, it’s ours. We own it. When they are deceiving us, propagandizing us and outright lying to us, I have every right as a Canadian citizen and a Canadian taxpayer to complain.

As of just this past week, the censorship on has gone into overdrive. Almost all my posts have been “disabled.” And posts from other commenters which regular readers would expect to call out the crap are missing.

I’ll keep this simple: when a simple google search “John McCain ISIS” turns up literally thousands of copies of pictures of U.S. Senator John McCain meeting with “Abu Bakhr al-Baghdadi” (aka Simon Elliot), and other members of “ISIS,” and when the CBC itself has reported that a CSIS agent, Mohammed al-Rashad, was caught smuggling teenage British girls into Syria to “fight” for ISIS, and when Mr. al-Rashad’s “payment” was to be Canadian citizenship awarded by the former Foreign Minister, and when the aforementioned “Mr. al-Baghdadi” – prior to his most recent death – died on April 28, 2015 in israel, attended to by israeli doctors, as reported by that bastion of whacko conspiracy theories, the Jerusalem Post…I could go on with the, ahem, contradictions. And recent media reports have suggested that Mr. Elliot here has come back to life for the third time and is living in northern Iraq. I mean, come on, seriously?

Of course, the previous Harper Regime was the same regime which gave two unknown israeli Mossad agents instant Canadian citizenship after carrying out the murder of

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai. I can only imagine what other crimes were committed over the past decade purportedly in our name. Mind you, when you have a foreign minister who sends the matriarch of a known drug dealing family down to Miami to be “our” consul general, it’s not as if we ought to have the highest expectations of legality and morality in the first place. And this is the guy who made a career out of putting people in prison for victimless crimes.

When the corporate media (presstitutes and whorespondents, to use the terminology of former frequent CBC guest Gerald Celente) are busy trying to tell me stories about ISIS and terrorists and we (as in our children – ours, not yours, mind you) need to go over and kill them, I need only be reminded that these are the same people who told me about babies and incubators 25 years ago, and Saddam’s Nukular Bombs over a decade ago.

To put it succinctly: We know you’re lying, CBC.

I do want to close by telling how much I admire your colleague, Harjit Sajjan, the defense minister. And I’m as conservative as they come (conservative, not fascist; there is a big difference). I used to live at Marine and Fraser 14 years ago. And if I still did, I would have voted for Mr. Sajjan. And I’ve never voted Liberal in my life. Millions of Canadians such as myself live in hope that Mr. Sajjan has come to the same conclusion that we have: the war of terror is a farce, a fraud and a hoax and so is “ISIS.”

The messages I want taken away from this letter are these: First, stop funding the CBC’s lies; and stop Canada’s participation in the u.s. and israeli War of Terror. And get on with it and put a stop to the war on drugs. I never even touch the stuff and I can see how hypocritical and destructive it has become. Nicholson would take some poor fool from Little Burgundy or Jane and Finch or Surrey and lock him up and throw away the key. Meanwhile, when Patrick Brazeau or Rahim Jaffer inadvertently wind up in court, they need only show the judge their “Kiss My Ass” card and walk out the door with a big grin on their respective faces.

Besides yourself, Mrs. Joly, this letter is sent to Messrs. Sajjan and Trudeau, as well as the disgraced former Foreign Minister and M.P. for Niagara Falls Rob Nicholson, who belongs in The Hague along with the rest of the former Harper War Crime Regime. I didn’t vote for the Liberal Party. In fact I voted for the NDP for the first time in my life because theirs was the only leader who was promising fiscal sanity in Ottawa. And in Niagara Falls, Ontario, they happened to have had the best local candidate running. I’m sorry she didn’t win and that the money up in Niagara-On-The-Lake defeated the good people of Niagara Falls and Fort Erie ONCE AGAIN. Having said that, if your government turns on your Liberal supporters the way Barack Hussein Obama stabbed his supporters in the back by carrying on the neocon agenda, you are going to have tens of millions of pissed off Canadians to deal with.

I think you know what John F. Kennedy said about peaceful revolution having been made impossible. We’re almost there. Trust me.

This letter will be posted (when I have time) on


CBC, Peter Mansbridge: Cut the crap, Tell the truth or shut up.

JFK Revolution

Grave sites of John F. Kennedy and Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, March 27, 2014 (LettersToTheBeast).


How many countries does the US have to invade before it’s a world war? — Michael Rivero,

CBC Content Disabled: January 28, 2016

Republican debate: Free of Trump, candidates discuss security, immigration

Donald Trump holding fundraiser for wounded veterans at same time as Fox News debate

The Associated Press Posted: Jan 28, 2016 8:53 PM ET

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s false flag operation against its own website continues unabated as comments are left awaiting “moderation” for hours. And many comments simply drop out of the queue and are automatically killed after the 24-hour commenting window closes.


You’d think ICUC management – starting with Keith BIlous – and its legions of twits around the world censoring free speech would be smart enough to realize they are cutting their own throats.


Apparently not.


Or…maybe Trump is the real-life incarnation of Howard Beale. Our American friends are sticking their heads outside their windows and hollering, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more!” Of course, we all (know) what happened to Howard Beale at the end of the film. That’s my fear for Trump. The Ron Paul treatment hasn’t worked, so he may end up getting the Bobby Kennedy treatment.


Really? Does this include Adam Ghadan (Adam Pearlman), Yousef al-Khatab (Joseph Cohen) or Abu Tallah al-Amrikee (Zachary Chessesr)?

CBC and its censors are particularly hostile towards comments which remind viewers that three of the most prominent “Muslim” terrorists used to be jews.


Quoting: I’d rather vote for someone with at least 1 brain cell…” Well, good news then. Jeb Bush is running! And don’t forget, after Jeb, there is still Neil and Marvin to get through. Then maybe the Bush girls. Of course, since the American presidency has deteriorated into a dynastic pendulum, I suppose in fairness, Web Hubbell’s daughter Chelsea will lhave to have her go at it, too.


Not to defend the Bush crime family, but please don’t tell us the Clintons are intellectual heavyweights, either.

Whether it’s because the Clinton Foundation is a paying client of ICUC’s “reputation management” service, or because of the political sympathies of the individual censors, or a combination of both, any negative mention of the Clintons will be blocked from Even factually quoting Hillary’s infamous, “We came, we saw, he died! Ha! Ha! Ha.”


Yeah, exactly. You get a bunch of practised, accomplished liars and psychopaths up there and you get a pretty good show going for you.

CBC and ICUC are always quick to kill comments which, even when generalizing, depict politicians as liars, criminals and psychopaths.

But…but…but..THEY ARE liars, criminals and psychopaths!

The fastest way to stop terrorism is to stop screwing around with other peoples’ countries! — Michael Rivero,

CBC Content Disabled: January 27, 2016

Attempted robbery on GO train causes delay after suspect escapes

Police say man pulled emergency stop, pried open doors near Birchmount and Danforth

CBC News Posted: Jan 27, 2016 6:39 AM ET

Commenters had to endure CBC’s new “moderation” policy which holds comments in queue for hours, lest the Proles say something unfortunate. Despite these efforts, my comment still earned three likes before the censors came back and killed it.


Quoting “@SomeguyinOntario: “No description CBC? Was he the invisible man?” About 5’9, blond hair, blue eyes, possible Norwegian accent. (3 likes)


Fortunately, the victim was able to provide a police sketch artist with a description of the assailant.
073 Metrolink railyard, Burbank, California
A de-commissioned GO Transit train in Los Angeles, California on June 23, 1994 (LettersToTheBeast)

As an aside, note the comment above in reference to the Oregon stand-off:” Between Patriots and a psychopathic, criminal u.s. government, I’ll side with the Patriots in a heartbeat. ”

Not only is it remarkable that this one got past the censors, but it garnered six likes and, most astonishingly, didn’t generate any hateful replies. The only critical reply was some cop-sucker who said, “Patriots, the last refuge of the scoundrel.” In fact, most of the comments regarding Oregon are overwhelmingly in favour of the militiamen.

Yet the CBC and the other bullshit media are too stupid – or at least wilfully ignorant – to understand this. The internet audience is not a bunch of loony, leftist government-lovers. We have access to other means of information and we know when we are being lied to and manipulated.

In 2003, many of us were old enough to remember how the media who told us about Saddam’s Nukular Bombs also told us about Iraqi soldiers stealing incubators. In 2012, as media was abuzz with news about Bashar Assad using chemical weapons against his own Alawite supporters, right in front of U.N. inispectors on the very day of their visit, we remembered tales about Weapons of Mass Destruction. And now, more than half of our American friends reject the ridiculous and implausible conspiracy theory which suggests 19 brown guys living in caves caused a complete stand-down of the United States (and Canadian) military, managed to take over four passenger air-liners with box cutters, and – in three cases – fly them into their intended targets with perfect precision, despite havinig little flight training and absolutely no experience.


The lies are just getting more and more absurd and insulting. But, again, the governments and its accomplice bullshit media who put them out are either too stupid to understand this. Or they just don’t care.


Remember this the next time they put out a story (and “story” is exactly what it is) about the global warming hoax. Governments and the Rothschilds banks who run them need that money.

BBC (British Bullshit Corporation / Buggering British Children – see Jimmy Saville) bingo caller Jane Staneley reported on the collapse of World Trade Center’s Building Seven half-an-hour before it happened. Live on world-wide television. While the building stood erect and intact behind her make-shift studio. CBC’s contracted censors are quick to kill any mention of this event in their comment section.

Bullshit buttonBullshitUnbelievable Bullshit

Burned out Bullshit sign

Mushroom cloud



Bailout: Taking a trillion dollars from the people and giving it to the banks to loan back to the people…at interest! — Micharl Rivero,






CBC Content Disabled: January 23, 2016

New York City to lift travel ban Sunday after massive blizzard hits U.S. East Coast

Seven states declare state of emergency after deadly snowstorm leaves at least 18 dead

The Associated Press Posted: Jan 23, 2016 6:48 AM ET

CBC has been sabotaging its own comments sections recently, ordering ICUC to hold comments for “moderation” for several hours, thus eliminating any intelligent conversation or debate.


“This comment is awaiting moderation by the site administrators.” What the fuck is going on with you people when it takes six or twleve hours to pre-censor the Proles? If it happens at all? Go ahead, CBC, kill the comment section. Then nobody will come here and nobody will see your stinking ads. And Keith Bilous’s Tesla will be repo’d the next day. So sick of this shit. And yes, I know this will be “content disabled.” But as usual, I will posit it with my other pinks on my own website, Ass holes.

Is “ass hole” one word or two? Anyway, moving right along…

Probably too much to hope that Henry Kissinger’s frozen corpse was found in front of his Georgetown home after taking his dog out for a walk. And the dog is safe.

Henry Kissinger wanted for war crimes

Kissinger’s time is running out fast. And he won’t have to worry about snowstorms where he’s going…



My other car was taken by Wall Street — Michael Rivero,