CBC Content Disabled: January 23, 2016


New York City to lift travel ban Sunday after massive blizzard hits U.S. East Coast

Seven states declare state of emergency after deadly snowstorm leaves at least 18 dead

The Associated Press Posted: Jan 23, 2016 6:48 AM ET

CBC has been sabotaging its own comments sections recently, ordering ICUC to hold comments for “moderation” for several hours, thus eliminating any intelligent conversation or debate.


“This comment is awaiting moderation by the site administrators.” What the fuck is going on with you people when it takes six or twleve hours to pre-censor the Proles? If it happens at all? Go ahead, CBC, kill the comment section. Then nobody will come here and nobody will see your stinking ads. And Keith Bilous’s Tesla will be repo’d the next day. So sick of this shit. And yes, I know this will be “content disabled.” But as usual, I will posit it with my other pinks on my own website, LettersToTheBeast.com. Ass holes.

Is “ass hole” one word or two? Anyway, moving right along…

Probably too much to hope that Henry Kissinger’s frozen corpse was found in front of his Georgetown home after taking his dog out for a walk. And the dog is safe.

Henry Kissinger wanted for war crimes

Kissinger’s time is running out fast. And he won’t have to worry about snowstorms where he’s going…



My other car was taken by Wall Street — Michael Rivero, www.WhatReallyHappened.com

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