CBC Content Disabled: January 27, 2016


Attempted robbery on GO train causes delay after suspect escapes

Police say man pulled emergency stop, pried open doors near Birchmount and Danforth

CBC News Posted: Jan 27, 2016 6:39 AM ET

Commenters had to endure CBC’s new “moderation” policy which holds comments in queue for hours, lest the Proles say something unfortunate. Despite these efforts, my comment still earned three likes before the censors came back and killed it.


Quoting “@SomeguyinOntario: “No description CBC? Was he the invisible man?” About 5’9, blond hair, blue eyes, possible Norwegian accent. (3 likes)


Fortunately, the victim was able to provide a police sketch artist with a description of the assailant.
073 Metrolink railyard, Burbank, California
A de-commissioned GO Transit train in Los Angeles, California on June 23, 1994 (LettersToTheBeast)

As an aside, note the comment above in reference to the Oregon stand-off:” Between Patriots and a psychopathic, criminal u.s. government, I’ll side with the Patriots in a heartbeat. ”

Not only is it remarkable that this one got past the censors, but it garnered six likes and, most astonishingly, didn’t generate any hateful replies. The only critical reply was some cop-sucker who said, “Patriots, the last refuge of the scoundrel.” In fact, most of the comments regarding Oregon are overwhelmingly in favour of the militiamen.

Yet the CBC and the other bullshit media are too stupid – or at least wilfully ignorant – to understand this. The internet audience is not a bunch of loony, leftist government-lovers. We have access to other means of information and we know when we are being lied to and manipulated.

In 2003, many of us were old enough to remember how the media who told us about Saddam’s Nukular Bombs also told us about Iraqi soldiers stealing incubators. In 2012, as media was abuzz with news about Bashar Assad using chemical weapons against his own Alawite supporters, right in front of U.N. inispectors on the very day of their visit, we remembered tales about Weapons of Mass Destruction. And now, more than half of our American friends reject the ridiculous and implausible conspiracy theory which suggests 19 brown guys living in caves caused a complete stand-down of the United States (and Canadian) military, managed to take over four passenger air-liners with box cutters, and – in three cases – fly them into their intended targets with perfect precision, despite havinig little flight training and absolutely no experience.


The lies are just getting more and more absurd and insulting. But, again, the governments and its accomplice bullshit media who put them out are either too stupid to understand this. Or they just don’t care.


Remember this the next time they put out a story (and “story” is exactly what it is) about the global warming hoax. Governments and the Rothschilds banks who run them need that money.

BBC (British Bullshit Corporation / Buggering British Children – see Jimmy Saville) bingo caller Jane Staneley reported on the collapse of World Trade Center’s Building Seven half-an-hour before it happened. Live on world-wide television. While the building stood erect and intact behind her make-shift studio. CBC’s contracted censors are quick to kill any mention of this event in their comment section.

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Burned out Bullshit sign

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Bailout: Taking a trillion dollars from the people and giving it to the banks to loan back to the people…at interest! — Micharl Rivero, www.WhatReallyHappened.com






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