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It finally happened: CBC banned me!

2016-06-27 03_50_21-Justin Trudeau's fight with the forces of Brexit and Donald Trump - Politics - C

Offensive profile picture…oh, you mean this?

Bullshit button


I made a bunch of posts around 3:30 am regarding an article about Caribbean customers closing their Royal Bank of Canada accounts due to the introduction of service charges. One comment said Canadians always bend over to banks and government. I replied, “I don’t bend over for anyone” and left an anecdote about my recent census experience. I included a link to LettersToTheBeast.


When I went to comment on another article about Justin Trudeau and Brexit, well, see above.


And to think I had just wasted half-an-hour of my life giving some constructive criticism to CBC’s Feedback page (with a copy to ICUC, of course):

Oh, hi again CBC and ICUC.

Recently, one of Keith’s Work-At-Home scam kids deleted one of my posts regarding a Brexit article. The post was replying to another comment which, to paraphrase, asked how the good people of Britain could be so stupid as to vote this way.

My reply was: “I’m sure advertisers will be asking the same question. And the corporate media’s budgets will suffer for it. ‘Bout time.

Contend Disabled.

I guess that one hit a little too close to home, eh?

On another article on the same subject, someone left a comment praising the British Bullsh…I mean Broadcasting Corporation. I left two comments: “Jimmy Saville.” And another comment which also praised the journalistic integrity of the BBC on September 11, 2001 when it reported on the collapse of World Trade Center Building Seven. Half an hour before it happened. While it stood erect outside the window of Jane Standley’s makeshift studio.

On the upside, you didn’t delete any of my posts making the link between the Orlando mass-shooting by the U.S. government security contractor and the Orlando Police Department and SSRIs and other prescription anti-depressants that are a staple of corporate media advertising budgets.

Anyway, I don’t want to waste your time here. All of my posts censored by you and Keith can be found on my own humble blog, And if you forget the website, don’t worry. Just type in CBC content disabled into The Google.

Mine is the first set of links that come after CBC’s itself.

Oh, by the way, please also check out my blurb regarding the technical quality of

Click on story link at Wait for video crap to load. Wait for adware to load. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait for Google Analytics. Wait. Wait for more video crap. Wait for Schitt$ Creek ad. Wait for geo-locator to determine my address for the Weather Network ad. Wait. Wait for Google Analytics to load. Again. Wait for Shockwave. And then, wait for it…wait for it…

Adobe Shockwave has crashed Stop / Reload

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Seriously, do those rocket scientists in CBC’s I.T. department ever try visiting outside the confines of their Front Street bunker?


James F. Blake.”

(formerly GeorgeWashingtonsGhost)


Goddammit! Now I’ve got to think up a new name and set up a new account. I’ll get around to it when I have time.

2016-06-27 04_02_45-Why don’t you ban this individual_ – CBC Help Centre


Man, I really must have pissed them off this time.

Maybe I should have kept the old profile picture:

israel STFU

Hey, CBC and ICUC, thanks for visiting LettersToTheBeast.


See you again soon!

CBC Content Disabled: June 23, 2016

EU referendum: Vote to Leave puts Britain on uncertain course

Exiting European Union could destabilize 28-nation trading bloc, created from ashes of WW II

Thomson Reuters Posted: Jun 23, 2016 3:31 PM ET

2016-06-26 05_20_13-EU referendum_ Vote to Leave puts Britain on uncertain course - World - CBC News.png

Britain has voted to leave the European Union after a bitterly divisive referendum campaign, toppling the David Cameron government, sending global markets plunging Friday and shattering the stability of a project in continental unity designed half a century ago to prevent another world war.

The decision raises the likelihood of years of negotiations over trade, business and political links with what will become a 27-nation bloc. In essence, the vote marks the start — rather than the end — of a process that could take decades to unwind.Markets plunged as results defied bookmakers’ odds to show a 52-48 per cent victory for the campaign to leave a bloc that Britain joined more than 40 years ago.

The results have also raised the possibility of one or more breakups within the U.K. as nationalist politicians in Scotland and Northern Ireland — where voters favoured remaining within the EU — say a Brexit warrants a vote on independence for their constituents. 

Remarkably, Keith Bilous’ censors over at ICUC deleted only one of my many posts on this article. A reader asked how the British people could possibly have been so stupid as to vote to leave “Europe?”

Your humble correspondent responded:

2016-06-26 05_28_59-EU referendum_ Vote to Leave puts Britain on uncertain course - World - CBC News
I’m sure advertisers will be asking the same question. And the corporate media’s budgets will suffer for it. ‘Bout time.

The fact is, corporate media’s bread and butter is convincing the rest of the corporate world they can tell us what to buy, what to think and even whom to vote for. Or, in this case, on what side of an issue we (or at least the good people Britain) should vote for.

Corporate media told Britishers they MUST vote to remain in “Europe.” Corporate media told our American friends Donald Trump is nothing, a joke. He’ll drop out. He’s not serious. He’ll never get past the first round of debates. He’ll never win the nomination. His poll number will pale in comparison to Hillary.

Of course, now Big Media’s message is: Well, so what if Donald is the nominee. Hillary will beat him handily, anyway.

The unthinkable question Big Media is asking itself is: If people aren’t listening to us when we tell them who to vote for, how can we possibly demand hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 30-second commercial (or a full page ad in a snoozepaper nobody reads any longer) to push everything from dog food to prescription anti-depressants that melt your brain and cause you to go on psychotic shooting sprees (side effects may include death)?

One of the more amusing posts came from a user whose screen name is Stephen Glass. Steve gave us an insight that was so remarkably informative it’s as if it came from an israeli-national bankster itself.

2016-06-26 05_31_50-EU referendum_ Vote to Leave puts Britain on uncertain course - World - CBC News2016-06-26 05_32_34-EU referendum_ Vote to Leave puts Britain on uncertain course - World - CBC News

and here’s another gem of Steve’s…

2016-06-26 05_40_29-EU referendum_ Vote to Leave puts Britain on uncertain course - World - CBC News

Yup. The banksters are angry. “We tried to do things the easy way. Now, no more Mister Nice Guy.”

LettersToTheBeast would like to remind our friends in the israeli-dual-national and israel-first community that the last time they showed this much bravado, things didn’t work out for them very well. Even if you don’t subscribe to the popular narrative of late 1930s and 1940s Germany, the German people were driven to such a level of anger that things were made very inconvenient for their jewish neighbours.

Jews of the world declare war on Germany

That’s not a threat, Steve. Just a historical fact. And LettersToTheBeast believes in supplying all facts required by Canadian law when it comes to World War II history.  When the shit hits the fan, it won’t be hard to know who to come looking for. Just ask Jo Cox.

(Daily Stormer) World War II hero George Soros

I think we’re pretty much done with doing things this way. You folks had your fun, but now it’s time to move on.

Daily Stormer

Jew Financial Terrorism

Jews Watching Gaza Bombing
No more wars for these people.

CBC Content Disabled: June 21, 2016

Donald Trump slumps in polls after Orlando

The presumptive GOP nominee trails Hillary Clinton by 6 per cent in weighted average of U.S. polls

By Éric Grenier, for CBC News Posted: Jun 21, 2016 5:00 AM ET 04_27_09-Donald Trump slumps in polls after Orlando - World - CBC News.png

If Donald Trump believed that the Orlando shooting and a renewed focus on terrorism would help boost his sagging presidential campaign, polls suggest it has had no such impact.

In fact, his reaction to the tragedy may be hurting him.

The presumptive Republican nominee is now trailing rival Hillary Clinton in CBC’s weighted average of U.S. polls by a greater margin than two weeks ago. His support stands at 43.2 per cent among decided registered or likely voters, compared to 49.3 per cent for the presumptive Democratic nominee.

This represents a drop of 1.7 points for Trump in the weighted average of polls since June 8.

Trump’s campaign has taken a downward turn following his comments in the wake of the deadly shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, which was carried out by a man who reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS in calls to 911. (Partial printed transcripts of his 911 calls were released this week.)

2016-06-26 04_39_30-5 ways Brexit could hurt Canadian pocketbooks - Business - CBC News
Shooting a whole bunch of people (we don’t know how many were shot (purportedly) by Mateen and how many were killed by the Orlando Police. Calling corporate news media and 9-1-1 and speaking in a foreign language. Putting up Facebook posts. Not even stopping to reload. The guy is fucking Superman’s evil twin from a parallel universe. Or something. 

Somebody left a comment praising BBC, which of course stands for…

2016-06-26 04_52_19-buggering british children - Google Search

So your humble correspondent responded with a reminder of two inconvenient facts:

2016-06-26 04_26_00-5 ways Brexit could hurt Canadian pocketbooks - Business - CBC News

2016-06-26 04_49_58-jimmy saville bbc child molester - Google Search


2016-06-26 04_25_37-5 ways Brexit could hurt Canadian pocketbooks - Business - CBC News

…this babe, Jane Standley. 

CBC and its ICUC censors jealously and zealously protect what’s left of the reputation of their counterparts in London. But like the Soviet censors of three decades ago, they are oblivious to the fact that everybody already knows. They reported on the collapse of World Trade Center Building Seven half-an-hour before it happened on September 11, 2001. While the building stood erect outside Jane Standley’s makeshift studio. AND…they kept a known pedophile and child molester on the payroll for DECADES.

Blocking my little post changes nothing. And it is insulting and laughable that they actually believe otherwise.

Click on story link at Wait for video crap to load. Wait for adware to load. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait for Google Analytics. Wait. Wait for more video crap. Wait for Schitt$ Creek ad. Wait for geo-locator to determine my address for the Weather Network ad. Wait. Wait for Google Analytics to load. Again. Wait for Shockwave. And then, wait for it…wait for it…

2016-06-26 04_31_46-Donald Trump slumps in polls after Orlando - World - CBC News

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Seriously, do those rocket scientists in CBC’s I.T. department ever try visiting outside the confines of their Front Street bunker?

2016-06-26 05_09_47-you're lying - Google Search

Completing my Canadian Census on-line (Count me out!)

2016-06-20 03_18_35-Count Me Out of the Canada Census

2016-06-20 03_19_14-Count Me Out of the Canada Census

Here you go!


Census 1
Jim left his phone number, (905) 354-1965. I was going to call it after I filled out the form around 3am. But I wasn’t about to let him match up this form with my real name and telephone number from caller i.d. So I’ll give him shit when he drops by. 

Census 2

Census 3

Census 5

Niagara Falls MP Robert Nicholson and Netanyahu
(Times of israel) I suppose, like any good Canadian sheep, I could air my grievances with my local member of parliament (the guy on the left, Robert “Rob” Nicholson CON-Niagara Falls). But he doesn’t like me very much. Something about repeatedly accusing him of being a war criminal and calling for his arrest and trial at The Hague.

Census 4

2016-06-20 03_31_17-A Short History of Canadian Income Taxation _ Dead For Tax Reasons The Income Tax of 1917 captured almost nobody, save high-rollers raking in over $2,000 per year. And then only at four per cent. The marginal rates started kicking in at $6,000 ($97,000 today, a 1,530 per cent increase in inflation according to the Bank of Canada’s own inflation calculator). By 1948 – 14 years after the creation of the Bank of Canada, far more Canadians had been captured. 

I will not keep calm and you can go fuck yourself


I will not comply

Apologists for the census claim the information is vital in order for governments to make proper spending decision in “our communities.”

2016-03-25 04_04_11-Canada's National Debt Clock _ The Canadian Taxpayers Federation

2016-03-17 09_36_51-Canada's National Debt Clock _ The Canadian Taxpayers Federation

The last thing I want to do is to encourage the bastards. 

CBC Content Disabled: June 17, 2016

In America’s gun-culture reality, the NRA is making sense: Neil Macdonald

Gun group believes terror watch list is a problematic tool for denying a constitutional right

By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Jun 17, 2016 5:00 AM ET

From the acid trip that is American gun culture comes a new and urgent concern: Should terror suspects be allowed to own guns?

On the face of it, the question is almost sublimely stupid.

And yet, it’s burning bright at the moment in America’s highly reactive polity.

Democrats on Capitol Hill staged a filibuster this week to force a vote on the subject.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy launched a nearly 15-hour filibuster to demand a vote on gun-control measures.

And Donald Trump, who in the past few months has morphed into a pro-gun absolutist, suddenly has concerns, too.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee tweeted: “I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no-fly list, to buy guns.”

2016-06-17 12_27_50-In America's gun-culture reality, the NRA is making sense_ Neil Macdonald - Poli

2016-06-17 12_27_24-Canada will hire 2 new astronauts - Technology & Science - CBC News
Well, maybe if this “ISIS” outfit has become so dangerous and so pervasive inside the United States, the best thing our American friends COULD do is arm up just in case they happen to meet one of these guys in public. Like, oh, I don’t know, at a club, for instance. You know, like they do in G4S’s home country, israel. 
2016-06-17 12_26_46-Canada will hire 2 new astronauts - Technology & Science - CBC News
“From the acid trip that is American culture comes a new and urgent concern: Should terror suspects be allowed to own guns?” Wrong question, Neil. Again. The question you should be asking is: should mentally unstable security guards working for the same foreign security company who “provided” airport security at Boston and New York on September 11, 2001 be allowed to carry? And when his assignment involves guarding a retirement home, is that sidearm necessary (?). Maybe we should start talking about the dad, NEIL. Oh, but we’re not going to be doing that, are we?No, no, no, no, no, no. No more then we’ll be talking about Michael Bibeau’s mom. 
Susan Bibeau
The government of Canada’s deputy chairman, immigration division, Susan Bibeau.

2016-06-17 12_46_15-Biography - Deputy Chairperson, Immigration Division - Immigration and Refugee B

Michel Zehaf Bibeau
Ottawa double-killer Michel Zehaf Bibeau (left). 
Omar Mateen
Orlando patsy Omar Mateen
Sedddique Mateen
Omar’s dad Seddique Mateen
WorldNet Daily (

Bullshit:ISIS ‘kill list’ includes names of 151 Canadians

ISIS ‘kill list’ includes names of 151 Canadians

Many on the list are victims of previous social media hacks

By Adrienne Arsenault, CBC News Posted: Jun 15, 2016 4:39 PM ET

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast

There are 151 Canadians about to get an uncomfortable phone call from police.

It may go something like this: “It’s probably nothing, but … your name appears to be on an ISIS kill list.”

Imagine getting that call. Imagine being the constable assigned to make it.

CBC has obtained a copy of the list, which contains the names, and email and physical addresses of some 8,300 people around the globe. It’s hard to tell what unites them.

The Canadian names are mostly of women, from predominantly small centres in Canada, although there are some from large cities, too.

In analyzing the Canadian data, CBC has learned that most email addresses (71 per cent) appear to have been hacked at some point, either in an old LinkedIn hack or one from Myspace or Adobe. It is possible the information from those hacks was simply pushed around from group to group. Some of the information may exist in the public domain.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) says it first uncovered the list on pro-ISIS accounts from social media platforms like Telegram.

MEMRI’s Elliot Zwig says the first call was to police.

Ahh, yes. MEMRI. The plot thickens. This is the outfit whose greatest claim to fame is deliberately mistranslating a speech by former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  “This occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the arena of time” became  “israel must be wiped off the face of the map.”

Did Ahmadinejad really say Israel should be ‘wiped off the map’?

Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, October 5, 2011

MEMRI, of course, is the baby of legendary israeli film director Rita Katz. Katz is best known for her “beheading videos” which depict the cranial units of dead corpses being separated from their bodies and passed off as live decapitations. Katz’ SITE “Intelligence Agency” is known for “discovering” these videos on “Muslim” websites and breathlessly promoting them around the world.

There is no indication anyone on any of these lists has ever been harmed, but if they have had that call from police, they have most assuredly had a moment of pause. Various police agencies in Canada have confirmed to CBC that they are in the process of informing everyone on the list of what is going on. There is a “duty to inform.” It takes time and resources and distracts from other investigations police need to be conducting.

And that suits these pro-ISIS groups just fine.

Rita Katz

Arsenault, the CBC typist, doesn’t indicate if Republican-In-Name-Only Arizona Senator John McCain is included amongst those “pro-ISIS” groups. Nor does she mention the U.S. and other NATO military officials responsible for air-dropping supplies – everything from food to guns and ammo – over ISIS positions in Syria. Accidentally, of course. And let’s not forget those Toyota pick-up trucks.

John McCain ISIS 1
“Get outta here, you low-life scum!” — John McCain
John McCain ISIS 2

On Friday, March 4th, the leading opposition newspaper in Turkey, Zaman, was taken over by the Government; and, today, March 5th, one of the other opposition newspapers,Cumhuriyet, reported that Zaman’s separate news-service to other news-media, Cihan News Agency, has now also been disabled on the Internet. (Anyone who goes to the site obtains an error-message.)

The Turkish Government is trying to prevent the Turkish public from knowing that Turkey has been serving as the transit-route by which the U.S. government and its allied Arab oil monarchies (especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar) have been supplying foreign jihadists and weapons (largely U.S. but paid for with Saudi funds) into Syria to oust Bashar al-Assad from power.

Zaman’s editor has been imprisoned for publishing such prohibited truths, but somehow his newspaper continued reporting on a court case in which Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan is accused of breaking Turkish law by aiding terrorists. That continued resistance by the newspaper might be a reason why the Turkish Government has now (as of Friday March 4th) shut it down


“The international coalition led by the US still sends aid and military equipment to the ISIL terrorists in Iraq through air,” Kamil al-Zaidi told FNA on Sunday.

“Therefore, we are entitled to distrust the US-led coalition and find a new strategic partner and that partner can be the quadrilateral coalition,” he added.

Zaidi said some members are ready to withdraw from the US-led coalition to join the quadrilateral coalition which has shown its creditability and good will by effective attacks against ISIL positions.

In relevant remarks on Thursday, a prominent analyst blasted the US for violating its security pact with Iraq by procrastinating airstrikes on ISIL command centers and targets.

“The US has not complied with any of its undertakings stated in the pact and inflicted a major loss and damage on Iraq,” Ahmad al-Sharifi told FNA.


Not surprisingly, CBC disabled commenting. Again. The last thing the pressitute corporate media and whorespondents like Arsenault want is the sheep pointing out the various, ahem, inconsistencies regarding “ISIS.” Like John “The Russians are bombing our assets!” McCain. Like the Toyota pick-up trucks. Like Turkey – acting on behalf of the District of Criminals – shooting down an Russian bomber which had just completed a mission against a real ISIS target. Like Bilal Erdogan – the Turkish president’s son – trafficking in stolen Syrian oil.

Before the CBC clamped down on comments, truthers (corporate media uses that word, truther, as if it is a bad thing) outnumbered those promoting the official narrative ten-to-one. And those were just the posts not censored by Keith Bilous’s work-at-home outfit ICUC.

On an unrelated note, CBC recently changed its commenting policy and deleted all previous accounts. Contributors were required to sign up with new profiles using their real names.In theory, this should make it much easier for the likes of Richard Warman as well as the legions of professional israelis over at bnai brith to prosecute Canadians for unapproved thoughts.

Photo illustration of Arthur Topham from

LettersToTheBeast is pleased to announce your humble correspondent has picked out a new, real-sounding name and is back in business.

Unfortunately, the number of articles at which remain available for comment continues to be severely limited.

Bullshit button

DMCA: Editorial response

CBC Content Disabled: May 26, 2016

Donald Trump vows to green-light Keystone XL if elected

‘I would absolutely approve it, 100% but I would want a better deal,’ says Republican presidential candidate

Thomson Reuters Posted: May 26, 2016 4:17 PM ET

2016-06-10 10_16_02-Donald Trump vows to green-light Keystone XL if elected - World - CBC News

2016-06-10 10_14_38-Bank of Canada must open people's eyes to debt sinkhole danger_ Don Pittis - Bus
Quoting “first get a decent haircut you swithering blundering idiot next Congress will squash any of your insane ideas anyways (sic)” Wouldn’t it be funny if our American friends exorcised the House 0 and eventually the Senate (33 at a time) of those corporate agents, lobbyists, warmongers and israel firsters? It would be even funner if we got the same idea in our little heads here in Canada.
Maybe-maybe-not Canadian Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary (

2016-06-10 10_13_48-Bank of Canada must open people's eyes to debt sinkhole danger_ Don Pittis - Bus
Quoting “Oh, Trump’s pandering to the landlocked segments of North America now. The worms in The Flesh must know that asking Is There Anybody Out There would mean When The Tigers Broke Free they would find Another Brick In The Wall. But seriously, he wants to build a wall betwixt (sic) the USA and Mexico, not because immigrants undeclared are a hinderance but, because voting citizens of the USA view undeclared hinderance. 51% turned out to vote in their last election. Not a democracy when it only represents 51% of the nation. That must be why Trump’s doing “so well.” Gonna be a lot of angry MS-13 graffiti on both sides of that wall when it gets built.


Orlando, Florida, March 23, 2014 (LettersToTheBeast)

2016-06-10 10_12_56-Bank of Canada must open people's eyes to debt sinkhole danger_ Don Pittis - Bus
Quoting “Maybe Trudeau will be a better deal maker than Harper who was bending over for the U.S. every time America said bend over Canada. At least Chretien did not (bend) over to the U.S. Republicans.” And who tells our American friends to bend over? Oh, oh, oh. We’re not going to talk about that are we? No, no, no, nonononono.
israel STFU
Michael Rivero,




















CBC Content Disabled: May 27, 2016

Kathleen Wynne says Ontario won’t phase out natural gas for home heating

The Canadian Press Posted: May 27, 2016 5:58 AM ET 09_04_55-Kathleen Wynne says Ontario won't phase out natural gas for home heating - Toron

2016-06-10 08_57_18-Bank of Canada must open people's eyes to debt sinkhole danger_ Don Pittis - Bus
Quoting “Electricity rates, and gas prices, SHOULD be high. High prices force people to make smart choices about their consumption. We all need to do our part to reduce greenhouse emissions.” Well golly gee, maybe I need to start going without heat in the winter, hot water year round and maybe I’m just being selfish wanting to eat hot food every day. And show. My landlord built an all-electric building (including electric baseboard heaters). I live two miles from one of the largest hydroelectric projects on the entire stinking planet. And I still pay over $200 per month to heat my hovel in the winter. And it’s still not enough for these people. See, this is why I’m getting out of here. I’m moving to Florida.
Niagara Falls, Ontario, in February, 2014. Your Prius doesn’t work here. (LettersToTheBeast)
2016-06-10 08_56_32-Bank of Canada must open people's eyes to debt sinkhole danger_ Don Pittis - Bus
Quoting “She’s probably right and kinda telling the truth (Probably? Kinda? —LettersToTheBeast). Existing structures will still use Natural Gas, but all new construction will probably be required to use Geothermal or electricity. Geothermal for a house would cost approx. 30,000 + heating with electricity you could easily say your winter heating bill would double, so if you (sic) current electrical bill is say 200 it would be 400 with electricity. Essentially she would kill home ownership for all new people trying to get into the market and drive away all new business. But that is exactly what this Government has always tried to do.”  My apartment has electric heat and I pay over $200 per month during the coldest winter months here in the Niagara Region. And I live midway between that big waterfall and that plant that uses all that water to generate electricity. So I shudder to think what it costs to heat a house in more frigid climes of this province (i.e. Barrie and points north). Having said that, I’m getting my ducks in a row, paying off my debts and getting out of here.  According to the publicly-owned Orlando Utilities Commission, residential electricity in that city is eight cents per kilowatt hour. Or a third of what it costs here in Niagara.
Niagara Falls, March 22, 2015 (LettersToTheBeast)
2016-06-10 08_55_55-Bank of Canada must open people's eyes to debt sinkhole danger_ Don Pittis - Bus
Quoting “Residents of Ontario are ripped off in every possible way by the provincial government and big corporations. Enough is enough!” I agree with you. Unfortunately the man your party fielded as its leader in the TWO previous provincial elections was owned lock, stock and barrel by those corporations. When the PC Party chooses for itself and electable, REAL conservative, get back to me. 
2016-06-10 08_55_30-Bank of Canada must open people's eyes to debt sinkhole danger_ Don Pittis - Bus
Quoting “Every word coming out of Wynne’s mouth infuriates me. Who does she think she’s foolinig? This piece of garbage has no intention of considering the needs of Ontario. Her agenda is of her own ideological making…going to save the world for her grandchildren at all cost!! Her reputation should now be diminished to the point where she has no choice but to run for the hills. Unfortunately, traditional sociopathic behavior won’t allow it. She’s a real fighter! (Despicable) beyond belief. Enough of this nonsense already!” — During the 2003 Ontario election campaign, when Ernie Eves accused Dalton McGuinty of plotting to raise taxes, McGuinty said, ” have no intention of raising taxes.” Of course, the message was supposed to be that good ol’ Dalton would never raise taxes. But parsing legally, weasly, lawery words he was giving himself an out by saying (after the election, of course), “Well, I didn’t WANT to raise taxes. I didn’t INTEND to raise taxes. But this is where we’re at. Our government needs that money.” He actually uttered that last statement in his campaign commercials.

2016-06-10 08_54_56-Bank of Canada must open people's eyes to debt sinkhole danger_ Don Pittis - Bus

Quoting “No worries Wynne, we will phase you out of the next election.” Well then you’d better hope the P.C. Party finds a leader Ontarians will vote for because Brown is poised to pull defeat from the jaws of victory once again. Three times…THREE! The government was the “Conservatives” for the taking. But John Tory blew it. Hudak blew it. So what do they do? Go back and give Hudak another chance and he blows it again. And, while you’re at it, you’d better hope the federal Conservatives get their stuff together, too.