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Marxist Orlando congress critter Max Frost and mayor Buddy Dyer propose unconstitutional federal “Office of Gun Violence Prevention”

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

Proposed new DOJ office aims to enhance gun violence prevention programs–maxwell-frost-to-discuss-proposed-office-of-gun-violence-prevention

Newly-installed Orlando congress critter Max Frost (D-FL-10) and New Jersey senator Chris Murphy (D-The Garbage State) have proposed legislation which would create a federal “Office of Gun Violence Prevention.” Frost made the announcement alongside Orlando’s white liberal Democrat mayor Buddy “Buddy” Dyer.

Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer

Appearing on Orlando’s Fox affiliate, WOFL, channel 35, Frost offered the usual assurance that “I’m not gonna grab your guns.”

Per Spectrum News 13, The proposed Office of Gun Violence Prevention would bring together those most affected by gun violence, fund prevention programs, and create policy recommendations.

Ah, yes. “Bring together.” Who are they going to bring together? The gangbangers? The drug dealers? The car thieves? The burglars? Obviously, this is an overlapping constituency.

If there’s one thing communists like Frost know how to do, it is to “bring people together.” “Together,” into collective poverty and servitude. Sadly, the horrors of communism suffered by Frost’s Cuban ancestors have been lost and his people have become decadent and complacent as a result. It is unfortunate that a survivor of the Fidel Castro regime never had the chance to slap Max upside the head and knock some sense into him.

Or perhaps the lessons of communism are known all to well to Frost, and having been installed into congress (the politburo), he means to be the oppressor, not the oppressed.

No Democrat “proposal” would be complete without the two most important ingredients: Funding (money) and enforcement (ie “recommendations”). And with regard to the constitutional legitimacy of this hare-brained idea, Frost claims that, because this new office would merely be issuing “recommendations,” it would certainly pass muster with the second amendment.

Letters To The Beast gives props to Frost for at least paying lip service to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. He may be as dumb as a box of rocks, a tool of George Soros and the Marxist left, but inside that little, tiny brain of his, he hasn’t forgotten that he is still in Florida. Or, more accurately, still purports to “represent” his district of Orlando, Florida from his new home in Washington, D.C. And between checks against voting fraud and the fact that not everybody in Orlando are homosexual black / Cuban Marxists, he still has to put on the “reasonable, well-spoken Democrat” front for public consumption. If he were a Democrat from California or Illinois or New York, the word “constitution” wouldn’t even pass his lips.

Community advocates referring to themselves as “Hope Dealers” met with kids to share their personal stories of overcoming addiction or violence.

“What’s one kid’s life worth? To me, it’s priceless, because I have lost too many kids to the cemetery and penitentiary,” said Hope Dealer Eric Schwalbach.

Seriously? How many kids to you have, Eric? And they’re all dead or in prison? What did they do to end up that way, Eric? Maybe you should have kept your zipper shut, Eric.

To answer Schwalbach’s question, “What’s one kid’s life worth?” he should visit his nearest neighborhood abortion clinic (of which there are many). To Planned Parenthood, the going rate for one kid, fresh, not frozen, is a Lambourghini.

Frost’s proposal aims to educate people about gun safety laws. The office would also create an annual report on gun violence for policy makers and include proposals for new legislation.

Really? What is stopping the public school fool system from educating today’s yoot about guns AND safety AND laws right now?

Maybe Jones High ought to be spending some time telling their pupils about how guns work and how catastrophic it is when you don’t use them as intended. For example, maybe teachers should bring a gun to class, dismantle it, demonstrate the various parts, put it back together and go to a shooting range out back next to Tinker field. The skulls full of much can take turns shooting the gun.

And once that demonstration is completed, the teacher can talk about the unintended consequences of “playing” with guns. There will be one of two certain outcomes. Eric Schwalbach can come into class and teach this one personally: the pupil will either end up dead or in prison.

With regard to laws, the school could arrange for an Orange County sheriff’s deputy to come in and teach this one. Perhaps even John Mina himself, if he’s not too busy attempting to fellate the nearest Black Lives Matter agitator.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina (top)

Students should be taught not only their rights and legal responsibilities regarding gun ownership, possession and use, they should be taught – and this is important – that everyone around them also have those same rights and responsibilities. They should be taught that if they violate somebody else’s personal space or property, they may well end up dead. And it will be nice and legal.

“We’re already seeing a height in violence and it’s not summer. So imagine what it’s going to be like during the summer months. So my ideal is, don’t wait for it to come, let’s be proactive, lets’ get in front of it, let’s everybody engage,” Cobaris said. 

(Bishop Kelvin) Colbaris should be counseling his community that, with constitutional carry being implemented effective July 1, a lot more people – millions more people – will be carrying in Florida. And they (us) will have little tolerance for the gangbangers.

Gangbangers will go on being gangbangers. There’s no stopping that. But the little hoodlums had better realize that, when they take their violent business outside there little social circle, there are sure to be unintended and unpleasant consequences for them.

Spectrum News 13 referred to previous shootings in the Orlando neighborhoods of Carver Shores, Parramore and Pine Hills, where their own reporter, Dylan Lyons, was killed. These are all black neighborhoods.

The fact is, we’re not seeing this violence in places like Audubon Park, Baldwin Park, Boggy Creek, Doctor Phillips, South Orlando and other safe, white neighborhoods. It’s the blacks bringing violence on their fellow blacks.

Frost claims his office would create “an annual report on gun violence.” Would that office detail where the violence is, who is committing that violence and who is the recipient of that violence? Your humble correspondent has his doubts. Heaven forfend the American public learn that the most violent places in the country are in the ‘hoods.

For nearly 20 years, The First 48 has dispassionately and objectively shown us, it’s not the Amish and the Swedes who are fighting amongst themselves and ending up in prison or dead. And when Dion Graham would solemnly identify the deceased as a 21-year-old man, the father of seven with six different women, and an eighth child on the way, in addition to being an aspiring rapper, rarely was a Fin or a Scot amongst them. Paraphrasing, of course, the opening monologue of almost every episode.

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Boyz n’ the hood: Deadly violence breaks out at Easter egg hunt

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

Orlando police: Deadly Easter shooting stemmed from argument between teen, Lamborghini driver

The shootout happened at Poppy Park in the Carver Shores neighborhood close to 7 p.m. on Sunday night. Dozens of people, including kids, had been at the park for an Easter egg hunt.

Orlando police investigators now say the shooting started when Jamal Watson, 38, drove a purple Lamborghini on the street past the park and got into an argument with a teenager on the sidewalk. Watson and the 17-year-old, Tristan Morgan, allegedly started firing at each other almost simultaneously.

OPD says it had officers at several other egg hunt events in the city on Easter, but the one at Poppy Park was unsanctioned, and they were notified about it ahead of time.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Those unsanctioned egg hunts. It’ll happen every time.

Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith did not elaborate on whether the 17-year-old, Tristian Morgan, was legally permitted to be carrying a firearm. Because we know, of course, that had he been disqualified, for whatever reason, from carrying, he would not be able to obtain a gun.

There was an interesting paragraph buried at the bottom of WESH’s article:

Orlando police also confirmed they believe there was a third shooter: a man who they say has been cooperating with the investigation.

“He’s cooperating with us. We do have the firearm used in that,” ( Sgt. Pete Cadiz, Orlando Police Department) said.

The individual has not been arrested or identified. The information on the third person involved will be forwarded to the state attorney for review.

Orlando (Orange and Osceola counties) Soros state’s attorney Monique Worrell.

This suggest the “good guy with a gun” angle which corporate media are loathe to report.

Meanwhile, over at Orlando’s official Antifa station, WKMG (ClickOrlando), the Viafoura censors have yet to scrub the comments section.

Just another day in the in the Happiest Place On Earth.

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CTV News and Canadian Press run interference as their best advertiser’s CEO rakes in millions

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

Loblaw CEO Galen Weston’s compensation jumps 55 per cent to $8.4 million

Galen Weston has a problem. The Chief Executive Officer of Loblaw’s, the Canadian grocery giant, has gotten a raise which amounts to more than many of us would make in a decade (or more). And this is while consumers are struggling to afford even the most basic of necessities.

CBC: This Hour Has 22 Minutes (video below)

Weston’s 2022 “compensation” totaled C$11.7-million ($8.7-million), an increase of C$1.1-million ($816,000) compared to the year before.

Loblaw’s is a retail giant in Canada. Besides owning the Loblaw’s brand, the company also owns Shopper’s Drug Mart, a nationwide chain of overpriced, understaffed drug dealers, various regional “Superstores,” Zehrs, Dominion in Newfoundland, several “discount” chains, a bank, a clothing line and other retail and manufacturing undertakings.

While swearing (literally, in Canadian parliamentary hearings) that they weren’t profiting from “greedflation,” the numbers say otherwise.

Loblaw’s share price has nearly doubled over the past two years, going from C$70 to over C$125.

As CTV (the Canadian Television Network) and Canadian Press note in the article, “All three grocers raked in higher profits in the first half of 2022 compared with their average performance over the past five years, according to a report last fall by the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University.”

Given Loblaw’s massive advertising influence, corporate media have no choice but to cover for them. Like a wife walking in on her husband, who is mid-coitus with another woman, “It’s not what you think! I promise!”

The word “but” is used three times in the article.

Any resemblance between Galen Weston and fellow World Economic Forum devotee Bill Gates is strictly intentional

The news of Loblaw’s extraordinary profiteering, and by extension, Galen Weston’s equally extraordinary (by Canadian standards) pay, will make things more difficult to maintain his image as the low-key celebrity CEO pitchman doing his darndest to help out consumers in tough times. This role was pioneered by his predecessor, the late David Nichol.

“I knew David Nichol. Galen Weston, you’re no Dave Nichol.”

Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC, nailed it in this spoof Loblaw’s commercial.

Perhaps, in Galen’s next commercial, he can read Cal-Maine Foods’ press release (changing it as necessary, of course). His customers are sure to lap it up.

Sherman Miller, chief executive officer of Cal-Maine Foods, commented, “We are proud to report another strong quarterly financial and operating performance for Cal-Maine Foods, with record sales and net income for the second quarter of fiscal 2023. These results reflect the current market environment characterized by record average selling prices for conventional eggs, primarily due to reduced supply related to the outbreak in the U.S. of highly pathogenic avian influenza (“HPAI”), and good customer demand…Consumer demand for shell eggs continued to be good in the quarter, especially leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, and we experienced record quarterly volume levels for specialty eggs sold. As always, we strive to offer consumers a wide range of quality choices in shell eggs as well as enhanced egg products offerings. Our ability to meet changing demand trends with a favorable product mix has been an important differentiator for Cal-Maine Foods. With solid execution, we continued to meet the needs of our customers.

The solution to high grocery prices may be for us to all move to California. Then we can just load the cart up with everything we need (up to $900, anyway) and just wheel the cart out the ol’ front door.

4 arrested after 15-year-old worked as stripper at Orlando club, police say; just another day in the happiest place on Earth

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

Our good friends at WKMG Channel 6, Orlando’s Antifa station, informed us of the shocking news that an underage girl had been performing at a gentleman’s club on what is known has the South O.B.T. (Orange Blossom Trail), a notorious stretch of human decay and misery which forms the north-south spine of Orlando.

We’re not sure exactly why ClickOrlando found this newsworthy. After all, the Marxist left – and that would certainly include everybody working inside the confines of Channel 6’s bunker on North John Young Parkway – have been gradually attempting to normalize the sexualizing of children (actual children, not just teenagers), for years.

So perhaps they offered this story as shock value in the off-chance there might be one or two normal, moral viewers and readers out there who still watch their station and read their website. Of course, it may also have been that the girl was promoting the female-male form of sexualizing that, pardon the pun, rubbed the urinalists at Channel 6 / ClickOrlando the wrong way. Had this club been performing homosexual teen drag performances for an audience of pre-pubescents, the outrage from the writers and the comment section would have been palpable.

By the way, if you’re booking a vacation in Orlando and a dirt-cheap room pops up at the top of your Expedia search, and it’s on the South Orange Blossom Trail…keep looking. Seriously.

The best comment?

Here’s the rest (at least, the ones they haven’t “CONTENT DISABLED” yet.

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Florida To Enact Constitutional Carry; Democrat Orlando Sheriff John Mina Whines And Falsely Claims Cops Are Against It

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

Orange County Sheriff John Mina discusses new Florida permitless carry gun law

It should have happened decades ago. It should have happened after Nikki Fried’s mysterious come-from-behind “victory” in the Agriculture Commissioner race in 2018 (Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner issues – and revokes – conceal carry permits) where Matt Caldwell went to bed on the evening of November 6, 2018 as the declared winner, only to wake up the next morning to the news that Fried had, in fact, “won.”

It certainly should have happened during the BLM / Antifa riots of 2020.

But it has only now happened.

The Florida state legislature has finally passed legislation which declares, for the benefit of Florida’s armed municipal and state agents and the Soros state’s attorneys (district attorneys) who are too stupid to read the Second Amendment, that the good people of Florida do indeed have the right to carry a firearm whether they like it or not.

“Stupid cops” like Shelby Riggs-Hopkins, who arrested a man for criminal possession of Krispy Kreme, which she “thought” it was meth. That’s what this kind of legislation is aimed at. They shouldn’t need the Second Amendment spelled out for them, but sadly, they do.

And Orange County (Orlando) sheriff, Democrat John Mina, definitely does not like it.

Democrat-friendly Antifa television station WKMG channel 6 in Orlando quoted Mina as saying, “It has become a political issue and somewhere along the lines we stopped listening to law enforcement, the men and women who patrol the streets every night at risk of their own lives…Go ask the street cop what he or she thinks about encountering lots of people with a gun stuck in their waistband. It’s not gonna make our communities safer, it’s gonna make them more dangerous.”

Okay, John…Let’s check that.

“The Florida PBA proudly supports the proposed Constitutional Carry legislation spearheaded by Governor Ron DeSantis, Senate President Kathleen Passidomo and House Speaker Paul Renner. We thank Senator Jay Collins and State Representative Chuck Brannan for sponsoring this key legislation, which will enable Floridians to legally and responsibly protect themselves and enhance public safety in communities throughout our state. This Bill has already cleared its first hurdle when it recently passed the House Constitutional Rights, Rule of Law, and Government Operations Subcommittee. We urge the full legislature to pass this legislation and send it to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.”

As for the first part of Mina’s whopper, many fervent supporters of “law enforcement” “stopped listening” some time in 2020 when his Antifa and BLM allies (before whom he literally kneeled on June 1, 2020) were allowed to burn down the entire United States unimpeded as cops gave up their police cars and even their police stations. The Marxists only encountered resistance when they got to…wait for it…Florida.

Law-abiding Americans may also have been more disinclined to listen to “law-enforcement” as cops zealously and enthusiastically enforced the illegal “social distancing,” mask and “vaccine” “mandates” throughout 2020 and 2021. They were probably even more disenchanted with “the blue” as supporters of former president Donald Trump were rounded up – based on questionable evidence – to be sent to the D.C. gulag and held without trial, access to counsel or family, tortured and worse.

As for your humble correspondent, he became skeptical of “law enforcement” long before that.

Former Orlando police chief Orlando Rolon (top) and Orange County sheriff John Mina kneel before Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters at the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, Florida on June 1, 2020.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Orlando…

“Hey! The cops are fighting back! Are they allowed to do that?!”

And just so there’s no misunderstanding…

With regard to Mina’s rhetoric about “people with guns stuck in their waistbands,” Mina is either too stupid to realize, or believes his listening, reading and viewing audience is too stupid to realize (or both) that cops have been interacting with people “with guns stuck in their waistbands” since conceal carry was enacted in Florida over 30 years ago.

And, in that time, those permit holders have never had a duty to inform a police officer that they were carrying (though many would volunteer as a “courtesy”).

As for as the thugs, who make up a significant demographic of Mina’s Democrat constituency, they have rarely bothered to obtain a carry permit. They had guns stuck in their waistbands before they needed a permit, and they will still have guns stuck in their waistbands after July 1, when constitutional carry is enacted. And the cops will deal with them the same way then as they do now.

While it is unfortunate that this legislation doesn’t clarify the right of Floridians to carry openly as well, it is a good start and a shot across the bow of the Soros prosecutors in Florida’s many Democrat shitholes (Orlando included).

Group with ties to billionaire George Soros spends $1.5 million on last-minute ads in Orange-Osceola state attorney race

Governor DeSantis may also want to consider investigating – and rectifying – the inability of Republicans and other conservative-minded would-be candidates to even access the ballot in Democrat “strongholds” such as Orlando.

Florida is about to get a helluva lot safer. The state’s liberal corporate media are in a panic because they will no longer be able to cover up the good-guy-with-a-gun stories. And the media relations people at police and sheriff’s departments across the state won’t be able to, either.

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