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Another “conspiracy theory” confirmed: Canadian judge rebukes, repudiates RCMP false flag terrorism

Vancouver, B.C., LettersToTheBeast (Friday, July 29, 2016) John Nuttal and Amanda Korody were set free today after their terrorism convictions were set aside.

Nuttal and Korody had been found guilty of planting “pressure cooker bombs” on the grounds of the British Columbia legislature in Victoria on July 1, 2013.

2016-07-30 04_15_47-Brian Hutchinson_ RCMP attempt to lure hapless B.C. couple into contrived terror2016-07-30 04_16_37-Brian Hutchinson_ RCMP attempt to lure hapless B.C. couple into contrived terror

Justice Catherine Bruce, of the British Columbia Supreme Court, concluded the pair had been entrapped and led along by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. At its peak, over 240 mounties were involved in the five-month-long operation.

The mentally-ill, drug-addicted Muslim converts, who were kicked out of their own mosque due to their Imam’s concerns about them, lived in a sparse basement apartment in suburban Surrey.

2016-07-30 04_16_37-Brian Hutchinson_ RCMP attempt to lure hapless B.C. couple into contrived terror2016-07-30 04_18_18-Brian Hutchinson_ RCMP attempt to lure hapless B.C. couple into contrived terror

Like so many spectacular arrests in the United States, media were invited to tour the couple’s apartment afterwards.

Justice Bruce said the pair “were marginalized people with no skill….their role in carrying out the plan was miniscule.” Bruce went on to say, “ this was a clear case of police-manufactured crime.”

Bruce went beyond denouncing the RCMP’s conduct, excoriating the mounties for illegal behaviour themselves which went above and beyond that of the accused couple.

The defendants were the foot soldiers while the undercover officer was the leader of the group….the role police played is even more offensive because they violated the criminal code.”

The world has enough terrorists, we do not need the police to create more,” Bruce said.

2016-07-30 04_19_08-Nuttall and Korody free after B.C. judge overturns terror convictions - British2016-07-30 04_19_46-Nuttall and Korody free after B.C. judge overturns terror convictions - British

I find that the RCMP knowingly facilitated a terrorist activity by providing money and other services to the defendants that helped and made easier the terrorist activities.”

The spectre of the defendants serving a life sentence for a crime that the police manufactured by exploiting their vulnerabilities, by instilling fear that they would be killed if they backed out … is offensive to our concept of fundamental justice.”

Among the RCMP’s enticements to the couple to follow through with the “attack” was an escape plan. And a job.

2016-07-30 04_20_31-Nuttall and Korody free after B.C. judge overturns terror convictions - British2016-07-30 04_21_31-Nuttall and Korody free after B.C. judge overturns terror convictions - British

Outside the courthouse after Bruce’s decision was rendered, prosecutor Peter Eccles made known his disappointment with the decision. Referencing other suspicious “terror attacks” by other drug-addicted patsies, Eccles said, “ “These are two individuals who have the ideology, who have the motivation — because let’s face it, they did do it,” he said. “They are quite capable of committing murder for an ideological purpose which they were very keen to do.

Omar Mateen
Canadian prosecutor Peter Eccles referenced Omar Mateen (not by name), the United States government security contractor who purportedly shot up the Pulse Club in Orlando, Florida, killing 49.

“As we’ve seen in the last six weeks, lone participants are undeniably the greatest challenge law enforcement face,”

The couple’s freedom did not last long. Using a “pre-crime” clause in Canada’s criminal code, they were arrested less than an hour later by Vancouver Police while prosecutors sought a “peace bond.” Their lawyer appeared in a provincial court to secure their release, while prosecutors sought to appeal Justice Bruce’s damning decision.


No matter how angry you are, don’t get suckered into The enemy’s False Flag trap

August 22, 2014

…And if al-Qaeda were real, you would have car bombs exploding at israel-occupied Palestine checkpoints every day. “Al-Qaeda” doen’t even claim to be in occupied Palestine. A Texas man, Barry Bujol, was in e-mail contact with “al-Qaeda” in an effort to join their cause (at, their cause as he understood it.). If you are e-mailing al-Qaeda or Anonymous or Wikileaks and trying to officially join their cause, you might as well be e-mailing the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. itself. Furthermore, if the al-Qaeda “terrorists” are so stupid that their recruits are trying to join by e-mail, then we really have nothing to worry about in the first place.

In fact, in the United States, Canada and Britain, every single “terrorist” plot broken up by their respective state security services not only had informants in place, but used those informants and the resources of the state to move those plots along. And the only people that get fooled into participating in these plots are an overlapping group of teenagers, young adults, unemployed people, drug addicts and half-retards.

In Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are specialists in carrying out what they call “Mr. Big” operations. They can take months. Or years. They easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some have cost millions. The way it works, in a nutshell, is undercover police operatives gradually move you into their world with the final objective being for you to confess to a crime which you may or may not have committed. In the most complex operations, everyone around you in your life is a cop. When their targets are known to be alcoholics or drug addicts, supplying them with their favourite vice is a particularly useful tool to speed up the confession and make the arrest.

2016-07-30 04_50_34-No matter how angry you are, don’t get suckered into The enemy’s False Flag trap




October 24, 2014

When the FBI and the RCMP break up the contrived “terror plots,” the participants are always drug addicts or otherwise troubled young people. Just like our Mr. Bibeau. John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, the Vancouver-area couple charged with “plotting” to blow up the B.C. Legislature, were recovering drug addicts who were receiving methadone treatments from a neighborhood pharmacy. They lived in a basement apartment. They were jobless. Oh, yes, they were also Muslim converts. It is interesting to note that their local mosque had thrown them out because they were troublemakers. Nuttall and Korody were expressing sentiments which were sympathetic to al-Qaeda (which they apparently didn’t know was al-ciada).

We can be certain, however, that in this case and every plot that has been broken up, the public was never, ever in danger because as RCMP Deputy Commissioner Wayne Rideout said (referring to the Nuttall / Korody case): “(the RCMP used a variety of techniques to) monitor and control (the accused throughout their conspiracy)…the suspects were committed to acts of violence and discussed a wide variety of targets and techniques. In order to ensure public safety, we employed a variety of complex investigative and covert techniques to control any opportunity the suspects had to commit harm.” In other words, they have their man on the inside and won’t let things get out of hand. Unless, of course, they need to.

2016-07-30 05_02_42-Canada Day bomb plot suspects were kicked out of B.C. mosque - British Columbia2016-07-30 05_03_27-Canada Day bomb plot suspects were kicked out of B.C. mosque - British Columbia2016-07-30 05_04_04-Canada Day bomb plot suspects were kicked out of B.C. mosque - British Columbia

2016-07-30 05_05_22-Canada Day bomb plot suspects were kicked out of B.C. mosque - British Columbia

LettersToTheBeast offers this simple litmus test to determine whether a “terrorist” is a “real Muslim.” If they are drug addicts, either from illicit drugs like Korody and Nuttal or mind-frying SSRIs like Omar Mateen, they are probably not real Muslims. If they are going around town drinking and generally making exhibitions of themselves, as the purported “9/11 hijackers” were on the evening of September 10, 2001, then they are probably not real Muslims, either. One is then left to wonder…if they are devoted enough to their cause and their faith, to kill themselves and take as many as they can with them, why would they participate in such debauchery as to drink, smoke, consume drugs and fornicate? And if the perpetrator of such heinous crimes frequented homosexual night clubs such as The Pulse, his devotion to Islam had to be very questionable, at best.

Madam Justice Catherine Bruce has brought yet another “conspiracy theory” – in this case false flag terror – into the mainstream. Corporate Media has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

The Attorney General at the time the RCMP were attempting to carry out this terror plot was member of parliament Robert Nicholson (CON-Niagara Falls).

israel - Rob Nicholson

Needless to say, comments were disabled on most articles.

fastest way to stop terrorism

Buried you in shit
“When the government has buried you in shit, more government shit just doesn’t matter!” — Michael Rivero,


If you live in Ontario, get out NOW! Save yourself while you still can

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast

Ontario’s debt will grow to $350 billion in four years, financial watchdog warns

Ashley Csanady | July 19, 2016 12:43 PM ET

National Post, Toronto, Canada

2016-07-20 03_26_42-Ontario’s debt will grow to $350 billion in four years, financial watchdog warns2016-07-20 03_27_22-Ontario’s debt will grow to $350 billion in four years, financial watchdog warns

Ontario’s already massive debtload is expected to ballon by another $50 billion over the next four years, the province’s financial watchdog says.

The bulk of the borrowings will fund the government’s massive infrastructure plan, according to Financial Accountability Officer Stephen LeClair. He expects Ontario’s net debt to grow from about $300 billion right now to $350 billion by the 2020/21 fiscal year, “largely because of the Province’s 12-year $160-billion capital plan.”


“In absolute terms, Ontario’s net debt was the highest among Canadian provinces at $296.1 billion on March 31, 2016,” LeClair notes. In relative terms, however, Quebec remains slightly more indebted than Ontario: “Ontario’s net debt per person was $20,806 in 2014-15, compared to $22,591 in Quebec.


Highest among Canadian provinces? Ontario’s debt is the largest sub-national debt on the entire planet!

“In contrast, net debt per person was $8,387 in British Columbia, and net assets per person were $3,168 in Alberta in 2014-15,” the watchdog writes.

LeClair also noted over 1/3 of Ontario’s debt is payable in full in 2020.

“According to the 2016 budget, a one percentage point increase (e.g. from 3.6 to 4.6 per cent) in interest rates would increase interest payments by about $350 million in 2016-17, more than the budgets of the Ministries of Labour and Aboriginal Affairs,” the commentary states.

But the opposition says another $50 billion on the provincial debt in just four years is proof the Liberals can no longer be trusted with the public purse.

“No longer be trusted…” No longer? NO LONGER? When COULD they be trusted? The “Conservatives” completely de-railed the Mike Harris Common Sense Revolution by choosing for itself Ernie Eves after Harris retired. Eves, like most liberal-lites, had the main goal of being adored, or at least accepted, by the (then) dominant liberal media. Voters responded in the next election by electing real Liberals.

LeClair “confirmed what we’ve been saying for months – the government is using one-time money from asset sales, contingency funds and tax increases to artificially balance the budget in an election year. His report states very clearly that Ontario’s net debt will continue to rise due to annual deficits from 2018-19 to 2020-21,” said PC finance critic Vic Fedeli.

Then stop choosing proven losers as your party’s leaders, VIC. Eves: a complete, bumbling fool who had no business being even close to the premier’s office. John Tory: despite the name, nobody is sure if he is a Tory or a Liberal. He plays for both teams so masterfully one would think he’ll be retiring in Miami’s South Beach. The 2011 election was Hudak’s for the taking after Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty’s endless record of broken promises, profligate spending and tax increases. But, like the Toronto Maple Leafs (sic), Hudak still managed to wrest defeat from the jaws of victory. Just like John Tory did, four years before in 2007.


So what does the Progressive Conservative Party do? A complete soul-searching maybe? A search for the best qualified, truly conservative candidate? Preferably somebody outside the party? Uh, no. They run with proven loser Hudak again. Ontario voters respond by bestowing a majority government upon the Liberal Party led by Kathleen Wynne, a lesbian so hideously ugly she could stop a GO Train in its tracks. The Liberals, with the record of criminality, cronyism, corruption, incompetence, mismanagement and outright indifference and arrogance was still a better choice, in the minds of Ontario voters, than the agent of the Koch Brothers and Wal-Mart.

A provincially-owned GO Transit bus repainted to celebrate homosexuality passes for the Ontario government’s spending priority these days. The new paint job also celebrates Metrolinx, the notorious empire-building monster who oversees GO Transit and Presto, the local transit fare card operator. 

And look for the PCs to do no better in the next election as they chose Patrick Brown, a bible-thumping closet homosexual who jumped ship from the Harper Regime before it sank.


Political parties need to start recruiting leadership candidates from outside their own political circles. We have so serious problems that need to be solved. And recruiting the inner-circle politician who believes he has somehow earned the right to be leader is not going to help the people. As if any politician gives a rat’s ass about “the people.”


The FAO noted that Ontario has the highest net debt relative to revenue in the country — or the amount revenues would need to increase to pay off all its creditors.

For every dollar of provincial revenue, LeClair found Ontario owes $2.40, compared to $1.93 in Quebec and 84 cents in British Columbia.

2016-07-20 04_04_38-Canada's National Debt Clock _ The Canadian Taxpayers Federation2016-07-20 04_09_15-Russia Debt Clock __ National Debt of Russia

Ontario’s provincial government owes nearly twice as much money as Russia’s federal government.


Good people of Ontario: Seriously, folks. You have to get out. Now. You are totally fucked.




DMCA: Editorial response, fair use








Bobby Powell:”We Won’t Show It On This Network,” Fox Anchor Exposes Network’s Coverup Of McCain’s Terrorist Ties

From Bobby Powell’s YouTube link: “On the June 23rd episode of the FOX News program “The Five,” co-host Eric Bolling blasted the network for refusing to show photographs of US Senator John McCain meeting with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi when he was still a “moderate Syrian rebel.”

“There are photographs of United States Senators meeting with terrorists that we won’t run here,” Bolling said. “We don’t know who our friends are, we don’t know who we’re arming, we don’t know who we’re giving money to, we don’t know who we’re training… we should just stop.”


The Fox  babe, clearly irritated with the direction of the conversation, asks, “So what should we do? Go hide in a closet with our favorite blanket and a flashlight?”


No, honey. You have the attorney general issue arrest warrants for John McCain, Ashton Carter and everybody else who had anything to do with perpetuating this fraudulent War of Terror. You demand to know why McCain met with Simon Eliot (aka Abu Bakhr Al-Baghdadi). You demand to know who procured those Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks for “ISIS.” Who ordered all those supplies – from food to guns – to be dropped over “ISIS”
positions. Who ordered the Turks to shoot down the Russian plane which had just completed a bombing run over legitimate terrorist positions. What is the influence of the government of israel and other foreign powers over the U.S. government? What is the influence of the federal reserve and the other banksters over the U.S. government, for that matter? How invested are defense contractors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin in keeping this charade going?


You don’t hide in a closet. Your federal government says, “We’ve all been had. It’s been going on for decades. But the game is over. The United States of America is going to return to peace through commerce and rebuild the greatest manufacturing machine the world has ever seen.”


And then you send John McCain, along with Henry Kissinger, William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Clinton, William Cohen, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condaleeza Rice,John Ashcroft, John Yoo, David Frum, Barack Hussein Obama, Ashton Carter, John Kerry, William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Rupert Murdoch and everybody else inside the U.S. government and its outside agitators to The Hague. Or find the tallest trees on The National Mall and hang them right there. Don’t forget to extradite Tony Blair.


Failing that, you go the route of the old Soviet Union. You simply admit the gig is up. You collapse and the various separate states form their own countries and alliances.


Bullshit media enablers – on Fox News and elsewhere – are just as much guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity as the illustrious list above.


Arlington National Cemetery, March 27, 2014 (LettersToTheBeast)

And estimated 7,000 men and women have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. And that number doesn’t include those who died subsequent to evacuation from either country. On the way Germany or at Walter Reed, for example. Nor does that number include those who have died from their injuries years later. The cancers from the depleted uranium and other chemicals. And most tragically, the suicides.


Rather than hang on to the fantasy that their loved one died “protecting America” or for some other noble cause, the families of the fallen need to recognize these soldiers were thrown into a meat grinder and billions of dollars were made off of their deaths.


On behalf of the American people, the good men and women of the United States Armed Forces need to take their country and their government back. They need to arrest the criminals and bring them to justice. And finally, they need to return America to the ideals of the founding fathers.


Just like it says in their oath when they enlisted.


The Russian people went through some extremely difficult times post-Soviet Union. But Russia is now effectively debt-free. It owes $150-billion, an amount run up largely to defend itself from western harassment and the collapse in the price of oil. But along the way, the Russian government and country  became infested with corruption and organized crime. That doesn’t have to happen in America.









CBC Bullshit: They give you the perp’s picture, his rapsheet, everything…except his name

CBC’s Hamilton on-line newsroom ran a press release from the Halton Regional Police department requesting the public’s assistance in locating a local cracker who was wanted, among other things, for missing his court date for assaulting a store detective.


CBC ran the perp’s picture as well as this short blub:


Halton Police are asking the public to keep an eye out for a 20-year-old Burlington man who is wanted on a number of charges.

Police said the man stole several items from Oakville Place Mall in Oct. 2015 and managed to wrestle away from the security guard who caught him. The guard was injured in the struggle. 

The accused has also failed to appear for four of his court dates, Halton officers said.

He’s described by police as having red hair and green eyes, standing 5-8 and weighing 140 pounds.

The 20-year-old has been charged with theft under $5,000, assault with intent to resist arrest and four counts of fail to appear.

Police are asking anyone who may have information that would assist investigators to contact them at 905-825-4747, ext. 2208. Anonymous tips can also be left with Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


Uh, a name would have helped. One would have thought that with his mugshot, his police record and the fact that the request came from the police department itself, his identity would be well established. One would be correct. Except the CBC chose not to run with it.

2016-07-18 03_16_39-Halton Police need help finding wanted Burlington man - Latest Hamilton news - C.png2016-07-18 03_15_38-Halton Police need help finding wanted Burlington man - Latest Hamilton news - C

Fortunately, that bastion of investigative journalism, The Oakville Beaver (seriously, that’s the name of the paper) and its website, had a more insightful analysis:

Halton police are asking for the public’s help in locating Burlington resident Travis Arsenault following an alleged assault on a security guard in Oakville.

Police allege that in October 2015 Arsenault visited the Oakville Place Mall where several items were stolen.

A loss prevention officer placed Arsenault under arrest at which point a struggle ensued.

The loss prevention officer was allegedly assaulted and injured during this struggle.

Arsenault has since failed to appear for his court dates and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

He is wanted on charges of theft under $5,000, assault with intent to resist arrest, and four counts of failing to appear in court.

Arsenault is described as 5-foot-8, 140 pounds with red hair and green eyes.

He is known to frequent Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Oakville Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-825-4747 ext. 2208 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or through the web at or by texting “Tip201” with the message to 274637 (cirmes).

2016-07-18 03_19_08-FUGITIVE FRIDAY_ Police seek help finding Burlington resident Travis Arsenault a


Travis Arsenault, age 20, is wanted by police in suburban Toronto for grand theft pizza. If you see him, you are asked to call Pizza Pizza’s security department immediately at: (416) 967-1111. 

Any relation between Travis Arsenault and CBC’s bingo caller in London, Adrienne Arsenault, is purely coincidental.

Long-time CBC bingo caller Adrienne Arsenault

2016-07-18 03_38_19-Inbox (1) - - Gmail

Bullshit button

So what’s up with hiring “crisis actors” out of Toronto to participate in a “video” in Colorado in November, 2016?


2016-07-13 18_25_23-

Hey, I’m just asking questions!


By the way, that “confidentiality agreement” will likely be a moot point when you’re dead.


Canadian citizens. Colorado. I guess they couldn’t find any actors for a low-rent video in the Rocky Mountain state and now they have to import them from Canada. I’m sure all of the immigration formalities have been taken care of.


Your humble correspondent sent a reply to this ad:

2016-07-13 18_30_29-Actors Required for Security Drills (Crisis Actors) -

I wonder what they have planned this time. Something to draw Canada back into The War of Terror? Something so unspeakable, so unimaginable, so horrible that it is guaranteed to make every last Canadian lust for blood?


Attention was brought to this ad by Michael Rivero’s

2016-07-13 18_34_10-WHAT REALLY HAPPENED _ The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

And that wasn’t the only Crisis Actor casting call today.

2016-07-13 18_37_13-WHAT REALLY HAPPENED _ The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

2016-07-13 18_40_33-False Flag Alert for Florida and Colorado; The Federal Government is Hiring Cris

2016-07-13 18_41_54-False Flag Alert for Florida and Colorado; The Federal Government is Hiring Cris2016-07-13 18_42_16-False Flag Alert for Florida and Colorado; The Federal Government is Hiring Cris

As one of the commenters on the GovtSlaves article, David B, pointed out, July 17 (the date of the Toronto audition) is not a Friday. So, in his opinion, it is probably a fake. As your humble correspondent pointed out, he could be entirely correct. Or, it could be a mistake. Or a code.

2016-07-13 18_47_03-False Flag Alert for Florida and Colorado; The Federal Government is Hiring Cris

It does present an interesting quandary though, doesn’t it? How exactly do you go about recruiting crisis actors on a regular, on-going basis? You can’t very well use the same stable of actors for multiple events because, after a while, people tend to catch on.


Of course, maybe they’ll just throw it in our faces as they did with 2016-03-24 12_33_16-mason wells crisis actor - Google Search2016-03-24 12_32_42-mason wells crisis actor - Google Search

LettersToTheBeast respectfully asks our friends at George Soros’s Open Society, the federal bureau of incineration, the NSA, al-CIAda, the government of israel, G4S, Blackwater and all of the other false flag terror actors, please…just give it up. You are totally embarrassing yourselves. Besides, somebody is going to get hurt if this goes on much longer.


And as for the corporate media, just do your job for krysakes. If you fools at CNN, Fox News, the Big Three, the Canadian Bullshit Corporation, the British Bullshit Corporation (remember Jane Standley and Building Seven? Jimmy Saville?) as well as what remains of print media were to actually do your jobs, every newspaper in North America and Europe would be sold out. Every pair of eyeballs would be glued to the idiot box. You would have newfound credibility not seen since Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor and Roger Mudd retired.

2016-07-14 04_12_40-Craigslist_ Toronto _crisis actors_ wanted for Colorado - Unicode (UTF-8)2016-07-14 04_13_23-


Think about it.



Walter Cronkite
Roger Mudd
Roger Mudd
John Chancellor
John Chancellor

And always remember our friend here…

Fake Mall Shooting Victim
A purported victim of the Westgate Mall shooting in Nairobi, Kenya, who has just been shot in the back, is seen running for his life on September 21, 2013.


Fuck the New World Order

Gadsden Flag Shoot Back.jpg-large

WRH Black Panther Coloring Book


Canada’s State Broadcaster: The Canadian Bullshit Corporation (CBC)

Submitted via CBC Feedback on July 7, 2016 in honour of the “permanent” banning of my commenting account because of this:Bullshit button. Yet, this is okay:

2016-03-17 09_53_52-McDonald's Canada CEO calls foreign worker controversy 'bullshit' - British Colu
I remember once watching CBC Newsworld. They switched over to the weather segment. It was cold. Damn cold. Well of course it’s cold. This is Canada. And it was winter. The weatherman, Jordi Morgan, said he wanted to use words to describe the weather but he couldn’t because, “This is CBC. And it is the middle of the day, not after midnight.” That was back in the good ol’ days when The State Broadcaster used to show soft-core porn late at night.   .

Recently, you “permanently” deleted my commenting account because my avatar was “offensive” (it was a picture of a Bullshit Button). It looks like you recorded my I.P. address, too. So I have to wait for my internet to go down again, at which point my cable company will change my i.p. address. I have Cogeco Cable, so fortunately I shouldn’t have to wait too long for this to happen.

As you are aware, I made a practice of putting up all of my “content” which you and your friend Keith Bilous over there at ICUC in Winnipeg “disabled,” on my own humble website,

With no more deleted comments to put up, I have moved into “analyzing” your stories. “Story” being the operative word here. I title the headline “CBC Bullshit…” and use your own headline. I then parse your claims paragraph by paragraph, calling out the bullshit as I go along.

I’ve noticed something interesting. People are Googling “CBC Bullshit” And interestingly enough, my humble efforts are turning up just under your claims. And I am getting a lot of traffic from those dissatisfied people.

2016-07-07 13_16_53-cbc bullshit - Google Search2016-07-07 13_17_33-cbc bullshit - Google Search2016-07-07 13_18_15-cbc bullshit - Google Search

Now tell me, CBC, why would so many people be inclined to type into The Google those words, “CBC” and “Bullshit?”

There must be a helluvalot of people – not just in Canada but around the world – who have concluded that what you are reporting is, well, bullshit. Is it because of all the things that are reported during “mass shootings” that don’t make sense? For example, in Orlando, how was Omar Mateen able to shoot up the place, while simultaneously calling 9-1-1 and bragging about it, calling television stations and other dinosaur media, doing Facebook posts? I mean, what was this guy? A human octopus? And when he DID make those phone calls, why was he speaking Arabic, not English? Isn’t it kind of unusual for a guy who grew up in Brooklyn to be speaking Arabic? His dad, the rich guy from Afghanistan, didn’t even speak Arabic. They speak Pashto in Afghanistan. And that’s just one example of your bullshit. And that is why people are Googling CBC and Bullshit.

2016-07-07 13_24_49-Spy accused of helping teens join ISIS claims he worked for Canadian intelligenc2016-07-07 13_25_30-Spy accused of helping teens join ISIS claims he worked for Canadian intelligenc

Now let’s talk about “ISIS.” You know, that outfit that John McCain went over to Syria to visit? Had his picture taken with Abu-I’m-Dead-Again-Goddammit-Bakhu-Al-Baghdadi? AKA Simon Eliot? Mohammad al-Rashad, the CSIS agent who was smuggling three teen British girls into Syria to “fight” for ISIS (by your own reporting)? Ring a bell? So much Bullshit when it comes to “reporting” about ISIS I don’t know where to start. Like why McCain was over there. Why Mr. Al-Baghdadi was air-lifted to israeli-occupied territory and treated by israeli doctors when he died the first time. Why “we” sent them all those nice Toyota trucks. How all of “our” guns and ammo ended up in ISIS hands. Why those people being decapitated with butter knives in Rita Katz’s movies never seem to scream or react in any way.


Then of course, there’s Donald Trump. On articles that you are actually dumb enough to enable comments on, you are finding, to your absolute horror, that he has a lot of support up here in Canada, too. The Hitlerly Clinton campaign is probably regretting that their biggest booster, Canada’s State Broadcaster, is actually, well, in Canada.

I’m not going to get off on a tangent here. It’s Bullshit. Pure One Hundred Per Cent U.S.D.A. choice Bullshit.

You may be smug thinking you have your Liberal sugar daddies back in power up there in Ottawa (as if the previous Harper Regime was any less of a sugar daddy, mind you). But I guarantee you, it’s not going to last. When the housing ponzies in Vancouver and Toronto collapse and bring down the greater national economy and expose it for the fraud that it is, the amount of money available to be taxed away is going to plummet like Peter Mansbridge’s hair line.

Peter Mansbridge Gulf Crisis Spectator Tribune
In 1990, State Broadcaster spokesman Peter Mansbridge did his part to work Canadians into a frenzy in order To Sell A War. Kuwait, Babies, Incubators, etc.

You are full of shit.

Everybody knows you are full of shit.


The worst part is that I, as a Canadian taxpayer (at least for now), have to continue subsidizing your propaganda (again, just for now).

I’m going to continue to use my little soapbox to call out your bullshit. Of course, I will remain mindful of that whole fair use and editorial response mumbo jumbo when it comes to copyright law.

And thank you to all your fellow CBC colleagues who have visited. You know you are always welcome. I just hope you guys take notice of how nicely, smoothly and quickly my page loads. See, I don’t load it down with video crap, Shit’s Creek ads, multiple layers of adware, spyware, malware, google analytics, etc., etc., etc. And when the page is almost loaded, you don’t get a message on saying “Shockwave has crashed. Reload?” Because I don’t use Shockwave. Shockwave hasn’t been necessary for at least a decade. Your I.T. Department might want to look into that. Ah, hell. Just outsource the goddamn site to India where they know what the (fornicate) they are doing.

2016-06-26 04_31_46-Donald Trump slumps in polls after Orlando - World - CBC News

Oh, and just to reiterate, when things in the world do go “kaboom,” such as nine years ago today in London, on September 11, 2001 in New York City, Arlington, Virginia and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, in Nairobi, Kenya, Newtown, Connecticut, Orlando, Florida and a hundred other places, we do have questions. “Authorities” are telling us things that don’t make sense. If you choose to abrogate your responsibility to ask those questions for us and to merely act as the surrogates for The State, then Corporate Media is of no use to us. NBC, Brian Williams took a pay cut from US$15-million down to $8-million (the poor bugger) after he was exposed as a liar. Peter Mansbridge’s pay is a state (broadcaster) secret. It really is enlightening to know how much one gets paid to Bullshit one’s own country and planet. And literally sell out your fellow man. This is why newspapers are closing. Why television news bureaus are laying off. It’s happened at the CBC before (remember Julie van Dusen’s temper tantrum with Sheila Copps that last time your sugar daddies were in power?)

Fake Mall Shooting Victim
A purported victim of the Westgate Mall shooting in Nairobi, Kenya, who has just been shot in the back, is seen runningfor his life on September 21, 2013.

To a growing number of people across the planet, corporate media is synonymous with BULLSHIT. I don’t watch television news and I haven’t bought a newspaper in years. I don’t believe anything your or your fellow Presstitutes and Whorespondents “report” without obtaining independent verification. And that’s where you lose. You could lie to us so easily even a decade ago. Peter Mansbridge, CBC and media around the “free” world told us about babies and incubators in Kuwait and we were outraged. You told us about Saddam’s Nukular Bombs. But ever since you tried to tell us about chemical weapons in Syria (purportedly used by Assad against his OWN SUPPORTERS? Seriously?) your audience has fallen off a cliff. Our British friends are seeing that with Brexit and our American friends are seeing that with Donald Trump.


hqdefault (1)
Soviet media’s attempts to cover up the Chernobyl disaster spelled the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.

We don’t care what you say. We know you are lying. You are the contemporary incarnation of mid 1980’s Soviet media. We are laughing at you. You are a joke. You are nothing.

We know you are lying! Michael Rivero,

2016-06-26 05_28_59-EU referendum_ Vote to Leave puts Britain on uncertain course - World - CBC News

Newspaper Death Watch
Newspaper Death Watch (

2016-06-27 04_02_45-Why don’t you ban this individual_ – CBC Help Centre

As an aside, LettersToTheBeast applauds Canada’s State Broadcaster in joining other corporations around the world in changing their logos – temporarily – to reflect homosexual diversity. Whether this is in honour of Gay Pride Week, or in response to the purported shooting of 49 homosexuals at a club in Orlando – again, purportedly, by a U.S. government security contractor who himself was homosexual is unclear. But LettersToTheBeast notes the gesture nonetheless.

Having said that, over here at LettersToTheBeast, our favourite logo alteration is that of the legendary, venerable Gadsden flag:

Gadsden Flag Shoot Back.jpg-large

Regardless of the accuracy of reports coming out of Central Florida, LettersToTheBeast reminds our American friends that violence can present itself at any time. Particularly when you are living under a violent, desperate government.


If only someone could explain how Omar managed to hide that AR-15 under his T-shirt in 90-degree Florida summer weather. Must be a fucking magician. Same way he made those phone calls, spoke Arabic when he grew up speaking English in Brooklyn and his dad spoke Pashto, and did his Facebook stuff. All while shooting up the place. The guy is goddamn Superman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and Shazzam all rolled into one.

Orlando Omar Mateen Club Smells Like Bullshit

Yeah. It’s bullshit, all right.

Garak Lying 1Garak Lying 2Garak Lying 3

Toronto Star / Washington Post Bullshit: Trump defends tweet accused of anti-Semitism

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast

Trump defends tweet accused of anti-Semitism

Trump said the tweet had no anti-Semitic intent, but it’s not the first time the candidate has repeated remarks coming from racist corners of the Internet


I guess Trump never got the memo that a star, any star, is a registered trademark of israel. Just like “holocaust.” But you’d better not talk about homosexuals, gypsies, disabled people or anyone else who ended up in German slave labour camps in the 1930s and 1940s. Because israel owns that brand.


Gays and nazis



Yes. Funny how this comes out just as Hitlery is “meeting” with the federal bureau of incineration. And no mention, of course, of Mister Clinton’s “meeting” with attorney general Loretta Lynch. Clinton parked his airplane next to Lynch’s airplane at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport.


2016-07-05 03_36_45-How everyone looks bad because Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch - The Washing2016-07-05 03_37_33-How everyone looks bad because Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch - The Washing


“How everybody looks bad because Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch.” I guess this is Corporate Media’s way of telling Bill and Lorrie they did something so incredibly stupid that now their media organs have to expend time, money and credibility to bail them out. Again.


“We’ve been alarmed that Mr. Trump hasn’t spoken out vociferously against these anti-Semites and racists and misogynists who continue to support him,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League. “It’s been outrageous to see him retweeting and now sourcing material from the website and other online resources from this crowd.”


Veterans Today: ADL owns “”

ADL Owns

2016-07-05 04_03_38-ADL Owns _ Veterans Today2016-07-05 04_04_12-ADL Owns _ Veterans Today

2016-07-05 03_47_07-Adam Yahiye Gadahn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia2016-07-05 03_48_02-Adam Yahiye Gadahn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Just a friendly reminder, Adam Gadahn’s (aka Adam Pearlman) grand-daddy Carl Pearlman ran the ADL.


In November 2015, he tweeted a chart of bogus crime data from the fictional Crime Statistics Bureau, which wildly overstated how many white people were killed by black people. Charles Johnson, proprietor of the blog Little Green Footballs, traced the image to a Twitter user whose biographic information suggested that “we should have listened to the Austrian chap with the little moustache,” a reference to Adolf Hitler.


Ah, yes. Godwin’s Law at work. I was wondering when they would get around to mentioning Time Magazine’s Man of the Year for 1938.




Donald Trump did not seek israel’s permission prior to running for president. And for that, israel’s agents – the corporate media worldwide – are making him pay. The problem is (at least if you are corporate media), nothing has worked. Ignoring him hasn’t worked. Dismissing him hasn’t worked. Nor has marginalizing. Assurance to what’s left of Corporate Media’s devotees that his candidacy was merely a joke, a flash in the plan, a fad, all turned out to be inaccurate.


So now it’s time to bring out the Big Guns. “Anti-semitism.”Racism. As if to suggest israelis and israeli-Americans are anything other than lily white.


Donald Trump has extended some olive branches towards our colonial masters. And this is disturbing. One can only hope this is only for show.


There is a reason why israel’s Chief Neocon in America, Bill Kristol is in a full-blown panic. Trump is not controlled by them. His election will result in blowing things wide open. The Clinton body count (starting with Vince Foster) is only one of many things Trump has the potential to investigate. And when Trump gets around to investigating September 11, 2001, it’s game over for the government of israel and its strangle hold on the U.S government. And governments around the world for that matter. That is why the Republican “establishment” is willing to see Hillary Clinton president. If one needed any more proof the “left” and “right” are controlled by the same people, look no further. Hillary can be trusted to keep the secrets the “elite” need kept secret. She will keep the same people in their same cushy jobs. A Donald Trump presidency guarantees people will go to prison and the criminal element of the U.S. government (i.e. most of the U.S. government) will collapse.


LettersToTheBeast encourages Mr. Trump to stay out of small aircraft and avoid taking shortcuts through hotel kitchens. He may want to steer clear of the Atlanta Jewish Times as well. For his own personal safety.


2016-07-05 04_27_35-Atlanta Jewish newspaper calls for Obama assassination - International - Jerusal


( Hey, Abe Foxman, this one`s for you!

Bullshit button

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Toronto Star Bullshit: U.S. family begs for mercy for couple held in Afghanistan

U.S. family begs for mercy for couple held in Afghanistan

Issues plea to Taliban to free pair missing since 2012

By The Associated Press

Friday, July 1

2016-07-04 03_24_51-U.S. family begs for mercy for couple held in Afghanistan _ Toronto Star2016-07-04 03_25_33-U.S. family begs for mercy for couple held in Afghanistan _ Toronto Star

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast

STEWARTSTOWN, PA.—The family of an American woman reported missing in Afghanistan in 2012 with her Canadian husband said they got a letter from their daughter in the last year, and they pleaded for mercy from the couple’s captors.

It was the first communication from her since her parents received two videos in 2013 in which the missing couple asked the U.S. government to free them from the Taliban.

They are confused. The Taliban are not ISIS. The U.S. government has no control or authority over the Taliban. It’s not like John McCain or the Pentagon can call them up and issue orders to them.

Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle lost touch with their families while travelling in a mountainous region near the Afghan capital, Kabul. Her parents, Jim and Lyn Coleman, told online news service Circa News that they received a letter from her in November 2015. It will be four years this July 4 on Monday that Caitlan’s family last saw her and her husband.

Uh, yeahhh. “Travelling.” Another one of those cases where this nice couple were out hiking in the Poconos, their GPS somehow malfunctioned and, gosh-darnit, they somehow strayed across the border and ended up in Afghanistan. Hey, these things happen all the time, you know. Just ask those college students who were hiking in Iraq inexplicably ended up in Iran.

The couple set off in the summer of 2012 for a journey that took them to Russia, the central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and then to Afghanistan. The Colemans last heard from their son-in-law on Oct. 8, 2012, from an Internet cafe in what Josh described as an “unsafe” part of Afghanistan.


Oh, I see. They somehow, accidentally ended up in one of those “unsafe” parts of Afghanistan. The stuff the tourism and convention bureau staff leave out of the travel brochures.

The article goes into the usual emotional family stuff. Sister, son-in-law, mom, father, grandfather. Yet what the article fails to mention is what these two actually did for a living. What job are they working at that allows them to take months off work to go hiking in, ahem, Afghanistan? In Two Thousand And Twelve? That, uh, Company, wouldn’t be based in Langley, Virginia, would it? As’s Michael Rivero often observes: look for what isn’t there but should be.

“As a man, father and now grandfather, I am asking you to show mercy and release my daughter, her husband, and our beautiful grandchildren,” Jim Coleman said. “Please grant them an opportunity to continue their lives with us, and bring peace to their families.”

If I were a public relations officer in the Taliban’s front office in Kabul, my letter of reply to Mr. Coleman would point out the number of daughters, husbands, beautiful grandchildren as well as sons, mothers and wives killed by drone strikes is so obscenely high the U.S. government literally considers it a state secret. Perhaps Mr. Coleman can ask his daughter and/or son-in-law exactly what that number is if and when they return.

Michael Rivero,


The Toronto Star disabled all commenting earlier this year. Too many people were calling out the Bullshit.

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CBC Bullshit:Trump accuses Clinton of corruption with tweet featuring cash, Jewish Star of David

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast

Trump accuses Clinton of corruption with tweet featuring cash, Jewish Star of David

‘Donald Trump again plays to the white supremacists,’ says conservative radio host

Thomson Reuters Posted: Jul 02, 2016 2:54 PM ET

2016-07-03 04_23_23-Trump accuses Clinton of corruption with tweet featuring cash, Jewish Star of Da.png2016-07-03 04_24_33-Trump accuses Clinton of corruption with tweet featuring cash, Jewish Star of Da

2016-07-03 04_25_49-Trump accuses Clinton of corruption with tweet featuring cash, Jewish Star of Da2016-07-03 04_26_22-Trump accuses Clinton of corruption with tweet featuring cash, Jewish Star of Da

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday tweeted an image of rival Hillary Clinton alongside hundred-dollar bills and a Jewish star bearing the words “most corrupt candidate ever!”, prompting outrage and bafflement on social media.

Perhaps Trump should have used one of these photographs instead:

Drug kingpin Jose Cabrera
Denise Rich
Denise Rich
Hillary Clinton Laurence Rockefeller
Laurence Rockefeller (and a book about space aliens)
Johnny Chung
Hillary Clinton George Soros
Nazi collaborator and jewish war criminal George Soros
Henry Kissinger Hillary Clinton
Mass-murderer Henry Kissinger
Lloyd “That was one shitty deal” Blankfein
Gillian Tett, FT, Chelsea Clinton, Jamie Dimon and Mary Callahan
Jamie “Corzine, send over MF Global’s gold now or you’re a dead man!” Dimon

Two hours after his initial tweet, Trump tweeted a similar image in which the six-pointed Star of David, which appears on Israel’s flag and which Jews were forced to wear on their clothing by the Nazis during the Holocaust, was replaced by a circle.

George Soros (Daily Stormer)

The original tweet was deleted. Critics said the image featuring the star harkened back to centuries-old anti-Semitic stereotypes, such as the belief that Jews are greedy.

Ah, no.  Reeeeealllly???!!!!

BankingCEOTestifyBeforeHouseUseTARPCmVEDD-Lx6Xl (2)

“A Star of David, a pile of cash, and suggestions of corruption. Donald Trump again plays to the white supremacists,” wrote Erick Erickson, a conservative radio host who has been critical of Trump.

White supremacist? This guy looks pretty white to me.

Heil Netanyahu

And so do they:

Jews Watching Gaza Bombing2

Unlike this poor fellow:

Child with head blown off

And his little girl.

The Reuters / CBC article identifies Erick Erickson as a “conservative.” Erickson is NOT a conservative. He is a neocon. There is a big difference between the two and the corporate media is wilfully blurring the line. Erickson is a radio talk show host out of Atlanta whose major claim to fame is occasionally subbing for Rush Limbaugh, a drug addict who continues to call for the continued war on drugs and imprisonment of drug addicts of lesser stature than himself.

Erickson is also aligned with Bill Kristol, George F. Will and the rest of the israel-firster establishment neocon movement whose sworn objective is to see Hillary Clinton installed as president over “their” own Republican presumptive leader, Donald Trump.

Erickson and the neocons are just as much anti-Trump as the most rabid democrat. But you won’t find that reported in the corporate media. Which is why their decline continues. And which is also why neocons like Limbaugh are reduced to pushing conspiracy videos and boner pills when they used to carry G.M. and Proctor and Gamble as advertisers. Their ratings are down the toilet because they abandoned their listeners a decade ago.

Saturday’s tweet was a reminder of the unrestrained side of Trump.

Right. Meanwhile, here’s a reminder of the unrestrained side of Hitlery.




2016-07-03 05_32_37-

Unbelievable Bullshit

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