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A Canadian judge has exposed the RCMP’s false flag terror; now it’s time to start bringing people to justice

August 1, 2016

Mr. Justin Trudeau, M.P.

Prime Minister of Canada

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A5

Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

I would like to start by conceding that, while I did not vote for your government (I voted NDP for the first time in my life), I was encouraged by your party’s accession to power as I believed it might dislodge a decade of neocon barnacles from Canada’s ship of state. And I have been voting Conservative, Alliance and Reform all my life. There was nothing conservative about the Stephen Harper Conservative regime.

I have since become disillusioned that your government has not fallen into the mold of the Paul Martin Liberals, as I hoped you would. Your reckless spending absolutely frightens me as a Canadian taxpayer (a Canadian taxpayer for the time being, anyway). I am concerned that you have made no moves to put a stop to the decades-long fraudulent “war on drugs.” It’s almost as if it has been made clear to you just how much government is dependent on that war. From the civil service unions to the state controllers to the banksters. And I am disappointed you have done nothing to dismantle the oppressive national security state set up by the previous regime.

2016-08-03 04_00_29-Canada Debt Clock, Canada's National Debt Clock _

This past week, Madame Justice Catherine Bruce of the British Columbia Supreme Court handed down a tremendously courageous decision which not only excoriated, but condemned, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police when she set aside the convictions of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody. In doing so, Madam Justice Bruce absolutely demolished a forbidden subject on the part of Corporate Media: false flag terrorism and government’s (any government’s) role in it.

Madam Justice Bruce summarized how over two hundred mounties – who we can assume were pulling down at least $100,000 annually with overtime – spent at least five months setting up two drug-addicted half-retards whose brains were fried to such an extent they were too stupid to tie their own shoelaces, never mind pull off a spectacular “terror attack” on July 1, 2013 in Victoria.

While the entire judgment was damning, the most incredible part was when Justice Bruce wrote, I find that the RCMP knowingly facilitated a terrorist activity by providing money and other services to the defendants that helped and made easier the terrorist activities.”

Your government has a clear duty to appoint a special team of prosecutors. The tin-foil hat ridicule has been destroyed: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the government of Canada by extension, plotted and attempted to bring to fruition an act of false flag terror against the people of Canada. Going strictly by Justice Bruce’s indictment, you have 240 mounties your special prosecutors can start arresting. From the lowest cadets to the most senior commanders to Commissioner Robert “Bob” Paulson. The attorney general of Canada at the time, Robert “Rob” Nicholson, M.P. (CON-Niagara Falls). Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister.

Peter Eccles
Peter Eccles unsuccessfully prosecuted John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, the patsies designated to carry out the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s aborted false flag terror attack in Victoria on July 1, 2013.

Peter Eccles, the federal prosecutor in the Nuttal-Korody case, is guilty of dereliction of duty not only as a law enforcement officer, but an officer of the court and a member of the British Columbia Law Society for not putting a stop to the prosecution and instead turning his sights on the aforementioned group of people. It actually happened: this couple was set up as patsies by the federal government and Canadians are supposed to be reassured that there was really no danger because the RCMP had everything under control from the beginning (literally, it appears). How do we know that? How do we know the RCMP, acting on the orders of the Harper Regime or in the very least a rogue commander, wouldn’t take things a step further and let the plot go ahead if someone thought it would advance a political agenda? It sure as hell looks like that is the direction things were headed.

In her ruling, Bruce said the RCMP aided and abetted the pair, going to “enormous effort,” including providing inducements like an elaborate escape plan and offers of jobs.

Bruce said to call the couple “unsophisticated” would be generous. The court heard that both were former drug addicts, living in poverty and relative isolation.

“The police decided they had to aggressively engineer the plan for Nuttall and Korordy and make them think it was their own.

“The spectre of the defendants serving a life sentence for a crime that the police manufactured by exploiting their vulnerabilities … is offensive to our concept of fundamental justice.” 

Art Bell? George Noory? Jeff Rense? Alex Jones? A radio talk show host broadcasting out of Austin, Texas? No, none of the above. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation quoting Madam Justice Bruce.

The very fact that Nuttall and Korody were kicked out of their own mosque exposes the lie propagated by neocons that Muslims are terrorists and if they were such peace-loving people, they would turn members of their own community in. That is exactly what happened in this case.

John Nuttall Amanda Korody
John Nuttall embraces his common-law wife Amanda Korody after Judge Catherine Bruce overturned their terrorism conviction due to the RCMP’s entrapment

However, instead of doing what the RCMP should have done – obtain a Lieutenant Governor’s warrant and commit these two under the mental health act and start the long, painful process of drying them out and re-integrating them into society – somebody, somewhere saw the opportunity to cash in big (or, should I say, Mr. Big). And I, for one, sure would like to know who that someone was. Throughout history, from the Reichstag fire to the assassination of John F. Kennedy to Omar Mateen, mentally ill, unstable “loners” have been used as patsies to forward an agenda. And that hypothetical someone saw an opportunity that just couldn’t be passed up with Nuttal and Korody.

Mr. Big Chocolate Bar

And what was to be the pay-off for Mr. Nuttall and Miss Korody after their Big Idea? Money? Power? Nope. An escape. And jobs. Am I missing something here? Don’t you think it might have been easier to cut through the whole, chemicals, plot, secret meetings, millions of dollars tying up hundreds of mounties, the potential deaths of hundreds of people, the collapse of government after it was exposed and just dried these people out and got them some G.D. JOBS? JUSTIN?

I can assure you, Mr. Trudeau, that this week, millions of Canadians are asking themselves: if the federal government engaged in this sort of behavior in this case, what else has it been up to? And what happened on October 22, 2014 in your city? A lot of Canadians, who might previously have been scared off by the “conspiracy theorist” label, just might start looking into those reports by a heavier-than-normal police presence leading up to the double homicide committed by the son of your government’s deputy chairman, immigration division. I can only imagine the horror had Mr. Zehaf Bibeau continued on his rampage on Parliament Hill. By the way, Justin, and apropos to nothing that is being discussed in this letter, did you ever see that movie Mars Attacks? Remember that scene where Grandma is watching the Martians destroy Washington, D.C. She chuckles and says, “Ha! Ha! They blew up congress!” What a great movie that was.

They blew up congress

I don’t think you grasp what’s happened here, Justin: the spell, or the trance if you prefer, has been broken. Madam Justice Bruce grabbed that watch, angrily threw it on the floor and shattered it.

It’s time to come clean. So far, aside from reckless spending and the finance minister’s cavorting with known war criminals at Bildberberg, your government has little to apologize for. I would suggest, for your own good – not to mention the good of the country – that you capitalize on this golden opportunity and start bringing to justice those responsible for a decade of corruption, criminality and war crimes.

In closing, to be clear, I am not defending Korody or Nuttall or their misguided beliefs. They were sick people and they needed help. I oppose all terrorism in all forms. I oppose the “al-qaeda” and “ISIS” narratives of terrorism. I oppose state-sponsored and state-enabled terrorism wherever it comes from (Tehran, Tel Aviv, London or the District of Criminals).

I oppose financial terrorism as practiced by the likes of the very people Bill Morneau hangs out with (Evelyn de Rothschild and his satanic brood), Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfien Henry Kissinger and George Soros, among others). And for those people in your government who – equally as misguided as this couple – believe it’s time for something spectacular because that’s all the aforementioned financial terrorists have left, I would strongly advise against such a course of action. As I continually warned The Honourable Member For Niagara Falls for eight years: Don’t even think about it.

Jewish Financial Terrorism
jewish financial terrorism2

And if anything happens to Madam Justice Catherine Bruce, your regime will feel the wrath of millions of Canadians. The gig is up. And we know you are lying to us.


It’s time for some perp walks. Please feel free to hand Nicholson and Harper over to The Hague when you are done with them. Don’t forget Peter MacKay and John Baird.

Niagara Falls MP Robert Nicholson and NetanyahuStephen Harper2016-08-03 03_48_12-peter mackay israel - Google SearchJohn Baird israel

It’s time for good people in government in Canada and around the world to take our countries back from the criminals and the globalists. I know, cynicism aside, the good people in government outnumber those rogue criminals thousands – even millions, in the case of the U.S. government – to one.


Yours sincerely,

Canada’s State Broadcaster: The Canadian Bullshit Corporation (CBC)

Submitted via CBC Feedback on July 7, 2016 in honour of the “permanent” banning of my commenting account because of this:Bullshit button. Yet, this is okay:

2016-03-17 09_53_52-McDonald's Canada CEO calls foreign worker controversy 'bullshit' - British Colu
I remember once watching CBC Newsworld. They switched over to the weather segment. It was cold. Damn cold. Well of course it’s cold. This is Canada. And it was winter. The weatherman, Jordi Morgan, said he wanted to use words to describe the weather but he couldn’t because, “This is CBC. And it is the middle of the day, not after midnight.” That was back in the good ol’ days when The State Broadcaster used to show soft-core porn late at night.   .

Recently, you “permanently” deleted my commenting account because my avatar was “offensive” (it was a picture of a Bullshit Button). It looks like you recorded my I.P. address, too. So I have to wait for my internet to go down again, at which point my cable company will change my i.p. address. I have Cogeco Cable, so fortunately I shouldn’t have to wait too long for this to happen.

As you are aware, I made a practice of putting up all of my “content” which you and your friend Keith Bilous over there at ICUC in Winnipeg “disabled,” on my own humble website,

With no more deleted comments to put up, I have moved into “analyzing” your stories. “Story” being the operative word here. I title the headline “CBC Bullshit…” and use your own headline. I then parse your claims paragraph by paragraph, calling out the bullshit as I go along.

I’ve noticed something interesting. People are Googling “CBC Bullshit” And interestingly enough, my humble efforts are turning up just under your claims. And I am getting a lot of traffic from those dissatisfied people.

2016-07-07 13_16_53-cbc bullshit - Google Search2016-07-07 13_17_33-cbc bullshit - Google Search2016-07-07 13_18_15-cbc bullshit - Google Search

Now tell me, CBC, why would so many people be inclined to type into The Google those words, “CBC” and “Bullshit?”

There must be a helluvalot of people – not just in Canada but around the world – who have concluded that what you are reporting is, well, bullshit. Is it because of all the things that are reported during “mass shootings” that don’t make sense? For example, in Orlando, how was Omar Mateen able to shoot up the place, while simultaneously calling 9-1-1 and bragging about it, calling television stations and other dinosaur media, doing Facebook posts? I mean, what was this guy? A human octopus? And when he DID make those phone calls, why was he speaking Arabic, not English? Isn’t it kind of unusual for a guy who grew up in Brooklyn to be speaking Arabic? His dad, the rich guy from Afghanistan, didn’t even speak Arabic. They speak Pashto in Afghanistan. And that’s just one example of your bullshit. And that is why people are Googling CBC and Bullshit.

2016-07-07 13_24_49-Spy accused of helping teens join ISIS claims he worked for Canadian intelligenc2016-07-07 13_25_30-Spy accused of helping teens join ISIS claims he worked for Canadian intelligenc

Now let’s talk about “ISIS.” You know, that outfit that John McCain went over to Syria to visit? Had his picture taken with Abu-I’m-Dead-Again-Goddammit-Bakhu-Al-Baghdadi? AKA Simon Eliot? Mohammad al-Rashad, the CSIS agent who was smuggling three teen British girls into Syria to “fight” for ISIS (by your own reporting)? Ring a bell? So much Bullshit when it comes to “reporting” about ISIS I don’t know where to start. Like why McCain was over there. Why Mr. Al-Baghdadi was air-lifted to israeli-occupied territory and treated by israeli doctors when he died the first time. Why “we” sent them all those nice Toyota trucks. How all of “our” guns and ammo ended up in ISIS hands. Why those people being decapitated with butter knives in Rita Katz’s movies never seem to scream or react in any way.


Then of course, there’s Donald Trump. On articles that you are actually dumb enough to enable comments on, you are finding, to your absolute horror, that he has a lot of support up here in Canada, too. The Hitlerly Clinton campaign is probably regretting that their biggest booster, Canada’s State Broadcaster, is actually, well, in Canada.

I’m not going to get off on a tangent here. It’s Bullshit. Pure One Hundred Per Cent U.S.D.A. choice Bullshit.

You may be smug thinking you have your Liberal sugar daddies back in power up there in Ottawa (as if the previous Harper Regime was any less of a sugar daddy, mind you). But I guarantee you, it’s not going to last. When the housing ponzies in Vancouver and Toronto collapse and bring down the greater national economy and expose it for the fraud that it is, the amount of money available to be taxed away is going to plummet like Peter Mansbridge’s hair line.

Peter Mansbridge Gulf Crisis Spectator Tribune
In 1990, State Broadcaster spokesman Peter Mansbridge did his part to work Canadians into a frenzy in order To Sell A War. Kuwait, Babies, Incubators, etc.

You are full of shit.

Everybody knows you are full of shit.


The worst part is that I, as a Canadian taxpayer (at least for now), have to continue subsidizing your propaganda (again, just for now).

I’m going to continue to use my little soapbox to call out your bullshit. Of course, I will remain mindful of that whole fair use and editorial response mumbo jumbo when it comes to copyright law.

And thank you to all your fellow CBC colleagues who have visited. You know you are always welcome. I just hope you guys take notice of how nicely, smoothly and quickly my page loads. See, I don’t load it down with video crap, Shit’s Creek ads, multiple layers of adware, spyware, malware, google analytics, etc., etc., etc. And when the page is almost loaded, you don’t get a message on saying “Shockwave has crashed. Reload?” Because I don’t use Shockwave. Shockwave hasn’t been necessary for at least a decade. Your I.T. Department might want to look into that. Ah, hell. Just outsource the goddamn site to India where they know what the (fornicate) they are doing.

2016-06-26 04_31_46-Donald Trump slumps in polls after Orlando - World - CBC News

Oh, and just to reiterate, when things in the world do go “kaboom,” such as nine years ago today in London, on September 11, 2001 in New York City, Arlington, Virginia and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, in Nairobi, Kenya, Newtown, Connecticut, Orlando, Florida and a hundred other places, we do have questions. “Authorities” are telling us things that don’t make sense. If you choose to abrogate your responsibility to ask those questions for us and to merely act as the surrogates for The State, then Corporate Media is of no use to us. NBC, Brian Williams took a pay cut from US$15-million down to $8-million (the poor bugger) after he was exposed as a liar. Peter Mansbridge’s pay is a state (broadcaster) secret. It really is enlightening to know how much one gets paid to Bullshit one’s own country and planet. And literally sell out your fellow man. This is why newspapers are closing. Why television news bureaus are laying off. It’s happened at the CBC before (remember Julie van Dusen’s temper tantrum with Sheila Copps that last time your sugar daddies were in power?)

Fake Mall Shooting Victim
A purported victim of the Westgate Mall shooting in Nairobi, Kenya, who has just been shot in the back, is seen runningfor his life on September 21, 2013.

To a growing number of people across the planet, corporate media is synonymous with BULLSHIT. I don’t watch television news and I haven’t bought a newspaper in years. I don’t believe anything your or your fellow Presstitutes and Whorespondents “report” without obtaining independent verification. And that’s where you lose. You could lie to us so easily even a decade ago. Peter Mansbridge, CBC and media around the “free” world told us about babies and incubators in Kuwait and we were outraged. You told us about Saddam’s Nukular Bombs. But ever since you tried to tell us about chemical weapons in Syria (purportedly used by Assad against his OWN SUPPORTERS? Seriously?) your audience has fallen off a cliff. Our British friends are seeing that with Brexit and our American friends are seeing that with Donald Trump.


hqdefault (1)
Soviet media’s attempts to cover up the Chernobyl disaster spelled the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.

We don’t care what you say. We know you are lying. You are the contemporary incarnation of mid 1980’s Soviet media. We are laughing at you. You are a joke. You are nothing.

We know you are lying! Michael Rivero,

2016-06-26 05_28_59-EU referendum_ Vote to Leave puts Britain on uncertain course - World - CBC News

Newspaper Death Watch
Newspaper Death Watch (

2016-06-27 04_02_45-Why don’t you ban this individual_ – CBC Help Centre

As an aside, LettersToTheBeast applauds Canada’s State Broadcaster in joining other corporations around the world in changing their logos – temporarily – to reflect homosexual diversity. Whether this is in honour of Gay Pride Week, or in response to the purported shooting of 49 homosexuals at a club in Orlando – again, purportedly, by a U.S. government security contractor who himself was homosexual is unclear. But LettersToTheBeast notes the gesture nonetheless.

Having said that, over here at LettersToTheBeast, our favourite logo alteration is that of the legendary, venerable Gadsden flag:

Gadsden Flag Shoot Back.jpg-large

Regardless of the accuracy of reports coming out of Central Florida, LettersToTheBeast reminds our American friends that violence can present itself at any time. Particularly when you are living under a violent, desperate government.


If only someone could explain how Omar managed to hide that AR-15 under his T-shirt in 90-degree Florida summer weather. Must be a fucking magician. Same way he made those phone calls, spoke Arabic when he grew up speaking English in Brooklyn and his dad spoke Pashto, and did his Facebook stuff. All while shooting up the place. The guy is goddamn Superman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and Shazzam all rolled into one.

Orlando Omar Mateen Club Smells Like Bullshit

Yeah. It’s bullshit, all right.

Garak Lying 1Garak Lying 2Garak Lying 3

Bullshit: After close call at Boston bombing, Mormon teen injured in Brussels attack


Toronto Globe and Mail, March 23, 2016



After close call at Boston bombing, Mormon teen injured in Brussels attack



CBC Content Disabled: March 19, 2016

Stay out of decisions about who covers Alberta legislature, government told

‘No circumstances’ where government should decide who gets to ask questions, report says

By Michelle Bellefontaine, CBC News Posted: Mar 18, 2016 4:28 PM MT

The Alberta government should stay out of decisions about who should be allowed to cover press conferences, veteran journalist Heather Boyd has concluded.

Boyd, the retired Western Canada bureau chief for the Canadian Press, said that decision should be left to journalists to protect governments from the “perceptions of bias.””This is not a perfect solution, and several journalists have made it clear they do not believe they should be subject in any way to control by their peers, but it appears to be the best compromise.,” Boyd said in a report released Friday.

But most agreed on one thing, she said: “There are no circumstances whatsoever under which a government should decide who gets to ask it questions.”

Ezra Levant, the controversial former lawyer who owns and operates Rebel Media, is not pleased with Boyd’s findings.

2016-03-20 05_15_19-

2016-03-20 05_16_32-Stay out of decisions about who covers Alberta legislature, government told - Ed
Quoting “Ezra Levant hiding under the guise of a journalist deserves as much access to press conferences as Gawker. Both can come however they are an embarrassment to true journalism.” — I suppose by “true journalism” you mean the same crowd that told us about babies and incubators, Saddam’s Nukular Bombs, “ISIS,” and “Russia sole Crimea” and “Russia invaded Ukraine?” I’m no fan of Levant, but judging by the daily struggle of corporate media just to stay relevant – never mind staying in business – most people have concluded “true journalism” leaves a lot to be desired.

2016-03-20 05_26_56-A falling Star_ No cash in its dowry, declining revenues and no obvious marriage

2016-03-20 05_27_37-A falling Star_ No cash in its dowry, declining revenues and no obvious marriage

2016-03-20 05_26_12-Postmedia sale complicated by unsustainable debt and sagging business model_ Don

2016-03-20 05_28_49-Postmedia sale complicated by unsustainable debt and sagging business model_ Don

Submitted to CBC Feedback on March 20, 2016:

Yesterday (March 19, 2016) in your latest example of tyrannical yet childish and pointless comment section censorship, the following comment was exorcised:

“I suppose by “true journalism” you mean the same crowd that told us about babies and incubators. Saddam’s Nukular Bombs, “ISIS,” and “Russia stole Crimea” and “Russia invaded Ukraine?” 

I’m no fan of Levant, but judging by the daily struggle of corporate media just to stay relevant- never mind staying in business – most people have concluded “true journalism” leaves a lot to be desired. “

The comment was in response to:
“Erza Levant hiding under the guise of a journalist deserves as much access to press conferences as Gawker. 

Both can come however they are an embarrassment to true journalism.”

Well, it’s true. I’m old enough to remember that you did in fact tell us tales about Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of incubators at Kuwaiti hospitals and stealing the incubators. I remember Nayirah al-Sabah’s testimony. I remember Lynden MacIntyre’s Fifth Estate documentary which “exposed” the hoax, and which breathlessly ran video from CNN and other outlets EXCEPT FOR CBC. And of course I remember your “reportage” of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

And you have reported in events in Ukraine as if it is a Russian invasion and as if Crimea is occupied.

And newsrooms are laying off. Newspapers are closing. The National Post is on death’s doorstep.

So what was inaccurate about the comment? Did I hurt your wittle feewings?

With regards to your announcement that you will be requiring “real names” in your comments section, I am here to tell you I will NEVER post in my real name. I am not afraid to write to my local political critters, with my real name and my real address and my real phone number and my real signature and tell them what is on my mind. I am not afraid to tell “my” local M.P. Robert “Rob” Nicholson or Stephen Harper that they are war criminals and belong in The Hague for what they participated in with Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya and now Syria. Hell, I put it in writing and mailed it to the RCMP. You can read it on my own website,, where all of my comments you deleted also end up, by the way. If you forget the URL, don’t worry. Just type in CBC content disabled into The Google. It’s the first link that comes up after yours.

But there is no way in hell I’m going to give Richard Warman, Harry Abrams or Terry Wilson the means to put me in a prison cell next to Arthur Topham whenever they decide to do a google search of commentary critical of israel. I am not going to put my job in jeopardy for the same reason. I am not going to risk my own physical well-being every time I cross the border for saying mean things about the current criminal u.s. government, its nobel peace-prize-winning president or its former like-minded psychopaths-in-chief.

If you want a bunch of happy talk praising CBC and what a wonderful job it does telling us stories about each other from coast to coast to coast, telling us how great the Liberals and NDP are and how horrible and dangerous Kevin O’Leary and Donald Trump are, that’s all you’re going to get.

But I can assure you, sending critical opinion underground where your precious sheep can’t hear it won’t silence us and won’t change anything.

And, by the way, Hillary Clinton is a war-mongering psychopath, she is in legal jeopardy, she does look great in orange, and mass-shooters are all on SSRIs or other prescription medication. John McCain does appear in numerous photographs with “ISIS” and “Abu-Bakhr al-Baghdadi” (aka Simon Elliot). Typing in John McCain and ISIS DOES give us hundreds of thousands of examples of those photographs. The u.s. government HAS been supplying “ISIS.” The fact that you block such comments, again, changes absolutely nothing.

So, yeah. You’re full of (excrement), CBC. And, as a taxpayer, I own part of this place and I have every right to complain and make my voice heard.

“Dear GOP: No Trump, No vote! If you want to hand the White House to Hillary, it just proves the GOP is as corrupt as the Democrats!” Michael Rivero,


CBC Content Disabled: February 29, 2016

Apple can’t be forced to provide iPhone data in drug case, judge rules

Extraction technique has been used about 70 times before to assist investigators

The Associated Press Posted: Feb 29, 2016 6:03 PM ET

2016-03-04 08_26_18-


2016-03-04 08_25_03-First ministers' next steps on carbon pricing obscured by smog_ Chris Hall - Pol
Quoting “No information should be sacred when it comes to the protection of the public, particularly information relating to drugb dealers are terrorists. If there is a clear public interest at stake, then law enforcement should be granted access. Individual rights are not absolute.” — Okay then. When can we expect the federal bureau of incineration to break down John McCain’s door, seize his cellphone and find out just how many other selfies he has on there? Besides the ISIS selfies we already know about and available with a simple google search, I mean. Oh, but we’re not going to talk about that, are we? That’s a “conspiracy theory.” And you’re wrong, by the way. Individual rights ARE absolute. In the U.S., in Canada, in Britain, everywhere. Whether they are written on parchment or not.

Ah, for krysakes, do I have to run that goddamned picture again?

Sigh…okay, here goes…

2016-03-04 09_24_42-

John McCain ISIS 1
“Get outta here, you low-life scum!” — John McCain

Yet CBC and the ICUC censors had no problem with essentially the same remarks in other posts:

2016-03-04 10_11_32-Trump assures America he has normal-sized hands and genitalia - Trending - CBC N
Quoting “Maybe a judge can’t force them but the public can. I will not buy anymore (sic) Apple products until they help in the fight against ISIS” — John McCain appears in selfies with “Abu Bakhr al-Baghdadi” and other “ISIS” characters. The U.S. government has admitted supplying “ISIS” with food, materiel, other supplies and even Toyota pick-up trucks. Russia bombs REAL ISIS positions and gets their planes shot down for their trouble. And you’re complaining about Apple? Seriously? How many Apple products do you own, anyway?

2016-03-04 10_12_20-Trump assures America he has normal-sized hands and genitalia - Trending - CBC N

Quoting “Until the day comes when Politicians and their appointed Officials can be held Legally Accountable for Abusing Personal Data, it should be treated as your very own Personal Private Business. Laziness & Incompetence are at the bottom of craving to know Everything about Everyone, All the Time and is Not to be Trusted.” — “My” member of parliament is Robert “Rob” Nicholson. Sadly he remains so having been re-elected by a majority (I suppose) of 41 per cent. Fortunately, ol’ Rob’s not in a position to do anything any longer. I’ve been telling him for seven years: before you demand all this police state authority,  I want to knock on your door, search your home, your office, all your devices and go through your belongings. Then we’ll talk. And I’ll still say, “no.” You can’t have it.


israel - Rob Nicholson
Rob Nicholson, M.P. (CON-Niagara Falls) shows off his shiny dome in front of the israeli flag.

Subway to ensure footlong sandwiches are 12 inches after judge OKs agreement

The Associated Press Posted: Feb 29, 2016 2:23 PM ET

CBC and ICUC stepped in it this time. They proved just how hypocritical and tyrannical their censorship is when they killed comments which were clearly within CBC’s “community guidelines” while letting through comments joking about sexual innuendo and outright paedophilia.

2016-03-04 08_27_33-

2016-03-04 08_28_11-First ministers' next steps on carbon pricing obscured by smog_ Chris Hall - Pol
Quoting ” There (sic) sandwiches are great. Had one in my coat pocket for a year and it was still fresh and edible. Now, what does that tell Ya??” — Tells me yer full of it. BTW: “Their.”
2016-03-04 08_28_31-First ministers' next steps on carbon pricing obscured by smog_ Chris Hall - Pol
Quoting “subway is crap” by Shai Hulid — So how’s the Mr. Sub franchise working out for you?
Now, let’s look at some of the comments they did let through:
  • victorbasil
@Julius Caesars The CBC does what it wants to do

without ANY real consequences. The CBC disables

comments that its censors are TRAINED to do. Versions

of what life was like in EAST GERMANY before the wall

came tumbling down. (7 likes)

  • SILVER64
Well, there is that saying “Size does matter” but I wouldn’t have attributed it to Subway sandwiches. (8 likes)
  • Stickboy

Geez Jarrod ate those subs exclusively for years . I wonder how many inches he was ripped off for? (2 likes)

  • Schwarz

He’s going to get free footlongs for the next 15 years. (9 likes)

  • GeorgeWashingtonsGhost

And Justice For All

“He’s going to get free footlongs for the next 15 years” (2 likes)

  • sledgie
Do we really need any more Jared/footlong jokes?

I think so!

  • Niceguyeddie

Hell, I know guys who have been lying about “12 inches” for years…(33 likes)

  • NearlyGenius

Length or circumference? (6 likes)

  • Nuliajuk

It’s more impressive in millimetres. (8 likes)

  • Howie59
@Niceguyeddie I am not cutting off two inches for anybody (3 likes)
  • WelfareState
Thats what she said.
  • Prairie Gurl
Size matters.
  • SD
I hope Jared doesn’t get shortchanged in prison.
  • Bruce Wayne
Size matters.
  • DoctorFel
Better headline: “Judge Rules Size Matters” (1 like)
  • Howie59

184 of us actually see a reason to comment on such trivia? We need lives

@Howie59 most just pasted the same size matters “joke”


Submitted to CBC Feedback on March 4:

Among my latest examples of your comments section censorship, I noted (in a Kevin O’Leary article) how I replied to a comment which said, “No, thanks.” My reply was, “Yes, please!”

Content disabled.


As I stated on LettersToTheBeast, every time I think you people have reached a new level of blatant, obvious censorship, you take it as a personal challenge.

I’m here to tell you that I’m not going anywhere. I no longer care if you block my comments, because I will simply put them on my own site. And, by the way, typing CBC content disabled returns my humble effort as link number two. Right under CBC itself. Oh, and by the way, check out all the obnoxious comments your censors DID let through on the Subway Foot Long story.

And, one last thing, when you DO eliminate the comments section (and I hope Keith Bilous paid cash for his Tesla, otherwise he’ll be excreting bricks when that happens), I will put your stories (and in most cases, “stories” are exactly what they are) up on my site, and then tear them apart bit by bit pointing out the lies (see as an example.

Oh yeah, and I like how your censors continue to block any reference to the idea that Mrs. Hillary Clinton may have some, uh, legal problems. And pointing out what happens when you type in John McCain and ISIS.

You know, you really should listen to your new patron, Justin Trudeau. Because now it’s 2016. You can’t get away with the same lies and the same deception you used to sell us babies, incubators and Saddam’s Nukular Bombs.


Malala Yousafzai: Toronto Globe and Mail uses every trick in the book to attack “truthers” and “conspiracy theorists”


Rivero’s Rangers — Michael Rivero,

CBC Content Disabled: February 7, 2016

Trudeau set to reveal details of anti-ISIS mission

Ministers of National Defence, Global Affairs and International Development to attend

By Catherine Cullen, CBC News Posted: Feb 07, 2016 7:56 PM ET

It was a bonanza for Keith Bilous’s CBC News censors as the clamp down on free speech continues. Comments that criticized CBC, reminded readers and viewers about babies, incubators and weapons of mass destruction were killed before they lived. Invitations for fellow readers to simply google “John Mc Cain and ISIS” were similarly “disabled.”


The comments that I would have expected to see from other like-minded readers were nowhere to be found.


McCain: Russian airstrikes target CIA-backed rebels


Quoting: “Hopefully, Mr. Trudeau will take heed of the silent majority of Canadians who want to see him institute conscription and send our young men and women to kick ISIS’ backside. We can defeat terrorism, solve unemployment and toughen up our millennials (sic) all in one go.” You want to defeat “terrorism?” Stop messing around with other peoples’ countries. And knock it off with the fake terror groups. There is no Emanuel Goldstein and we have never been at war with Eastasia. Google John McCain and ISIS. Tells you all you need to know.
The Russians have proved bombing ISIS (for real) works just fine. That’s why they are on the run. Or on the drive in those beautiful Toyota Hilux’s “we” sent them. And that’s what is making John McCain so angry. The Russians are bombing his assets.
Get out of Russia’s way. They have the ISIS thing covered. Ah, but that’s the problem. If you’re John McCain.
“The Russians are bombing our assets!”—John McCain. (Hey John, nice picture of you and Simon Elliot, there).

John McCain ISIS 1

Quoting: “If I hear coast to coast to coast one more time, I think I am going to puke. Every speech we (hear) that there are no tax payers in Canada we are citizens My 2 year old grand daughter is a citizen but not a taxpayer. It’s taxpayers money (you’re) throwing around taxpayers, taxpayers, taxpayers, get it.” The neocons (both Liberal AND Conservative) would have your grand-daughter as well as her future grandchildren enslaved for their entire lifetimes to pay for these fraudulent wars if they had their way. “Liberal” and “conservative” are irrelevant labels. They are all owned by the same people. And I agree. That third “to coast” after “coast to coast” is particularly irksome.
Maybe that’s why the Russians managed to do in three months what “we” couldn’t do in three years: destroy “ISIS.” To the consternation of Bilal Erdogan.
I don’t watch CBC. I don’t watch any of the corporate b.s. media outlets. And I don’t believe anything I can’t independently verify for myself.
Yup. Liberals have been had again. New boss is the same as the old boss. See Barack Obama.
I wonder if Trudeau is smart enough to understand what is really gone on here? I don’t suppose he’s ever googled John McCain and ISIS and seen what pictures pop up? I think he is smart enough. The problem is, just how far can he go? If I could speak ot Mr. Trudeau, I would say just one thing: “Justin, we know what is really happening. And millions of Canadians have your back. Get us out of this thing. It’s a hoax,a  fraud and a farce.”
Quoting: “Please don’t make a fool out of Canada and especially do not humiluate our toops…we have to be a player on the world stage.” Considering “our” troops are participating in a fraudulent, illegal war and considering they are prosecuting that war alongside the very same “allies” that were killing them in Afghanistan, I’d say “humiliation” ought to be the least of your concerns. Our American friends in the U.S. Armed Forces who posted those “I didn’t serve ” pictures seem to be on the right track. This is not Nineteen Eighty Four. That was a novel, not an instruction manual.
Quoting: “If you say so. How long will it take to actually get to the context of the said allegations, CBC?” Just a friendly reminder, the CBC told us Iraqi solders were stealing incubators from Kuwaiti hospitals. And that Saddam Hussein had Nukular Bombs. That the context I take CBC “reporting” in, as well as all of the corporate “media.”
Give ISIS our Sea Kings…gee, that’s not a bad idea. I’m sure they would enjoy their retirement down there in Arizona. Or in that country I can’t name. You know, the place where Abu Bakhr al-Baghdadi died. The first time. According to the Jerusalem Post of April 28, 2015.
Jerusalem Post, April 28, 2015


Submitted to CBC Feedback, February 11, 2016

This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to Mrs. Joly regarding CBC commenting censorship having gone into overdrive. I’ll make it so simple that even you people can understand it: I know you’re full of it. Millions of Canadians know you’re full of it. And clamping down on the comments won’t make a difference. See my “disabled” comments on my own website, You’ve given me quite a collection this week.

You know you’re just making fools of yourself, right?

I like how my comment last week reminding viewers / readers that CBC told us about babies and incubators 25 years ago, and Saddam’s Nukular Bombs 14 years ago. And that fairy tales about “ISIS” ought to be taken in the same light. I also like how your censors at ICUC are also clamping down on any mention of googling John McCain and ISIS.

What a nice picture.

So go ahead. Eliminate the comments section. Admit you’re bullshitting us. Not sure how Keith Bilous is going to pay for his Tesla. But go ahead and do it anyway. That’s one less wasteful thing taxpayers will have to fund.

Bullshit button


Dear Mrs. Joly:

Please find attached a letter I wrote (via paper snail mail) to Peter Mansbridge, CBC’s “chief correspondent” and host of their show, “The National.” I wrote this letter on December 31, 2015.

To put it bluntly, I am sick and tired of being constantly lied to and propagandized. The letter makes reference to the censorship in the comments sections of Since then, that level of censorship has become even more draconian. My own website,, has examples of comments CBC has removed for no reason other than they conflict with a political or corporate agenda. If this were CTV, the Toronto Globe and Mail, the National Post or any other private media empire, I would not care. Newsrooms are closing around the world and jobs are being shed by the thousands as people cease paying to be b.s.’d. But in the case of the CBC, it’s ours. We own it. When they are deceiving us, propagandizing us and outright lying to us, I have every right as a Canadian citizen and a Canadian taxpayer to complain.

As of just this past week, the censorship on has gone into overdrive. Almost all my posts have been “disabled.” And posts from other commenters which regular readers would expect to call out the crap are missing.

I’ll keep this simple: when a simple google search “John McCain ISIS” turns up literally thousands of copies of pictures of U.S. Senator John McCain meeting with “Abu Bakhr al-Baghdadi” (aka Simon Elliot), and other members of “ISIS,” and when the CBC itself has reported that a CSIS agent, Mohammed al-Rashad, was caught smuggling teenage British girls into Syria to “fight” for ISIS, and when Mr. al-Rashad’s “payment” was to be Canadian citizenship awarded by the former Foreign Minister, and when the aforementioned “Mr. al-Baghdadi” – prior to his most recent death – died on April 28, 2015 in israel, attended to by israeli doctors, as reported by that bastion of whacko conspiracy theories, the Jerusalem Post…I could go on with the, ahem, contradictions. And recent media reports have suggested that Mr. Elliot here has come back to life for the third time and is living in northern Iraq. I mean, come on, seriously?

Of course, the previous Harper Regime was the same regime which gave two unknown israeli Mossad agents instant Canadian citizenship after carrying out the murder of

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai. I can only imagine what other crimes were committed over the past decade purportedly in our name. Mind you, when you have a foreign minister who sends the matriarch of a known drug dealing family down to Miami to be “our” consul general, it’s not as if we ought to have the highest expectations of legality and morality in the first place. And this is the guy who made a career out of putting people in prison for victimless crimes.

When the corporate media (presstitutes and whorespondents, to use the terminology of former frequent CBC guest Gerald Celente) are busy trying to tell me stories about ISIS and terrorists and we (as in our children – ours, not yours, mind you) need to go over and kill them, I need only be reminded that these are the same people who told me about babies and incubators 25 years ago, and Saddam’s Nukular Bombs over a decade ago.

To put it succinctly: We know you’re lying, CBC.

I do want to close by telling how much I admire your colleague, Harjit Sajjan, the defense minister. And I’m as conservative as they come (conservative, not fascist; there is a big difference). I used to live at Marine and Fraser 14 years ago. And if I still did, I would have voted for Mr. Sajjan. And I’ve never voted Liberal in my life. Millions of Canadians such as myself live in hope that Mr. Sajjan has come to the same conclusion that we have: the war of terror is a farce, a fraud and a hoax and so is “ISIS.”

The messages I want taken away from this letter are these: First, stop funding the CBC’s lies; and stop Canada’s participation in the u.s. and israeli War of Terror. And get on with it and put a stop to the war on drugs. I never even touch the stuff and I can see how hypocritical and destructive it has become. Nicholson would take some poor fool from Little Burgundy or Jane and Finch or Surrey and lock him up and throw away the key. Meanwhile, when Patrick Brazeau or Rahim Jaffer inadvertently wind up in court, they need only show the judge their “Kiss My Ass” card and walk out the door with a big grin on their respective faces.

Besides yourself, Mrs. Joly, this letter is sent to Messrs. Sajjan and Trudeau, as well as the disgraced former Foreign Minister and M.P. for Niagara Falls Rob Nicholson, who belongs in The Hague along with the rest of the former Harper War Crime Regime. I didn’t vote for the Liberal Party. In fact I voted for the NDP for the first time in my life because theirs was the only leader who was promising fiscal sanity in Ottawa. And in Niagara Falls, Ontario, they happened to have had the best local candidate running. I’m sorry she didn’t win and that the money up in Niagara-On-The-Lake defeated the good people of Niagara Falls and Fort Erie ONCE AGAIN. Having said that, if your government turns on your Liberal supporters the way Barack Hussein Obama stabbed his supporters in the back by carrying on the neocon agenda, you are going to have tens of millions of pissed off Canadians to deal with.

I think you know what John F. Kennedy said about peaceful revolution having been made impossible. We’re almost there. Trust me.

This letter will be posted (when I have time) on


CBC, Peter Mansbridge: Cut the crap, Tell the truth or shut up.

JFK Revolution

Grave sites of John F. Kennedy and Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, March 27, 2014 (LettersToTheBeast).


How many countries does the US have to invade before it’s a world war? — Michael Rivero,

CBC, Peter Mansbridge: Cut the crap, Tell the truth or shut up.

Peter Mansbridge Gulf Crisis Spectator Tribune
Canada’s state broadcaster spokesman Peter Mansbridge (Spectator Tribune)

December 31, 2015

Mr. Peter Mansbridge

Chief Correspondent

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

P.O. Box 500

Station “A”

Toronto, Ontario

M5W 1E6

Dear Mr. Mansbridge:

While I do not watch The National or any other CBC news program, I do view your company’s website. I assume that a good portion of web articles form a portion of CBC’s broadcasting news programming as well. As a Canadian citizen, and a Canadian taxpayer, I have a right to object when news programming is erroneous (at best) or outright propaganda and false at worst. The list of “news stories” which fall into those categories is a long one. And CBC is by no means the sole offender.

Bullshit button

I will concentrate on falsehoods and propaganda broadcast by CBC which is intended to drive us into the Third World War and eventual nuclear oblivion.


CBC’s reportage on Ukraine and Crimea suggests that there was a Russian invasion of the Crimea and that Russian troops occupy Ukraine. The fact is the former president, Viktor Yanukovych was deposed in a western (i.e. U.S. government / CIA)-backed coup after he decided Ukraine did not want to be part of the European Union. Yanukovych was replaced by chocolate baron Petro Poroshenko. Crimean residents voted: to a) break away from Ukraine; and b) apply to join Russia. The country has been embroiled in a civil war ever since. CBC has also reported, and allowed on-air comments to go unchallenged, that “Russia” shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 when there has been absolutely no evidence to suggest this. The crash scene has been severely tampered, there is no chain of evidence and what “evidence” that does exist is not freely shared.

MH17 Teddy Bear
A soldier, leading international investigators, picked up a teddy bear, then put it back down. But the Bullshit Media claimed he was a looter. So what else were the B.S.M. lying about?

The world is being hoaxed into believing that there is an evil entity out there known as ISIS, and ISIL, and IS and Khorosan and some other names I can’t quite recall right now. No mention is made of John McCain’s links to ISIS (et al) and chief Boogeyman Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (aka Simon Elliot). CBC reporting of CSIS agent Mohammed al-Rashad smuggling three teen British girls into Syria to “fight” for ISIS was quickly memory-holed. Typing John McCain and ISIS really does tell us all we need to know. The coining of the name“Khorosan” was a particularly foolish choice as Star Wars geeks would immediately associate it with Coruscant (i.e. false flag) with is probably why use of that term dropped rather quickly. People who understand Arabic chuckle when they hear “al-qaeda” because that is Arabic slang for “toilet.” Not unlike the john, the bowl, or the crapper. Can you imagine if Gerry Adams (or his voice actor for BBC news reports) had said, “I’m from the Crapper and I’m going to kill you all!”? We’d all die. Of laughter.

Ghoulie coming out of the toilet
Deceased international criminal Osama bin Laden (1957-2002) in this undated photograph.

“We” have been bombing Syria for three years now and accomplished nothing. At the request of the government of Syria, Russia started bombing real ISIS positions and, lo and behold, ISIS is on the run. Or, more accurately, on the drive. In the new Toyota pick-up trucks “we” sent them. The U.S. military “apologized” for “accidentally” – and repeatedly – dropping food, ammunition, materiel and other supplies over ISIS positions. The Army also, uh, apologized for having trained “moderate” rebels which mysteriously and inexplicably ended up “joining ISIS.”

John McCain ISIS 1
“Get outta here, you low-life scum!” — John McCain

The success of Russia’s air force against ISIS ought to be applauded. Yet instead, they have castigated. As has Vladimir Putin and Russia as a whole. Russia effectively destroys ISIS in Syria and what do they get for their trouble? Turkey shoots (no pun intended) down one of their planes. I’m sure it’s just a tragic co-incidence that that plane had just finished bombing an ISIS-captured oil refinery that was loading oil onto one of Bilal Erdogan’s (the Turkish presidenet’s son) new oil tankers for trans-shipment to Europe and the West.

Getting back to Mr. Elliot, sorry, Mr. Abu Bakr-al Baghdadi (oh, boy’s that a scary Muslim name, isn’t it, Mr. Mansbridge?) how can he be in a position to release a new USAma bin Laden-style tape when the man was reported dead on April 28, 2015? In fact, the Jerusalem Post of that date reported that, not only had Mr. Elliot died, but his death took place in Israel, while being tended to by Israeli doctors.


Mr. Elliot’s video, as have all the other ISIS videos (or as I refer to them, “movies”) come from one source: Rita Katz and her SITE “Intelligence Agency,” an Israel-based outfit that somehow “discovers” these films on “Muslim websites” using methods apparently not available to anybody else.

To demonstrate just how hostile the CBC and the rest of the corporate media is to people who go off-script. Tom Mulcair asked one simple question after the purported death of USA bin Laden while being interviewed by Evan Solomon on Power & Politics: where’s the body? And you people pilloried him for it. It lead Newsworld newscasts for the next several hours. Mulcair was portrayed as a “conspiracy theorist” and ridiculed by pliant on-air guests to accommodate the agenda.

I actually wrote Mr. Mulcair a letter saying if it weren’t for the fact he was a taxer-spender, a global warming hoaxer and a gun-grabber, I would vote for him.

CBC continues to deceive viewers when it comes to the “financial crisis.” For the record, I watched “Meltdown.” And I watched the late Jim Flaherty’s own meltdown when the subject of Iceland came up. You may recall Iceland was the only country to say “no” to the banksters. And their government – that is the government the good people of Iceland elected after the previous one was proven corrupt – didn’t just say “no.” It arrested the banking criminals still within the country and issued Interpol warrants for those that escaped.

Jump You Fuckers

CBC’s reporting fails to mention that the “debt” taxpayers are expected to service is artificially created out of thin air by privately-owned central banks. The role of George Papandreou, Prime Minister of Greece until 2011 and his secret “payday loan” deals with Goldman Sachs is completely ignored. In fact, any mention of Goldman Sachs’ responsibility for financial criminality around the planet is overlooked in corporate media reporting.

I believe you have a responsibility to inform viewers that what you refer to as “debt” is a system where banks make stupid decisions, the central banks owned by those private banks print up trillions of Euros and Dollars, loan it to governments’ finance departments who then give it to the banks outright. Ireland was considered an economic miracle. Until the day after it joined the Euro.

As you know, has a comments section. I understand your show, “The National” ran a segment which discussed cutting off that feature. I don’t know, because, again, I don’t watch your show. The censorship of these comments is beyond draconian. It is blatant. Your censors as Keith Bilous’s ICUC are supposed to be on the lookout for offensive language, off-topic comments, CAPS, slander, “hate,” etc. They are clearly not only acting in a partisan manner, but acting on behalf of the clients of their “reputation management services,” another service provided by ICUC. In comments discussing “mass shootings,” any comment where I have inquired about what medications the purported “shooter” or “shooters” may have been on is swiftly killed. Medication, anti-depressants, SSRI’s will ensure my “content” is “disabled.” So either ICUC is protecting its Big Pharma clients. Or it is protecting CBC’s Big Pharma advertisers. Or both.


From my experience, it is obvious the Clinton Global Initiative (aka the Bill, Hilary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation) is obviously an ICUC client. Here is a selection of my censored comments:

Nice try. The “bail-in” regime (aka “negative interest rates”) was instituted as a “contingency” by Jim Flaherty (1 like)

Question number one regarding such incidents which always gets deleted: Do we know what prescription medications the shooters were on, or were withdrawing from?”

Quoting “I still for the life of me cannot understand how a wife and husband can have a 6 month old baby and jointly plan and go on a killing spree leaving the baby with the grandmother.” “Kind of makes you wonder what medications they were on. Yeah, yeah, I know. Content Disabled.”

Adam Ghadan was Adam Pearlman before he “converted.” Joseph Cohen became Yousef al-Khatab. Zachary Chesser became known as Abu Tahlah al-Amtrikee. Adam’s grand-daddy ran the ADL. Joe used to hang out outside mosques and beat up Muslims.”

Hey, Keith, why are you blocking comments mentioning SSRIs and other prescription medication?”

Quoting: “Man tries to open door on a European Lufthansa flight while shouting he wants to join ‘youknowwho’ but this site is ignoring it. Disgusting” “He ought to do a simple Google Image search of John McCain and youknowwho to see just whom he is joining.”

Context: Why don’t YOU run for office: “I’m not a psychopathic liar willing to tell anybody what they want to hear, willing to sell my own mother for a dollar and willing to subvert myself and my country to a foreign power. So, in short, I don’t have a prayer (of) being elected under the current system.”

Hey, CBC, how can you still, in good conscience, report the popular narrative about “ISIS” when, if anything, this incident destroys that narrative once and for all? Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet that was actually bombing REAL terrorist targets. I mean, seriously, what else do we need to know? This war really is a fake, a fraud, a farce and a hoax. And you are insulting the intelligence of millions of Canadians (to say nothing of the rest of the world) by continuing to pretend otherwise. Twenty-three years ago, you had the courage to expose the Babies and Incubators hoax (The Fifth Estate: To Sell A War). It’s time to grow another pair and expose this one before millions MORE people get killed.” (45 likes).

I agree. The best conservatives can hope for is a conservative-minded leader (see Paul Martin) because the Conservative party is done for at least a generation. And I’m a lifelong conservative voter. My Liberal friends, the Harper regime was not conservative. It was fascist. (13 likes).

Quoting: ” ‘Sharia Law! Ontariowe! Communism! They’re taking our guns! Immigrants cancelling Christmas! Children smoking drugs in from of their teachers! Did I get everything, Stephen?’ Well, yeah, you missed the most important element of the Two Minutes of Hate: The Terrorists! They’re coming to get you! They’ll flatulate in our elevators! Tear the tags off of our mattresses! They’ll mate with our women (just ask the previous defense minister)! Oh, please, Mr. Government, save us!

Quoting previous comment: ” ‘ You might not support the mission, but you have to support the troops.’ Not if they’re committing war crimes we don’t. That’s why Chretien shut down the Canadian Airborne Regiment.” (3 likes)

Are u.s. and other ‘allied’ troops still guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan and shipping the finished product home? I’m wearing a white poppy. I’m done with this crap.” (2 likes).

It’s a shame the “Whitewater hearings” spent so much time concentrating on a real estate scame and a stained blue dress while completely overlooking a little town called Mena, Arkansas. And its municipal airport. (1 like)

We came, we saw, he died! Ha! Ha! Ha!” (2 likes) Posting this particular quote by Missus Clinton ALWAYS gets deleted. Care to explain that one?

Retain power at all costs” (quoting a previous comment). You’d almost think Steve was a former Liberal. Oh, wait…

Relax. Read the comments. We’re winning. And these are just the comments that aren’t memory-holed by ICUC. The neocons are in a panic because Russia is exposing this hoax. (3 likes).

I’m no shill…and I do have a brain. I also read the CBC’s reports about CSIS agent Mohammed al-Rashad smuggling teen British girls into Syria to “fight” for “ISIS. And I know about John McCain meeting with al-Baghdadi. And John McCain ISIS selfies. I know “we” have been air dropping supplies and materiel on ISIS positions in Syria. And even giving them a fleet of Toyota pick-up trucks. The Russians have accomplished in Syria what “we” couldn’t do in two years. (2 likes).

Yeah, good luck with that, Steve. And BTW, I donated to Ford’s campaign. I did not (and do not) live in Toronto. Of course, at the time, I didn’t know Ford was a pathological liar and a drug addict and had a personal and family criminal history. I repudiated my previous support of Stephen Harper (circa 2006) and quickly repudiated my support for Ford when I learned I had been had AGAIN. Too bad there are so many simple-minded neocons that just can admit they have been had, too. (1 like).

There are more, Mr. Mansbridge. I would invite you to check out my own website,, where, among other things, I post screenshots of my deleted comments. And the number of “likes” before your censors get around to killing them.

And however mistaken you may believe regarding my interpretation of your reporting is, I would like to remind you of two very important facts: In 1990 and 1991, Mr. Mansbridge, you told me that Iraqi soldiers were removing babies from incubators in Kuwaiti hospitals, throwing them on the floor, stealing the incubators and taking them back to Iraq. And in 2003, you told me Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction.”

Nariyah al-sabah
15-year-old war criminal Nayirah al-Sabah gives testimony before the U.S. Congress on October 10, 1990 about purported brutality by Iraqi troops, including killings of babies and theft of incubators from Kuwaiti hospitals.



Congratulations Hill & Knowlton, the Central Intelligence Agency and the broader U.S. government on the 25th anniversay of “Babies and Incubators

No, sir. It stops here. I’m not buying this crap any longer. You are not going “to sell a war” (with apologies to Lynden MacIntyre) again. And judging by the tone of my fellow commenters, I am not alone in that assessment. And those are just the comments that aren’t “pinked.” It seems a good number of us are there for no other purpose than to call out the bovine excrement. If CBC wants to disable the comments section, go ahead. I don’t care. Watch your web viewership plummet, and the eyes viewing your on-line advertising sink along with it (see the Toronto Sun). And if you think the Liberal government will be your new sugar daddy, I suggest you go to YouTube and look at Julie van Dusen’s temper tantrum with Sheila Copps when Julie felt funding increases to the CBC were unduly insufficient. My memory is a bit hazy after all these years, but I’m pretty sure Copps was a Liberal.

I respectfully suggest you and your corporate / government masters have two choices: we can either spout off on your little comments sections. Or, having had that means of presenting our grievances removed from us and with nothing better to do, we can show up by the hundreds of thousands or millions on Front Street, Bay Street, Wellington Street and Bank Street and make our voices heard that way. The world is coming to two very uncomfortable conclusions: a) the conspiracy kooks were right and; b) they are probably right about a number of other things as well.

Nicolaie and Elena Ceaucescu execution

This letter touched on just a few of the things that you report and are provably false. Don’t even get me started on September 11, 2001, Sandy Hook (aka Sandy Hoax) and global warming.

James Fetzer – Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

Snowfalls are now a thing of the past (The London Independent, March 20, 2000)

I am 46 years old. When I was a schoolboy and my little head was being filled with commies, Rooskies and “nukular bombs,” I couldn’t possibly imagine I would grow up to live in a world where Russia was a free country, the United States was a fascist police state and Canada wasn’t far behind. And I sure wouldn’t have believe Canada would have degenerated into a country where you are free to say anything you want about the government of Canada, but would go to jail for speaking ill of the government of Israel and its agents and lobby overseas.


Feel free to check out this letter on where I will supply links to back up every single claim I have made. To put it bluntly: I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more.

Yours sincerely,

original signed by



cc: CBC Audience Relations, Melanie Joly, Robert Nicholson, Thomas Mulcair

Howard Beale


Before the creation of the federal reserve, there was no such thing as a world war! — Michael Rivero,

Carolynn Ioanonni is the NDP’s candidate for Niagara Falls in the October 19th federal election

Carolynn Ioanonni Tom Mulcair
Niagara Falls city counciwoman Carolynn Ioanonni poses with federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair during a campaign stop at Niagara Helicopters on August 16, 2015.

Dear Mrs. Ioanonni:

I would like you to know that, as a lifelong PC / Reform / Alliance / Conservative voter (I once lived in Burnaby Kingsway; I never had the opportunity to vote for Svend Robinson, however I would have done so regardless of politics because he was an excellent MP and activist for his constituents), I will be voting for you this time. You can also count on the support of my wife, Melissa, as well.

I wrote your leader, Mr. Mulcair, a letter on June 1, 2015. I reproduced this letter on my humble blog effort, This message will also end up on my blog.


The gist of this letter is to that I will support your party in this election, but Mr. Mulcair, and an equally capable finance minister, need to restrain the far-left agenda types that may also find themselves elected. In short, your party will need a clone of Paul Martin. Andrew Thomson, should he be elected, would be acceptable.

If your party surprises right-leaning Canadians by governing responsibly not going overboard with crazy promises, I will be happy to vote for you again.

Should Mr. Mulcair become prime minister, I would expect his first act of office to be to introduce legislation to repeal not only bill C-51, but C-38 and all the other draconian legislation Mr. Nicholson, as well as Messrs. Toews and MacKay have stickhandled through parliament in the guise of “omnibus bills.”

It goes without saying that I would also expect you, personally, to be accessible as our member of parliament. I’m not saying I expect you to invite your constituents to drop over and chat in your back yard as our previous M.P. Gary Pilletteri did (though it would be a nice gesture). But I would expect you to hold regular public meetings, to answer your mail, return phone calls and meet with your constituents in your office. Mr. Nicholson has been in hiding for a decade and it is beyond me how he continued being elected term after term.

I have sent your office a small donation (for myself and my wife) and I will undertake to send more in over the course of the election as my finances permit.

Not to end on an unpleasant point, but should you be elected (and I hope you are), and your party attains power, I can promise you will never here the end of me if Mr. Mulcair goes Bob Rae in a hurry.

Thank you and good luck.

Rob Nicholson Tackling Me
Niagara Falls Conservative Party candidate Robert “Rob” Nicholson is seeking re-election in Niagara Falls.

FLASHBACK: June 4, 2015

Canadian conservatives: Electing an NDP government is the only way to preserve and regain our freedoms; including the freedom to rebuild the Conservative Party

June 1, 2015

Mr. Thomas Mulcair, M.P.

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A5

Dear Mr. Mulcair:

I am writing to first congratulate your party on your provincial colleagues’ win in Alberta last month. I am also writing to tell you that, as a conservative, I will be taking a huge chance and voting for your party federally in the next general election. Clearly the good people of Alberta feel as I do.

I am hopeful that your party can find a candidate here in Niagara Falls that can pull off a win as impressive as Wayne Gates did in the past provincial general election and by-election.

Yours was the only party who opposed the “anti-terrorism” legislation, bill C-51. And you, personally, were the only politician in the country who had the courage to point out certain questions with regards to the purported death of USAma bin-Laden.

While I realize an NDP government would have certain loyalties and agendas to implement, I would ask that a Mulcair administration:

  • End Canadian participation in the U.S. War of Terror and “war on drugs.”

  • Repeal all Harper regime legislation which seeks to implement a police state

  • Restore constitutional freedoms

  • End unconditional support for the government of israel, stop all foreign aid to that government and cease enabling its war crimes

  • introduce legislation to elect senators in the long term. And in the short term, do not appoint any senators under the age of 70.

  • Pardon all Canadians convicted of victimless (i.e. drug possession) crimes, and release those currently caged.

  • Repeal Canada – U.S. – “border security” arrangements which seek to allow U.S. Police agents to operate and be armed in our country.

  • Eliminate the parliamentary “pension plan” for current members of parliament and investigate repudiating past obligations.

  • Order the RCMP to open an impartial investigation into criminal code offenses and War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity offenses committed by members of the Harper regime and appoint a special prosecutor.

To be clear, I oppose many of the policies of the NDP. As a resident of Ontario throughout the Bob Rae government of the 1990s, you can understand why. I abhor big government, even bigger taxation, a cradle-to-grave nanny-state and gun-grabbing. I am under no illusion that you and I will see eye-to-eye on those matters. However, even Bob Rae surprised us. Unfortunately, it was too late by then.

I am certain, however, that if you want to implement your socialist agenda, you have to give Canadians the tools make the money in order to pay the taxes to do so. First and foremost, we need the banksters thrown off of parliament hill. We need the Bank of Canada – if not abolished – to at least work for Canadians. We can accomplish that by ordering the Bank to return to its original purpose of issuing credit to the government of Canada at zero interest. And issuing our public currency at no cost. As it stands now, every “dollar” issued by the Bank of Canada is a loan at interest.

We can also agree that paying interest on debt is a waste of money that could better be used for good of Canadians. Paul Martin had us on the road to paying off our debt. Our country needs to be debt-free while it is still mathematically possible. Canadians need to understand that banks thrive on debt – both consumer and public. Nothing will bring the banksters to heel quite like becoming debt-free. Just make sure you are wearing your Kevlar underpants because the Rothschilds and the “federal” “reserve” won’t be happy with you (see Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria for examples of their displeasure).

We need a government that will repudiate past governments’ one-way trade deals, particularly with China and Mexico. Allowing corporations to move their factories to third-world countries with no environmental, labour or wage legislation and then ship their goods back here tariff-free makes absolutely no sense. It is a simple matter to re-instate countervailing duties. Governments – both Conservative and Liberal – had such policies in place for over a century prior to NAFTA. If the Trans-Pacific Partnership is implemented in Canada by the Harper regime, I would expect your government to repudiate and repeal it, in its entirety.

If your future government is willing to restore our constitutional freedoms and do what is necessary to bring good-paying manufacturing jobs back to Canada, even if it means displeasing Wall Street, and if your government does not succumb to the temptation of going overboard with socialism, I believe you can count on the support of millions of conservative Canadians.

Canadians have never opposed paying a reasonable level of taxation. However, we expect something in return. We want good roads, good schools, hospitals, fire departments, police as servants of the people, our neighbours taken care of in times of need. On the other hand, using our hard-earned tax money to fund a state spy grid, government corruption, Wall Street, the City of London, foreign aid to third-world despots, sending our military around the world to make the world safe for U.S. Dollar hegemony, and funding israeli government war crimes are NOT a wise use of our money. Or the lives of our young people, for that matter.

I am a conservative. And I am a union member. And I am willing to give your party a chance. This once.

israel - Thomas Mulcair

In closing, should you be chosen by the people of Canada to be Prime Minister this Fall, I would expect you to lay down the law with your future caucus: If any member is found to be working for a foreign influence (i.e. a foreign government – even israel -, a globalist organization such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission or Bilderberg, or a bank or corporation) he or she will be expelled from caucus and your party. Mr. Mulcair, Libby Davies was right. And you were wrong.


P.S.: Please, sir. Don’t stab us in the back like Obama did to his supporters.

Asshole of the week: Canadian senator The Reverend Donald Meredith. The man can’t even get laid by someone his own age

I feel that I may have been to hasty in my judgment regarding the good Senator Reverend Meredith. After all, he is a man of the cloth. And the fact that a) he is diddling the girls; and b) the girls are not pre-pubescent is a step in the right direction.

For the benefit of LettersToTheBeast readers outside of Canada, Canadian senators are not elected; they are appointed by the sitting prime minister (in this case Stephen “Steve” Harper). Incredibly, a Canadian senate appointment is virtually a job for life. Their “term” ends on their 75th birthday. Nor surprisingly , senators are held in very low esteem by Canadians.

The Canadian senate, since its creation in 1867, has been nothing more than the ultimate reward for loyal party service.

Amending the Canadian constitution has proved to be nearly impossible. However, there would be nothing stopping a government from introducing legislation directing, Elections Canada, the independent federal elections authority, to hold elections for senate candidates and for the prime minister to act on that “advice” from the voters accordingly.

Stephen Harper originally ran on a platform which included, among other things, reform of the senate. Sadly, this is but one of many promises that he has broken.

Meredith was appointed by Harper in 2008. This means he would have voted on all of the objectionable legislation that has been passed by the Harper regime, including the recent “anti-terrorism” act, bill C-58.

If you have a problem with my using unfortunate language when writing to politicians, that’s really your problem. I do not recognize the legitmacy of the Harper regime. It has repeatedly acted outside the law. It has engaged in and enabled war crimes. We have seen nearly a decade of non-stop corruption and criminality. Canadians have no duty to obey a law passed with the help of characters such as Meredith.

I often say politicians in Canada and elsewhere should thank their lucky stars that we are still at the Angry Letter Writing stage. Two centuries ago, tyrants would have feared my American ancestors showing up on their doorsteps with pitchforks, tar, feather and of course, torches.

Tarring and feathering the tax collector

Two-and-a-half centuries ago, the French people (back when they weren’t pussies), were more direct in their anger.

French revolution guillotine

This letter is addressed to Robert “Rob” Nicholson, the member of parliament “representing” Niagara Falls, Ontario. Nicholson is currently The Harper Regime’s foreign minister. He has previously “served” as defense minister and attorney general.

Canadian foreign minister Robert "Rob" Nicholson (centre)
Canadian foreign minister Robert “Rob” Nicholson (second from left, blue tie)

As Attorney General, Nicholson was responsible for steering the various police-state legislation through parliament. He will be up for re-election as member of parliament on October 19, 2015. If Niagara Falls voters do not re-elect him as their M.P., he will be removed from his position as minister, even if the Harper regime is re-elected.

Don Meredith
Canadian appointed-’til-75 senator The Reverend Donald Meredith (CON). (Leo Housakos, CON, Senate Speaker)

Sure have your share of ass holes up there, Bob. Seriously, Bob? Can’t you, Toews and God knows how many more of you psychopaths do better than adolescent girlfriends?

All that power and money and you sons of bitches can’t even get laid by someone in your own age group? I’M LAUGHING AT YOU, BOB. YOU ARE PATHETIC. ALL OF YOU.

Can’t wait till October and the voters kick your sorry ass out of office. I hope Prime Minister Mulcair has the courage to appoint a team of special prosecutors and investigates what the hell has gone on up there for the past decade. I’d start with you, Nicholson. You have been fighting for police to have unlimited power and resources for years now. I disagree with your position, but in your case I am willing to make an exception.

Your pension will REALLY go far in the Collins Bay canteen.

PS: We’re the boss, Nicholson. Not you. Don’t you ever forget it. The day Canadians allow themselves to be terrorized by government ( like our American friends) is the day we’ve lost our country forever. No goddamn way, Nicholson. Not in my lifetime.

Senator Don Meredith kicked out of Conservative caucus

Ottawa teenager went to Toronto Star with allegation of two-year affair that began when she was 16

The teen told the Star the relationship began with chats online that became suggestive in nature, and progressed to include sexual intimacy, including intercourse after she turned 18.

The Criminal Code defines the age of consent in Canada as 18 if sexual activity occurs in a relationship of authority, trust or dependency.

Meredith, 50, is  an ordained minister at a Pentecostal church in Vaughan, Ont. He ran unsuccessfully for the Tories in Toronto Centre in a 2008 byelection.

The Senate confirmed last week it had undertaken a workplace review in February amid rumours of harassment and bullying in Meredith’s office. No formal complaint was made.

The concerns related to at least four employees.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CANADA: Trudeau Liberals’ support of C-51 removes them as a credible alternative to the Harper regime

June 1, 2015

Mr. Justin Trudeau, M.P.

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A5

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

israel - Justin Trudeau
Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau (fourth from left)

I am writing to inform you of my disgust with you and your party regarding your support of the Harper regime’s bill C-51, the “anti-terrorism” legislation.

The Harper regime could have passed this legislation without your help. By enabling the regime in further stripping away our freedoms, you and your party are beyond redemption.

My riding, Niagara Falls, is represented by one of the most dangerous, tyrannical proponents of the police state, Robert Nicholson. On June 13, 2014, I wrote to your office imploring you to get your act together and actually run some quality candidates (for a change) in the next election. I pointed out the necessity of identifying ridings such as mine where cabinet ministers needed to be defeated for the good of all Canadians, not just the good of your party.

Robert "Rob" Nicholson (left) is the member of parliament for Niagara Falls, Ontario. Nicholson, current Canadian foreign minister was previously defense minister and attorney general (photo: israel Prime Minister's Office)
Robert “Rob” Nicholson (left) is the member of parliament for Niagara Falls, Ontario. Nicholson, current Canadian foreign minister was previously defense minister and attorney general (photo: israel Prime Minister’s Office)

This letter should have been indication that I was inclined to vote for your party. That is no longer the case.

In the next federal election, I will be voting for the N.D.P. candidate in Niagara Falls. I don’t know who that person is and I don’t care. At this rate, the N.D.P. could field a chimpanzee and dress him or her in an orange leisure suit and I would still vote for him / her. When it comes to the issue of freedom and constitutional restoration, the NDP is the only party that has consistently opposed the Harper regime.

Regrettably, with an NDP government, I also must endure the continuation of the global warming hoax, carbon taxes and gun grabbing, among other things. I must also recognize that the leader of that party, Mr. Mulcair, is as much an israel-firster as you, your caucus colleagues, and the Harper regime. Frankly, I am counting on the rest of the current and future NDP caucus to keep Mr. Mulcair in line on the israel issue (as Ms. Davies tried unsuccessfully to do).

But none of that matters. Freedom and liberty are the only issues that matter. It is terribly ironic that the NDP is the only party that comes close to delivering.

I realize that an NDP government is committed to high taxes and big government. But that is what we have suffered under decades of Liberal and Conservative governments anyway. I am counting on a Mulcair government to find savings in ending participation in the U.S. War of Terror (and hopefully) the “war on drugs”) in order to fund its agenda without further raising taxes.

It has also occurred to me that Mr. Mulcair could stab his voters in the back and continue the Harper agenda, just as Mr. Obama continued the policies of the Bush regime. There is one thing standing in the way of that happening, however. The globalist organizations with which you are no doubt very familiar (Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and the other banksters, etc) have their A-team (Conservative) and their B-team (Liberal). I doubt very much they ever bothered with a C-team. And if they did, I cannot think of many NDP-minded candidates who would be inclined to carry out their agenda. So, to be blunt, as Big Oil in Alberta is finding, they are screwed in the NDP wins the next election.

As a conservative, I feel immense regret and contrition for working against the election of Paul Martin over a decade ago. Overlooking the occasional corruption and mismanagement issues of the Chretien government, Mr. Martin was the closest thing we ever got to a Reform government. He was working towards paying down – and off – our national debt. He was a genuinely decent guy. Unfortunately, Mr. Martin also jetted around the world signing the “Team Canada” trade “deal” which have decimated our country’s manufacturing base. Somehow, I can’t see Thomas Mulcair or his future cabinet doing that to us. I hope I am not being had. Again. Mr. Harper positioned himself as a libertarian starve-the-beast conservative. I thought he could only improve on what Martin had done. Boy, was I fooled.

Mr. Trudeau, I cannot tell you how bitterly you disappointed me. However, millions of Canadians do owe you a debt of gratitude: for the first time in generations, we finally have a clear alternative in the next election.

My only hope is that a replication of Alberta – nationwide – will lead to a rebuilding of the Conservative and Liberal parties from the ground up. And maybe, if we’re really lucky, your parties will finally elect leaders and run candidates whose first and only loyalty is to Canada and who recognize the supremacy of our natural-born freedoms.



Justin Trudeau, it’s time to stop dicking around

June 13, 2014 (original incorrectly dated at January 13)

Mr. Justin Trudeau, M.P.

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

As a conservative-minded Canadian and former Conservative voter, I am writing to appeal to you and your party to get your (crap) together before the next election.

Here in Niagara Falls, we have a patriotic duty to our country to make sure our current member of parliament, Rob Nicholson, is not re-elected. He is a proponent of the police state and for that he needs to go. He should have been defeated in 2011. Unfortunately, your party chose to field an ineffective, incompetent candidate.

I would like to share with you a sampling of the intellectual heavyweight your provincial cousins chose to offer us, based on his purportedly self-written profile in the Niagara Falls Review newspaper of June 11, 2014:

Why I’m running/key issues: The focus of Lionel’s (sic) campaign has three elements: jobs, transportation and health care. I believes (sic) that I can bring jobs to Niagara, to reinvigorate and revive Niagara’s failing industrial sector. I am committed to bringing regular GO Transit service to Niagara so that Niagara will be connected to the rest of the province. I believes (sic) that all people of Niagara have a fundamental entitlement to quality accessible health care and that a hospital must be built sooner, rather than later, to address the needs of southern Niagara’s citizens.

—Lionel Tupman, age 26, lawyer

Mr. Tupman came in third place, 17,000 votes behind NDP incumbent Wayne Gates. Voters probably did this rich kid from Niagara-on-the-Lake a favour because on the first day of his campaign, he vowed to sue someone who had created a fake twitter account. If the boy doesn’t understand that dirty tricks and people saying mean things about you go hand-in-hand with politics, then the provincial riding association really screwed up with this one.

If your party expects my vote in the next federal election, you will field a candidate who will serve as a credible, engaging representative of the people. Hopefully somebody high-profile. Sticking us with whatever parasitic lawyer who is able to win the nomination will not cut it with me.

If the Liberal Party isn’t identifying ridings with current Conservative cabinet ministers and making those a high priority, then you are not doing your job as leader. In the case of Niagara Falls, it’s not just a matter of getting a winning candidate. It’s a national emergency. We have a member of parliament and cabinet minister who is an open opponent of the constitution. He advocates unlimited powers for police, supports the U.S. War of Terror, and is accelerating the policy of imprisoning Canadians for victimless offenses.

The only circumstances under which I would vote for your party is if both its leader and its party advocated a platform of a constitutional restoration, and a return to the fiscal sanity that Mr. Martin provided. I often express my regret for not voting (or at least supporting) your party when Paul Martin was leader and finance minister. He was the closest thing our country got to a true conservative leader.

You will also need to repudiate the policy of one-way free trade deals espoused by Messrs. Chretien and Martin. There are only two ways manufacturing will return and thus the depression will end: a) impose countervailing duties on goods manufactured by slaves with no labour, wage or environmental regulations or; b) Canadians must be willing to work for 25 cents per hour, 12 hours per day, seven days per week in factories with suicide nets. If Ontarians thought “b” was practical, Mr. Hudak would have won by a landslide last night.

While I could be persuaded to vote Liberal in the next federal election if that is what it takes to remove my current M.P. from office, if your party were to abandon its policies of gun-grabbing, blind obedience to Israel and implementing “carbon taxes” in the name of propagating the global warming hoax, I would gladly become a member as well.

For now, I am content to accept baby steps. End the “war on drugs” (and I don’t even smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, by the way), stop supporting the War of Terror, and reign in the police state. That, and cut spending and reduce taxes.

Up until 2004, we had an excellent Member of Parliament here in Niagara Falls: Gary Pilleteri. Mr. Pilleteri was a throwback to the way M.P.s used to be. And should be now. When he wasn’t in Ottawa, he could be found at his winery in Niagara on the Lake. Occasionally, I used to drop by and chat with him in his back yard. If it wasn’t for the fact that the man is pushing 80, I would drop by his winery and plead with him to run again. Did I happen to mention that I am a conservative?

Who is Rob Nicholson? Other than on television or in my mailbox, I have never seen his face. I have never seen him while walking down the street, or riding the city bus, or shopping. And he sure hasn’t invited me to join him in his back yard. For the years I have lived here, I can’t remember him even holding a public event (“town hall meeting” or something along those lines.

He is completely ineffective as a member of parliament. And the fault is partially your parties for consistently failing to offer up a credible candidate.

It is called the House of Commons for a reason: the house of the common people. Not a club for lawyers and accountants. We need more people with real jobs and real life experience in Ottawa. I will never vote for a lawyer or an accountant because they are only there to perpetuate job security for their respective occupations.

Mr. Trudeau, this is our last chance to push back against fascism. As leader of the Liberal Party, you need to put the interests of Canadians ahead of your party if you care about the future of your children.

We can’t afford to fool around in the upcoming election. As the Harper Regime becomes more tyrannical and more fascist, this may be our last chance.