CBC Content Disabled: February 29, 2016

Apple can’t be forced to provide iPhone data in drug case, judge rules

Extraction technique has been used about 70 times before to assist investigators

The Associated Press Posted: Feb 29, 2016 6:03 PM ET


2016-03-04 08_26_18-


2016-03-04 08_25_03-First ministers' next steps on carbon pricing obscured by smog_ Chris Hall - Pol
Quoting “No information should be sacred when it comes to the protection of the public, particularly information relating to drugb dealers are terrorists. If there is a clear public interest at stake, then law enforcement should be granted access. Individual rights are not absolute.” — Okay then. When can we expect the federal bureau of incineration to break down John McCain’s door, seize his cellphone and find out just how many other selfies he has on there? Besides the ISIS selfies we already know about and available with a simple google search, I mean. Oh, but we’re not going to talk about that, are we? That’s a “conspiracy theory.” And you’re wrong, by the way. Individual rights ARE absolute. In the U.S., in Canada, in Britain, everywhere. Whether they are written on parchment or not.

Ah, for krysakes, do I have to run that goddamned picture again?

Sigh…okay, here goes…

2016-03-04 09_24_42-

John McCain ISIS 1
“Get outta here, you low-life scum!” — John McCain

Yet CBC and the ICUC censors had no problem with essentially the same remarks in other posts:

2016-03-04 10_11_32-Trump assures America he has normal-sized hands and genitalia - Trending - CBC N
Quoting “Maybe a judge can’t force them but the public can. I will not buy anymore (sic) Apple products until they help in the fight against ISIS” — John McCain appears in selfies with “Abu Bakhr al-Baghdadi” and other “ISIS” characters. The U.S. government has admitted supplying “ISIS” with food, materiel, other supplies and even Toyota pick-up trucks. Russia bombs REAL ISIS positions and gets their planes shot down for their trouble. And you’re complaining about Apple? Seriously? How many Apple products do you own, anyway?

2016-03-04 10_12_20-Trump assures America he has normal-sized hands and genitalia - Trending - CBC N

Quoting “Until the day comes when Politicians and their appointed Officials can be held Legally Accountable for Abusing Personal Data, it should be treated as your very own Personal Private Business. Laziness & Incompetence are at the bottom of craving to know Everything about Everyone, All the Time and is Not to be Trusted.” — “My” member of parliament is Robert “Rob” Nicholson. Sadly he remains so having been re-elected by a majority (I suppose) of 41 per cent. Fortunately, ol’ Rob’s not in a position to do anything any longer. I’ve been telling him for seven years: before you demand all this police state authority,  I want to knock on your door, search your home, your office, all your devices and go through your belongings. Then we’ll talk. And I’ll still say, “no.” You can’t have it.


israel - Rob Nicholson
Rob Nicholson, M.P. (CON-Niagara Falls) shows off his shiny dome in front of the israeli flag.

Subway to ensure footlong sandwiches are 12 inches after judge OKs agreement

The Associated Press Posted: Feb 29, 2016 2:23 PM ET


CBC and ICUC stepped in it this time. They proved just how hypocritical and tyrannical their censorship is when they killed comments which were clearly within CBC’s “community guidelines” while letting through comments joking about sexual innuendo and outright paedophilia.

2016-03-04 08_27_33-

2016-03-04 08_28_11-First ministers' next steps on carbon pricing obscured by smog_ Chris Hall - Pol
Quoting ” There (sic) sandwiches are great. Had one in my coat pocket for a year and it was still fresh and edible. Now, what does that tell Ya??” — Tells me yer full of it. BTW: “Their.”
2016-03-04 08_28_31-First ministers' next steps on carbon pricing obscured by smog_ Chris Hall - Pol
Quoting “subway is crap” by Shai Hulid — So how’s the Mr. Sub franchise working out for you?
Now, let’s look at some of the comments they did let through:
  • victorbasil
@Julius Caesars The CBC does what it wants to do

without ANY real consequences. The CBC disables

comments that its censors are TRAINED to do. Versions

of what life was like in EAST GERMANY before the wall

came tumbling down. (7 likes)

  • SILVER64
Well, there is that saying “Size does matter” but I wouldn’t have attributed it to Subway sandwiches. (8 likes)
  • Stickboy

Geez Jarrod ate those subs exclusively for years . I wonder how many inches he was ripped off for? (2 likes)

  • Schwarz

He’s going to get free footlongs for the next 15 years. (9 likes)

  • GeorgeWashingtonsGhost

And Justice For All

“He’s going to get free footlongs for the next 15 years” (2 likes)

  • sledgie
Do we really need any more Jared/footlong jokes?

I think so!

  • Niceguyeddie

Hell, I know guys who have been lying about “12 inches” for years…(33 likes)

  • NearlyGenius

Length or circumference? (6 likes)

  • Nuliajuk

It’s more impressive in millimetres. (8 likes)

  • Howie59
@Niceguyeddie I am not cutting off two inches for anybody (3 likes)
  • WelfareState
Thats what she said.
  • Prairie Gurl
Size matters.
  • SD
I hope Jared doesn’t get shortchanged in prison.
  • Bruce Wayne
Size matters.
  • DoctorFel
Better headline: “Judge Rules Size Matters” (1 like)
  • Howie59

184 of us actually see a reason to comment on such trivia? We need lives

@Howie59 most just pasted the same size matters “joke”


Submitted to CBC Feedback on March 4:

Among my latest examples of your comments section censorship, I noted (in a Kevin O’Leary article) how I replied to a comment which said, “No, thanks.” My reply was, “Yes, please!”

Content disabled.


As I stated on LettersToTheBeast, every time I think you people have reached a new level of blatant, obvious censorship, you take it as a personal challenge.

I’m here to tell you that I’m not going anywhere. I no longer care if you block my comments, because I will simply put them on my own site. And, by the way, typing CBC content disabled returns my humble effort as link number two. Right under CBC itself. Oh, and by the way, check out all the obnoxious comments your censors DID let through on the Subway Foot Long story.

And, one last thing, when you DO eliminate the comments section (and I hope Keith Bilous paid cash for his Tesla, otherwise he’ll be excreting bricks when that happens), I will put your stories (and in most cases, “stories” are exactly what they are) up on my site, and then tear them apart bit by bit pointing out the lies (see https://letterstothebeast.com/2014/10/13/malala-yousafzai-toronto-globe-and-mail-uses-every-trick-in-the-book-to-attack-truthers-and-conspiracy-theorists/) as an example.

Oh yeah, and I like how your censors continue to block any reference to the idea that Mrs. Hillary Clinton may have some, uh, legal problems. And pointing out what happens when you type in John McCain and ISIS.

You know, you really should listen to your new patron, Justin Trudeau. Because now it’s 2016. You can’t get away with the same lies and the same deception you used to sell us babies, incubators and Saddam’s Nukular Bombs.


Malala Yousafzai: Toronto Globe and Mail uses every trick in the book to attack “truthers” and “conspiracy theorists”



Rivero’s Rangers — Michael Rivero, www.WhatReallyHappened.com

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