CBC Content Disabled: February 26 and 27, 2016

Before we get down to business, I’m pleased to say I’m using a new screen capture utility called “Greenshot.” It is user-supported public domain supported software that comes highly rated by PC World Magazine. It is exceptionally easy to use. Simply press the “Print Screen” (or equivalent) button, drag the cursor around the area you want to capture, and let go. That’s all there is to it. This is a unpaid. unsolicited testimonial. It is much cleaner, easier and neater than my clumsy cellphone screen captures. And yes, I will make a modest donation in appreciation for Greenshot‘s efforts.

2016-03-04 08_30_47-Greenshot - a free and open source screenshot tool for productivity
Screenshot from Greenshot software. Greenshot is available for free, although donations are appreciated. http://www.GetGreenshot.org.



Kevin O’Leary has been called the Canadian Donald Trump (although I think The Donald has more money than Kevin. And Donald has more hair. At least in public). O’Leary has been musing about running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. More recently, he has also been musing about running for the Liberal leadership. The latter is a more curious choice as it is current occupied by Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister.

For the umteenth time, I am starting off this post by pointing out the blatant partisan censorship on the part of CBC and its ICUC “moderators.” But repeating the charge doesn’t change the offensive nature of their conduct. In one case, merely posting, “Yes, please!” in reply to a comment saying, “No thanks” was “disabled.”

2016-03-04 08_41_57-

A subsequent comment pointing out the censorship of my “Yes, please!” which also pointed out this humble blog is the number two link on Google (just under CBC itself) when searching “CBC content disabled” was similarly killed. But thank you, anyway, to everyone who has typed in that particular search term and landed on LettersToTheBeast.


This is by no means a professional undertaking. I am a working-class stiff. I prefer to remain anonymous so I don’t end up in prison for thinking bad thoughts like Arthur Topham.

Photo illustration of Arthur Topham from RadicalPress.com

All right. Let’s get to work…


Kevin O’Leary vows to be a ‘nightmare for politicians’ on economic policy

Possible Conservative leadership contender warns Liberals he plans to ‘tear that budget to pieces’

By Aaron Wherry, CBC News Posted: Feb 26, 2016 5:03 PM ET


2016-03-04 08_19_18-Kevin O'Leary vows to be a 'nightmare for politicians' on economic policy - Poli

2016-03-04 08_21_06-First ministers' next steps on carbon pricing obscured by smog_ Chris Hall - Pol
Quoting “Sure, O’Leary. Run for the head of the Conservative party. Would make sure in next election, any party but the Conservatives would get in.” — Ontario. 1995. Angry voters.
2016-03-04 08_21_35-First ministers' next steps on carbon pricing obscured by smog_ Chris Hall - Pol
Quoting “Yippee! Canada’s Donald Trump. No thanks.” — Yes, please!!!!
2016-03-04 08_22_31-First ministers' next steps on carbon pricing obscured by smog_ Chris Hall - Pol
(February 27, 2016) I replied to a comment yesterday on a similar topic re Kevin O’Leary. The comment I replied to said, No thanks.” Mine said merely, “Yes please!” Content disabled. You know, it really doesn’t get any more blatant than that. Of course every time I say that, the “moderators” take it as a personal challenge. That’s okay, though. I will add it to my “CBC Content Disabled (Google) collection.”
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