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A message to the residents of The Apartheid State

A tragic event occurred recently. Tragic, at least, from a Zionist public relations perspective. Eighty-nine year old Johann Breyer died before he could be committed to trial for being a participant in World War II-era Germany’s slave camps. That means they’ve run out of Nazis.

What are the Nazi Hunters going to do now? Start arresting the grandchildren of the purported Nazis? For generations, the P.R. machine has run at full steam. We were made to feel guilty by the survivors of the slave labour camps. Then it was “I’m a child of a survivor.” Now it’s, “My grandparents survived…”

The only thing that has allowed The Apartheid State to advance it’s P.R. machine and commit atrocities worse than anything the popular narratives tell us Nazi Germany committed has been control over North American and European institutions by nationals of The Apartheid State. And Germans were only able to behave badly for six years. The Apartheid State is into it’s sixth decade of collective punishment, starvation, police and military brutality, torture, chemical weapon use, dispossession and other atrocities.

Fox News Brainwashing
Dees Illustrations. If you were to go strictly by the Bullshit Media, you would think The Apartheid State has this one sewn up. Just like all its other wars. Sadly, for them, that’s just not the case. Controlled opposition, censored comments, propaganda and criminalization of dissent actually have our oppressors believing we’re under their control.

The current inhabitants of Occupied Palestine should be mindful of the fact that their control over the U.S. government is quickly coming to a close. The only way your Apartheid State has been able to behave the way it has for the past sixty years is your ability to extract money and materiel from unwilling Americans. The only thing that has enabled the U.S. government to comply with your demands is its unique ability to print an almost infinite amount of money. Those days are over. The ticks have exsanguinated the American dog. And I can assure you Canada and Europe are in no position to pick up the slack.

Heil Netanyahu
My god, I’ve seen this fucking movie before! A megalomaniac leader and a brainwashed people with a superiority complex. An enemy race being confined to ghettos without adequate food, medicine or even running water. Rampant disease. Atrocities. Chemical weapons.

The BRICS nations (primarily Russia and China) have had it with dollar hegemony.  A minor example of that exasperation is the fact that Americans aren’t in Iran and Syria fighting your wars.  All it takes is a phone call from Beijing or Moscow and the dollar goes bye-bye. That’s what prevented American troops from being sent to Damascus. It has been reported that Germany (remember them?) is in secret discussions to join the BRICS.

You are going to wake up one morning and find, to your horror, that overnight, the dollar died.  The dollars your government has in its various accounts will be worthless. As worthless as those 100-trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes you can buy on E-bay for a U.S. dollar. There will be no more missiles shipped over. No more F-16s. No more materiel. You will be on your own. Worse, when Americans, Canadians and Europeans find out what their israel-Firster politicians did to them, those crooks will be seeking asylum from you people to protect them from us (remember how the snivelling bullshit media moans about the 100-million-plus gun owners in the United States? Well, those guns aren’t for deer hunting).

While you wouldn’t know it from your Zionist-owned media worldwide, the world has come to the conclusion that war crimes are taking place in The Apartheid State. When you no longer have the might of the United States military to defend you, and pet governments and institutions worldwide to follow your orders, you risk creating a situation where your own people are at risk from hundreds of millions of your angry hosts rebelling.

I didn't enlist...
Americans balked at fighting The Apartheid State’s wars in Syria or anywhere else. I don’t know what makes the Zionists think things will be any different from now on.

The impartial examination and discussion of World War II history has been criminalized worldwide. Even in Germany. However, unlike seventy years ago, today’s provocations on your part are well-documented. Between your war crimes at home and the destruction of economies and subversion of governments worldwide, your citizens everywhere stand to be in a world of hurt if you don’t back off.

Jews of the world declare war on Germany
The London Daily Express, March 24, 1933. Putting aside the question of whether events transpired as we are led to believe between 1939 and 1945, we are never supposed to ask what made the German people so angry to begin with? Could it have been economic bottle rockets lobbed at them from outside their borders? Could our anger  escape the control of our masters once again? A few million pissed of Germans was bad enough. What happens if billions of people on multiple continents lose it?

This isn’t a threat. Not that I am in a position to carry out any threats to begin with. I’m just an angry white guy with a glorified typewriter. No, It’s a simple fact. After the French Revolution, nobility who escaped The National Razor were hunted down worldwide. For decades. Your Nazi Hunters have been the mainstay of  Zionist popular culture  since the Nazis existed.

Are you so foolish as to believe that, once the United States isn’t running interference for you, some of the billion or so Muslims  won’t send their own Likud Hunters around the globe seeking out The Apartheid State’s war criminals? They’ll start at the top and work their way down until the last lowly israeli Offense Force private has died seventy or eighty years from now.

And since every jew man and woman in The Apartheid State is subject to conscription (excepting of course those Ultra-Orthodox pussies who instead spend their time protesting – and worse – the immigration of black jews and the resulting deleterious effect on their precious racial purity),  That makes every one of you a war criminal.

As you gather on hillsides every night and applaud the slaughter and starvation of your racial inferiors, as your kids sign those missiles destined for Palestine’s hospitals and schools, as your military engages in naval piracy as it boards ships with humanitarian supplies (food, medicine, water, etc), murders their crews and sinks their ships, remember this: every stinking one of you is subject to being dragged to The Hague.

Jew children signing bombs
Even the popular narratives of World War II history never had the Nazis behaving as repugnantly as The Apartheid State does today. It’s citizens and its military are indistinguishable, thus worthy of future war crimes prosecutions.

Right now, all you have is Americans printing money and sending it to you. Once that’s done, you’ll either find a way to co-exist with your neighbours. Or you won’t.

Speaking on behalf of the rest of the world, I can safely say we’ve had it with you. We’ve had it with the lies. The guilt. The manipulation. The fraud. The murder. The bloodlust. The expansionism.

In the meantime, in the interest of self-preservation, I’d stop believing your own propaganda if I were you. Just because people call into American neo-con talk radio and gush about what a swell bunch of people you folks are, that is not indicative of public opinion in the U.S. and worldwide. Anyone who has ever tried to post a newspaper comment critical of The Apartheid State knows we are being lied to.





child with half his head blown away… thank you US tax dollars and Western/Gulf complicity

In Gaza

“Saher Abu Namous, 4, after the targeting of their house next to the Kamal Adwan hospital in the north.”

Please take less than one minute to watch this video and feel the pain of Saher’s father. We owe him at least that.

Al Akhbar updated:

At least 120 Palestinians — the vast majority of whom are civilians — have been killed and over 700 injured so far since a massive Israeli air and naval assault against the besieged Gaza Strip was launched on July 8. Homes, markets, and vital infrastructure have been targeted by the Israeli military, causing destruction and thousands of displaced people. This current attack is the bloodiest since an eight-day assault was launched by the Israeli military on Gaza in the November 2012 which left 177 Palestinians dead and over 1,300 wounded in the span of eight days.

Al-Akhbar’s news coverage of Israel’s attacks against Gaza…

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The Stephen Harper Regime support for war crimes in The Apartheid State continues unabated. Somebody’s got to call them out on this. Might as well be me.

I sent copies to the usual suspects. Harper, Rob Nicholson (my member of parliament), Peter MacKay, Joe Oliver, Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair. Whenever I write about my longing for the death of the dollar, I always send a copy to the fraud artists across the street at the Bank of Canada, too.

I also sent a copy to the dean of the (Apartheid State)-firsters in the Canadian Parliament, Irwin Cotler. I wonder if he knows Canadians aren’t putting up with this any longer. I wonder if he cares…

How it is that we are still at the Angry Letter Writing state is completely beyond me.
How it is that we are still at the Angry Letter Writing state is completely beyond me.


July 25, 2014

Mr. John Baird

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A5

Dear Mr. Baird:

While the world’s attention has been distracted by the Ukranian government’s shoot-down of a Malaysia Airlines commercial jet, the government of The Apartheid State has accelerated its war crimes in Occupied Palestine.

At last count, nearly 800 Semites have been killed, over 100 of them children. I understand, at last count, exactly one Occupier has been killed. The pretense for this latest round of war atrocities is the “kidnapping” and death of three “teenagers” (i.e. young men of military age) in an area controlled by the Offense Forces of The Apartheid State. Despite the fact that the two suspects in this crime were two young men known by the elected government of Palestine (Hamas) as “troublemakers,” citizen occupiers in turn abducted and burned alive a third young man who was wholly unconnected with the original crime. And later, they savagely beat his cousin from the United States, who had come for the boy’s funeral.

The Apartheid State regime has used the launching of bottle rockets as further justification for yet another war crime: collective punishment against the Semite Palestinians. The Apartheid State revels in shooting children from helicopters (a bad habit the United States military picked up in Iraq), bombing and bulldozing houses and pouring white phosphorous from above and burning people to death. With regard to the latter, I had hoped The Apartheid State had given this particular tactic up after the worldwide condemnation which resulted from the Goldstone Report.

Gaza has been called the world’s largest open air prison. Some have compared the behaviour of The Apartheid State to the popularly-portrayed German state of the 1940s.

The Apartheid State has cut off the free supply of food, medicine, electricity, and even clean water. Palestinians are concentrated in these camps and are prevented from leaving, even for day labour.

Exceptional efforts have taken place to bring aid to the people of Gaza. Humanitarian organizations have sent floatillas to bring aid in by sea. The Apartheid State has responded with piracy, theft and murder. Unfortunately for our American friends, when the victims of Apartheid State brutality happens to be a U.S. Citizen, the official response from their own government is “yeah, okay, whatever.”

The war crimes committed by the government of The Apartheid State go beyond the atrocities of its Offense Forces. People gather on hillsides every evening, pull out their lawn chairs and blankets and wait for “the show” (i.e. for their Offense Forces to rain down Hell on the Palestinians). Unlike the German people of the 1940s, this makes the citizens of the Apartheid State complicit in their government’s crimes.

Soldiers” of the Offense Forces stand up and shoot their enemy through fences not unlike a canned deer hunt in Texas.

After half-a-century of continued concentration, oppression and murder, Apartheid State nationals express shock and indignation when even the most minimal blow back takes place (i.e. calling their oppressors bad names, throwing rocks at tanks and launching unguided crude bottle rockets) or otherwise taking out their frustrations on their jailers. And when the situation has become so dire that some Palestinians even build tunnels in order to obtain the most minimal supplies for their daily survival, those tunnels are destroyed, their diggers called terrorists, and the true terrorism by The Apartheid State is ramped up even more.

The Apartheid State regime, and its pet regimes around the world (including yours) accuse the indigenous people of Palestine of being “terrorists.” However, the same governments telling me these people are terrorists and criminals are the same governments that told me about the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The U.S.S. Liberty being attacked by Egypt (nearly resulting in a nuclear attack on Cairo until its crew got a message out that reporting whom they were really under attack by). Iran-Contra. Iran Air 655. Grenada. Panama. El Salvador. Guatemala. Nicaragua. Iran is just months away from having a nuclear weapon (for the past thirty years). Osirak. Babies being thrown out of incubators. TWA-800. Saddam’s Nukular Bombs. September 11, 2001. The British Broadcasting Jimmy Savile Pedophile Corporation reporting the collapse of Building Seven half-an-hour before it happened. The killing of Osama bin Laden with absolutely zero evidence by the same government that proudly distributed pictures of the corpse of Saddam Hussein after he was hanged. Adam Ghadan being, in reality Adam Pearlman. Joseph Cohen’s alias being Yousef al-Khattab. Farouk Abdumattalab being escroted around security at Shipol Aiport (according to Detroit lawyers Kurt and Laurie Haskell). Assad’s chemical weapons attack. MH17 is turning out to be a false flag to blame Russia.

More false flags and contrived plots. then I can possibly recall. And then there’s the global warming hoax.

Are you and your fellow psychopaths so stupid that you think we’re going to swallow your lies? Are you unaware that we have means of independently verifying everything? Or do you think that we are so stupid that we’ll go along with you as if this is the 1950s? I’m waiting for your regime to start throwing commies and nazis at us again.

And you expect us to believe anything you guys have to say? I don’t deny that there are real, pissed-off people out there who oppose the continued theft, bombing and other acts of war against their historical lands. And I don’t deny the ability of the Federal Bureau of Incineration, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Benjy “Monte” Robinson) and other state security agencies to find drugged-up half-retards and then give them lots of money, plane tickets, the moral encouragement, and something resembling the means to sort of, maybe come close to setting off firecrackers. Personally, if somebody came to me (as somebody frustrated with this country’s criminal regime) and tried to talk me into “doing something,” I would tell him to go to Hell. Or back to his police station.

I would reiterate that I oppose violence. I oppose violence by citizens. And I oppose violence by government against citizens (for example, the police riots which took place in Toronto during the G-20, or brutality displayed by the Montreal Police employees every March 15 against people protesting, ahem, brutality by police department employees). I oppose police department employees in Canada behaving like police department employees in The Apartheid State. Almost as if our cops were trained by their cops. But that’s just a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, isn’t it?

I remain hopeful that as countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (and, according to some recent reports, Germany) implement plans to trade in their own currencies, the Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Dollar will go the way of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe dollar and all the world’s unrest will dry up overnight. When this day comes (and it will) the best thing you and your fellow liars, criminals and associated psychopaths up there in Ottawa could do is just leave. If a million of my fellow Canadians conclude our elections are fraudulent and pointless and show up on Parliament Hill with torches and pitchforks and chant I’m as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this any more, I will be the one to plead with them to clear a path for you so you can reach Uplands Air Force Base unmolested in order to secure your departure. As well as that of your colleagues, friends, relatives, co-conspirators, and all the ill-gotten goods and Bank of Canada notes you can fit into as many jets as Peter MacKay can round up.

I am quite certain that when the day comes that the Apartheid State is no longer able to siphon money from around the world and have us breed soldiers to fight their endless wars, it will find a way to peacefully co-exist with its neighbours.

In the mean time, I have long since given up any hope that your regime will act in the manner of a responsible government and condemn the war crimes of the Aparthied State. Short of free elections – with legitimate, credible candidates to choose from whose first and only loyalty is to Canada – accompanied by a constitutional restoration, I am reduced to reminding you that when you express your love for the Apartheid State and do its bidding in my country, you are doing so without my consent and have earned my strongest personal condemnation. Your friends over at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal will tell you that “hate speech” is illegal in Canada. While I oppose any government bureaucracy (especially one that claims that freedom of speech is strictly an American concept and therefore unworthy of response), I am pretty sure I am in compliance with your regime’s legislation when I tell you that I vigorously stand in opposition to the the killing of brown people by white people (especially by the most horrific means), the use of chemical weapons against brown people by white people, the starvation, dehydration and deprivation of medicine to brown people by white people, the stealing of land by occupying white people and the lynching of black people by white people.

When you stand in front of AIPAC (whom I was not aware was active in Canada until recently) and other affiliated organizations and express your love and support for the Apartheid State and its nationals at home and in Canada, you are just as much a war criminal as those brought before Nuremberg and just as deserving to be brought before a future Nuremberg II.

Regardless of whether or not you and your regime are ever brought to justice, I will not allow you to sully my name, my country and my generation in the same manner that we regard German octogenarians today or South Africans of the 1980s.

I know these e-mails are archived by federal law, and outside your regimes control. My purpose in communicating to your regime is two-fold: a) I want you to know that I see your lies and am not going along with them and; b) for future historians 50 or 100 years from now, to go through these archives and understand that for all the crimes your regime was complicit in, at least one man opposed them.

In closing, I would like to discuss with you what is commonly (and incorrectly) referred to as “anti-Semitism.” My oppostion to polygamy does not mean I hate the good people of Utah. Being against pedophilia doesn’t mean I hate Italians. My revulsion to the idea of child-killing and wife-beating doesn’t mean I hate Arabs. Mormons, Catholics and Muslims do not identify themselves with a particular country. There is only one religion that has insulated itself by identification with a country. And the “trick,” about “anti-Semitism,” as the late Shulamit Aloni, former minister of education from the Apartheid State said, is “we always use it.” As a free and sovereign Canadian citizen – and one with no allegiance to any religion or cult – I am pretty much done with you and your regime using that “trick” yourself. Yes, the charge of “anti-Semitism” is a trick. But no, it does not work any longer.


A soldier, leading international investigators, picked up a teddy bear, then put it back down. But the Bullshit Media claimed he was a looter. So what else were the B.S.M. lying about?
A militiaman at the Flight 17 crash site , picked up a teddy bear, then put it back down. But the Bullshit Media claimed he was a looter. So what else were the B.S.M. lying about? (Russia Today)




Canned Deer Hunt
For the teenagers of The Apartheid State’s Offense Forces, Occupied Palestine is one giant canned deer hunt. (Mint Press News)


Canadian foreign affairs minister John Baird (right) meets with Apartheid State Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu.
Canadian foreign affairs minister John Baird (right) meets with Apartheid State Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu.


Jews Watching Gaza Bombing
Bloodthirsty denizens of The Apartheid State settle in for the evening’s entertainment (Agence France Presse)

Jews Watching Gaza Bombing2






InGaza Eva Bartlett
If the night goes well, the Apartheid Staters will see plenty of this in the morning…(inGaza, Eva Bartlett)
Shot Gazan Child
And maybe even just enough of these…










“Anti-Semitic. It’s a trick. We always use it”

—Shulamit Aloni, former (Apartheid State) Minister of Education

Shulamit AloniShe’s dead now, by the way. With apologies to Mike Rivero (, I hope God got a chance to tell her about what He thought about her people killing the descendants of His only son.


Russia’s Malaysia Airlines Conspiracy Theory: Ukraine Was Aiming for Putin’s Plane

New York Magazine typist Katie Zavadaski  runs interference in record time.

Isn’t it sad that governments – all governments – lie so often and so unconvincingly that a majority of us assume (correctly, I might add) that EVERYTHING is worthy of investigation. At best, our opinion of government has become: “Well, I wouldn’t put it past them.”

A passenger jet – remarkably similar to the one portrayed in C.N.N.’s long-running series Where’s That Goddamned Airplane from earlier this year, crashes on the very anniversary of another notorious, ahem, mishap: T.W.A. 800. What could we possibly find strange about that?

Well...that's strange.
Well…that’s strange.


U.S. Military standing guard over an opium field in Afghanistan. (Global Research).
U.S. Military standing guard over an opium field in Afghanistan. (Global Research).

Troops guarding opium


Zavadaski is absolutely right. That didn’t take long at all. That is to say, it didn’t take long for the Bullshit Media to use the “C” word (i.e. “conspiracy”).


Sounds to me like you guys have this whole thing sewn up. Why even have an investigation? 


It’s funny how Mrs. Zavadaski, who maligns Russia Today as a “Russian propaganda channel.” Riiiight. Remember how the F.C.C. was proposing to set up monitors in every big-city newsroom in the United States to “study how news is gathered?”


I guess the fact that R.T. doesn’t have The Apartheid State’s little schlong up it’s ass and it reports on matters not to the liking of the “federal” “reserve” makes it a propaganda outlet. 


Never mind the fact that the Big Three evening network newscasts all broadcast the same stories, in the same sequence, interspersed with the same Big Pharma commercials. 

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

It’s funny how you use “conspiracy theory” and expect people to react with ridicule. Actually, it’s not funny. It’s pathetic and downright insulting. 


You mean like that conspiracy about how, on September 11, 2001, the B.B.C.’s Jane Standley, in a live report, claimed Building Seven had collapsed into a pile of rubble a full half hour before it happened? And while the god damned building was standing erect outside the window of her studio as she reported it? (note: Like Whack-A-Mole, YouTube routinely deletes these videos on B.B.C.’s orders as they pop up. Search Jane Standley Building 7.)


Remember how the whacko tinfoil hats were claiming the government was spying on everybody and listening to all our phone calls?


Or how you’d better buy gold and silver (and take physical delivery) because the government is going to come and seize our bank accounts. I bet the good people of Cyprus had taken this advice. And anyone who says regimes around the world, from Australia to Europe to Canada and the the U.S.A. have quietly implemented “bail-in” schemes. 


U.,S. troops are guarding opium production in Afghanistan. Anwar al-Awlaki dined at the Pentagon with officers. Nah, that’s just Fox News and the London Guardian.

The government is shipping guns down to Mexico and bringing drugs back. That’s just CBS News. And Congressman Issa. Eugene Hasenfus is just a figment of our imagination.

 Only conspiracy theorists talk about how the U.S. government funds itself by printing endless amounts of money.

The “freedom fighters” “we” are supporting in Syria are the same guys that were fighting “us” in Afghanistan. “We” sent them to Syria after their glorious conquest of Libya. They had a name back in Afhanistan: Al-qaeda.

What must frighten the shit out of you guys is this: How many millions of people have concluded that every word coming out of our mouths is a giant, steaming turd and our propaganda doesn’t work any longer?

Jews control finance, government, media, Hollywood, and, well, everything and “our” politicians are all israel (sic)-firsters. Ooooh, you can’t say that, you filthy anti-Semite (for the record, I have the greatest regard for the suffering Palestinian people and other indigenous people of the region; it irritates me to no end that Khassarian occupiers are getting away with acting like those circa-1940s Germans the popular narrative tells us about).

As an aside. I always find it amusing how Jewish mothers prattle on an on about “my son, the doctor,” “my son, the lawyer,” etc, etc, but the zionists take such umbrage when their achievements in rising to such level of influence that their four per cent of the population maintains such overwhelming influence are recognized.

How about how Adam Ghadan used to be Adam Pearlman. And Adam’s grand-daddy founded the A.D.L.? Or how Yousef al-Khatab used to be Joseph Cohen. And Joe used to  hang out outside mosques and beat up Muslims.

U.S.S. Liberty. More false flags than I have time to compile. 

The global warming hoax.

The “federal” “reserve” is NOT a federal agency. And it doesn’t have any gold.

I could go on.

You can say “conspiracy theorist” all you like. But you are preaching to an increasingly diminishing choir. You must be in full panic mode when you contemplate the day that we look at The Bullshit Media the same way late-1980s-era Soviets regarded Bremya and Pravda. They openly laughed at it.

Airplane Soviet Newsreader

Putting aside the kooks and disinfo agents who make millions of dollars poisoning the well (Art Bell, George Noory, Alex “Jewns” Jones, etc),, the “conspiracy theorists” have been dead-fucking-on for the past decade at least.

In closing, I would like to point out that in dismissing the “conspiracy theories” about aiming for Putin, Mrs. Zavadaski failed to claim any evidence to the contrary.

Now hear this, folks. I will NOT be lied to. Copy?


J. Edgar Hoover, who had so much influence over Hollywood that he was on the set to supervise filming of The FBI Story, claimed the Mafia didn’t exist.


Canadian banks’ credit ratings downgraded as the regime drags its heels on rules that would allow them to steal depositors’ money.

BRICS leaders
The five people who keep banksters up at night.


It was only a few years ago that suggestions that banks – along with pliant governments – were plotting to steal our money and that we ought to be buying up gold and silver and taking physical delivery were ridiculed as tin-foil hat conspiracy theories.

They’re not talking about black helicopters in Cyprus these days.


Moody’s revises outlook on Canadian bank system downward

July 10, 2014

Mr. Joseph Oliver

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A5

Dear Mr. Oliver:

This past week, the State Broadcaster reported that Moody’s (the same outfit that rated half-million-dollar mortgages held by waitresses in Los Angeles making $250,000 annually as “triple-A”) expressed its concern over the fact that your regime has been dragging its (your) heels in implementing a “bail-in” scheme to back-stop Canadian banks’ fraudulent conduct.

When banks engage in fraud worldwide, it is not the responsibility of the taxpayers of sovereign nations to “bail them out.” Even if those banks print up money, loan it to governments at interest, who then give it to banks gratis to compensate banks for the losses due to their fraud.

Only one country – Iceland – not only said “no” to the banksters but imprisoned them as well. After a change in government, of course.

While putting on the public pretence that setting up a process for the Canadian banks to confiscate our wealth is a road that even you are not willing to go down is at least encouraging, I must also not forget that your regime consists of psychopathic liars.

“Our assumption has always been that the Canadian government would be very willing to support the major Canadian banks in the interest of economic stability and ensuring that the payment system operates correctly under times of stress,” Moody’s Canadian financial analyst David Beattie told Reuters.

My response to Mr. Beattie is: “Hell, no!” And theft of my money to perpetuate continued fraud is NOT economic stability. “Under times of stress…” That would be when the federal reserve ponzi scheme collapses, I presume?

If the Canadian banks are so hard up for cash, tell them to go cap-in-hand to the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers but leave taxpayers and depositors out of it. Depositors are NOT investors. They are secured creditors.

In ancient history, when claim-check holders found their gold missing from the vault, they apprehended the banksters and hanged them from the nearest tree.

Here’s another gem from Mr. Beattie:

Beattie said that the chance of an event that would require a bail-in to be activated is “extremely remote, in the low single digits probability.”

Right. Just like Alan Greenspan and the entire Federal Reserve board (save one member) dismissed the very possibility of a decline in the real estate market in 2007.

I am pleased to report, Mr. Oliver, that whatever scheme you and your bankster friends are cooking up, I am immune. I have taken precautions to protect myself and my family. Obviously, I am not going to elaborate on those efforts. However, I will tell you that I deal with a credit union, not a bank. And I only keep enough in that credit union to meet my obligations.

As nations such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa conclude they don’t need the dollar to conduct trade amongst themselves, and bring along their trading partners to that way of thinking, I would suggest to you that efforts by the banksters to preserve their fraud will become increasingly frantic.

When the ponzi does collapse, I’m not sure what the banksters will do when Americans start asking themselves: If we called our congress critters and told them 99:1 ‘NO BAILOUT!’ how are we possibly liable for $13-trillion, or $30-trillion or however much the fraud ends up being exposed as (A hundred? Do I hear one hundred…)?

Losses due to bank fraud are not my problem. Even if those losses are passed on to taxpayers. However, as a taxpayer, I will be more than happy to fund as many double-bunked prison cells as is necessary to house these maggots for the rest of their unnatural lives. Although, as a cost-saving measure, whatever new government we end up with during reconstruction may lean towards building gallows with multiple trapdoors for quicker service.

China executes crooked banksters. So does Vietnam. So does Iran. Meanwhile, here in Canada, the U.S.S.A. and Europe we act as if they own us.

I don’t recognize your legitimacy. And I won’t pay.

P.S.: How much did the Bank of Canada give The Big Six in bailout candy in 2008? Seventy-five billion? 100? More? And why is the Bank obstructing Freedom of Information requests six years on?


While The Apartheid State continues its war crimes unchallenged, Alex Jones opens with “Michelle Obama is a tranny.”

“Gentlemen! I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out!” 
—Andrew Jackson
Izl War Crimes 1Izl War Crimes 2Izl War Crimes 3Izl War Crimes 4Izl War Crimes 5
The only reason The Apartheid State is able to get away with atrocities normally attributed to circa-1940s Germany is because our governments (worldwide), financial, educational, media and entertainment institutions have been subverted. When allegations of human rights abuses in countries like Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.,are made F-18s are promptly dispatched to bring freedom and democracy to the long suffering people.
But when The Apartheid State engages in horrors worse than what popular narratives tell us occurred seventy years ago, the answer is for politicians to stuff even more money – money stolen from us and our great, great, great, not-even-born-yet grandchildren – into those trans-Atlantic pneumatic tubes running from Ottawa, Washington and London and landing on the floor of the Knesset. And the bullshit media runs interference while they do it.
Are you guys friggin’ kidding me?
I’m listening for a few hours on my blu-ray until Mike Rivero comes on over at RBN because a) I am bored and b) you folks do broadcast a nugget of truth. But Michelle Obama? Tranny?
No, let’s not talk about atrocities and war crimes in The Apartheid State. Funny how that happens quite a bit around there, isn’t it? This is exactly why I stopped sending money to A.J, stopped buying his merchandise and stopped doing business with Midas. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was three or four years ago. Around the same time you people banned any of my comments which put A.J.’s Apartheid State masters in a less than stellar light.
My complaint with Jones is not so much what he does broadcast, but what he leaves out. And what he does broadcast is discredited when he has kooks like Icke on. Jones is right. We have been subverted. We have been conquered. We have been looted. We do need to fight back. Whether it’s on the advice of his wife or his Bronfman lawyer, I’m not sure, but Jones conveniently leaves out who we have to fight back against. Hint (in no particular order): Alan Greenspan. Paul Volcker. Ben Bernanke. Tim Geithner. Jamie Dimon. Lloyd Blankfein. Janet Yellen. Mark Carney. Edgar Bronfman. George Soros. Henry Kissinger.  Rahm (He’s Not Washing The White House Floors Like An Arab) Emmanuel. Yeah, you think we might have a goddman problem somewhere here?
Since Jones claims to be such a big fan of George Washington, maybe he should do an expanded segment about how Washington and the other founding fathers were determined to keep the banksters of their day out of the United States of America. At any cost.
Apologists for the banksters sneer that when Andrew Jackson gave his Den of Vipers speech, it was blatant anti-semitism. Thus anyone who quotes that speech today is equally “anti-semitic.” If Jackson was, indeed, referring to the descendants of the ancient Khassars. then he was one hundred per cent bang on correct then, as would he be today.(Not sure how that relates to the semites, though since they have absolutely nothing to do with the Khassars).
But since A.J. said “his” operation costs over $500,000 a month, it’s not as if you need my support or business anyway. Besides, when StratFor’s got Jones’s back. my sending my little PayPal pittance is like sending coal to Newcastle.
I am utterly disappointed that Mike is moving back to G.C.N. But as I told him, he knows what’s best for him and his program. Not me.
I will continue to support R.B.N. and I will continue to support WhatReallyHappened.
But I will de damned if I will send another dime to Infowars.
Oh, by the way, have you noticed the bullshit media is doing shark attacks again? Just like they were doing, exactly 13 summers ago? I wonder if the next one will have Apartheid State nationals dancing in the streets of Newark just like that last one?