Russia’s Malaysia Airlines Conspiracy Theory: Ukraine Was Aiming for Putin’s Plane

New York Magazine typist Katie Zavadaski  runs interference in record time.

Isn’t it sad that governments – all governments – lie so often and so unconvincingly that a majority of us assume (correctly, I might add) that EVERYTHING is worthy of investigation. At best, our opinion of government has become: “Well, I wouldn’t put it past them.”

A passenger jet – remarkably similar to the one portrayed in C.N.N.’s long-running series Where’s That Goddamned Airplane from earlier this year, crashes on the very anniversary of another notorious, ahem, mishap: T.W.A. 800. What could we possibly find strange about that?

Well...that's strange.
Well…that’s strange.


U.S. Military standing guard over an opium field in Afghanistan. (Global Research).
U.S. Military standing guard over an opium field in Afghanistan. (Global Research).

Troops guarding opium


Zavadaski is absolutely right. That didn’t take long at all. That is to say, it didn’t take long for the Bullshit Media to use the “C” word (i.e. “conspiracy”).


Sounds to me like you guys have this whole thing sewn up. Why even have an investigation? 


It’s funny how Mrs. Zavadaski, who maligns Russia Today as a “Russian propaganda channel.” Riiiight. Remember how the F.C.C. was proposing to set up monitors in every big-city newsroom in the United States to “study how news is gathered?”


I guess the fact that R.T. doesn’t have The Apartheid State’s little schlong up it’s ass and it reports on matters not to the liking of the “federal” “reserve” makes it a propaganda outlet. 


Never mind the fact that the Big Three evening network newscasts all broadcast the same stories, in the same sequence, interspersed with the same Big Pharma commercials. 

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

It’s funny how you use “conspiracy theory” and expect people to react with ridicule. Actually, it’s not funny. It’s pathetic and downright insulting. 


You mean like that conspiracy about how, on September 11, 2001, the B.B.C.’s Jane Standley, in a live report, claimed Building Seven had collapsed into a pile of rubble a full half hour before it happened? And while the god damned building was standing erect outside the window of her studio as she reported it? (note: Like Whack-A-Mole, YouTube routinely deletes these videos on B.B.C.’s orders as they pop up. Search Jane Standley Building 7.)


Remember how the whacko tinfoil hats were claiming the government was spying on everybody and listening to all our phone calls?


Or how you’d better buy gold and silver (and take physical delivery) because the government is going to come and seize our bank accounts. I bet the good people of Cyprus had taken this advice. And anyone who says regimes around the world, from Australia to Europe to Canada and the the U.S.A. have quietly implemented “bail-in” schemes. 


U.,S. troops are guarding opium production in Afghanistan. Anwar al-Awlaki dined at the Pentagon with officers. Nah, that’s just Fox News and the London Guardian.

The government is shipping guns down to Mexico and bringing drugs back. That’s just CBS News. And Congressman Issa. Eugene Hasenfus is just a figment of our imagination.

 Only conspiracy theorists talk about how the U.S. government funds itself by printing endless amounts of money.

The “freedom fighters” “we” are supporting in Syria are the same guys that were fighting “us” in Afghanistan. “We” sent them to Syria after their glorious conquest of Libya. They had a name back in Afhanistan: Al-qaeda.

What must frighten the shit out of you guys is this: How many millions of people have concluded that every word coming out of our mouths is a giant, steaming turd and our propaganda doesn’t work any longer?

Jews control finance, government, media, Hollywood, and, well, everything and “our” politicians are all israel (sic)-firsters. Ooooh, you can’t say that, you filthy anti-Semite (for the record, I have the greatest regard for the suffering Palestinian people and other indigenous people of the region; it irritates me to no end that Khassarian occupiers are getting away with acting like those circa-1940s Germans the popular narrative tells us about).

As an aside. I always find it amusing how Jewish mothers prattle on an on about “my son, the doctor,” “my son, the lawyer,” etc, etc, but the zionists take such umbrage when their achievements in rising to such level of influence that their four per cent of the population maintains such overwhelming influence are recognized.

How about how Adam Ghadan used to be Adam Pearlman. And Adam’s grand-daddy founded the A.D.L.? Or how Yousef al-Khatab used to be Joseph Cohen. And Joe used to  hang out outside mosques and beat up Muslims.

U.S.S. Liberty. More false flags than I have time to compile. 

The global warming hoax.

The “federal” “reserve” is NOT a federal agency. And it doesn’t have any gold.

I could go on.

You can say “conspiracy theorist” all you like. But you are preaching to an increasingly diminishing choir. You must be in full panic mode when you contemplate the day that we look at The Bullshit Media the same way late-1980s-era Soviets regarded Bremya and Pravda. They openly laughed at it.

Airplane Soviet Newsreader

Putting aside the kooks and disinfo agents who make millions of dollars poisoning the well (Art Bell, George Noory, Alex “Jewns” Jones, etc),, the “conspiracy theorists” have been dead-fucking-on for the past decade at least.

In closing, I would like to point out that in dismissing the “conspiracy theories” about aiming for Putin, Mrs. Zavadaski failed to claim any evidence to the contrary.

Now hear this, folks. I will NOT be lied to. Copy?


J. Edgar Hoover, who had so much influence over Hollywood that he was on the set to supervise filming of The FBI Story, claimed the Mafia didn’t exist.


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