I Have Medical Debt: I Feel Like An American!

First, friends, I’d like to apologize for my absence for the past few years. 

I would like to thank one of my most prolific commenters, “F. Yeue,” as well as others who have turned a post from September 11, 2015 into a de-facto repository of comments censored by Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC.

More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

“F,” Your comments are always welcome. Thank you so much.

The “global plandemic” as the red-headed wonder, Jen Psaki, referred to it, gave me lots of time throughout 2020 and into 2021 to keep this humble offering updated.

I am pleased to report that, since the last post in March of 2021, I have not only returned to my paying job, but that job has kept me going six (sometimes seven) days per week. My wife has been working equally hard. 

Owing to the world that we’re all living in right now, you’ll forgive me if I skip over all of the details about myself. As I have alluded to before in previous posts, my name is Dave, I drive a bus and I live in Orlando, Florida. I am a legal immigrant from Canada who formerly lived in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Unfortunately, it is those aforementioned six-and-seven-day work weeks that brings me to this subject matter.

At risk of being accused of panhandling or grifting, I’ll just say what I have to say.

My wife, who was coerced by her employer into getting “vaccinated” back in 2021, was found unresponsive at her workplace at one of the larger theme parks in Orlando (no, she doesn’t work at the rat trap). She was transported to a local hospital and – thank God – subsequently released. She had medical issues long before she got “vaxxed.” The Pfizer clot-shot has only added to her problems.

In fact, it was those medical issues that prompted our move from Ontario to Florida. We sure didn’t come down here for the money. 

In February, I suffered medical issues of my own which prompted my being transported to another hospital and spending some time in their cardiac intensive care unit. 

While we are insured through our employer (we both work at the same park, doing different jobs in different areas), the medical bills we were left with still amount to the thousands of dollars.

In my case, two nitroglycerin tablets administered to me when I arrived in the emergency room to prevent my condition from becoming a full-blown heart attack cost $1,200. The hospital, inexplicably, charged me for 25 of those pills.

The CT-Scan was $17,000. The total hospital bill, in my case, was over $76,000. I’m told we got off easy.

The situation with regards to my wife’s ambulance is rather ironic. Back in 2019, while visiting the park’s company doctor, she had a heart attack right there in the office. The park contracts with American Medical Response for its ambulance service. It took 20 minutes for that ambulance to arrive. When they did arrive, the paramedics gave the doctor and office staff (excrement) for calling the company directly for their ambulance and not doing what any of us would do: call 9-1-1. There is a fire station a mile from the park and the Orlando Fire Department could have had an ambulance there in just a few minutes. 

Going back to my wife, her bill was over $40,000. She recently got a letter from Cigna advising her to expect an additional bill from the ambulance company for over $1,000. While she lay unconscious, an ambulance owned by a company which, apparently, is out of Cigna’s network of approved providers was dispatched. And, for that, she is on the hook.

Unfortunately, she received a sizable bill from that stay. Most of which we were unable to pay (having been deemed “non-essential” by Mr. Trump on Friday, March 13, 2020.

On November 9, 2016, I posted an editorial praising the election of Mr. Trump

Given what has happened since then – particularly since the “emergency,” I have repudiated those views. Of course, I can’t vote anyway. Not that it makes a difference any longer. 

So, friends, I’m sorry to give you this sob story. But if you happen to have a couple of dollars you could bear to part with, we’d certainly be grateful.

For the benefit of those who have heard of those legendary American hospital bills but have never seen one, here you go!

I apologize for the image quality (ie having to take a picture of the phone screen). For some reason – couldn’t imagine why – the hospital’s billing app doesn’t allow direct screenshots to be taken due to “security reasons.”

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