A.P. / Graham Media / WKMG Bullshit: House Votes To Declassify Info About Origins Of Covid-19


Analysis by Letters To The Beast

WKMG Channel 6, Orlando’s Graham Media / Washington Post – owned Antifa television outfit continues to embarrass itself as it tries to stumble and backtrack its previous “covid-19” claims.

They’re not quite there yet, but we have reached the point where they can’t ignore what we already know: the coronavirus came from a lab in china. Not a bat cave. Not a dog meat market. A U.S.-government-funded biosafety level four lab in Wuhan, China.

Letters To The Beast eagerly looks forward to an open discussion in the moribund corporate media regarding “sudden deaths,” heart attacks in children, sick pilots and other obvious consequences of “the vaccine.”

Let’s go back and look at what Channel 6 transcribed for its colleagues in the presstitute and whorespondent community ( remind me not to move there ) :

Strangely, WKMG’s regular stable of Marxist commenters were nowhere to be seen on this one. Even more unusual, the sole comment was from a conservative viewer (one of the few able to get his contributions past the censors).

Your humble correspondent attempted to reply “…or banned or shadow banned.” The comment was shadow banned. Imagine that.

The pitiful low level of published comment engagement is an admission of Graham Media’s blatant censorship. Advertisers should be looking at the comment section and asking Channel 6: If you have so few people participating in the comments, is your website – and more importantly – broadcast television viewership as pathetically low?

Of course, like all corporate media, most of WKMG’s advertisers are drug dealers like Pfizer. They don’t care about ratings. They don’t care if nobody “asks their doctor.” All they care about is spending money on advertising and keeping the presstitute media in line.

DMCA: Editorial response.

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