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CityNews Bullshit: Majority of Canadians favor putting U.S. missiles on Canadian soil: poll

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

Toronto’s 680 News, citing a poll conducted for an obscure, heretofore unknown outfit calling itself Gzero Media, claims that “93 per cent of Canadians say boosting security and intelligence efforts to stop foreign powers from undermining democracy should be a top priority.”

The poll also purports to show that “83 per cent of those asked would also support a common missile defence program between the two countries to protect against an attack on North America.”

The article had a rather interesting conclusion. Apparently, the poll was conducted in Canada AND THE UNITED STATES, despite the headline claiming overwhelming Canadian support for missiles in Canada.

So, what exactly was the percentage of CANADIANS who approved of the placement of American missiles in Canada, again?

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CBC Bullshit: U.S. Central Bank Raises Interest Rates Again

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

Canada’s state broadcaster continues to dumb down its already dumbed-down audience and readership as it reports on the heroic effort of the central banksters to save us all from impending doom.

What the CBC (as with the rest of the world’s corporate media) failed to report is what the central bankisters – the “federal” “reserve” and the Bank of Canada included – all know: When the International Monetary Fund (the I.M.F-ers) go into other countries and “rescue” their people and their economy, they demand that the central bank of that country increase its interest rate to nominally above the prevailing rate of inflation.

Financial commentator Gerald Celente often explains this in his Trends Journal ( and on his various podcasts and broadcast appearances.

While the stenographers at the state broadcaster will never admit to their remaining, dwindling audience that, with the official rate of inflation claimed to be about 6% in the United States (and, as the aforementioned Gerald Celente would say, that’s an “official piece of shit), this means interest rates should be closer to 7% or 8%.

It is also insightful to note that, while the CBC’s article had to do with interest rates in the United States, nowhere in the text of that article does it even mention what the current rate even is. This fact is only admitted in the accompanying graphic.

Canada, the United States and other countries have seen higher inflation, interest rates and unemployment in the distant past.

In the early 1980s, home mortgage rates were well over 20%, with inflation and unemployment rates not far behind. The difference between 1983 and 2023 is, in 1983 the average single home price in most big Canadian cities (notably, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver) wasn’t over C$1-million.

Unlike the United States, in Canada long-term mortgages are not available. While we, here in the U.S., might take out a mortgage with a fixed-rate over a term of 15 or 20 or 25 years (even 30), Canadian mortgages are different. While the payments may be amortized over a similar length of time, Canadian mortgage terms rarely exceed a few years (usually five years).

At the end of that term, homeowners must go through a process of “renewing” their mortgage just to stay in their own home. And that new mortgage will be at the prevailing interest rate, not the rate that existed when they purchased their home.

It’s even worse for Canadians whose credit has slipped. This would not be uncommon as millions of Canadians and hundreds of millions of people worldwide were deemed by their own governments to be “non-essential” starting in March of 2020. Those unfortunate Canadians may not be able to renew their mortgage at any price and will be removed from their homes.

And let us not forget Chrystia Freehand, Canada’s psychopathic deputy prime minister and minister of finance. In 2022, she ordered Canadian banks, credit unions and even check-cashing shops to cease doing business to customers who, in the government’s opinion, were “linked” to the trucker protests. Those people also saw their ability to obtain or renew a mortgage taken away.

If corporate media were to report the truth that the central banksters’ only course of action to try and reverse the damage that they have done is to increase interest rates to a level not only a level above the prevailing legitimate rate of inflation but above anybody’s ability to pay in order to suck back the money they have recklessly printed, citizens might just start going after their elected “officials.”

Henry Ford said it best:

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Or, to give you the bumper sticker version:

Regardless of the CBC willful lies of omission and the rest of their deception, many in the comments (which were, inexplicably for the CBC, enabled), got it.

The fact is, there is no fixing this. The system has to collapse. It is inevitable. It’s not a question of how a collapse is bad and why it shouldn’t happen. That’s irrelevant. The damage is already done. And for Canadians, the collapse will be even more catastrophic.

To use a Star Trek analogy, in the Next Generation episode, “Timescape,” where time aboard the Enterprise slows to an infinitesimal rate, Mr. Data detects a breach in the warp core.

Captain Picard asks Data if there is anything they can do to stop it. Data replies, “It is no longer a question of stopping it, sir. The explosion has already occurred. The fact that it is moving slowly changes nothing.”

History shows us that when banksters screw up, they take us to war.. Unfortunately, the only war big enough to fix this screw up is one in which they, along with the psychopathic billionaires and their must trusted politicians and bureaucrats scramble for the nearest luxury bunker while the rest of us are turned into radioactive dust.

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A Gentle Reminder That You’re Still In Florida: Orlando School Forced To Cancel “Drag” Event

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

WKMG, Channel 6, Orlando’s local Antifa television affiliate, tearfully broke the news to its dozens of far-left viewers and website readers that the Orange County School District had canceled a “Drag” event.

Even though school board member Alicia Farrant conceded that the cancelation was “warranted,” she was quick to disclaim any responsibility. Farrant said she played no part in the decision to cancel the drag event and that it was parents who contacted Florida’s state department of education directly.

As one might expect with WKMG, wholly owned by the Washington Post’s Graham Media and named for Katherine Meyer Graham, comment censorship was in high gear.

There were the usual “CONTENT DISABLED” labels where a thoughtful comment once stood. And, of course, nobody knows how many commenters were shadow banned. They made their comment, it appears to be up. But they have no idea that nobody is seeing their comment unless they clear their cookies and view the web page again. Sure enough, there will be no trace of their contribution.

The usual stable of far-left Marxists had their comments untouched.

Farrant was elected to the Orange County school board in 2022.

Regardless of Farrant’s role in the cancelation of this perversion, the fact that parents took control, by-passed the local school board (likely out of concern that that their complaints would fall on deaf ears in this far-left Democrat county), and went to the state directly is a shot across the bow to the Marxists in Florida’s many municipal Democrat shit holes.

Congratulations, parents in District Three. Good work. Please don’t sit on your laurels. Keep paying attention and keep the politicians’ feet to the fire.

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3 arrested following string of car burglaries in Osceola County: “We dindoo nuffin!”

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

WKMG Channel 6, Orlando’s local Antifa television affiliate, informed us of the arrest of three young men, high school graduates (with honors) all, who were just waiting to be accepted into Harvard’s pre-med program.

Sadly, these gentlemen were at the wrong place at the wrong time and found themselves being caged by the racist popo of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department.

It really was just a big misunderstanding. See, they thought that this really was their house and they thought that it was their car, too. Because their house and their car look exactly the same. Ya feel me?

Upon being taken into custody, one of the yoot’ could be overheard yelling, “Y’all just a bunch of raysiss. Up in O’Town, Sheriff Mina, he come out personally and kneel like he gimme a blow job.”

As WKMG put this story up early yesterday evening – and it’s not even 9am at the time of writing this post – their Antifa interns haven’t had time to scrub the comments yet.

At press time, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department had yet to release the middle school graduation photos of the respective gentlemen.

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Toronto Used To Be New York Run By The Swiss; Now It’s New York Run By New Yorkers From 1976

“Toronto is a kind of New York operated by the Swiss”

— Sir Peter Ustinov (1928-2004), 1987

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

Toronto radio station 680 News, a Rogers Media radio station which now brands itself as CityNews, recently reported on a Toronto gym which is now offering free self defense lessons for those who travel on public transit in Toronto.

Toronto – as with most of Canada – was legendary for its safety and cleanliness. It was called “Toronto the good.”

Sadly, decades of unrestricted, open immigration along with with lenient criminal justice polices and a populace that has always been disarmed have caught up with them.

Those of us old enough to remember will recall that it wasn’t until 1984 when Bernhard Goetz, then 37, had finally had enough (along with the entire City of New York).

Goetz plugged four thugs who had tried to rob him on a subway train.

While Toronto’s transit isn’t as plagued by graffiti today as New York was prior to 1989, the crime has become just as proportionate. And for thugs in Toronto, it’s a free-for-all. They are safe to rob, to assault, even kill with confidence. Unlike New York, their victims in Toronto are unlikely to even have the means to fight back.

This photograph, taken in Orlando, Florida on April 26, 2017, would get your humble correspondent arrested in Canada even though the “gun” pictured is a Marksman .177 pellet gun, purchased at a Canadian sporting goods retailer (Canadian Tire).

Thugs in Canada need not worry about their victims being “armed” with toy guns, let alone the real thing.

Your humble correspondent trying out his newly acquired Taurus 9mm in Orlando, Florida, on April 22, 2020, five weeks before the George Floyd / B.L.M. / Antifa road show came to town.

Your correspondent’s domestic supervisor posing with her new Taurus.

The problem is not just related to Toronto.

Canadians have been historically loathe to embrace freedom. Whether it’s freedom of speech, freedom to defend one self, freedom of health care, freedom to keep as much as one’s own money as possible, such ideas are dismissed as “American style.”

Ironically, for decades, the Toronto Transit Commission and the left-wing politicians who run it have demanded more and more taxpayer funding, warning that failure to do would create an “American-style transit system.” And now, despite generous funding, an “American-style transit system” is exactly what they have. Just not in the way they expected.

Sadly, for Canadians, an opportunity to reverse their decline was missed during the Harper era (a theme covered extensively in previous Letters To The Beast posts). Despite having nearly a decade of conservative majority rule, Harper, nor his attorneys general (most notably Robert “Rob” Nicholson) never afforded Canadians the opportunity to defend themselves. This despite a tough-talking, “tough on crime” facade from Nicholson and “public safety minister” (and teenage horizontal jogging enthusiast) Victor “Vic” Toews.

After a string of pathetic leaders, Pierre Poilievre is finally saying all the right things as head of the Conservative Party of Canada. Poilievre has to keep his nerve and ignore his country’s corporate media. Stephen Harper did a good job of this and kept getting re-elected in the process.

What conservative politicians consistently fail to understand is that freedom is a winning issue. It’s when they try to appeal to a “bigger tent” that they lose their way, they lose elections and end up paving the way for Liberal rule (see Justin Trudeau.

Will Pierre Poilievre have the backbone to call for Canadians to be allowed to arm themselves? Will he call for conceal carry permits? Will he even go so far as to allow no-permit carry? In all three cases, probably not.

But good armed Canadians facing against armed bad people who, in many cases, aren’t even Canadians, is the only thing that’s going to put the brakes on the violence.

Even the most leftist of left-wing Canadians (which would be most of them) would do well to remember that the most vociferous, anti-gun politicians are, themselves, surrounded by heavily-armed security.

Take it from this Canadian living in Florida: An armed society is a polite society.

Canadians need to snap out of it. Because it’s only a matter of time before somebody really does snaps, just like Bernie Goetz.

The correspondent, a private-sector bus driver in Orlando, Florida, was a long time transit worker in Toronto before re-locating in 2017.

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A.P. / Graham Media / WKMG Bullshit: House Votes To Declassify Info About Origins Of Covid-19

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

WKMG Channel 6, Orlando’s Graham Media / Washington Post – owned Antifa television outfit continues to embarrass itself as it tries to stumble and backtrack its previous “covid-19” claims.

They’re not quite there yet, but we have reached the point where they can’t ignore what we already know: the coronavirus came from a lab in china. Not a bat cave. Not a dog meat market. A U.S.-government-funded biosafety level four lab in Wuhan, China.

Letters To The Beast eagerly looks forward to an open discussion in the moribund corporate media regarding “sudden deaths,” heart attacks in children, sick pilots and other obvious consequences of “the vaccine.”

Let’s go back and look at what Channel 6 transcribed for its colleagues in the presstitute and whorespondent community ( remind me not to move there ) :

Strangely, WKMG’s regular stable of Marxist commenters were nowhere to be seen on this one. Even more unusual, the sole comment was from a conservative viewer (one of the few able to get his contributions past the censors).

Your humble correspondent attempted to reply “…or banned or shadow banned.” The comment was shadow banned. Imagine that.

The pitiful low level of published comment engagement is an admission of Graham Media’s blatant censorship. Advertisers should be looking at the comment section and asking Channel 6: If you have so few people participating in the comments, is your website – and more importantly – broadcast television viewership as pathetically low?

Of course, like all corporate media, most of WKMG’s advertisers are drug dealers like Pfizer. They don’t care about ratings. They don’t care if nobody “asks their doctor.” All they care about is spending money on advertising and keeping the presstitute media in line.

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I Have Medical Debt: I Feel Like An American!

First, friends, I’d like to apologize for my absence for the past few years. 

I would like to thank one of my most prolific commenters, “F. Yeue,” as well as others who have turned a post from September 11, 2015 into a de-facto repository of comments censored by Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC.

More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

“F,” Your comments are always welcome. Thank you so much.

The “global plandemic” as the red-headed wonder, Jen Psaki, referred to it, gave me lots of time throughout 2020 and into 2021 to keep this humble offering updated.

I am pleased to report that, since the last post in March of 2021, I have not only returned to my paying job, but that job has kept me going six (sometimes seven) days per week. My wife has been working equally hard. 

Owing to the world that we’re all living in right now, you’ll forgive me if I skip over all of the details about myself. As I have alluded to before in previous posts, my name is Dave, I drive a bus and I live in Orlando, Florida. I am a legal immigrant from Canada who formerly lived in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Unfortunately, it is those aforementioned six-and-seven-day work weeks that brings me to this subject matter.

At risk of being accused of panhandling or grifting, I’ll just say what I have to say.

My wife, who was coerced by her employer into getting “vaccinated” back in 2021, was found unresponsive at her workplace at one of the larger theme parks in Orlando (no, she doesn’t work at the rat trap). She was transported to a local hospital and – thank God – subsequently released. She had medical issues long before she got “vaxxed.” The Pfizer clot-shot has only added to her problems.

In fact, it was those medical issues that prompted our move from Ontario to Florida. We sure didn’t come down here for the money. 

In February, I suffered medical issues of my own which prompted my being transported to another hospital and spending some time in their cardiac intensive care unit. 

While we are insured through our employer (we both work at the same park, doing different jobs in different areas), the medical bills we were left with still amount to the thousands of dollars.

In my case, two nitroglycerin tablets administered to me when I arrived in the emergency room to prevent my condition from becoming a full-blown heart attack cost $1,200. The hospital, inexplicably, charged me for 25 of those pills.

The CT-Scan was $17,000. The total hospital bill, in my case, was over $76,000. I’m told we got off easy.

The situation with regards to my wife’s ambulance is rather ironic. Back in 2019, while visiting the park’s company doctor, she had a heart attack right there in the office. The park contracts with American Medical Response for its ambulance service. It took 20 minutes for that ambulance to arrive. When they did arrive, the paramedics gave the doctor and office staff (excrement) for calling the company directly for their ambulance and not doing what any of us would do: call 9-1-1. There is a fire station a mile from the park and the Orlando Fire Department could have had an ambulance there in just a few minutes. 

Going back to my wife, her bill was over $40,000. She recently got a letter from Cigna advising her to expect an additional bill from the ambulance company for over $1,000. While she lay unconscious, an ambulance owned by a company which, apparently, is out of Cigna’s network of approved providers was dispatched. And, for that, she is on the hook.

Unfortunately, she received a sizable bill from that stay. Most of which we were unable to pay (having been deemed “non-essential” by Mr. Trump on Friday, March 13, 2020.

On November 9, 2016, I posted an editorial praising the election of Mr. Trump

Given what has happened since then – particularly since the “emergency,” I have repudiated those views. Of course, I can’t vote anyway. Not that it makes a difference any longer. 

So, friends, I’m sorry to give you this sob story. But if you happen to have a couple of dollars you could bear to part with, we’d certainly be grateful.

For the benefit of those who have heard of those legendary American hospital bills but have never seen one, here you go!

I apologize for the image quality (ie having to take a picture of the phone screen). For some reason – couldn’t imagine why – the hospital’s billing app doesn’t allow direct screenshots to be taken due to “security reasons.”