WKMG / ClickOrlando Content Disabled: Nashville shooter who killed 6 drew maps, surveilled school


Analysis by Letters To The Beast

As one might expect, Antifa’s television news affiliate in Oralndo, WKMG Channel 6, was not particularly appreciative of the majority of comments which were submitted to its website, ClickOrlando.com.

While we could see where comments were censored by the “CONTENT DISABLED” label, we have no way of knowing how many were shadow-banned (contributors submitted their comment, their comment appeared and – unless cookies are cleared and the contributor views the website while not logged in – the comment remained intact).

Your humble correspondent captured the article on March 28, 2023, just before 5am, and captured another copy of the website on March 30 at 10am.

Given the history of this television station and its website, the result was predictable.

Here are some of the comments which got the “CONTENT DISABLED” by WKMG, ClickOrlando.com and it’s Toronto, Canada-based censors, Viafoura.

Yeah, trannies. Bring your “day of rage” down south and see how that works out for you.

As tragic as the deaths of the six victims (three of them children), from the pattern seen in every other mass school shooting, it is obvious that the five Nashville police officers who shot it interrupted a script before it had to time to get into high gear.

The school mass-shooting procedure, where the cops wait outside for an hour or so when they’re certain the coast is clear and there is no chance of them getting an oweee, didn’t happen here. And for that, the Nashville officers should be praised.

It is not unreasonable to suspect that there are some very unhappy people right now who had planned to celebrate the deaths of – perhaps – dozens of children. Deaths that didn’t happen because the Nashville Police Department either didn’t get the script, or refused to follow it.

Continuing to lie to the American public hasn’t helped Graham’s stock price.

As the Marxist agitators turn on the hot civil war in the United States, they might want to remember their own rhetoric since time immemorial and remember which side has the guns.


And, unlike the psychologically-damaged degenerates pictured above, their opponents are not posing with Airsoft “guns.”

“Holy shit! The cops are fighting back. Are they allowed to do that?”

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