4 arrested after 15-year-old worked as stripper at Orlando club, police say; just another day in the happiest place on Earth

Analysis by Letters To The Beast


Our good friends at WKMG Channel 6, Orlando’s Antifa station, informed us of the shocking news that an underage girl had been performing at a gentleman’s club on what is known has the South O.B.T. (Orange Blossom Trail), a notorious stretch of human decay and misery which forms the north-south spine of Orlando.

We’re not sure exactly why ClickOrlando found this newsworthy. After all, the Marxist left – and that would certainly include everybody working inside the confines of Channel 6’s bunker on North John Young Parkway – have been gradually attempting to normalize the sexualizing of children (actual children, not just teenagers), for years.

So perhaps they offered this story as shock value in the off-chance there might be one or two normal, moral viewers and readers out there who still watch their station and read their website. Of course, it may also have been that the girl was promoting the female-male form of sexualizing that, pardon the pun, rubbed the urinalists at Channel 6 / ClickOrlando the wrong way. Had this club been performing homosexual teen drag performances for an audience of pre-pubescents, the outrage from the writers and the comment section would have been palpable.

By the way, if you’re booking a vacation in Orlando and a dirt-cheap room pops up at the top of your Expedia search, and it’s on the South Orange Blossom Trail…keep looking. Seriously.

The best comment?

Here’s the rest (at least, the ones they haven’t “CONTENT DISABLED” yet.

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