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Canada mosque shooting: another mass shooting in a gun-free zone



The reporting tells us six people have been killed and 19 wounded. According to the Quebec Provincial Police, two suspects were taken into custody. Their identities have not been released. The only information being reported about them is they may have attended Laval University. And they had “Quebec accents.” And they may belong to a right-wing group. The fact that they were captured (captured so soon?) and the fact so little information is being released suggests much of the narrative about this event is still in play.


No mention, of course, that Quebec is the most gun-restricted province in Canada. Which is saying a lot in a country owned lock, stock and barrel by the gun-grabbers. When former prime minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government voted to abolish the long-gun registry and destroy its contents (a program for which he voted, along with the then-governing Liberals in 1995), the province of Quebec sued – and won – the right to maintain the registry’s database of Quebecers.


Needless to say, the disconnect between a mass-shooting, and its having taken place in a gun-free zone (i.e. Quebec and Canada) will be not only glossed over, it will be totally dismissed.


“right-wing groups are very organized in Quebec City, distribute fliers at the university and plaster stickers around town.” Uh, yeah. That’s pretty hard-hitting journalism, there. Conservatives, or “right-wingers” are about as popular in Quebec City as they are in Berkeley or San Francisco. They hand out fliers and post stickers. Oooohhh, be afraid. Be very afraid.


Don’t you have your own problems to deal with, BIll?


Goodale, a minister in the Chretien Liberal regime of the 1990s, was a key player in the victim disarmament movement.
What a wonderful opportunity for Justin Trudeau to pick up the mantle from Barack Hussein Obama. The one thing liberals have in common is this: they love photo-ops where they can make happy faces. And sad faces.
Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau (Toronto Globe and Mail)

Assuming the popular narrative of this shooting is that the two honkies were seeking revenge for the murderous ISIS, it will turn out to be more additions to the body-count in the U.S.- and israeli- government-sponsored war of terror. There are a lot of fools out there who have fallen for this nonsense.

John McCain ISIS 1
“Get outta here, you low-life scum!” — John McCain


LettersToTheBeast maintains hope that President Trump will figure out who is behind ISIS, al-qaeda and the other terror actors. And he will be very angry.




We suspect Donald Trump is going to be in for a real eye-opener when he finally meets face-to-face with Vladimir Putin. The war of terror truly will be exposed as a hoax and a fraud. When that happens, a lot of people will have a lot to lose.


The military industrial complex will be in for the single-most disastrous collapse since 1989.


Bring it on.


And for those of you so inclined, please think good thoughts for President Trump. May he stay out of small aircraft, convertibles, hotel kitchens and motel balconies. And somebody, please show him a DVD of Gandhi. And fast forward to the end.


The CBC, Canada’s state news agency, reported on the arrest of 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette in relation to the multiple-shootings and multiple-murders at the Quebec City mosque.


The Quebec Provincial Police announced they had arrested only one man and charged him with six counts of murder and using a restricted firearm.


27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette worked as a clerk at Hema-Quebec, the provincial blood donation agency. As usual, there was no explanation as to where he got the gun or the ammunition. In Canada, you need a permit to not only purchase a gun, but to purchase ammunition for it as well. And you need a special permit beyond that to purchase restricted guns (and ammunition). And needless to say, those permits are very difficult to come by.


Funny how bad guys in the most restrictive gun zones (Quebec, France, Brussels, etc) never seem to have any difficulty getting their hands on all the firepower and ammo they need. LettersToTheBeast is awaiting an explanation from Canada’s chief gun-grabber, Wendy Cukier, on how all this could have happened despite despite all of the legislation making Canada such a gun-free paradise.



While corporate media could not explain who put the gun into Bissonnette’s hands, they were helpful in pointing out that he was a supporter of the policies of Donald Trump and Marine LePen, he was opposed to radical feminism and multiculturalism and he rejected organized religion.


Bissonnette was a student of political science and anthropology at nearby Laval University.


Corporate media failed to speculate on what anti-depressants, SSRIs or other prescription medications Mr. Bissonnette may have been taking.

Unfortunately, the Orlando Sentinel replaced the text of the original story with updated versions, effectively memory-holing the original article. At the same time, they left the original comments in place. This gave the appearance that early commenters to the original story were oblivious to information in the now-updated story. Dishonest, for sure. But this is the corporate media we’re talking about.

Rather than write new articles as updated information came in, the Orlando Sentinel changed the original story, using the original link, as if they had gotten the facts right in the first place. Of course, this made the original commenters look like idiots.



One commenter also (sarcastically) called for a ban on white Canadian men from the United States.




CBC Bullshit: Man issued citation for damaged license

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast

‘Seriously?’: Edmonton police issue $465 ticket for cracked driver’s licence

Camrose teacher expresses frustration in humorous video about ticket

By Scott Stevenson, CBC News Posted: Jan 27, 2017 5:24 PM MT


A Camrose man is ticked about his ticket — a $465 traffic violation issued by Edmonton police — for having a cracked driver’s licence.

Dave Balay admits he’s guilty of having a small crack in his licence. But he doesn’t think the penalty fits the crime.

He was returning home from visiting a friend Wednesday evening when he was pulled over on Anthony Henday Drive.

“I saw the police lights come on behind, and so I thought I’d pull over to the side to give them room to pass,” Balay said. “Because I wasn’t doing anything untoward.

“But then the police, of course, pulled in behind me.”

Dave Balay says he was driving this Honda Accord the evening he was pulled over. 

One of the officers told Balay they’d had a tip about a swerving car that matched the description of his Honda Accord. Balay, 52, said he wasn’t worried because he doesn’t drink.

He gave the officer his driver’s licence, registration and insurance card.

In fairness, this story (and story being the operative word here) was featured in every corporate media outlet across the country, not just Canada’s state news agency. An man received a ticket for having a “cracked license.” This isn’t just CBC bullshit. It’s corporate media bullshit.

Balay says he was pulled over by officers of the Edmonton Police Department on suspicion of impaired driving. Apparently, police had received complaints of a car matching Balay’s description of a swerving car. Balay claimed he was “visiting a friend” but denied having been drinking.

The officers used their discretion and declined to give Balay a citation for the driving offenses, which would have resulted in C$543, six demerit points plus an enormous insurance surcharge. It’s only until you get down to the 16th and 17th paragraphs that you get a reality check from the Edmonton Police: Balay caught a break. The officers had reasonable grounds to lay a charge of careless driving, but given the circumstances (they didn’t necessarily see the driving for themselves) used a more obscure charge. Balay got a lesser fine, no points, and hopefully no insurance surcharge.

LettersToTheBeast is no fan of police workers, however Balay should have shaken the officer’s hand, said, “yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full, sir,” counted his blessings and mail in the fine. But he decided to get his 15 minutes of fame on Facebook instead.

Balay vows to fight the fine. He says he will go to jail rather than pay it (keep in mind, you can’t be imprisoned in Canada for unpaid traffic fines). He claims to be an unemployed substitute school teacher.  He hopes to “reason with the prosecutor.” Given his behavior up until this point, Balay is in for a big surprise. The prosecutor will likely charge him with the original, underlying careless driving offense. And add the mutilated license charge on top of that. So Balay will be out well over $1,000. Plus his six points. Plus his insurance surcharge.

A merciful justice of the peace will obviously take Balay’s underemployment situation into account and put him on a payment plan that works for him.

As previously noted, LettersToTheBeast has been critical of police workers. The criticism is well-founded. However, the story implies that the officer who issued the original citation was a rookie. We certainly hope this won’t turn him into a jerk for the rest of his career and that, in the future, people who deserve a break at the side of the road will still get one. We need more good cops who use the brains their god gave them, and their own good common sense.

LettersToTheBeast also encourages parents in the Edmonton area to monitor their childrens’ education. If a David Balay happens to show up on their student timetables, we encourage you to demand their children be pulled out of his class. He is no example of honesty, character and straightforwardness.

As for Mr. Balay, now that you have had your 15 minutes, shut up. Pay the ticket. And drive safely.

And as the officer said, “Have a nice day.”

Now, what was that the CBC and the rest of the corporate media were saying about “fake news” again?


Naturally, the state broadcaster disabled comments.

Canadian Press Bullshit:Report to offer ‘ideas’ for stemming crisis in Canada’s media sector: author

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast


Hint: Give us money! Lots of money!


Friends, today at LettersToTheBeast, we offer you a two-fer.


Report to offer ‘ideas’ for stemming crisis in Canada’s media sector: author



Canada’s news industry finds itself at a mission-critical crossroads, and needs a helping hand if it is to resume its role as a guardian of democracy, says the author of a major study coming Thursday that is expected to offer a road map of sorts.


We’re totally screwed. Our advertisers have figured out we can’t tell our readers how to think, what to buy and who to vote for. Because we don’t have any more readers! Give us money!


The Public Policy Forum study, funded in part by the federal Heritage Department, explores the dramatic decline in the newspaper industry over the past two decades, and how massive layoffs and revenue declines in the professional news business are affecting democracy.


Ah, yes. The federal government commissioning a study into the newspaper industry. A dramatic decline, they say. The last two decades, they say. Gee, what could have happened in the past two decades? Could it be the internet? The ability for people to fact-check corporate media’s claims in a matter of seconds?

Newspaper Death Watch

The report comes on the heels of what was just the latest in a series of layoffs by Postmedia, the country’s largest chain of daily-circulation newspapers.


Postmedia owns most of the big city newspapers in Canada, along with formee arch-rival and now corporate sister Sun Media. Both call themselves “conservative” editorially, just like the Toronto Globe and Mail. And, yes, they all want cash. 


The company issued layoff notices Tuesday to employees at the Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette and Windsor Star after the company failed to reach a 20 per cent salary reduction target it set for itself last fall.


What? The typists, the whorespondents and presstitutes wouldn’t take a 1/5 pay cut? The greedy bastards!


Other news giants, including the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail, have also cut staffing levels as they struggle with declining print advertising revenue.

Nor are television and radio newsrooms immune: Canada’s national broadcast regulator warned last year that nearly half of the country’s local TV stations could be off the air by 2020 without a revenue boost to pay for local news programming.


Really? Gee. That’s a shame. So…uh, where’s that “revenue boost” going to come from? Oh, wait. Don’t tell us…more taxes on cable subscribers. At least those that still subscribe to cable television. 


The report, authored by veteran Canadian journalist Edward Greenspon, is also expected to delve into the rise of “fake news” and offer suggestions for how government policies, as well as taxes and other laws, can be rewritten in response.


We were wondering when they would get around to “fake news.” Presumably, the typist Pedwell was not referring to claims of Torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin, the “accidental” attack of the U.S.S. Liberty by the government of israel, Kuwaiti babies being thrown out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers and the incubators themselves being stolen and relocated to Iraq, 19 brown guys living in caves causing the complete stand-down of NORAD and subsequently crashing airplanes into buildings, Saddam’s Nukular Bombs, Bashir al-Assad gassing his own Alewite supporters in full view of the U.N. chemical weapons inspectors on the very day of their scheduled visit…and those are just some of the lies that have gotten millions of people killed. 


Heritage Minister Melanie Joly ordered the study as part of an overall review of Canada’s media landscape, looking in particular at how it’s being affected by a shift to the Internet. A Commons committee has also carried out its own study and is expected to report to Parliament by spring.


Gee…isn’t there some way we can…oh, I don’t know, censor the internet. Can’t we make Canadians look only at things we want them to look at on the internet? Can’t we force their internet viewing habits, just like we do with television and radio? 

The findings indicate the industry is reaching a “crunch point,” if it isn’t already there, Greenspon said in a statement.

“This report is meant to offer insight into the state of news two decades into its existential crisis, as well as ideas for how to respond,” he said.

“We hope it will stimulate a necessary debate and necessary action, while understanding no story is ever at its end.”


“We hope they cut a check. Quick! The wolves are at my door! I don’t know how much longer I can hold off the repo man and the landlord!”


The report, entitled “The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age,” relied on a half-dozen roundtables, polling and focus group research in making findings about how Canadians perceive the relationship between the news industry and the country’s democratic institutions.


What would a good self-respecting official-sounding report be without two titles, separated by a colon?

The Canadian Press participated in the roundtables and research.


Of course. We need that cash ‘same as everyone else! Come on, government! We put our names and our reputations on the line in service to your lies. Now pay up!

In April, Joly launched a public consultation on media and Canadian content in a digital world that included town hall gatherings across the country.


Public consultations…that would involve going to the various newspapers – and their surrounding bars – and asking how much cash Ottawa can send their way? 


Those forums heard a range of suggestions, including calls for new fees or taxes on foreign-owned digital media players as a means of helping to prop up the domestic news industry.


Yeah. More taxes. On the foreigners! And send the cash our way! That’s the ticket!

Others, however, have pre-emptively scolded the government for even considering any kind of taxpayer-funded support for media outlets, arguing that audiences will ultimately turn toward new digital platforms to stay informed.


Uh, yeah. We already know we’re being propagandized. It’s not like we don’t see it already on the State Broadcaster. So once the Postmedia papers take the federal cash, along with the Sun papers (remember, Sun News Network went off the air because it couldn’t get a cable subsidy; and they were spinning their lies on behalf of the then-ruling regime), the Torstar rags and the Toronto Globe and Mail, we’ll know we’re officially being bullshitted. by everyone. So of course we’ll go running to independent media outlets.  Our Soviet friends knew they were being sold a sack of shit by the commies in 1989. The lies became more elaborate, more grandiose,, more illogical, they had no choice but to collapse in upon themselves.

Internet freedom advocacy group OpenMedia has petitioned against what it calls an Internet tax, but has asked federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau to consider applying sales taxes evenly across foreign online vendors operating in Canada.


Raise taxes. But do it quietly. And send it to us!

Martin O’Hanlon, president of media union CWA Canada, suggested one solution for Postmedia could see government regulations or incentives that allow for local non-profit corporations or foundations to run the newspapers, provided the company was willing to sell its media properties.


The Toronto Star hasn’t made a profit in years. The National Post has never made a profit.  Does that count?

In a report on Canada’s entertainment and media sector issued last summer, PricewaterhouseCoopers predicted steady growth in Internet advertising revenues, and an acceleration of the recent downturn in newspaper publishing.


That assumes of course, we’re willing to put up with corporate media web pages that take several minutes to load, and often literally never load due to coding error and endless loops caused by the various Google analytics, Facebook and Twitter extensions, the mouse-over ads, the expanding ads, the pop-up ads, the forced video players. 

Media firms have complained that, while their focus turns increasingly to online publishing, digital advertising revenues have not come anywhere close to replacing those previously generated from print ads.

That’s because they don’t have a clue what they are doing (see above). They have never tried accessing their own web pages outside the confines of their bunkers.

Joly’s office has called the shifts in news revenue streams “significant,” and said the government hopes its Canadian content consultations can help it assess how to best support the production of local, credible and reliable news and information.


“Canadian content…” Uh, boy…

— Follow @tpedwell on Twitter


Good job, Terry.



Favour Canadian news publishers with tax changes and create digital journalism fund, new report urges Ottawa


A new report commissioned by the federal government is urging Ottawa to consider changing tax laws to favour Canadian news publishers in the digital advertising market over foreign competitors and use the new revenue stream to establish an independent, publicly-subsidized journalism fund.


Yeah, let’s tax all of our competitors, and make sure we get the cash. We’re Canadian!

The recommendation comes from the independent think tank Public Policy Forum, which says advertising with foreign-owned websites should no longer be deductible under the federal Income Tax Act. This is already standard for print newspaper and broadcast advertising.


Yeah, who wants to advertise on Google, or Facebook or Twitter anyway when you have, oh, I don’t know, Sympatico. I mean, it’s not as if companies are spending that advertising money to actually REACH anybody. They just like spending money. 

Authored by former journalist Ed Greenspon, “The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age” issues a dire warning that the media industry in Canada is at a “crisis point” where a deficit of local reporting cause by falling revenues and cuts to newsroom threatens the country’s democracy.


Now aren’t you glad to have been a part of pushing all those lies for the past 30 years, Ed? You probably never thought we would have a way to fact-check you and call out your bullshit in a matter of seconds, did you? Ed?

On March 20, 2000, the London Independent newspaper prognosticated that, within 10 years, snowfall would disappear. Who would have thought such claims would be accessible not only 10 years on, but in perpetuity?

The report recommends that, by extending a ten per cent witholding tax on advertising in foreign digital media, the government could create a new revenue stream of $300 to $400 million annually. It suggests Ottawa use that revenue stream to finance a new fund to support digital news innovation in Canada, which would provide direct funding to new organizations that are determined to provide a “civic function,” with a particular emphasis on local and indigenous content.


More taxes. Revenue streams. “Local and indigenous content.” Yeah, that’s what we’re looking for. 


The new Future of Journalism and Democracy Fund, which would act as an independent agency, should be seeded with a start-up investment of $100 million and financed by the witholding tax on foreign advertising in the years to follow, according to the report. Part of its mandate should be to provide legal advice and assistance to support start-up news organizations “so they can pursue their journalism without fear of reprisal.”


“Fear of reprisal?” You mean journalists would be free to report on matters not favorable to israel, for example? And, did someone say “future?” What future?!


Would this Journalism and Democracy fund protect people like Ernst Zundel or Arthur Topham from Richard Warman, Harry Abrams, and other professional jews and the serially “offended?



The new tax change, which would also include extending the GST to foreign online ads, could notably draw revenue from foreign tech giants Google and Facebook, which the report says “were seen as suitable sources of funding for public programs, voluntary or not.” Together, Google and Facebook earn about two thirds of the online advertising revenue in Canada.


Facebook’s and Google’s “metrics” are fraudulent. So, why not tax it? One can only wonder who it is that is paying the advertising bills for “pay-per-click” advertising when one inadvertently clicks on a clickbait ad, realizes his mistake and quickly exits the newly-opened browser. Are advertisers aware they are paying to support an army of millions of people around the world who are paid to do nothing but click on ads?

“I think what the report does is validates what I and many other people who run newspapers in Canada have been saying all along,” said Paul Godfrey, CEO and President of Postmedia, the country’s largest newspaper publisher and owner of the National Post. “There are no actual solutions here, but there are some good ideas.”


Don’t you love these neocons? Editorially, Postmedia newspapers despise government. And rightfully so. But if there is a way a new government program and a new taxation grid can start sending cash Paul’s way, he’s all for it. Hey, Paul…how about telling the truth once in a while? Maybe…start with 9/11 and work your way back – or forwards – from there. 

Last year, the Trudeau government enlisted the Public Policy Forum to study the Canadian news media industry and the impact the digitization of the economy has had on the business.

The report, which was mostly funded by the federal government, contains 12 total recommendations, which also suggest the government establish of a research institute to combat the origins and distribution of fake news in Canada.


“Fake news,” of course, being all the lies reported by corporate media that have been exposed in a matter of minutes. Just this past week, the state news agency, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, was perpetuating the lie that Donald Trump’s inauguration was lightly-attended. They juxtaposed a picture taken from Barack Hussein Obama’s 2009 inauguration with one taken hours earlier before Donald Trump’s swearing-in.


And just a reminder, the fake news providers (i.e. the corporations that occupy our public airwaves, our cable dials and newspaper vending boxes are the ones who are still telling us about global warming. The people who swore Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Republican nomination was only a joke. He was going nowhere. He would drop out before the first debate. Trump will never get past Iowa or New Hampshire. He will never allowed to be installed in Cleveland. Trump will never be elected president. Trump might as well surrender to Hillary. Hillary will clean Trump’s clock. The electoral college will never certify Trump’s election. Trump will be impeached.



The “fake news” narrative has been turned on its head and is now associated with the likes of CNN. The dominant liberal media in the U.S., and the traditional neo-con media in Canada spent the past year-and-a-half shilling for Hillary Clinton. And it blew up in their faces.



In addition to tax law, the Public Policy Forum calls on the government to reform non-profit and charity rules to allow philanthropy-supported media organizations to operate in Canada. That would bring the country in line with other markets, such as the United States and Germany, where non-profit investigative newsrooms like Propublica and CORRECT!V have thrived by producing independent work and partnering with other outlets.


Oh, you mean have George Soros extend his empire to Canada? Well, it’s so simple! Why didn’t you say so in the first place?

Hillary Clinton George Soros

With that change, and in order to address an increasing shortage in local news resources, the Public Policy Forum says the Canadian Press wire service — which is privately held by Torstar Corporation, The Globe and Mail and Gesca Limitée — should be given $8 to $10 million out of the new Journalism and Democracy fund to establish a second, non-profit news service to serve communities with coverage of courts, legislatures and city halls.


There was never any problem in providing local coverage in the past. People are more than willing to pay – or sit through ads – to find out what is going on down at their local city hall. There is nothing stopping television, radio stations and newspapers from dispatching reporters to local venues. Except they fired them all. 

It also makes several key recommendations for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Among those, the Public Policy Forum says the CBC should cease selling digital ads, which would create a revenue gap of $25 million, and publish its news content under a Creative Commons licence, making it free for competing domestic news organizations to distribute.


That’s a great idea. Make the state news agency’s propaganda free for all to use. “Competing” newspapers wouldn’t even have to put on the pretense of providing their own product any longer. Just page after page of government press releases. It’s a shame nobody suggested another alternative for the state broadcaster / state news agency: dissolution. Fade to black. See the CKO radio network.


“There is little precedent for this kind of digital-age approach among public broadcasters,” reads the report. “CBC would be staking out a leadership position.”


“We’ve never had to compete to get our narrative out there. People are calling out our bullshit and we don’t have a clue what to do. Send us money!”

However, Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly said, following the release of the report, that it is “too early to speculate on possible policy outcomes.”

“Our government understands the importance of a vibrant, local and reliable news media ecosystem as it is a pillar of democracy,” Joly added in a statement provided to the Financial Post. “We also acknowledge that news media is facing industry-wide challenges as they adapt to changing technology, demographics, audience preferences and competition for advertising dollars.”

She doesn’t have a clue, either. She’s a Liberal M.P. From Quebec. Her answer is simple. Tax. And spend. And tax some more. 

She said the Public Policy Forum’s report will be one among many resources the government reviews as it mulls ways to address upheaval in media economics. 

In the coming weeks, a panel of MPs on the Standing Committee on Heritage are expected to release their own recommendations on Canadian news and local communities after spending the lion’s share of 2016 hearing testimony from executives across the industry.

Golly, gee. One can only wonder what a “standing committee” of Liberal members of parliament is going to recommend. We, here at LettersToTheBeast, wait with baited breath. 

Speaking before the committee in November, Google voiced objection to the sort of levies proposed by the Public Policy Forum. “Our view is the way forward is through innovation,” Jason Kee, Google’s counsel for public policy, said. “Creating subsidies is not profitable in the long run. It doesn’t spur the innovation needed for sustainable models.”

If corporate media had its way, airlines would be paying subsidies to the railways. Automakers would pay the horse-and-carriage manufacturers. General Electric would be funding the kerosene lamp makers…

Joly and her department are also reviewing the submissions from a series of consultations held last year on Canadian content industries. These timelines mean it is unlikely any reforms or assistance for media companies will appear in next month’s federal budget.

Oh, come on now. Let’s be optimistic here! When Liberals want to find a way to spend money, they will find a way to spend money!

In a report last summer, professional services firm PwC said it expects internet advertising revenues in Canada to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 9.8 per cent through to 2020, reaching a total of  US$6.17 billion.

If a greater share of those revenues were redirected to domestic companies, that could help to stem the core obstacle for print media companies in Canada, which saw newspaper revenues fall 12.6 per cent to $1.4 billion in 2015, the most recent year for which annual figures have been published.

Of course, the print media companies could adapt their business model and put out a model that people will actually pay money to read: you know…like…the truth? No more analysis, no more “filtering.” No more israel-first nonsense. Just straight, hard-up facts, regardless of where they take you or what corporation or core constituency they offend? But no…the blacksmiths would still rather sit back and wait for their stipend from the airlines. 

Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if Google and Facebook retaliated by embargoing the recipients of its forced taxation from its new aggregators? 

It is unlikely the 2016 figures will look any better. Last year, the country’s two largest publicly traded newspaper companies — Postmedia Network Canada Corp. and Torstar Corp. — traded double digit losses to their print advertising revenues quarter after quarter.

You guys are totally screwed, aren’t you?

Both companies laid off hundreds of employees and the country’s largest privately owned newspaper, The Woodbridge Limited-held Globe and Mail, also laid off 40 staff in the fall citing poor performance of its print revenue streams.

Plenty more where that came from, presstitutes and whorespondents. Keep the bullshit flowing!

And just, one last friendly reminder, corporate bullshit media: For the past three decades – at least – you have not only propagated government lies that have gotten millions of people killed, but you have been promoting trade policies on behalf of those same governments that have gotten HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of your own consumers thrown out of work. Those are hundreds of millions of people who can’t afford to buy the products that appear in your ink and on your airtime. The global warming hoax is one of the lesser things you need to be apologizing for.  Thanks. A lot.

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CBC Bullshit: Trump will turn on Canada

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast

Trump will turn on Canada, warns former Mexican congressman

As Trump doubles down on wall promise, Canada and Mexico must unite, says Agustin Barrios Gomez

By Katharine Starr, Tyler Buist, CBC News Posted: Jan 25, 2017 7:10 PM ET


Canada’s state news agency trotted out a Mexican agent of the Council on Foreign Relations to continue its anti-Trump agenda and work what few Canadians still pay attention to corporate fake news into a lather.

The question of “how good” a U.S. president will be for Canada has been a discussion amongst Canadians since time immemorial. The question, frankly, is irrelevant. The job of the U.S. president is to look after the U.S. people. And to the horror of the entrenched establishment, Donald Trump is following through on that simple fact.

Donald Trump is not the president of Mexico. He is not the prime minister of Canada or Britain or even israel (oh, just wait until he makes that last one clear!). Donald Trump was elected to look after the American people and American interests first and foremost.

Obviously, that’s just something the Council on Foreign Relations just cannot handle.

The Mexican C.F.R.’s Agustin Barrios Gomez, pleaded with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau to take a principled stand against Trump and for the continuation of globalist and “progressive policies.” Gomez also invoked Godwin’s law in comparing Trump to Adolph Hitler. Referring to former British prime minister Neville Chamberlain, Gomez said, “I don’t think appeasement is the way to go.”

In calling for Trudeau to take a “principled stand,” Gomez presupposes, erroneously, that Justin Trudeau is a competent, principled leader. He is not. Justin Trudeau was elected leader of the Liberal Party for no other reason than his name: Trudeau. Trudeau is a self-described feminist. He is a guilt-ridden white social justice warrior (on Canadian taxpayers’ dime, of course). He doesn’t have a clue how to do anything or solve any problems, other than to throw money at it. The Liberal Party could have chosen, among other candidates, Marc Garneau, a former astronaut. Unfortunately, in their infinite wisdom, our Liberal friends went with the pothead. With the luxurious hair.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau

On the issue of “the wall,” Gomez called it a “horrible symbol of ignorance and said it was “zero likely” Mexico would pay for it. Gomez is wrong. Mexico will pay for it when Trump starts taxing remittances from the United States back to Mexico. Those remittances may even be eliminated when those remittances are brought into U.S. banking regulations and valid, verified social security numbers are collected in order to transmit those funds.

So, yes, one way or another, Mexico will pay for that wall.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party was not elected on a wave of left-wing enthusiasm in Canada. The former prime minister, Conservative Stephen Harper, was arrogant, corrupt, and wasteful. Canada’s debt exploded under his reign. Conservative changed their vote to Liberal in 2015 and put the Conservatives in a corner.

One of the candidates running for the Conservative leadership is Kevin O’Leary, who has been compared to Donald Trump. He is very rich (by Canadian standards), brash, blunt, and, oh yes, starred in reality TV shows (Dragon’s Den in Canada and Shark Tank in the U.S.) O’Leary has been vilified since he first mused about running for the leadership. Establishment Conservative politicians want nothing to do with him. He has been ridiculed and dismissed by corporate fake news media (CBC included). In other words, he will be Canada’s next prime minister if the comparisons to Trump are taken to their logical conclusion.

Canadian Conservative Party leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary

When Agusto Barrois Gomez predicts Trump will “turn on” Canada, he makes a fatal flaw in his logic. Canadians, historically, have a higher standard of living than Americans (confiscatory taxation and stifling bureaucracy notwithstanding). Canadians have not swarmed across the U.S. border by the tens of millions, taken up residence in the U.S., terrorized Americans with gangs, sucked billions of dollars out of the American people by ending up on welfare, had anchor babies who have bankrupted American schools, and basically just demanded free stuff. So the comparison between Mexico and Canada is preposterous.

The only swarms of Canadians seen in the United States are those migrating towards the Walden Galleria, Great Lakes Crossing, Bellis Fair and hundreds of other U.S. shopping malls dotting the picturesque northern border.If you live in suburban Toronto and are destined for the Walden Galleria, don’t worry about directions. Your car knows the way.


Mexico is a corrupt, disease-filled, crime-ridden garbage dump. Neither Canada nor the United States need take any lessons from them. And if Trump’s impressive election victory proved anything, it is that Americans are done being manipulated by the Council on Foreign Relations.


Juarez, Mexico, March 2, 2008 (LettersToTheBeast)

Justin Trudeau, and Canada’s government by extension, have two choices: It can work with the Trump administration and remind it of the important trade relationship between the U.S. and Canada. It can remind Trump that Canada is the number one single largest purchaser of U.S. goods and services. Not Britain. Not Japan. Not China. Canada. It can remind Trump of the damage the U.S. inflicted upon border cities such as Niagara Falls and Buffalo when it imposed a passport requirement upon Canadians. Or…the Trudeau government can go the path of least resistance by demagoguing  Trump and his administration, and endearing itself it its loony-left Liberal base as the Canadian dollar continues its collapse and what’s left of Canadian manufacturing – the auto industry chief among it – disappears entirely.

Here at LettersToTheBeast, our money is on option two. But that’s okay. It’s nothing Prime Minister O’Leary can’t fix.

In the interest of full disclosure, your humble correspondent at LettersToTheBeast is a Canadian, married to his American trophy wife.

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CBC Bullshit: CBC Vancouver explains global warming during record cold, snowy winter

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast


Vancouver in its longest cold snap in over 30 years

We’re at 33 days and counting — but there’s a way to go before the record is broken

By Justin McElroy & David Horemans, CBC News Posted: Jan 06, 2017 6:00 AM PT


Get out the hip-waders for this one. The carbonazis are in full-bore panic on Canada’s left coast, seat of the country’s global warming / global taxation grid movement.

Vancouver is Canada’s money center. And, with a mild year-’round climate, it has been typically easy to convince its denizens of the “threat” of global warming. Politicians and their allied media are safe from pontificating on the ravages of global warming while the temperature is well below zero, snow is piled knee-high and homeless people are freezing to death. British Columbia was eager to adopt the “carbon tax.”

This current winter has threatened to kill the golden goose. So CBC, Canada’s state broadcaster, trotted out weather girl Johanna Wagstaffe to explain away the contradiction between claims of warming while the city is frozen solid.

The State Broadcaster’s Vancouver weather girl Johanna Wagstaffe (CBC).

Wagstaffe pointed out instances of cold snaps and frozen ponds in Vancouver’s distant past (i.e., nearly a century ago). Just as the carbon nazis point to evidence of global warming locked up in the Arctic, the North Pole, the Antarctic and other places we can’t visit, Johanna cited a period of time where none of us was alive and therefore couldn’t challenge from personal experience.


Wagstaffe used the classic global warming move to back her argument: citing temperature data from the local airport and downtown.



Uh, riiighht. So, the claims of global warming (as if a longer growing season and not freezing to death is somehow a problem), is based on data obtained by thermometers placed smack-dab in the middle of hundreds of acres of blazing hot pavement, jet blasts (in the case of airports), air conditioner outflows and steam grates (in the case of urban areas)?

Okay, Johanna. What do the historic temperature data show at, say, Stanley Park? Kitsilano Beach? Burnaby Mountain? Boundary Bay?

Amusingly, Environment Canada, the Canadian government’s meteorological service, defines a cold winter day in Vancouver as anything under five degrees celsius (41 F).

The typist admits YVR (the Vancouver Airport) is the warmest place in Vancouver. And with all that manipulation, it was still registering record lows. For over a month.


Wagstaffe also provided us with this little gem: the government only uses numbers from less than forty years ago in compiling its data in favor of global warming.

That sounds familiar, some how…where have we heard that before…oh, yes…

Hide the Decline!

Michael Mann, of course, works for Pennsylvania State University, who know a thing or two about hiding things. Just ask Jerry Sandusky. Oh, wait…

The government is only using numbers from 1981, when urban Vancouver (along with urban-everywhere-else) exploded. Land that was rural farmland is now housing tracts and condos. With all that pavement reflecting sunlight, all those air conditioning exhausts, all those furnaces, of course it’s going to be warmer!

Thanks for the tip, Johanna.

Kudos to Mrs. Wagstaffe for using “global warming” and not the officially-rebranded “climate change.” No doubt she, and typists McElroy and Horeman (this is the CBC after all, so of course they need THREE staff reporters) have already received their letters of reprimand from Toronto.

Naturally, comments were disabled. While it could be assumed they were preaching to the choir when it comes to the warmistas and other enviro-nuts, there is no way they were about to allow the “deniers” to point out the obvious falsehoods.

Thornton Park, Vancouver, January 21, 2002, after Vancouver received nearly 10 inches of snow. (LettersToTheBeast)

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CTV / AP Bullshit (more to come!): George Soros says Trump a ‘would-be dictator’ who will rattle markets

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast


Seriously? Some idiot at A.P. actually wrote this? And another idiot – an editor at Associated Press approved it? And then a mindless idiot at CTV (the Canadian Television Network), having seen all the in-house reporters laid off in recent years due to the decline in corporate media, pushed it on to the website? And nobody said, “You know, the masses are going to say this really is the pot calling the kettle black here…”


Okay, let’s get this train wreck moving…



George Soros…the man who has made untold billions over the decades by “rattling markets” and impoverishing the average man, woman and child. The unnamed typist writes this tripe as if Soros is regarded as a nice, old businessman offering his sage advice. As if the entire planet doesn’t see him as a greedy, megalomaniac serpent. As if the entire planet doesn’t hate George’s guts and wants him dead.


A.P., C.N.N., and the corporate media presstitutes and whorespondents who carried this trash verbatim are no doubt hoping that Uncle George will send some of his largesse their way, not unlike Snopes, Media Matters, the Huffing and Puffington Post, among many others.


The best part of the article was no doubt in the second to last paragraph: “…he expects financial markets to ‘not do very well’ because of the uncertainty generated by the Trump administration.


Let’s check that, George…


The banksters were indeed depressed as Trump’s inauguration approached. But lo and behold, as his speech continued, look what happened around 1pm? The Dow went up.

Jump You Fuckers

Donald Trump knows the markets are as rigged as the primaries, the debates, and the general election. But he got past all that corruption and fraud and has made George very, very angry. Those who know him say Soros hasn’t been this angry since he was a 14-year-old Hitler Jurgen.


Yes, the markets are rigged. And if the federal reserve knows what’s good for it, it’s going to start pulling back on the fraud and “rigging” the markets in favor of the people.


As for George Soros, it really is a shame the legends of gas chambers and mass death camps are just that…legends. Because if they were true, then George Soros himself should have turned one of those ovens to the highest setting, climbed in and closed the door behind him. And had his been the only death in one of those ovens, the world would be a better place today. And if Alex Soros and George’s other satanic progeny think we – the people of planet Earth – are going to let him step in and fill Daddy’s shoes once he takes his rightful place in hell, they’ve got another thing coming, ALEX.

Jewish Financial Terrorism

It’s a great time to be alive. We’re going to slay the new world order. Soros, you’re only going to be the first casualty. Rockefellers and Rothschilds, we’re coming for you!

Hanging Bankster 1

Fuck the New World Order

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President Trump: Predictions, prognostications and outright hopes for the next four to eight years



This article is being written on the morning of January 20, 2017. The hopes of hundreds of millions of anti-neocons around the United States, and billions more around the world, are hanging on the broad shoulders of Donald J. Trump. Of course, we had similar hopes eight years ago with Nobel Peace Prize winning president Barack Hussein Obama (aka B-O).


This collection of predictions, prognostications and outright – and please forgive the terminology – hope is listed in no particular order. I’m an optimist, not a psychic. If you want psychic predictions, listen to George Noory. If he’s still around.


This also presupposes that Mr. Trump will survive the year 2017, let alone 2021 and 2025.

WorldNet Daily

The established, corporate media will continue its decline. That’s not to say that billionaires with deep pockets won’t continue to fund its existence. But it will operate on shoestring budgets. Staff will be cut to less-than-skeleton levels. As computer technology improves (or at least advances), multi-million-dollar paid liars like Megyn (I Settled For Less) Kelly and Brian Williams will be replaced by CGI and voice sampling. Donald Trump’s threats aside, it is unclear whether the technology to produce those images will be located in the United States. A generation of safe-space snowflakes and common core have pretty much guaranteed skilled jobs returning to the U.S.A. en-masse. Apple and Microsoft couldn’t bring those jobs back if they wanted to. The next generation labor force is just too stupid.


On to Trump himself..


There will be a mass awakening among Americans and freedom-loving people worldwide alike. This will be a splash of cold water. In America, the question of whether government is functioning within the bounds of the constitution will become fashionable. Ron Paul will be proud.

Nicolaie and Elena Ceaucescu execution

The theoretical public debt of the United States government will be reduced. One way or another. Either America’s creditors (chiefly China) and the privately-owned federal reserve itself will take a modest, negotiated haircut. Or, the U.S. government will, by necessity, default outright. The role of the federal reserve’s looting of Americans – and the entire planet – will be exposed. And they will be shut down once and for all. When it becomes a matter of widespread acceptance that the debt of nations is a made of number that never existed in the first place, there is no way the people will continue to slave and sacrifice in the name of taxation.


Donald Trump has made some disturbing overtures towards America’s israeli masters. The problem for israel is this: Trump is an America-firster, not an israel-firster. And as he gets past the israeli-controlled masters that he has surrounded himself with (both family and advisers), and learns for himself the extent of extent and the magnitude of the crimes, corruption, espionage, manipulation and outright theft on the part of israel’s government, it is inconceivable he will allow this continue. The American people will not let this continue. Citizens of other countries will see that this has been happening in their own countries and will similarly put a stop to it in their own lands. The government of israel will be cut off. And when that happens, ever-lasting, non-stop wars will be cut off. And if we’re really, really lucky, the heads of the hydras, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, will be cut off, too.

AIPAC Clinton Netanyahu Obama Biden

The University Industrial Complex will collapse and educational institutions will have no choice but to adopt a new business model: teaching young skulls full of mush (with apologies to Rush Limbaugh) what they need to know to get them by for the rest of their lives. To debate new ideas. ALL ideas. And to do it a a cost the average parents can afford, and that the kids themselves can afford while working at off-campus jobs, without going into debt.

Can we just say, “TRIGGER WARNING: NEXT EIGHT YEARS” and get it done?

Parents are paying for THIS?

The current educational debt crisis is an insightful parallel to the inflationary consequences of unrestrained money printing. The colleges charge tens of thousands of dollars in tuitions to pay faculty hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep them in jobs for life. They hire thousands of people whose jobs do nothing to contribute towards the educations of their paying customers. Equality co-ordinators, vice-presidents of diversity, LGBTQ-whatever outreach directors, etc. How to pay for it? Raise the cost of tuition. Kids can’t afford it? No bother. Have the government lend them more money. Unlimited amounts of money. With no regard to their ability to repay.

Judge Reinhold in “Ruthless People.” Fucking Finance It!

When the money for that nonsense disappears, so will the nonsense itself.

Honey, you’re completely fucked.

There will be no mass-deportations. There will be no-roundups. There will be a wall. And Mexico will pay for it. Whether they know it or not. When President Trump makes it one of his first orders of business that the U.S. government will no longer cater to the needs and wants of illegal aliens and orders the federal government to enforce and comply with federal law, those people will send themselves home. In fact, when 20- or 30-million Mexicans and Other-Than-Mexicans start heading south, Mexico may build that wall to protect itself from its illegals up north.


Once businesses are required to use e-verify, sanctuary cities are cut-off from federal funding, driver’s licenses are taken away, public welfare and health care services are taken away and valid, verified social security numbers are required to open bank accounts and negotiate money transfers, the problem will take care of themselves. When INS-style raids are re-instated, starting with the parking lot entrances of your local Home Depot, America will be returned to the American people. It may take some time before you can walk into your local McDonald’s and be greeted with “Hola!” by the adolescent behind the counter, but it will happen.


California is one of the world’s largest economies. With Donald Trump’s help, it will start acting like it.


And speaking of California…Hollywood continue to be ostracized by America. They live in their own little bubble. Look for more celebrities to go bankrupt. Hollywood’s acting denizens will either go back to acting, and otherwise shut up with their leftist pontifications. Or the film industry will abandon Los Angeles once and for all.


One of Whoopi Goldberg’s houses

The neo-cons (from the left and from the right) who have been responsible for the deaths of millions over the past three decades will be exposed and de-fanged. Fox News may be the home of conservative, traditionally Republican, thought. But the likes of Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, John Bolton, Karl Rove and other war criminals will be chased out of the District of Criminals. All the way to The Hague. Again, if we’re really lucky.

Fox News Brainwashing

CNN, may collapse outright under the weight of its lies. Fox News will not be far behind. As for ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC…stick a fork in them. Their done. They broadcast networks may still run their evening newscasts. They may even finally get the message and hire people who are throwbacks to the likes of Murrow, Cronkite, Mudd, Chancellor and the truly great journalists of our youth. But they will still be a shadow of their former selves. The days of networks hiring multi-million dollars liars are finished. The advertising just won’t support it.

John Chancellor

The major metropolitan newspapers may continue to exist as on-line editions you can read on your i-pad or cellphone. But the print editions will disappear. The problem is: how much more are the billionaire oligarchs willing to pour into the ventures? Like television media, advertisers won’t support it. And people won’t for paywalls because we don’t like paying to be lied to. So Big Media is screwed.

2016-08-10 02_58_14-Torstar announces layoffs _ Toronto Star

As America regains its freedom and independence, people in other countries (ridiculed as populists by corporate media) will take their own countries back. In an encouraging sign, Kevin O’Leary has announced he will be running for the leadership of the Conservative Party in Canada. He is already being dismissed and ridiculed by establishment Conservative politicians and media. Ironically, most print media in Canada is right-leaning. And they don’t like Kevin one bit.

2016-03-04 08_19_18-Kevin O'Leary vows to be a 'nightmare for politicians' on economic policy - Poli

Canadians, get used to Prime Minister Kevin O’Leary in two-and-a-half years.


More to come…



In the interest of full disclosure, your humble correspondent is a Canadian. Married to his American trophy wife. And she had a big ol’ smile on her face on the morning of November 9, 2016. If Mr. Trump survives the next four years and accomplishes half of what he intends, Mr. LettersToTheBeast will vote Trump’s re-election.