The next time a big “ka-boom” happens, I’m not looking at Tehran or Damascus. I’m looking at Tel Aviv and Langley.

October 6, 2014

Mr. Stephen Harper, M.K.

The Knesset (Canada)

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A5

Dear Steve:

I am assuming there is some Steve working in the office of the prime minister in Ottawa. I am under no illusion that my letters, nor those of any other slaves who deign to write to our lords and masters in Ottawa, reach their intended eyes. It is obvious the mandarins are kept away from the sheep, just as doddering old relatives are kept away from the outside world and told everything is just fine, just as the world around them is going to hell.The Simpsons Thank you for not discussing the outside world

Now, Steve, when you went down to Goldman Sachs, the one thought that occurred to me was: Wow. Now he’s really rubbing our nose in it.

I can only imagine how you and your New World Order friends are in full-on panic mode to get a war going at any cost. You have BRICS starting up on January 1, 2015. Your “sanctions” against Russia have blown up in your face. Russia and China (especially China) have been stockpiling gold while the U.S. government has been exposed as naked. And then, of course, there is your own elections coming in next year. You know you’re not going to be in office after the next election (see Kim Campbell) and you are desperate to make your masters happy before your time runs out.

Stephen Harper israel skull cap

To make matters worse, you have a gaggle of senators – and at least one M.P. – who are going to end up doing time. Maybe they’ll end up in one of my M.K.’s (Rob “Bob” Nicholson) new prisons. Do you really think that you are going to distract us from the corruption and outright criminality of your regime with a fake war and false flag terror, Steve?

What’s your price, Steve? A professorship at Harvard? A sinecure at Goldman Sachs or J.P. Morgan? A fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations?

The lies being perpetrated by you and your N.W.O. Friends regarding Russia, China, Ukraine, Syria etc. Are becoming so transparent and so obvious that it is frankly insulting.

Now don’t get me wrong, Steve. I have no doubt that there are some brown people around the world who are mondo pissed at us. They are seeing seeing their lands over-run with U.S. Army tanks. And their homes (sometimes with themselves and their children inside) run over by israeli Occupation Force tanks. The see their countrymen (even children, for kryssakes). shot from helicopters, Palestinians are being impoverished, starved, even dehydrated as a matter of policy. White phosphorous is being rained down from above. Schools and hospitals are being destroyed. All while their oppressors sit nearby, eat popcorn and cheer every time a bomb and a brown man, woman or child is blown to bloody bits. Alarmingly, some of the victims of those atrocities and war crimes are starting to say some not-very-nice things about the governments of israel and the United States. Shockingly, some children have even been observed throwing rocks at I.O.F. tanks. Of course, those kids never do it again because the manly men inside those tanks blow their heads off. All courtesy of the world’s most moral army.

Child with head blown off

If you and your N.W.O. friends are really lucky, the federal bureau of incineration or one of your Mister Bigs will find one of those brown people (probably half-way retarded), supply him with money, drugs, alcohol, moral support, whatever it takes. Then they’ll take him in, hold a perp-walk and a press conference about how they “averted the next nine-eleven.” Yeah, right. Whatever. That usually gives you a bounce for about a week. At most. The fact is, the life expectancy of your lies can now be measured with an egg timer. Yet you keep trying.

The real “terrorists” know they don’t have to lift a finger because your system is going to collapse. That’s why the only “terror groups” that exist all have the C.I.A.’s finger prints all over them. That is also why our American friends haven’t pushed back against the tyranny of the Obama regime. They know it will all come to an end. Just like the Soviet Union. And like the collapse of the Soviet Union, they can set up a new government, imprison the oligarchs, kick out the banksters and have an effectively debt-free state. Just like they have now (you I.M.F.ers don’t like that, do you, Steve?)

After being lied to about the torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin, israel’s attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the circumstances leading to the attacks on Oserak as well as Khadaffy’s compound (resulting in the death of his five-year-old daughter), Nayirah al-Sabah’s testimony about Kuwaiti babies being thrown from incubators, the false-flag attacks of September 11, 2001, the subsequent anthrax “attacks,” one of the alleged surviving perpetrators Anwar al-Awlaki dining in the Pentagon officer’s mess, Niger yellow cake, mobile chemical weapons laboratories in Iraq (i.e. fire trucks), Saddam’s Nukular Bombs, piggy flu, global warming, Farouk Abdulmutallab being walked around security at Schiphol Airport (according to witnesses Kurt and Lori Haskell, two Detroit lawyers) after which Michael Chertoff just happens to have naked body scanners available for sale and ready to go, Sandy Hook, Operation Fast and Furious, Two master criminal terrorists, Youself al-Khattab (Revolution Muslim) and Adam Ghadan (the American al-qaeda) just happen to be israeli-American dual nationals and “converts” to Islam. Uh, yeah. Okay. Don’t forget Zachary Chesser,(aka Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee) the South Park Terrorist. Assad gassing his own supporters in front of the U.N. chemical weapons inspectors, whom he invited, on the day they arrived. So many lies, Steve. And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Do you see the tragedy here, Steve? Even if ISIS was real, even it it wasn’t either a creation of the Mossad and the CIA or, in the very least, an operation they lost control of, people aren’t believing anything you have to say. Because the first thing that comes to mind is: weapons of mass destruction. So, by default, we assume that everything coming out of a politician’s mouth is liquid excrement. If I still had cable, I would probably only feel safe watching the news if I had a face shield.

If ISIS is such a grave threat, your friend Senator John McCain, Likud, Arizona, didn’t seem to be too worried. He even got himself a nice picture with a bunch of them.

U.S. Senator John McCain (Likud, Arizona) poses with ISIS "fighters" on May 27, 2013.
U.S. Senator John McCain (Likud, Arizona) poses with ISIS “fighters” on May 27, 2013. The New World Order is in a panic about this picture. Websites have called it a fake. Others say the men are swell guys. Yet others claim the men are not ISIS, but Free Syrian Army.

There is an even greater tragedy, Steve. You are nowhere near the libertarian starve-the-beast conservative I thought I was voting for a decade ago. Justin Trudeau and even Thomas Mulcair are just as subverted by the government of israel and its dual-nationals in Canada as you are. So who am I supposed to vote for as long as the status-quo exists? I don’t do the whole “hold my nose” thing. And judging the downward trend of voter participation, neither do millions of other Canadians.

Then there is the Ukraine. You know, Steve, you should watch Gerald Celente’s Trends Research Institute videos on YouTube. Sometimes, when he reads the news he presses a big red “BULLSHIT” button. The button then sounds a klaxon and bellows out random warnings. For example, “Bullshit! Level Defcon Five!” First of all, Steve, it was your New World Order that moved in and overthrew the previous elected government of Ukraine after it rejected E.U. Membership and sought closer ties with Russia. And the preponderance of evidence (not to mention, common sense) shows that it was a Ukranian fighter jet that shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (Why? Why would Russia do such a thing?). Russia didn’t annex Crimea. The Crimeans, who were historically linked to Russia, wanted nothing to do with Ukraine. Not unlike how Quebec wants nothing to do with Ottawa; neither do I for that matter but I digress.

Bullshit button

Now with the winter fast approaching in the Ukraine, the b.s. media will be spraying that liquid excrement with a fire hose as Ukrainians inevitably freeze to death as a result of their regime’s unwillingness to pay its gas bill.

I did some research, Steve. And I learned something. First of all, Russia is energy self-sufficient. It doesn’t import oil or gas. It exports what it doesn’t consume. It can shut off the taps to western Europe tomorrow. And, it owes about US$230-billion (an amount growing increasingly higher as it fends off western financial terrorism). Nevertheless, that debt is a tiny fraction of what the U.S. government owes. More importantly, Russia’s foreign debt amounts to US$1,600 per person. Canada’s alleged debt per person is over $18,000. And our poor, suffering American friends are expected to pay their private central bank $56,000 (that $56,000 figure doesn’t include the off-balance-sheet “Enron” stuff, nor the unfunded liabilities so you can multiply that figure by several-fold). What food Russia doesn’t grow on its own and what goods it doesn’t manufacture come from countries with which it has set up direct currency exchanges outside of The Dollar. It has adopted Chinese credit card payment systems to get around the Visa and MasterCard shut-down. It is allied with China and can pull the plug on the Dollar ponzi scheme tomorrow (that threat was clearly used to shut down the last war with Syria after your tale about Assad’s use of chemical weapons). So what is it that you think that “we” are going to do to Russia, Steve?

Of course, Steve, those debt figures, as with countries around the world (mostly Europe) include money printed by bank-owned central banks like the Bank of Canada, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, loaned to governments at interest, then given to banks free of charge. You don’t actually think we’re going to pay that, do you, Steve? When we take our governments back, we’re going to tell the banksters to go to hell, like Iceland did. By the way Steve, the banks aren’t the only ones who are going to get stiffed. If firemen, bus drivers and road crew workers in Detroit can get stiffed on their pensions, so can politicians in Ottawa.

Hanging Bankster 1
Step 1 towards legitimate economic recovery. (Credit: Tad Lumpkin, The American Dream,

You know, Steve, when I was a schoolboy and my little head was being filled with stories about the evil commies, I never thought I would grow up to live in a world where my country was a police state, up to its gills in debt, and Russia would be free. Free of government tyranny. And free of the banksters.

I don’t know how to tell you this, Steve, but I’m counting on Russia and China to stop the Third World War before it gets too far along. I’m counting on them to pull the plug on The Dollar. It’s going to hurt most of us, although I’m sure you have your contingency plans in place (Geneva? Grand Cayman? Tel Aviv? I doubt London will be much of a haven). It’s going to hurt. Big time. But hundreds of millions of lives will be saved. Unless, of course, the U.S. government and israel throw the mother of all temper tantrums in order to try and preserve dollar hegemony and the petrodollar.


I live in hope that once the dollar collapses and takes your New World Order with it, you rats up there in Ottawa will flee for your own safety and leave the job of rebuilding to the Canadian people. I further live in hope that The New Canada, as Preston Manning termed it, will be free of foreign (especially israeli) subversion, will dispense with a privately-owned central bank and issue an interest-free, debt-free currency directly to the people (as John F. Kennedy did in, ahem, 1963, and going all the way back to Benjamin Franklin). We will have leaders who are loyal to Canada and only to Canada. Not London. Not Tel Aviv. Our parliament will go back to its Westminster roots and the House of Commons will be made up of Canadians with real jobs, and for whom serving is an honour not a career. And dual-nationals will be banned from holding public office.

Irwin Cotler

Our New Canada will repudiate the odious debt created by previous regime which was not spent to the benefit of the Canadian people. Future governments will be constrained to live within their means. You, remember, Steve. The “right-wing extremist” stuff you ran on a decade ago and that millions of Canadians like me voted for.

And finally, we will not get involved in foreign entanglements and screw up other peoples’ countries.

I’m done with your wars, Steve. I’m done with your masters at Goldman Sachs and in Tel Aviv. I’m done with Goldman Sachs running governments and central banks around the world. I’m done with your spying and your police state. And I’m way, way, past done with your lies.

A recent National Post article discussed your need for “a legacy.” Jean Chretien, for all his faults, left a legacy. He kept us out of the Iraq war while Americans died by the thousands. He untied Paul Martin’s hands and thus ran multi-billion dollar structural surpluses. He put the government of Canada on the road to being debt-free. Your legacy is just the opposite, Steve. Your legacy? Wars, police state, corruption and Mike Duffy.

One last thing, Steve: the next time there is a big “ka-boom,” billions of us will be looking in your direction. The C.I.A., the C.F.R., the Mossad, Richard Penis Cheney, etc. So don’t even think about it. Okay, Steve? It never ceases to amaze me that you people are either too stupid to understand that, in the age of the internet, the average person has the ability to fact-check every word that comes out of your mouth in a matter of second. Or that you are so arrogant and so desperate that you believe you can get away with it and thus don’t care.


P.S. Did you notice all those underscored words, Steve? That means that, in the original PDF versioin of this letter I e-mailed, ever single statement I have made is verified. Backed-up. Completely. In most cases by your own b.s. media.

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