Canada mosque shooting: another mass shooting in a gun-free zone



The reporting tells us six people have been killed and 19 wounded. According to the Quebec Provincial Police, two suspects were taken into custody. Their identities have not been released. The only information being reported about them is they may have attended Laval University. And they had “Quebec accents.” And they may belong to a right-wing group. The fact that they were captured (captured so soon?) and the fact so little information is being released suggests much of the narrative about this event is still in play.


No mention, of course, that Quebec is the most gun-restricted province in Canada. Which is saying a lot in a country owned lock, stock and barrel by the gun-grabbers. When former prime minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government voted to abolish the long-gun registry and destroy its contents (a program for which he voted, along with the then-governing Liberals in 1995), the province of Quebec sued – and won – the right to maintain the registry’s database of Quebecers.


Needless to say, the disconnect between a mass-shooting, and its having taken place in a gun-free zone (i.e. Quebec and Canada) will be not only glossed over, it will be totally dismissed.


“right-wing groups are very organized in Quebec City, distribute fliers at the university and plaster stickers around town.” Uh, yeah. That’s pretty hard-hitting journalism, there. Conservatives, or “right-wingers” are about as popular in Quebec City as they are in Berkeley or San Francisco. They hand out fliers and post stickers. Oooohhh, be afraid. Be very afraid.


Don’t you have your own problems to deal with, BIll?


Goodale, a minister in the Chretien Liberal regime of the 1990s, was a key player in the victim disarmament movement.
What a wonderful opportunity for Justin Trudeau to pick up the mantle from Barack Hussein Obama. The one thing liberals have in common is this: they love photo-ops where they can make happy faces. And sad faces.
Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau (Toronto Globe and Mail)

Assuming the popular narrative of this shooting is that the two honkies were seeking revenge for the murderous ISIS, it will turn out to be more additions to the body-count in the U.S.- and israeli- government-sponsored war of terror. There are a lot of fools out there who have fallen for this nonsense.

John McCain ISIS 1
“Get outta here, you low-life scum!” — John McCain


LettersToTheBeast maintains hope that President Trump will figure out who is behind ISIS, al-qaeda and the other terror actors. And he will be very angry.




We suspect Donald Trump is going to be in for a real eye-opener when he finally meets face-to-face with Vladimir Putin. The war of terror truly will be exposed as a hoax and a fraud. When that happens, a lot of people will have a lot to lose.


The military industrial complex will be in for the single-most disastrous collapse since 1989.


Bring it on.


And for those of you so inclined, please think good thoughts for President Trump. May he stay out of small aircraft, convertibles, hotel kitchens and motel balconies. And somebody, please show him a DVD of Gandhi. And fast forward to the end.


The CBC, Canada’s state news agency, reported on the arrest of 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette in relation to the multiple-shootings and multiple-murders at the Quebec City mosque.


The Quebec Provincial Police announced they had arrested only one man and charged him with six counts of murder and using a restricted firearm.


27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette worked as a clerk at Hema-Quebec, the provincial blood donation agency. As usual, there was no explanation as to where he got the gun or the ammunition. In Canada, you need a permit to not only purchase a gun, but to purchase ammunition for it as well. And you need a special permit beyond that to purchase restricted guns (and ammunition). And needless to say, those permits are very difficult to come by.


Funny how bad guys in the most restrictive gun zones (Quebec, France, Brussels, etc) never seem to have any difficulty getting their hands on all the firepower and ammo they need. LettersToTheBeast is awaiting an explanation from Canada’s chief gun-grabber, Wendy Cukier, on how all this could have happened despite despite all of the legislation making Canada such a gun-free paradise.



While corporate media could not explain who put the gun into Bissonnette’s hands, they were helpful in pointing out that he was a supporter of the policies of Donald Trump and Marine LePen, he was opposed to radical feminism and multiculturalism and he rejected organized religion.


Bissonnette was a student of political science and anthropology at nearby Laval University.


Corporate media failed to speculate on what anti-depressants, SSRIs or other prescription medications Mr. Bissonnette may have been taking.

Unfortunately, the Orlando Sentinel replaced the text of the original story with updated versions, effectively memory-holing the original article. At the same time, they left the original comments in place. This gave the appearance that early commenters to the original story were oblivious to information in the now-updated story. Dishonest, for sure. But this is the corporate media we’re talking about.

Rather than write new articles as updated information came in, the Orlando Sentinel changed the original story, using the original link, as if they had gotten the facts right in the first place. Of course, this made the original commenters look like idiots.



One commenter also (sarcastically) called for a ban on white Canadian men from the United States.




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