Boyz n’ the hood: Deadly violence breaks out at Easter egg hunt

Analysis by Letters To The Beast

Orlando police: Deadly Easter shooting stemmed from argument between teen, Lamborghini driver

The shootout happened at Poppy Park in the Carver Shores neighborhood close to 7 p.m. on Sunday night. Dozens of people, including kids, had been at the park for an Easter egg hunt.

Orlando police investigators now say the shooting started when Jamal Watson, 38, drove a purple Lamborghini on the street past the park and got into an argument with a teenager on the sidewalk. Watson and the 17-year-old, Tristan Morgan, allegedly started firing at each other almost simultaneously.

OPD says it had officers at several other egg hunt events in the city on Easter, but the one at Poppy Park was unsanctioned, and they were notified about it ahead of time.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Those unsanctioned egg hunts. It’ll happen every time.

Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith did not elaborate on whether the 17-year-old, Tristian Morgan, was legally permitted to be carrying a firearm. Because we know, of course, that had he been disqualified, for whatever reason, from carrying, he would not be able to obtain a gun.

There was an interesting paragraph buried at the bottom of WESH’s article:

Orlando police also confirmed they believe there was a third shooter: a man who they say has been cooperating with the investigation.

“He’s cooperating with us. We do have the firearm used in that,” ( Sgt. Pete Cadiz, Orlando Police Department) said.

The individual has not been arrested or identified. The information on the third person involved will be forwarded to the state attorney for review.

Orlando (Orange and Osceola counties) Soros state’s attorney Monique Worrell.

This suggest the “good guy with a gun” angle which corporate media are loathe to report.

Meanwhile, over at Orlando’s official Antifa station, WKMG (ClickOrlando), the Viafoura censors have yet to scrub the comments section.

Just another day in the in the Happiest Place On Earth.

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