A Gentle Reminder That You’re Still In Florida: Orlando School Forced To Cancel “Drag” Event

Analysis by Letters To The Beast


‘Donuts and Drag’ event at Orange County school canceled

Principal said Florida Department of Education questioned whether event was age-appropriate

WKMG, Channel 6, Orlando’s local Antifa television affiliate, tearfully broke the news to its dozens of far-left viewers and website readers that the Orange County School District had canceled a “Drag” event.

Even though school board member Alicia Farrant conceded that the cancelation was “warranted,” she was quick to disclaim any responsibility. Farrant said she played no part in the decision to cancel the drag event and that it was parents who contacted Florida’s state department of education directly.

As one might expect with WKMG, wholly owned by the Washington Post’s Graham Media and named for Katherine Meyer Graham, comment censorship was in high gear.

There were the usual “CONTENT DISABLED” labels where a thoughtful comment once stood. And, of course, nobody knows how many commenters were shadow banned. They made their comment, it appears to be up. But they have no idea that nobody is seeing their comment unless they clear their cookies and view the web page again. Sure enough, there will be no trace of their contribution.

The usual stable of far-left Marxists had their comments untouched.

Farrant was elected to the Orange County school board in 2022.

Regardless of Farrant’s role in the cancelation of this perversion, the fact that parents took control, by-passed the local school board (likely out of concern that that their complaints would fall on deaf ears in this far-left Democrat county), and went to the state directly is a shot across the bow to the Marxists in Florida’s many municipal Democrat shit holes.

Congratulations, parents in District Three. Good work. Please don’t sit on your laurels. Keep paying attention and keep the politicians’ feet to the fire.

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