More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

2015-09-09 Not to defend Harper but the job of the prime minister is no job for a kid
Not to defend Harper, but the job of the prime minister is no job for a “kid.” September 9, 2015.
2015-09-09 I made a comment yesterday about how the LIberals shoudl have gone with the space man
I made a comment yesterday about how the Liberals “should have gone with the space man” (i.e. Marc Garneau) That’s the problem with “moderating” comments using people around the world not proficient in or familiar with Canadian history, politics, or idiosyncrasies. I stated in my comment Garneau would have a clear winner. I would be proud to have my country led by a man of such education and intelligence. The man is truly a hero. And I’m not even a Liberal. September 9, 2015.
So let me get this straight The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars
So let me get this straight. The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars in a years-long campaign to convince Canadians Justin Trudeau “just isn’t ready.” And we, the good people of Canada, have said, “You know what, Steve? You’re absolutely right. That Mulcair guy really deserves a serious look.” Gotta love it. Note to Liberals. You should have gone with the space man. And you shouldn’t have supported C-51.” 1 like. September 6, 2015.



Globe and Mail Kieth Bilous ICUC April 27 2011
Keith Bilous, 39, Guards Against On-Line Hate. Toronto Globe and Mail, April 27, 2011 And, yes, comments were disabled.

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113 thoughts on “More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

  1. CBC continues spewing pro-military industrial complex pro-neo con and neo-liberal war propaganda and refuses to tell its readers some really interesting stuff: its source “proving” Russian involvement in the Skripnal poisoning has now been proven to have links to NATO and British intelligence, and New Knowledge one of the msm’s “Russia interfered with the US election” sources the CBC happily cites as an objective authority has now been shown to have NSA links and was itself banned from Facebook for spreading fake news.

    Even more interesting is that the CBC has refused to report on the murder of Serena Shim. The CBC went on about the Kashoggi murder for days.

    Does the CBC not care about the lives of all journalists or any journalists other than those employed by the CBC unless the murder has the ability to portray Trump in a negative light.

    And of course, the CBC has not and will not report on the resignation of William Arkin from NBC and MSNBC news.

    For further information, check out Jimmy Dore on Youtube. Or read a real news outlet like The Intercept.

    Are there any national CBC journalists with any integrity since Dale Goldhawk was fired? If so, they should follow William Arkin’s courageous lead and likewise tender their public resignations,

  2. Why isn’t the manbashing, identity politics promoting CBC talking about recent revelations concerning “The Integrity Initiative”, their deep state funded hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn and “The Integrity Initiative”‘s now proven links to the same organization and people that help the Bush Republicans lie America into the Gulf Wars?

    Come on CBC! Be a real news network, not a propaganda outlet for the US military industrial complex.

  3. The CBC warmonger news network had plenty to say about brain injuries suffered by American and Canadian consular staff in Cuba, However, the CBC warmonger news network now says crickets about crickets.

    News story hear:

    Full public inquiry into the operations of this billion dollar disseminator of misandry and neo-liberal, neo-con and pro-war propaganda now. Canadians deserve so much better.

  4. The Liberals have done some pretty draconian things regarding sexual assault law that the CBC hasn’t adequately reported on, just like the Harper government’s passing a law broad enough to criminalize the viewing of on-line porn went unreported by the CBC.

    The Liberals have also done something absolutely appalling with respect to impaired driving law, again not reported by the CBC. They have given the police the right to enter people’s homes to administer breathalyser tests — with a two hour window — if they have received complaints about a person’s driving — and to charge someone with refusal if they won’t comply with the demand. They have also given police the power to administer the test in the bar in which someone is drinking if they know the person has driving to the bar. This draconian law is ill-founded and destined to be ruled unconstitutional, but it is going to force citizens to incur legal expenses that they are in absolutely no danger of incurring now, and may lead to numerous criminalizations until the law is struck down as unconstitutional by the SCC.

    The Trudeau government has no respect for the civil rights and liberties of Canadians, and no qualms with criminalizing people for dubious reasons. And the fake news network CBC tells the public nothing about this.

    Fortunately, CanWest Global has.

  5. My latest ban has ended without an auto extension and aside from one comment questioning the CBC’s glee at the upskirting law recently passed in the UK and the CBC’s failure to report on the great disparity in the number of laws aimed at male behaviours vs. the number of laws aimed at female behaviours and therefore the great disparity in the criminalization rates of the genders, the censorship has not been appalling.

    However, for some reason the comment below continues to be:

    Content disabled.

    Chinese envoy to Canada warns of ‘repercussions ‘ if Ottawa bans Huawei from 5G mobile phone network | CBC News
    Please stop censoring. There are no submission guideline violations.

    @Markus Wall

    “Trump didn’t cause the spat.

    The US deep state and its operatives in the DOJ did to embarrass Trump as he was closing in on a satisfactory trade agreement with China to pivot the “global bad guy threat” to China for the benefit of the military-industrial complex.

    The pivot was necessary because the Trump-Russia collusion thing wasn’t selling to the American public, because Trump finally kept his election promise to pull out of Syria despite the ferocious exhortations of the msm and US neo-liberals and neo-cons and because as we will all soon learn, Mueller could not find evidence of collusion sufficient to justify additional legal processes and the Russian interference scenario is a house of cards about to fall.

    Have the military-industrial complex types secured their purpose orchestrating this grand play? Or does the President have a counter-move?

    Breaking news. North Korean envoy coming to the United States with a little letter from Kim.

    In greenlighting the arrest, Trudeau and Freeland may have bet the wrong chess masters.

    Richard Romer couldn’t have written a better plot.”

  6. Haven’t been banned yet but was content disabled on these:
    Regarding the celebratory interview of a UK feminist who got a criminal offense of upskirting enacting:

    “The CBC won’t allow comments for its celebratory article on the new upskirting law passed in the UK. But why the celebration CBC journalists and talking heads?

    When males are 21 times more likely to be criminalized and consequentially marginalized than females, and are therefore much more likely than females to suicide or be homeless and addicted, should governments really be enacting more laws criminalizing male behaviours? Why does the CBC never devote attention to the criminalization gap?”

    and questioning the taxpayer funded “settlement” for women harassed and sexually abused in the RCMP:
    “You have to be imprisoned in a foreign prison to get that kind of financial award from Canadian taxpayers. That or be sexually propositioned by a male RCMP while working as a female RCMP.

    How many of the propositioning, and propositioned are getting generous taxpayer funded pensions is a question the people’s broadcaster is neither asking or getting answered.”

  7. Keeping politics out of it for now – does anyone know which group is more responsible for all the arbitrary “content disabled” ? Is it in fact Viafoura or is it ICUC? Specifically, where it relates to content on contentious Indigenous issues with the pipeline, etc. Who are the actual policy makers?

    1. I was also wondering about who (or what) is actually doing the moderating at CBC.

      Googling searching this question brings up this page — — where it says the following:

      “Some CBC communities are moderated by CBC staff, while others are moderated by external moderators and/or by automated filters. On some platforms, we use Smart Algorithmic Automated Moderation (SaaM for short), a tool that is owned by Viafoura, the provider of our commenting platform. Their algorithm was developed by Keepcon. SaaM, with support from Viafoura’s team of human moderators, also reviews submissions based on the Content Submission Guidelines.”

      Anyone who has used the comment section at the public CBC news site quickly realizes that a two-stage filter method is being used there. From the above, it would seem safe to assume that the SaaM algorithm is the first stage (i.e. flagging or outright disabling based on keywords and content), and then a human filtering by the Viafoura personnel (or perhaps another subcontractor).

      Keepcon – the company behind the SaaM algorithm – makes some frightening claims at its website ( ). They call themselves “The Leading Platform for Automated Customer Experience Management” and make the somewhat astounding Orwellian claim that “Our cutting-edge technology provides hightly accurate and thorough understanding of the customer’s emotions, perceptions, needs and desires, so our clients get the insights they need to act immediately.”

      And it gets scarier.

      “Monitoring & Listening: We provide ad-hoc taxonomies for each customer which allows us to tag the content accurately and with the highest level of specificity in the industry. Understand what people are talking about and the overall sentiment of what’s said; Match, filter, cross and compare that data in all posible dimensions; Identify influencers”

      “Customer Care: Improve your customer service by leveraging precise data about your customers needs, wants, desires, and emotions.”

      “The algorithms we use are based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that self-improves with every piece of classified content”

      “Operations: Leverage your customers’ point of view to improve your performance”

      Can there be any doubt? Big Brother — in hybrid AI/human form — is alive and well and being nurtured by the CBC.

  8. “Your account has been banned until 2/1/2020. Reason: We have banned this account for 12 months because we believe it is in violation of our Terms of Use, specifically repeated uncivil comments, personal attacks, and comments that could be construed as hate speech. For more information, please visit:

    Well, I got to comment for about three days this time. The ban was absolutely over substantive content that the censors did not agree with. There was absolutely nothing in any of the comments I made that could be construed as hate speech, uncivil comments or personal attacks — unless calling for Chrystia Freeland to resign or be fired for incompetence for causing Canada to violate principles of international law constitutes a personal attack the CBC does not allow (funny that they do allow all sorts of nasty names and claims regarding US President Donald Trump) much less were their repeated uncivil comments or personal attacks.

    Of course after the ban, the Orwellian CBC deletes all the comments that I made so anyone that cares to read through my comments could see there were no personal attacks or uncivil comments.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

  9. This is not, according to the CBC censors, a personal attack:
    “Steven Henry
    @David Allen Coe no their opinions mean nothing. Anti abortionists are a plague that need to mind their own business.”

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

  10. This is not, according to the CBC censors, a personal attack:
    “anna parkes
    @Francis Yeue you think a child put into a catholic school at a young age has a choice? Or would express a different opinion from the flock surrounding them at pubescence? Lol. Oh man, look up tribal psychology.”

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

  11. This is not, according to the CBC censors, a personal attack:
    “anna parkes
    @Francis Yeue you are all over the place. Stop with the strawman “logic”. And stop telling others their logic is misplaced when you have stepped in that quicksand several times.”

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

  12. This is not, according to the CBC moderators, a personal attack:

    “Drago Dragonrider
    @Gina Davis don’t be an ignorant. The people of Venezuela is fighting to free themselves from an illegitimate government that is starving and killing its own people. By it’s actions the Maduro government has lost any shred of legitimacy and support it may have one had.”

    This is my last one of these. The picture is obvious for all to see. The CBC censors will accept anything that supports their own ideological position or agenda no matter how grievous the violation of its submission guidelines. At the same time, they ban commentators who challenge their ideological position or agenda and do not violate their submission guidelines in any fashion,

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian CBC now.

  13. Ok, that wasn’t the last one. I just have to add this as this submission guideline violating comment that was so happily and hypocritically accepted by the CBC censors came about as a result of a lame CBC story about foreign agents, including agents from Iran, Russia, and Venezuela, making retweets trying to influence Canadian public opinion..

    John Oaktree
    @John Cookshaw

    ROFL!!! You sound like a Republican from the McCarthy era!!

    Next, you’re going to tell me that the Russians have been horribly misunderstood and abused over the years and we must embrace them as our good friends – since that’s what Republicans of today say…

    49 minutes ago

    The Federal Liberals under Freeland and one term actually spent taxpayer dollars trying to get certain political Venezuelan political parties to work together in order to topple the Venezuelan government contrary to its laws and constitution. Subsequently, they had Canada recognize as Venezuela’s (unelected, and without any Venezuelan constitutional authority) President, a US trained and financed puppet to be who with state department and CIA support and encouragement declared himself President. Shades of Ukraine all over again, where the President is supported by less than 18% of the population of Ukraine.

    Can someone please declare themselves Canadian Prime Minister so foreign states can recognize her or his authority, and he or she can order the full public inquiry into the Orwellian CBC that is so desperately needed?

  14. Canada’s Orwellian, censorious state broadcaster no longer seems to be allowing comments for its Venezuela propaganda pieces, probably because of the almost unanimous commentator opposition to the pro-regime change position Trudeau and Freeland have had Canada take.

    What the CBC in their very finite wisdom can not explain to the not brain dead radio listener, tv watcher, or website reader, is how the opposition protests can take place, and how CBC foreign reporters — the people who brought Canadians pro-Iraq war and pro-war on Libya and Yugoslavia propaganda — seem to be able to operate within and from Venezuela with abandon. It just doesn’t add up if Maduro is a horrible dictator hell bent on suppressing the press and free speech.

  15. This little gem concluded the latest piece of CBC/AP pro-war, pro-imperialist propaganda on Venezuela, which piece the CBC of course refused to allow commenting for:

    “Maduro says he is the target of a U.S.-backed coup plot and receives support from a few regional countries, such as Cuba and Bolivia, as well as Russia and China.”

    Sorry warmongering CBC scum, there are more countries in the world recognizing the elected Maduro as lawful President of Venezuela, including South Africa, Italy and India, than than there are countries recognizing the un-elected Juan Guido as President of Venezuela. The countries of China and India alone comprise more than 35% of the world’s population.

    While the US mainstream media which always propagandizes for war, and some neo-con warmongers like Bolton and Rubio and Pence, support regime change most Americans are against intervention in Venezuela, and at least one Presidential candidate, the one who will be President if Trump allows the neo-con warmongers to drag the US into another invasion, regards Maduro as Venezuela’s lawful President.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian, censorious, misandrist, warmongering CBC now.

  16. First comment I saw to a CBC article today was a submission guideline violating personal attack that was allowed by the CBC’s Orwellian censorsn because it supports Trudeau:
    “Chris Bergen
    @Don Inocencio – Trudeau lives in your head rent free. LOL”

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian, censorious, misandrist, warmongering CBC now.

  17. Another pro-liberal CBC submission guideline violating comment allowed by the misandrist, imperialist broad casting craporation’s totally biased censor:

    Awistoyus Nahasthay
    @Greg Longphee

    “compare this with some 150,000 lost jobs in Alberta that the Liberal Party has all but ignored.”

    And with that falsehood you lost ALL credibility.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of this Orwellian bearer of fake and false news, now.

    “Hands Off Venezuela!”

  18. Still another pro-liberal CBC submission guideline violating comment allowed by the misandrist, imperialist broad casting craporation’s totally biased censor:

    “Awistoyus Nahasthay
    @Steve Hayes

    “knowing that Trudeau was putting in her place a Montreal Yes Man”

    And she would know that….how?
    Oh, right, she wouldn’t.
    Typical nonsensical accusation devoid of logic.”

    Full public inquiry into the operations of this Orwellian bearer of fake and false news that continues to report the fake news about Russian bots influencing the US election as if the news were not proven to have been fake, yet refuses to report on the Star Chamber proceedings against Wikileaks and Assange and the jailing of Chelsea Manning, now.

    “Hands Off Venezuela!”

  19. Racist comments are prohibited by the CBC submission guidelines. However, racist comments against the Chinese are happily allowed by the CBC censors:

    “Dwight Williams
    Pests of Canola are fake news.

    Why we want to increase trade with this nation of charlatans and fakers is beyond my capacity to understand.”

    Full public inquiry into the operations of this Orwellian bearer of fake and false news that continues to report the fake news about Russian bots influencing the US election as if the news were not proven to have been fake, yet refuses to report on the Star Chamber proceedings against Wikileaks and Assange and the jailing of Chelsea Manning, now.

    “Hands Off Venezuela!”

  20. I didn’t visit the CBC propaganda site for a while but decided to check it out again today, and near the top of the comments for the first article I skimmed, I found a comment that violates the CBC’s submission guidelines (against personal attacks against other commentators) that the CBC censors happily allowed because it supports Trudeau.
    “Robert Lee
    5 minutes ago
    WOW! 7200 POSTS……………………………TRIGGERED CONS.

    I come late today because I actually have a LIFE.”

    On the radio news I also heard Rebecca Collyard (?) greens giving credit to the USA and its bombing missions for the defeat of the ISIS caliphate, conveniently forgetting to mention that ISIS only exists because of the war on Iraq the Bush government lied the US and coalition of the killing into, and the funding ISIS organizers received from US intelligence agencies when Obama and Clinton were trying to topple Assad in Syria, and that until Russia started bombing missions against ISIS at Syria’s request, the caliphate was growing. In fact, much of ISIS success was attributable to the weaponry they got from Libya thanks to the illegal regime change operation against Libya — more than 27,000 bombing runs — that the US, Canada and some of their other allied governments conducted.

    So Collyard greens and CBC radio news did nothing but spew pro-military industrial complex, pro-war, pro imperialist propaganda. Nothing new.

    How much of our tax dollars go towards this abomination of a state news network?
    It is time to hit this unaccountable, misandrist, warmongering, pro-police state organization where it hurts.

    Canadians should withhold that portion of their taxes that goes to the CBC until Canadian politicians conduct a full public inquiry into its operations and force it to become an organization that reports the truth rather than propaganda and that provides Canadian citizens with the opportunity to express their views on issues of concern to them freely. IOW, Canadian politicians must be forced to force the CBC to respect the constitutional rights of Canadians.

  21. Now that Mueller has killed the Democratic Party and Obama deep state generated Trump-Russia collusion myth, will the CBC apologize to Canadians for all the time and money it wasted portraying and promoting this fake news?

    Will the CBC apologize to Canadian taxpayers and citizens for all the other stories the CBC failed to cover because it was giving webspace and airtime to the fake news, such as the continued illegal persecution of Julian Assange by the British government or the disclosure that the US does indeed have charges against Assange it wants Britain to extradite him for, or the recent jailing of Chelsea Manning because she refuses to participate in a star chamber process designed to facilitate the Assange persecution?

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now. Withhold the CBC portion of your taxes. “Hands off Venezuela.”

  22. Fresh on the heels of incessantly lying and spewing fake news about Trump-Russia collusion, which the CBC has yet to apologize to Canadian taxpayers for or to discipline any journalists (Matt Kwong and others) for spewing this fake news, CBC radio news spewed this blatant lie today: “Most major countries of the world recognize Juan Guido as the President of Venezuela. ”

    No, CBC, most major countries of the world do not recognize Juan Guido as President of Venezuela. Most countries of the world, major and otherwise, recognize that Guido has no authority to claim the office of President either under Venezuela’s constitution or because the citizens of Venezuela elected him in one of Venezuela’s presidential elections. Most countries of the world, major and otherwise, regard Guido as a usurper and US 1%er and military industrial complex lackey.

    CBC lies just like CNN. Which is to say it lies incessantly and constantly. And as it does so, the CBC constantly fails to report actual news, news like the unjust persecution and imprisonment of Assange, the unjust detention of Chelsea Manning, the illegal activities of Obama and the deep state in wiretapping Trump, the way the Democratic establishment cheated Sanders out of the Democratic nomination, the way youtube and twittster are actively censoring dissidents, the way Google provided support to Clinton last election in a way that likely caused US law to be violated, and how the Democratic establishment is changing rules to prevent Justice candidates and other supporters of the NGD from challenging elected Democratic Party representatives.

    There are many pieces by reputable academics and journalists and many citizen created memes about the way cable news, CNN in particular, and the NYT and WaPost departed from all journalistic standards to throw the collusion mud.

    The same applies to the CBC. Canadians deserve so much better.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now. Withhold the CBC portion of your taxes. “Hands off Venezuela.”

    1. “Keith Boag” spewing on the radio tonight again showed himself to be every bit as bad.

      When will there be an investigation into the Democratic Party shenanigans and Obama shenanigans? When will the msm, CBC included, demand an inquiry into them?

  23. So the CBC did an examination into whether the NYT, WaPo, and other organs of the msm — not the CBC mind you since the CBC feels it is above reproach or any need for self-examination — departed from standards of reasonable journalism with Russiagate and promoting the myth of Trump-Russia collusion: “whether this has been, as some have said, this generations’ Iraq has WMD’s story.”

    They had one guest as part of this examination, a media apologist who correctly pointed out that this falsehood did not promote war leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents and thousands of US soldiers. One guest exonerating the msm with no mention of the way the msm and deep state worked together to promote a false narrative, no mention of the way the msm tried to convince the US public to vote for HRC in the election and no mention of the military industrial complex ownership and control of the US msm.

    Serious examination of the issue and serious journalism there CBC. Actually,
    total disrespect for the intelligence of its audience — for the intelligence of Canadian citizens.

    At least this farce was better than some of the “examinations” and “inquiries” the CBC runs in relation to the oppression of women and feminist issues, where the CBC will present three talking heads in debate and all the talking heads share the same pov. That isn’t examination, its an attempt at indoctrination. I suspect it is also a waste of taxpayer money as I doubt the talking head self- proclaimed or self and CBC proclaimed experts spew for free.

    Also, Day 6, which refuses to allow comments to any of the stories/propaganda pieces it runs, had a guest to spew CIA talking points on Venezuela. No guest expert challenging the claims, nothing but fawning, pro-regime change leading questions from host Brent Brambury.

    If Venezuela becomes the next Vietnam because of the lies and propaganda the msm, CBC included, are promoting in the interests of big oil and the MIC, people will look back on the lies that were spewed and regard that as this generation’s Iraq has WMD’s story, or Syria is gassing its people story, or Ghadafi is going to bomb his own people — the coalition of the killing ran 27,000 bombing runs over Libya for the sake of regime change, or Kosovo genocide story.

    And enough of the Trudeau support with the JWR matter CBC. The issue is now whether the federal government engaged in serious crime — obstruction of justice and breach of trust — not whether JWR should be expelled from the Liberal caucus.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

  24. CBC radio news continues to spew lies and fake news. Tonight it was saying, talking about the arrest of Assange, as if it has been established fact that Russia was responsible for the hacking of the Clinton emails. This is deep state fake news by the same people that spewed the Trump-Russian collusion lies.

    The emails were likely turned over to Assange by a Clinton insider. One of these insiders was murdered. There have been no arrests

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now. Withhold the CBC portion of your taxes. “Hands off Venezuela.”

  25. CBC ran a propaganda piece by some English dude who probably has Mi5/Mi6 connections.It attacked Assange, supporting Assange’s arrest and claimed Assange isn’t a real journalist. The hack never mentioned all the dirty deeds Assange and Wikleaks brought to light and the hack never mentioned the 10 billion dollar blood money the US and France paid Ecuador to secure Assange\s expulsion from the Ecuadorian embassy. No one at the CBC has.

    Despite the Orwellian censorship and Orwellian bans, most commentators weren’t buying the propaganda spew, Only the CBC’s favoured regularly violating the CBC’s own submission guideline commentators were, and their arguments were really lame.

    Of these, long time commentator “Susan Smith,” who claimed at one point in the past during the Presidential election that despite its promises, Wikileaks had nothing and later that there was nothing in the Wikileaks released cables that could effect the outcome of the election.

    “Susan” was of course spewing the more or less totally unsupported Russian hacking line and was most vociferous in her support of Assange’s persecution.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian fake news spewing horrible excuse for a news organization now.

    Withhold the portion of your tax dollars that goes to fund the news portion of the CBC and its misandry promoting programs like the Current and Sunday Edition.

    . “Hands off Venezuela”

  26. The CBC’s ridiculous censorship team had no problem with this CBC submission guideline violating comment,by “Susan Smith” of course:
    “Susan Smith
    1 day ago
    Reply to @Gerry Podbielski:

    They aren’t and won’t.
    Salutin’ Putins are the only ones who do that.”

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian fake news spewing horrible excuse for a news organization now.

    Withhold the portion of your tax dollars that goes to fund the news portion of the CBC and its misandry promoting programs like the Current, Day 6 and Sunday Edition.

    . “Hands off Venezuela”

  27. In the context of discussing the Mueller Report — Mueller should be indicted for crimes against humanity for the lies he spewed propagandizing for the Iraq war but that’s another issue — the CBC’s morning constitutional otherwise known as “The Current”, had some talking head from the billionaire owned, military industrial complex linked Reuters slagging Wikileaks and Assange. The head repeated the dubious deep state claim that Russia was responsible for the hacking of the Clinton emails and the equally dubious Mueller claim that Russia tried to influence the US election by encouraging the defeat of the psychopathic warmonger Clinton. He of course failed to mention the near unanimous support for Clinton during the campaign from the military industrial complex owned or linked US mainstream media oligopoly and the direct links between the Huff Post and Clinton campaign team, and other direct links between the US msm and Clinton campaign that the Wikileaks leaks disclosed. That sort of attempt to interfere with the outcome of an election is fine.

    The talking head then put as his evidence for Wikileaks ties with Russian intelligence and that Russian was Wikileaks’s source was that Assange had a program on RT. So does Jesse Ventura. So does Jimmy Dore. So do countless others. Does this make them agents of Russia? No, it doesn’t. They go on these shows because they have the courage to speak out against the American military industrial complex, the US deep state, and warmongering, The US msm oligopoly either doesn’t want to give voice to these views or fires you if they did provide you with a bully pulpit and you actually expressed the views on it. The views are detrimental to the financial interests of the military industrial complex owners of the msm oligopoly

    The CBC host feminist, Anna Marie Manhater, never challenged the head’s outrageous leap of logic, but lobbed only softball questions designed to bolster the credibility of the head and justify the CBC’s waste of billions following and promoting the Trump Russia collusion myth and its simultaneous failure to cover real news and issues of concern to Canadians.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian fake news spewing horrible excuse for a news organization now.

    Withhold the portion of your tax dollars that goes to fund the news portion of the CBC and its misandry promoting programs like the Current and Sunday Edition.

    . “Hands off Venezuela”

  28. More BS propaganda from Brent Bambury and Day 6 today, a “hip” CBC show that continuously spews BS pro-military industrial complex propaganda, where
    Bellingcat was given a voice and introduced as an example of “citizen journalism.”

    While Bellingcat may have received its initial funding from a kickstarter campaign, the organization has extensive ties with the British 1%, Google and the US military industrial complex. “Citizen journalism” it ain’t.

    On the other hand, a real citizen journalist, Jullian Assange was arrested after a cash transfer of roughly 10 billion was made to the government of Ecuador by US government and Macron government allied organizations in exchange for Ecuador’s agreement to end the asylum it had granted Assange. About this Day 6 and the CBC say crickets..

  29. CBC radio news: spewing lies and propaganda is what they do. Reporting news is what they don’t do.

    Today, CBC news had a report on the Ukrainian election result which state that most countries in the world blame Russia for the military conflict in East Ukraine. In actuality, most countries of the world don’t.

    News the CBC is not reporting on, besides the mass censorship of dissident voices that Twistster, Farcebook and Gobble are now engaging in at the behest of US politicians and the US military industrial complex owned msm, is the unrest in Ecuador precipitated by Lenin Moreno’s neo-liberal “reforms” and Moreno’s very undemocratic crack down on the opposition to them.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian fake news spewing horrible excuse for a publicly owned news organization now.

    Withhold the portion of your tax dollars that goes to fund the news portion of the CBC and its misandry promoting programs like the Current and Sunday Edition.

    . “Hands off Venezuela”

  30. CBC Radio News, aka military industrial complex propaganda, resorted today to reporting belief in the service of its warmongering masters – echoes of the Iraq soldiers throwing babies from incubators, Kosovo genocide and Tienanmen Square massacre stories/fabrications all over again.

    According to the CBC, a ship sank and “it is believed the ship contained Venezuelans fleeing the hunger and dire economic conditions in the country.”

    CBC, you are supposed to be a news organization, not a propaganda outlet. If you don’t know whether the ship contained Venezuelans and you don’t know they were fleeing the country for one reason or another, and you don’t know whether they were fleeing the country because of hunger and dire economic conditions, don’t air a report. Don’t report belief.

    How about reporting on the Yellow Vest protests in France? The many ships sinking in the Mediterranean that are filled with people fleeing dire economic conditions – in Africa, especially Libya which went from being the most prosperous country in Africa to an economic basket case thanks in the main to the war on Libya you helped promote and propagandize for?

    You have a lot to answer for CBC and if an anti-war candidate becomes the next POTUS there is a good chance you and your assignment editors and propagandists will be held to account.

  31. The CBC is extolling the bankrupting of an online obituary aggregator website as a result of a class action lawsuit and the relatively mindless drones the CBC allows to comment on its website — those it hasn’t banned because they don’t challenge cbc narratives – are lapping it up. None of them truly seem to appreciate what they are cheering, so caught up in their desire to heap scorn and condemn.

    It was once believed and argued by many that publishing to the internet was releasing to the public domain unless copyright was exclusively claimed on the page of publication. It was also believed that matters of public interest, namely news, could be aggregated by sites even when copyright was claimed, because the sites served the valuable function of centralizing relevant information making it easier to find and easier to find alternative interpretations and views.

    The deaths of people and information about their lives is of interest to people that knew them, or knew of them. The aggregator was doing nothing that msm publications that migrated online and published obituaries there, and that funeral homes with online websites that published obituaries there, weren’t already doing.
    It was doing nothing that decent search engines that aggregate information aren’t already doing except selling “online gifts” that would show up on the obituaries it published, and it was doing nothing that privacy rights violating search engines like google do except make profit not by violating privacy and selling end user data but by selling “online gifts” to third parties.

    Whether those involved in the class action even had standing to participate in the case wasn’t raised because the aggregator didn’t mount a defence — probably impecunious so no damages for the non-existent, cyberspace induced suffering the relatives of the deceased (purportedly behind the class action) claimed to experience will ever be received — because the msm publications the obituaries already were published through, or the funeral homes where the funeral homes were the publishers, likely have claimed copyright in the obituaries in their TOS.

    It would have been most unseemly if either the msm or the funeral homes had to prosecute the lawsuit, and exposed the business both are engaged in for what they are — attempts to profit from them sorrow of the death of someone’s loved ones. It would have been doubly unseemly in the case of the msm, with the 640 million taxpayer dollars of bribe Turdeau’s government is allocating to them before the election to help them stay afloat — and keep them from skewering his inept, duplicitous, warmongering, neoliberal government when the writ is dropped so Trudeau has some hope of winning the October election.

    The decision, of course, strikes at the heart of the publication doctrine, puts news aggregator websites at risk, and further concentrates control over information into the hands of the US based techopoly. This is not something to be celebrated. It is a restriction on freedoms and liberties, a threat to the free flow of information, a threat to system democracy, and something that instead should have been roundly condemned.

    But what the hell, it was only a small online business put out of business, and the CBC isn’t really about anything but restricting freedom on and off the internet, increasing online censorship, and getting governments to create the legal conditions that “return” it to its pre-internet status as gatekeeper of the public discourse, where it will again be able to spew its pro-war, pro-ruling class and pro-police state propaganda and fake news with abandon, unchallenged.

  32. Day6 continues to spew fake pro-warmonger propaganda on Venezuela, but what the CBC and Canada’s branch plant mic owned msm are not doing, is telling Canadians about the heroic efforts of CodePink and other anti-war activists who are trying to keep Guido thugs from taking control of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, and how the Guido thugs are resorting to violence and racist taunting and have tried to starve the activists out, all with the tacit approval of the US secret service.

    Video is available on this all over the internet, and the CBC is reporting none of it.

    Nor are the CBC and Canada’s branch plant mic owned msm telling anyone about the high level meetings Guido’s thugs have been having with U.S. oil, financial and military interests dedicated to bringing about the overthrow of the Maduro government.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian fake news spewing horrible excuse for a publicly owned news organization CBC now.

    Withhold the portion of your tax dollars that goes to fund the news portion of the CBC and its misandry promoting programs like the Current, Day6 and Sunday Edition.

    “Hands off Venezuela.”

  33. The Current’s substitute host, in the course of a fawning interview of a NYT lawyer who has written some book about something in the age of fake news, threw out as fact what is very much in doubt (fake news) — that Russian spy agencies were responsible for the Clinton email hacks. Anyone can do an on-line search to find denials by Wikileaks, alternative theories and academic works debunking the Russian spy conspiracy theory. Seth Rich is also, regrettably, still dead.

    The guest and Current host were then unanimous in promoting the idea that the way the emails were acquired tainted them, and that who obtained the emails was somehow more important than their contents. No attention was paid to how emails showed that the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic Presidential nomination, which of course led directly to the election of Donald Trump. No attention was paid to the way in which Clinton pushed for the disastrous war on Libya. No attention was paid to other startling revelations in the emails that the NYT, US msm and CBC never bothered reporting on as they were doing their best to persuade Americans to vote for the psychopathic candidate.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now. Withhold the portion of your tax dollars that goes to fund the news portion of the CBC and its misandry promoting fake news distributing programs like the Current, Day6 and Sunday Edition.

  34. PM. “First Past the Post” Trudeau is giving the Orwellian censorship loving CBC wet dreams by going to Paris to join the warmongering neo-liberal bankster Macron, and the PM of New Zealand, in an effort to clamp down on freedom of speech, freedom of expression and political dissent. They are doing this not to protect the interests of any hated on group but to advance the interests of the US military industrial complex and the US msm and US war party the mic control, and the neo-cons and neo-liberals who spew war propaganda for the mic.

    “It’s the economy stupid.”

    Expanding, inclusive economies don’t have domestic terrorist groups of the far right and far left, or growing race based nationalist movements and religious sects that feel entitled to murder heretics. They don’t really have spree killers either.

    Regulating established internet channels to force the channels to curb the communicative efforts of these groups and movements and their supporters will only cause the groups and movements to find or develop other channels.

    Encouraging social media to prevent the dissemination of “unacceptable” views only legitimizes the measures social media has already taken to clamp down on non-msm sources and broaden the scope of the censorship social media owners are already carrying out. And of course, it helps return the msm, CBC included, to its pre-internet role as gatekeeper of the public discourse.

    Rachel Maddow has published a lot of fake and false news since the Russia-gate fake news started. Is there any chance twitter, facebook and youtube will ban her like they have banned anti-war voices and anti-government voices? Not likely, she serves the MIC.

    For one in your life, “First Past the Post,” side with liberty, freedom and expansion of democracy. Have no part in Macron’s insanity.

  35. CBC submission guideline:
    The following kind of Your Content is also prohibited:
    e) Personal attacks, insults and defamatory statements

    In the context of another manbashing, women need to be protected from the words of men CBC article, the CBC censors had no problem allowing this narrative supporting gem:
    “David Roddis
    7 days ago
    Reply to @Marc Meijers: Yes, Marc, that’s what the article is saying. Questioning your use of language and how it may perpetuate stereotypes about women and inequality in the workplace means “you can’t use language anymore.” What you actually are saying is that you are offended by the idea that you might have to give up some of your privilege and do a bit of work by thinking about how your language affects others. “Weak and easily offended?” Maybe you should reflect on your own thin skin, snowflake.”

    Also, it should be noted that the CBC has now done away with reporting of comments for submission guideline violations leaving the censorship entirely to its censorship team, but has not reinstated anyone who was “banned” under the former framework. It is also not allowing Canadian citizens to upvote or downvote comments unless they are registered, unbanned commentators, showing the CBC management does’t give a damn about its own Parliament proscribed mandate.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian, misandrist, warmongering, fake news spewing CBC now.

  36. The Orwellian, misandrist, warmongering CBC, along with the rest of the North American MSM, has refused to cover the illegal efforts of the U.S. government to take over the Venezuelan Embassy and hand it over to an appointee of attempted/failed coup leader Juan Guido, and the heroic efforts of peace activists to uphold the principals of international law in the face of a mob of pro-Guido thugs and US police and secret service personnel trying to starve them out and assault them to seize the embassy. Have the MSM and the deep state apparatus completely forgotten the importance of the principle that an Embassy is the legal territory of the government of the state it belongs to? Have they completely forgotten how important this principle was in Iran?

    Similarly, the Orwellian, misandrist, warmongering CBC, along with the bulk of the North American MSM, have yet to tell the truth about the blood money that was paid to get Ecuador to turn over Assange, in violation of principles of international law relating to grants of asylum.

    The efforts of the CBC Ombudsperson to try to justify the CBC’s one-sided, pro-Freeland, pro-MIC coverage of Venezuela and the failed, US neo-con orchestrated coup in the face of numerous Canadian citizen complaints shows just what an ineffective, inadequate, and irrelevant position the CBC Ombudsperson is.

    Here is something else the misandrist, Orwellian CBC and the rest of the warmongering US MSM aren’t covering:

    It just doesn’t find their anti-male, anti-freedom agendas.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian, misandrist, warmongering, fake news spewing CBC now.

  37. The US government has now — in complete violation of the Vienna Convention — seized the Venezuelan Embassy and evicted and arrested the antiwar activists that had been occupying it to prevent Juan Guido “appointees” from taking it over.

    The US government explanation was laughable. “We recognize Guido as the lawful President of Venezuela therefore his appointee is the proper ambassador and person lawfully entitled to occupy the embassy.”

    Guido doesn’t control the Venezuelan military or police or justice system, and despite the msm propaganda, does not have the same levels of citizens support as the Maduro government. He’s actually not even Venezuela’s most popular opposition leader.

    What next? A country recognizes an alternative government in the US, has it declare an Ambassador to it, and uses that as a pretext to violate the territorial integrity of the US embassy.

    Just think how the Iranians could have used this after the revolution.

    About this illegal, destabilizing action, Chrystia Freeland and Turdeau, say nothing. And of course the CBC news, Day 6, and The House haven’t reported on these very troubling developments — at all.

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