More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

2015-09-09 Not to defend Harper but the job of the prime minister is no job for a kid
Not to defend Harper, but the job of the prime minister is no job for a “kid.” September 9, 2015.
2015-09-09 I made a comment yesterday about how the LIberals shoudl have gone with the space man
I made a comment yesterday about how the Liberals “should have gone with the space man” (i.e. Marc Garneau) That’s the problem with “moderating” comments using people around the world not proficient in or familiar with Canadian history, politics, or idiosyncrasies. I stated in my comment Garneau would have a clear winner. I would be proud to have my country led by a man of such education and intelligence. The man is truly a hero. And I’m not even a Liberal. September 9, 2015.
So let me get this straight The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars
So let me get this straight. The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars in a years-long campaign to convince Canadians Justin Trudeau “just isn’t ready.” And we, the good people of Canada, have said, “You know what, Steve? You’re absolutely right. That Mulcair guy really deserves a serious look.” Gotta love it. Note to Liberals. You should have gone with the space man. And you shouldn’t have supported C-51.” 1 like. September 6, 2015.



Globe and Mail Kieth Bilous ICUC April 27 2011
Keith Bilous, 39, Guards Against On-Line Hate. Toronto Globe and Mail, April 27, 2011 And, yes, comments were disabled.

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77 thoughts on “More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

  1. CBC continues spewing pro-military industrial complex pro-neo con and neo-liberal war propaganda and refuses to tell its readers some really interesting stuff: its source “proving” Russian involvement in the Skripnal poisoning has now been proven to have links to NATO and British intelligence, and New Knowledge one of the msm’s “Russia interfered with the US election” sources the CBC happily cites as an objective authority has now been shown to have NSA links and was itself banned from Facebook for spreading fake news.

    Even more interesting is that the CBC has refused to report on the murder of Serena Shim. The CBC went on about the Kashoggi murder for days.

    Does the CBC not care about the lives of all journalists or any journalists other than those employed by the CBC unless the murder has the ability to portray Trump in a negative light.

    And of course, the CBC has not and will not report on the resignation of William Arkin from NBC and MSNBC news.

    For further information, check out Jimmy Dore on Youtube. Or read a real news outlet like The Intercept.

    Are there any national CBC journalists with any integrity since Dale Goldhawk was fired? If so, they should follow William Arkin’s courageous lead and likewise tender their public resignations,

  2. Why isn’t the manbashing, identity politics promoting CBC talking about recent revelations concerning “The Integrity Initiative”, their deep state funded hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn and “The Integrity Initiative”‘s now proven links to the same organization and people that help the Bush Republicans lie America into the Gulf Wars?

    Come on CBC! Be a real news network, not a propaganda outlet for the US military industrial complex.

  3. The CBC warmonger news network had plenty to say about brain injuries suffered by American and Canadian consular staff in Cuba, However, the CBC warmonger news network now says crickets about crickets.

    News story hear:

    Full public inquiry into the operations of this billion dollar disseminator of misandry and neo-liberal, neo-con and pro-war propaganda now. Canadians deserve so much better.

  4. The Liberals have done some pretty draconian things regarding sexual assault law that the CBC hasn’t adequately reported on, just like the Harper government’s passing a law broad enough to criminalize the viewing of on-line porn went unreported by the CBC.

    The Liberals have also done something absolutely appalling with respect to impaired driving law, again not reported by the CBC. They have given the police the right to enter people’s homes to administer breathalyser tests — with a two hour window — if they have received complaints about a person’s driving — and to charge someone with refusal if they won’t comply with the demand. They have also given police the power to administer the test in the bar in which someone is drinking if they know the person has driving to the bar. This draconian law is ill-founded and destined to be ruled unconstitutional, but it is going to force citizens to incur legal expenses that they are in absolutely no danger of incurring now, and may lead to numerous criminalizations until the law is struck down as unconstitutional by the SCC.

    The Trudeau government has no respect for the civil rights and liberties of Canadians, and no qualms with criminalizing people for dubious reasons. And the fake news network CBC tells the public nothing about this.

    Fortunately, CanWest Global has.

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