More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

2015-09-09 Not to defend Harper but the job of the prime minister is no job for a kid
Not to defend Harper, but the job of the prime minister is no job for a “kid.” September 9, 2015.
2015-09-09 I made a comment yesterday about how the LIberals shoudl have gone with the space man
I made a comment yesterday about how the Liberals “should have gone with the space man” (i.e. Marc Garneau) That’s the problem with “moderating” comments using people around the world not proficient in or familiar with Canadian history, politics, or idiosyncrasies. I stated in my comment Garneau would have a clear winner. I would be proud to have my country led by a man of such education and intelligence. The man is truly a hero. And I’m not even a Liberal. September 9, 2015.
So let me get this straight The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars
So let me get this straight. The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars in a years-long campaign to convince Canadians Justin Trudeau “just isn’t ready.” And we, the good people of Canada, have said, “You know what, Steve? You’re absolutely right. That Mulcair guy really deserves a serious look.” Gotta love it. Note to Liberals. You should have gone with the space man. And you shouldn’t have supported C-51.” 1 like. September 6, 2015.



Globe and Mail Kieth Bilous ICUC April 27 2011
Keith Bilous, 39, Guards Against On-Line Hate. Toronto Globe and Mail, April 27, 2011 And, yes, comments were disabled.

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306 thoughts on “More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

  1. So some state funded “woman’s organizations” and the CBC are alarmed that reports of women being sexually assaulted and physically assaulted are down dramatically since the covid-19 pandemic (and associated anti-pandemic measures and lock-downs) began. The pandemic has meant that women are unable to report their assaults because of the pandemic, the misandrists state.

    Maybe, just maybe, one of the effects of the pandemic which has caused lock-downs to be instituted, bars closed, music festivals cancelled, etc. is that the number of sexual assaults and physical assaults of women has gone down dramatically? It just kind of stands to reason, But of course, that might put some of the funding the state funded feminist organizations and the screeching, misandrist CBC get from the government in jeopardy, n’est-ce pas?

    1. I’m only surprised that they didn’t link somehow include climate change into the story.

      The ideal CBC story includes a pandemic link, a climate change link, and a link to racial inequity.

      All of these issues are of interest, of course—in different ways—, but CBC’s so-called “journalists” need to hit as many hot buttons as possible.

      1. And hockey… there has to be a link to hockey. We were laughing yesterday at the CBC’s reporting on the death of a former “flying Father.” In CBC world Catholic Priests are pedos and next to the devil incarnate while hockey is the sport of Kings and the cultured and hockey players are angels. Where would the CBC come down on Priest and hockey player? Hockey player won out and governed the coverage.

  2. CBC’s The Current won’t report on the OPCW scandal or the appalling revelations that Reuters and the BBC received billions of dollars from British intelligence to promote and distribute fake pro-war news but it will report the fake news that Bellingcat — also deep state funded to promote the interests of the war machine — is “citizen journalism”.

    Is the CBC also receiving big bucks from British Intelligence?

  3. CBC has exalted warmonger Liz Cheney to sainthood because she is opposed to Trump and Trump hates her almost as much as he hated her neo-con warmonger father and that other warmonger John McCain.
    More about Liz.

    Thank God this witch lost her position in the Republican Party.

    Shame on the CBC for lining up behind her and white washing her bio.

  4. The openly misandrist CBC thinks that the big issue facing Canadians today is sexism, sexual misconduct and “the degradation of women”. Same goes for the always propagandizing for war, US hedge fund tied to the military industrial complex and funded in part by Canadian taxpayers thanks to Trudeau Toronto Globe and Mail.

  5. The misandrist CBC goes full on feminutsy, gives Julie Lalonde fifteen minutes to spew her propaganda, presents her as an expert.

    Then it goes on to berate Belarus for intercepting a plane to arrest a dissident journalist with a new cold war propagandist — who completely forget to mention that the US tried to do the same thing to arrest Edward Snowden and that Julian Assange is still languishing in a US prison.


  6. CBC likes to present Bellingcat as “objective independent crowd-sourced journalism” rather than the US and British deep state war machine propaganda outlet it is. Today CBC’s As it Happens did something similar with Safeguard Defenders, a NED financed human rights organization which has called for the banning of CGTN in France run by some NED funds recipient who established a chain of legal clinics in China, like Canada or the US would allow a Chinese funded chain of legal clinics within their domestic borders. He was of course deported for this activity. The CBC AsitHappens program did not discuss the dubiousness of this human rights organization and of course did not report on the US government’s seizure of the PressTV website.

  7. The openly misandrist, pro-war, pro-Liberal, anti-western Canada CBC is now trying to destroy the life of an MP of colour because he had once been charged with sexual assault, a charge that was dropped because prosecutors felt there was no reasonable prospect of conviction. It has yet to report on anything discussed here:

    Full public inquiry into the operations of this Orwellianly censorious anti-democratic propaganda distribution outlet now!

  8. MSM journalists are whining about some bullying and harassing messages they have been received from people opposed to their biased, slanted, sensationalist reporting/propagandizing. Only they have the right to bully and harass. Thanks to many provincial libel and slander laws they also have a right to defame. “Fair comment on a matter of public interest”.
    “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed”. Mark Twain

  9. “We drowned in one false Russiagate story after the next, all courtesy of the same corporate media outlets that insist their mission in life is to combat disinformation and are eager to censor the internet in the name of accomplishing it”. Glenn Greenwald “The Indictment of Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer is an Indictment of the Russiagate Wing of U.S. Media”
    Sound familiar CBC hacks?

  10. The CBC, Canada’s state run Wikipedia, failed to report on the OPCW scandal and it is still failing to report on recent revelations that the CIA actively considered assassinating Assange or breaking into the Ecuadorian embassy, kidnapping him and spiriting him back to the USA and that it took active measures to disrupt the Wikileaks organization including dirty deeds against Wikileaks activists and supporters.


  11. The thoroughly detestable, misandrist, identity politics playing Shelagh Rogers, OC did something to become even more detestable. She performed an Ellen
    Degeneres and gave a lovey dovey fawning interview to a war criminal. The war criminal this time — HRC. Not one difficult question in the entire interview, just a hen fest about how hard done by women are in this society. HRC was a big proponent of both Gulf Wars and convinced Obama to prosecute the war on Libya.

    For this despicable conduct, Rogers should lose her OC, be forced to resign as Chancellor of the University of Victoria, and be fired from the CBC — immediately. Will any of this happen? Pretty unlikely. The CBC and Canadian government love war criminals as long as they are British or American.

  12. O’tool is harping about how covid-19 support programs have been keeping people from returning to work. The dude is completely clueless. Working class people have had to increase their credit card debt to get by because the programs are narrow, restrictive and have been cut back significantly since the fall of 2021. Meanwhile, some of the corporate support programs have been used by profitable large corporations to increase dividends and justify salary and benefits increases for upper management.

    Resign already O’Tool, you warmongering vaxcist. The party did worse under your inept Turdeauian leadership than it did under Andrew Sheer. This is inexcusable you CBC panderer.

  13. Come on lamestream politicians, demand a public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellianly censorious, technological innovation obliviot, misandrist, imperialist, pro-war, pro-authoritarianism, vaxcist CBC now. CBC radio 1 is getting almost as bad as CBC tv now and more and more people are tuning out. For every decent show like Quirks and Quarks or The Debaters and Reclaimed there is a horrible one like The Current, The Next Chapter which seems to specialize in plugging the books of CBC employees and former employees and the likes of war criminals like HRC, and Unreserved. Canadians are so not getting their money’s worth from this propaganda and fake news outfit.

  14. The most under-reported story of 2021?

    “Daniel Ellsberg is challenging the constitutionality of the Espionage Act—openly breaking the law to expose an insane Pentagon plan to use pre-emptive nuclear strikes on mainland China in a Taiwan conflict, despite US officials considering nuclear retaliation “very likely.”” – exposed by Edward Snowden.

    And of course, the CBC missed it.


    This story even went international:

    The CBC has clearly lost its way.

    It is Orwellianly censorious, blatantly misandrist, horribly imperialist and pro-war, acts like the Turd government is the representative of God on earth, pro-authoritarian and mandatory vaccination/vax passports, and even gives airtime to war criminals like HRC if she is promoting a book, or to MIC propagandists like Irwin Cotler if he is bashing China and promoting a war on China agenda.

    While Henley didn’t specifically mention the CBC’s blatant misandry, and pro-war stances, or imperialist propaganda distribution, she did touch on the CBC’s censoriousness, lack of willingness to present more than one side of complex and controversial issues and its pro-Turd government stances.

    More on “responsibility to protect”, Cotler, who supported war on Libya and wanted deeper Canadian involvement in the Syrian war here: and

  16. The CBC’s coverage of the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa has been nothing short of deplorable, a complete abrogation of its mandate to present all sides fairly, and stoking and exacerbating regional tensions — another abrogation of its mandate. It’s panels relating to the protests are pretty much standard CBC form, 3 panellists all more or less arguing the same side and no one providing alternative perspectives and views. Ditto Joe Rogan and Spotify. However, always reliable in its service to the war machine the CBC has committed one more in a series of acts of gross journalistic dishonesty.
    Someone’s resignation should be being demanded.

  17. The so-called Canadian Broadcasting Corporation continues to spew pro-mandate, pro-Trudeau and anti-Freedom Convoy propaganda in complete violation of its mandate. Full inquiry into the Orwellianly censorious, anti-free speech, anti-democratic, ridiculously biased CBC.

    Funny how when any CBC program has a panel discussion on practically any subject the CBC has panels on all the panelists pretty much have the same pov. This happens so commonly it just can’t be coincidence. Canada’s state broadcaster must have one of the narrowest Overton window of any news agency or organization on the planet.

    CBC reporters and talking heads were in orgasm tonight reporting news of a small protest against the Freedom Convoy and went into full blown wargasm when attention was turned to Ukraine.

  18. Jimmy Dore skewers Trudeau and the CBC.

    Freezing and seizing bank accounts for political reasons and arresting protest leaders is one step down the fascist stairs from jackboots to the head.

  19. Ridiculous Orwellian CBC does nothing but spout pro-war and anti-Russian propaganda, cites British and US intelligence tied/funded Bellingcat for a bit on the dangers of disinformation. Continues to fail to mention Ukrainian governments violation of Minsk accords and disparity in victim numbers between Ukraine and Donetsk and Luhansk #defundtheCBC

  20. So CBC “AS IT HAPPENS” has some spokesperson from some Ukrainian school principal on tonight spouting all sorts of cold war rhetoric and calling for imposition of a “no fly zone” over Ukraine. The warmongering CBC hostess doesn’t even inquire as to how that might be done, and if it could be done, how it would not result in world war. Again, everyone on the CBC is of one voice and they all support more militarization and war and fail to refer to any of Russia’s grievances or the water blockage of Crimea showing again that Canada’s Orwellianly censorious state broadcaster must have one of the narrowest Overton window of any news agency or organization on the planet

  21. During the Cuban missile crises Canada had a great Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker. Prime Minister Diefenbaker did everything in his power to prevent a global nuclear war from breaking out. Right now, we have a smarmy turd PM and a deputy PM with a grandfather that was an actual Nazi. They are doing everything in their power to throw fuel on the fire and bring the world closer to global nuclear war and the Orwellian CBC is cheering them on. Resign already Trudeau, if not for Canada’s sake, for the sake of humanity.

  22. Soldier and 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Nominee anti-war candidate Tulsi Gabbard joins an ever growing list of celebrities and online media personalities and commentators and blasts Justin Trudeau.

  23. The CBC, on its morning program, “The Current”, once again has two experts with the same pov. One of them was from The Atlantic Council. Both “experts” were advocating for mass censorship including mass censorship on the internet. Their excuse of course was the Russia-Ukraine war/Russian invasion of Ukraine. Both guests even went so far as to demonize anyone who would dare question the msm narrative with one of them even praising Bellingcat. #CBC-notarealnewsnetwork #CBClovescensorship

  24. Canada’s Orwellian, censorious, warmongering state broadcaster now speaking glowingly of a no-fly zone in Ukraine on its news broadcasts. Do these man-hating mental midgets not realize this will be an act of war likely to lead to WW3? NATO and the Pentagon does.

  25. Voldomort Zelensky and the CBC are lobbying hard for a new fly zone to be imposed over Ukraine. Do these evil doers want life on the planet to end? These are strange times: warhawk Marco Rubio is saner than Canada’s state broadcaster. Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellianly censorious, misandrist, authoritarian CBC now.

  26. Even on CBC’s Spark program they follow the CBC playbook. Today’s show’s “expert guests” were in ideological and philosophical agreement, women advocating for more online censorship. One of the shit lib guests was even extolling the censorship of Reddit and how it has closed down groups and claiming Wikipedia trustworthy because of its edit structure. This prof completely ignored or refused to acknowledge that it is widely known that Wikipedia is heavily edited by British and American intelligence agencies. What you get at Wikipedia isn’t necessarily the truth, it is the story the intelligence agencies want you to believe. Anyway, the Orwellianly censorious CBC wants censorship — we already knew that — for bad online behaviour including “hate speech”.

  27. CBC Radio News, and perhaps the National as well but I wouldn’t know since I haven’t watched that crap in years and don’t know anyone under 70 who does, went out of its way to pooh-pooh Russian claims that they had found 30 biolabs in Ukraine. Doh! Emergency Meeting of UN Security Council on these labs this Friday.

  28. Canada’s worse than useless CRTC, which has found it impossible to protect Canadians from some of the world’s highest internet and mobile phone fees, is going to protect our minds from all the propaganda that comes from RT. The worse than useless CBC is banning RT from cable tv. Meanwhile, Lord Voldemort Zelensky, the US puppet President who wants to plunge the world into a third world war is given a standing ovation by the assholes that populate Canada’s House of Privilege. These ivory tower assholes have no clue how much they have hurt average Canadians and how much Canadians want things to be toned down rather than escalated. The always propagandizing for war CBC of course applauds the censorship and continues to support Voldemort and the other assholes who want a new fly zone over Ukraine.

  29. Canada’s Orwellianly censorious, always propagandizing for war state broadcaster, is crowing about Canada and other countries in Western Europe like Germany, spending more of their budgets on weapons of war, death and mayhem. They are so clueless they don’t recognize that that was the point of the Nato expansion to Russia’s borders and the move of the American empire into the former Soviet Union in the first place.

    Canada’s state broadcaster, corrupt Ukraine leadership and MIC benefiting propaganda and warmongering all the time.

  30. Canada’s worse than useless CRTC has endorsed censorship by banning RT. Our minds must be protected from being influenced by its propaganda. Unfortunately, this useless shitlib populated institution isn’t going to protect Canadian’s wallets at a time when they are growing thinner by the time. It has given the green light to Rogers take over of Shaw. Because the Canadian telecom, internet and cable tv delivery system, which has us paying some of the highest service delivery fees on the planet, needs less competition.

  31. Canada’s worse than useless CRTC has endorsed censorship by banning RT. Our minds must be protected from being influenced by RT’s propaganda and information contrary to the NATO narrative. Unfortunately, this useless shitlib populated institution wouldn’t protect Canadians’ wallets at a time when the wallets are growing thinner by the hour… thanks to rising food and gasoline prices and after incomes have been battered by the pandemic and closures.
    The CRTC has given the green light to Rogers take over of Shaw. Apparently the Canadian cellular, internet and cable tv delivery system, which has Canadians paying some of the highest service delivery fees on the planet, needs less competition. #TuckFrudeau.

  32. The always propagandizing for war and western imperialism CBC keeps putting liars for war on the air and giving them legitimacy as experts. One of today’s experts today (from Prague) was misstating that the Azov battalion was integrated into Ukraine’s army in response to the Russian invasion in Ukraine. This is as fake news as the Ghost of Kiev and the maternity hospital bombing. The Azov battalion was integrated into the army of Ukraine after the coup in 2014. It has done much of the violence against the break-away states, including the increased shelling and attacks that caused Putin to recognize them as independent states and ultimately invade Ukraine or that Putin has used to legitimate his invasion among the Russian populace and the countries of Asia.

    It should be noted that the countries of the world whose populations comprise the majority of the world’s population, have chosen not to join with the “west” in their hate, condemn and sanction Russia hypocritical wargasming frenzy.

  33. CBC’s The House and Canada’s warmongering shit lib UN Ambassador Bob Rae repeat the debunked Ukraine maternity ward bombing claim this morning. Full public inquiry into the warmongering, Orwellianly censorious, misandrist CBC now.

  34. On March 31, 2022 Russia released information/propaganda about Ukraine and in particular Azov battalion war crimes in Mariupol, Ukraine. According to the information/propaganda children were used as human shields, there were mass killings of civilians as well as soldiers, people attempting to flee/escape were shot and killed, and Ukrainian or battalion soldiers were using schools and child care centers as bases from which to conduct attacks. Oh yeah, their were sexual assaults and rapes. Mariupol residents regarded the Russia soldiers as liberators and were glad the Russians were providing them with food, blankets and a means of fleeing the conflict zone. The msm, CBC included, reported none of this, and there was no western politicians condemning the claimed war crimes or demanding investigations.

    Yesterday the Ukrainian government released information/propaganda about Bucha, Ukraine. According to the information/propaganda there were mass killings of civilians as well as soldiers and mass graves discovered, people attempting to flee/escape were shot and killed, and children were used as human shields. Oh yeah, their were sexual assaults and rapes. Bucha residents were glad the Russians were gone, liberated by the soldiers of Ukraine.

    The msm, CBC included, can’t shut up about these reports, with the CBC giving several stories top billing, Canadian shit libs in the House of Privilege passed a unanimous resolution condemning the war crimes, and German and French politicians announced further sanctions and demanded investigations.


  35. CBC, all war and war escalation propaganda all the time. The CBC publishing as fact shit they could not possibly know to be true — echoes of Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwaiti babies from incubators and Kosovo genocide and ethnic cleansing all over again. The warpigs stopped pushing the Ukraine “No Fly Zone” guaranteed war between Russia and NATO crap as that wasn’t selling with the public. However, they are now pushing a Russia has deployed and will again deploy chemical weapons line. Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

  36. CBC, all war and war escalation propaganda all the time. Like the military industrial complex owned or captured main stream media in the USA it has been pushing the narrative that Russia committed war crimes in Bucha. Scott Ritter, who has been right on many more things war related than the CBC and has demonstrated much greater integrity over the years, offers an alternative theory.

    The first casualty of war are the voices who speak out against the escalation of tensions and exacerbation of conditions in order to try to keep the war from happening. The second casualty of war is the truth.

  37. Who watches the watchers?

    Which organization does the Turdeau government listen to, allow to speak in Parliament and cause the policies it advocates for to become national policy or law? Which organization does the CBC promote or rely on?

  38. Turdeau is sending more lethal aid to Ukraine. Because it is 2022 right. In making the announcement Canada’s worst PM since the second world war repeated the BIG LIE that Ukraine under Z is a “liberal democracy”.

  39. The CBC — all pro-war and shitlib propaganda all the time.


  40. Grounds for being forever excluded from being a candidate for one of Canada’s political parties: being accused of sexual harassment or a culturally insensitive tweet.

    Not grounds for being forever excluded from being the Prime Minister of Canada: multiple incidents of blackface

    Not grounds for being the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada: having a grandparent who was an active actual Nazi.

    What a country!

  41. F. Yeue (banned from commentating by the CBC for questioning CBC false narratives) says:

    The CBC is constantly disseminating pro-NATO expansion, pro-military industrial complex, pro-Zelensky propaganda, with an endless supply of military-industrial complex funded “think tank” guests passed off as expert analysis and no-one from the peace movement. Today, its Sunday morning program had Dr. Strangelove on and the program host, Pia Chattopadhyay, asking nothing but fawning, softball questions. Dr. Strangelove, of course, couched this as a war between dictatorships and democracy and took the obligatory pot shot at China not mentioning the coup in 2014 or that Ukraine under Zelensky is anything but a democracy and was prior to the Russian action, anything but a democracy and that it was failing to abide by the terms of the Minsk accords and was in the process of launching a major military assault against its post-coup break away regions.

    What the CBC has of course not reported on, as this might help bleed support from the deepen the war side the CBC is so earnestly on, is that Pope Francis recently said that the expansion of NATO — “NATO barking at Putin’s door” were the words the Holy Father used — precipitated the Russian action. In this view, Pope Francis has echoed the views of the leaders of China, India, South Africa, a slew of other countries and even Brazil.

    Nor has the CBC done any expose of the degree to which the military-industrial complex has been integrated into President Biden’s cabinet.

    Nor has the CBC reported on the rather astounding reversal of lefty icon Noam Chomsky. Chomsky, once a vociferous and vocal opponent, has now concluded that the re-election of Donald Trump is the only hope the world has of getting out of the Ukraine-Russia conflict without a horrific third world war.

    Nor has the CBC reported on the May 7th protests again the war on Ukraine and Nato expansionism.

    Will the CBC ever give coverage to alternative points of view? If past behaviour is anything to go by there is a snow ball’s chance in hell of that.

  42. Samizdat CBC style? Hubris? Just not trying anymore?

    Read this:

    Then this:

    Not so amazingly, the Orwellianly censorious, man bashing, always propagandizing for war and western imperialism CBC did not allow comments for its May 10th article.

  43. Read this:

    Then this:

    Not so amazingly, the Orwellianly censorious, man bashing, always propagandizing for war and western imperialism CBC did not allow comments for its May 10th article.

  44. Turdeau and his ministers complain about censorship in Russia while bringing in legislation that gives special financial benefits and privileges to the warmongering, US hedge fund owned “Canadian” msm and wanting to pass legislation that will lead to much greater censorship and regulation of the internet. (Bill C-11) Turdeau and his ministers complain about authoritarianism after having engaged in some of the worst authoritarianism Canada has ever seen in response to anti-vaccine mandate protests in Ottawa. What has brought on the latest faux outrage by the WEF neoliberal warmongers in Parliament? Russia kicked out the warmongering, Russia vilifying, false news conveying, Orwellianly censorious CBC. It did so months after RT was kicked out of Canada, Europe and the US.

  45. The Buffalo grocery store gunman is repeatedly making the news, on CBC and elsewhere, being held up as justification for further government restrictions on freedom of speech and increased censorship. What they are not reporting is that the shooter was a supporter of, and wore the insignia of, the Azov (western deep state funded) battalion. Slava Ukraine.

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