child with half his head blown away… thank you US tax dollars and Western/Gulf complicity

In Gaza

“Saher Abu Namous, 4, after the targeting of their house next to the Kamal Adwan hospital in the north.”

Please take less than one minute to watch this video and feel the pain of Saher’s father. We owe him at least that.

Al Akhbar updated:

At least 120 Palestinians — the vast majority of whom are civilians — have been killed and over 700 injured so far since a massive Israeli air and naval assault against the besieged Gaza Strip was launched on July 8. Homes, markets, and vital infrastructure have been targeted by the Israeli military, causing destruction and thousands of displaced people. This current attack is the bloodiest since an eight-day assault was launched by the Israeli military on Gaza in the November 2012 which left 177 Palestinians dead and over 1,300 wounded in the span of eight days.

Al-Akhbar’s news coverage of Israel’s attacks against Gaza…

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