A message to the residents of The Apartheid State

A tragic event occurred recently. Tragic, at least, from a Zionist public relations perspective. Eighty-nine year old Johann Breyer died before he could be committed to trial for being a participant in World War II-era Germany’s slave camps. That means they’ve run out of Nazis.

What are the Nazi Hunters going to do now? Start arresting the grandchildren of the purported Nazis? For generations, the P.R. machine has run at full steam. We were made to feel guilty by the survivors of the slave labour camps. Then it was “I’m a child of a survivor.” Now it’s, “My grandparents survived…”

The only thing that has allowed The Apartheid State to advance it’s P.R. machine and commit atrocities worse than anything the popular narratives tell us Nazi Germany committed has been control over North American and European institutions by nationals of The Apartheid State. And Germans were only able to behave badly for six years. The Apartheid State is into it’s sixth decade of collective punishment, starvation, police and military brutality, torture, chemical weapon use, dispossession and other atrocities.

Fox News Brainwashing
Dees Illustrations. If you were to go strictly by the Bullshit Media, you would think The Apartheid State has this one sewn up. Just like all its other wars. Sadly, for them, that’s just not the case. Controlled opposition, censored comments, propaganda and criminalization of dissent actually have our oppressors believing we’re under their control.

The current inhabitants of Occupied Palestine should be mindful of the fact that their control over the U.S. government is quickly coming to a close. The only way your Apartheid State has been able to behave the way it has for the past sixty years is your ability to extract money and materiel from unwilling Americans. The only thing that has enabled the U.S. government to comply with your demands is its unique ability to print an almost infinite amount of money. Those days are over. The ticks have exsanguinated the American dog. And I can assure you Canada and Europe are in no position to pick up the slack.

Heil Netanyahu
My god, I’ve seen this fucking movie before! A megalomaniac leader and a brainwashed people with a superiority complex. An enemy race being confined to ghettos without adequate food, medicine or even running water. Rampant disease. Atrocities. Chemical weapons.

The BRICS nations (primarily Russia and China) have had it with dollar hegemony.  A minor example of that exasperation is the fact that Americans aren’t in Iran and Syria fighting your wars.  All it takes is a phone call from Beijing or Moscow and the dollar goes bye-bye. That’s what prevented American troops from being sent to Damascus. It has been reported that Germany (remember them?) is in secret discussions to join the BRICS.

You are going to wake up one morning and find, to your horror, that overnight, the dollar died.  The dollars your government has in its various accounts will be worthless. As worthless as those 100-trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes you can buy on E-bay for a U.S. dollar. There will be no more missiles shipped over. No more F-16s. No more materiel. You will be on your own. Worse, when Americans, Canadians and Europeans find out what their israel-Firster politicians did to them, those crooks will be seeking asylum from you people to protect them from us (remember how the snivelling bullshit media moans about the 100-million-plus gun owners in the United States? Well, those guns aren’t for deer hunting).

While you wouldn’t know it from your Zionist-owned media worldwide, the world has come to the conclusion that war crimes are taking place in The Apartheid State. When you no longer have the might of the United States military to defend you, and pet governments and institutions worldwide to follow your orders, you risk creating a situation where your own people are at risk from hundreds of millions of your angry hosts rebelling.

I didn't enlist...
Americans balked at fighting The Apartheid State’s wars in Syria or anywhere else. I don’t know what makes the Zionists think things will be any different from now on.

The impartial examination and discussion of World War II history has been criminalized worldwide. Even in Germany. However, unlike seventy years ago, today’s provocations on your part are well-documented. Between your war crimes at home and the destruction of economies and subversion of governments worldwide, your citizens everywhere stand to be in a world of hurt if you don’t back off.

Jews of the world declare war on Germany
The London Daily Express, March 24, 1933. Putting aside the question of whether events transpired as we are led to believe between 1939 and 1945, we are never supposed to ask what made the German people so angry to begin with? Could it have been economic bottle rockets lobbed at them from outside their borders? Could our anger  escape the control of our masters once again? A few million pissed of Germans was bad enough. What happens if billions of people on multiple continents lose it?

This isn’t a threat. Not that I am in a position to carry out any threats to begin with. I’m just an angry white guy with a glorified typewriter. No, It’s a simple fact. After the French Revolution, nobility who escaped The National Razor were hunted down worldwide. For decades. Your Nazi Hunters have been the mainstay of  Zionist popular culture  since the Nazis existed.

Are you so foolish as to believe that, once the United States isn’t running interference for you, some of the billion or so Muslims  won’t send their own Likud Hunters around the globe seeking out The Apartheid State’s war criminals? They’ll start at the top and work their way down until the last lowly israeli Offense Force private has died seventy or eighty years from now.

And since every jew man and woman in The Apartheid State is subject to conscription (excepting of course those Ultra-Orthodox pussies who instead spend their time protesting – and worse – the immigration of black jews and the resulting deleterious effect on their precious racial purity),  That makes every one of you a war criminal.

As you gather on hillsides every night and applaud the slaughter and starvation of your racial inferiors, as your kids sign those missiles destined for Palestine’s hospitals and schools, as your military engages in naval piracy as it boards ships with humanitarian supplies (food, medicine, water, etc), murders their crews and sinks their ships, remember this: every stinking one of you is subject to being dragged to The Hague.

Jew children signing bombs
Even the popular narratives of World War II history never had the Nazis behaving as repugnantly as The Apartheid State does today. It’s citizens and its military are indistinguishable, thus worthy of future war crimes prosecutions.

Right now, all you have is Americans printing money and sending it to you. Once that’s done, you’ll either find a way to co-exist with your neighbours. Or you won’t.

Speaking on behalf of the rest of the world, I can safely say we’ve had it with you. We’ve had it with the lies. The guilt. The manipulation. The fraud. The murder. The bloodlust. The expansionism.

In the meantime, in the interest of self-preservation, I’d stop believing your own propaganda if I were you. Just because people call into American neo-con talk radio and gush about what a swell bunch of people you folks are, that is not indicative of public opinion in the U.S. and worldwide. Anyone who has ever tried to post a newspaper comment critical of The Apartheid State knows we are being lied to.





3 thoughts on “A message to the residents of The Apartheid State

  1. Thank you for all you do for TRUTH my friend. Yes, the horah is just about up. They have done this to themselves but of course they will blame it on the usual suspects they always without hesitation point at, the anti semite! Well, I would say that people are tired of israel, its lies, bloodlust, occupation etc. Has nothing to do with “jews” , has to do with behavior. World has said”enough”. Unfortunately, not much the average joe can do except know the truth and not accept the bs. It will end the way described above. The parasite will drain the host dry. Problem for them is finding another host. Might not be easy now the world understands the truth. Likud hunters……….I like it, I like the concept very much. Wouldn’t that make one an anti semite though? Who cares what they say anymore. I do not dislike “jews” but certain well trained monkeys keep telling me it is true. Some will never understand this subject and it is very, very old. Judaism is a very sick religion.

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