Easy ways to boycott The Apartheid State

Hit The Apartheid State’s nationals at home and abroad where they live: make a permanent withdrawal from the fractional reserve system.

Close your accounts with the big multi-national zombie banks. Open an account at your local community credit union. But since the credit unions themselves must keep a majority of their assets with the same big banks we need to boycott, keep only enough in your account as is necessary to meet your monthly obligations.


Photo Illustration. Prime minister of The Apartheid State Netanyahu at the United Nations.
Photo Illustration. Prime minister of The Apartheid State Netanyahu at the United Nations.

Buy gold and silver and take physical possession. Forget about doing business with those boiler rooms advertising on “patriot” talk radio. Buying gold and silver is as easy as going on E-bay. You’ll get the largest selection at the best price. And the people you buy from won’t be pestering you from now on to buy even more. If all you can afford is $50 or $100, then that’s all you need to buy.

Get into bitcoins, and even litecoins and other altcoins if you feel comfortable.  There are a number of bitcoin exchanges which make purchasing these “coins” easy. I know what you’re thinking: Mt. Gox and other well-publicized collapses, robberies and other mysterious disappearances. Like gold and silver, you want to keep your coins in your own possession, unlike Mt. Gox’s unfortunate clients who purchased their coins and left them in the possession of the exchange.

The easiest way to store bitcoins and litecoins is, after you purchase your coins from the exchange, withdraw them and store them in your cellphone. Or you can even print out vouchers from a number of websites and store your coins on paper. Either way, the only way you can lose your coins is if somebody takes your phone (and discovers them) or breaks into your house and takes your vouchers.  And in the former, your coins are easily backed up. In the case of the latter, you keep photocopies and store them elsewhere. Provided you are able to transfer your coins to another wallet after the theft or loss is discovered in time, your money is safe.

Obviously, somebody stealing your cellphone or robbing your home is a real threat, the possibility of banks and government stealing our money through “bail-in” schemes (see Cyprus) is a more ominous threat.

As Bitcoin is become more popular, it is becoming easier to make purchases without having to transfer your coins back into Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Dollars.  Most bitcoin enthusiasts use Android and i-phone apps, which make buying and selling their coins a breeze. It’s as easy as scanning a Q.R. code.

The best part of bitcoins and other crypto-currencies is you are cutting the banksters out of your life.

In dealing with professional services, I do not deal with people whose allegiance to The Apartheid State is obvious. My family doctor is originally from Libya.  When I vote, I am only going to vote for people whose loyalty is to Canada. I will not vote for a dual national of any country.

AIPAC Clinton Netanyahu Obama Biden
Dees Illustrations. Not pictured are Canadian israel-firster politicians Stephen Harper (prime minister), foreign minister John “Hot Tub” Baird and dean of israel-firsters in the Canadian knesset, Irwin Cotler.

The Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement is a worthy one. The only problem is, BDS only concentrates on goods manufactured in the occupied territories (Gaza and the West Bank). But not buying soda machines and boycotting Scarlett Johansson movies only goes so far. The Apartheid State is a parasite and we need to cut off their blood supply wherever they live.

By cutting the Apartheid State nationals worldwide out of our financial dealings, refusing to watch, read, or (much less) pay for Big Media’s bullshit, boycotting entertainment and refusing to do business with doctors, lawyers, accountants and other “professionals” whose first loyalty is to The Apartheid State, we can stop the bloodthirsty Offence Forces savages overnight.

What did the Germans do that made the zionists so angry eighty years ago?  That was before World War II and before the Slave Labour camps for those of you who are mathematically challenged.
What did the Germans do that made the zionists so angry eighty years ago? That was before World War II and before the Slave Labour camps for those of you who are mathematically challenged.

The bottom line is this: every time you participate in every day economic activity with an Apartheid State dual national, you are supporting this:

Shot Gazan Child

even if you don’t know it.

If you ask me, that’s one shitty deal.

Lloyd Blankfein One Shitty Deal


Don’t give them your money. Don’t be their clients. And for krystsakes, DON’T VOTE FOR THEM.

After we stop voting for them, then we can stop having our wealth expropriated every April and sent to Tel Aviv.

Keep Calm and Boycott Israel

If we’re really successful, we might even be able to put The Apartheid State’s spyware enterprises and intelligence companies out of business while we’re at it.

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