No matter how angry you are, don’t get suckered into The enemy’s False Flag trap.

There are two types of false flag traps: the first one tricks misguided fools into unwittingly working for the very people they are opposed to. The other is the false flag that uses those entities to hornswoogle the public and try and get it onside with The Beast’s agenda. The objectives are overlapping.

Let’s start by discussing al-Qaeda (or, as I like to call it, “al-ciada.

Al-qaeda, as we understand it, was an outgrowth of the Mujahadeen, the insurgents in Afghanistan who fought against the Soviets in the 1980s. The Mujahadeen, who included Osama bin Laden amongst their members, were praised by president Ronald Reagan.

Reagan - Bonzo
Former United States President Ronald Reagan (right).

We started hearing about Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda in the late 1990s after the attack on the U.S.S. Cole and the Kenya embassy attacks. Of course, al-Qaeda’s stock rose into the stratosphere after September 11, 2001.

If nothing else will convince you that al-Qaeda is a creation of “The West” (i.e., the C.I.A., the Mossad, British intelligence), then consider this: “al-qaeda” is an Arabic phrase which literally translated into “the base.” X-Files fans can watch the opening sequence of Season 1’s “Fallen Angel” where an Iraqi fighter jet pilot is shown communicating with his commander. he says, “qaeda” and the slide shows him as communicating with his “base.”

However, “al-qaeda” is also Arabic slang for “the toilet.” I credit Michael Rivero ( for frequently discussing this little fact. As Rivero explains, the name “al-Qaeda” was obvious coined by somebody with only a basic understanding of the Arabic language. If someone said, “I’m from the toilet and I’m here to kill you,” we would die of laughter. Imagine if the Irish Republican Army had instead called itself “The Crapper,” “The John,” or “The Bowl.”

Deceased international criminal Osama bin Laden (1957-2002) in this undated photograph.
Deceased international super villain Osama bin Laden (1957-2002) in this undated photograph.

Like McDonald’s al-Qaeda’s brand has been franchised around the Middle East. Al-Qaeda in North Africa. Al-Qadea in Yemen. Al-Qaeda in Iraq (that was the big one!). Al-Qaeda in Syria. Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Isn’t it funny how the “al-Qaeda” narrative never showed up where it might do the most benefit for its own purported agenda: occupied Palestine?

Which brings up another question: Why do al-Qadea, Anonymous and Wikileaks never seem to show much interest in israel? I realize that, according to the narrative, those three outfits have very different purposes, in the case of each of them, they do not seem to bother with The Apartheid State.

Tragically, some good people get caught up in the scam.  Bradley Manning thought he was performing a valuable service. And he was. But Julian Assange and Wikileaks left him hanging out to dry.

Private First Class Bradley Manning
Private First Class Bradley Manning. His conviction was a travesty and a tragedy, but not a surprise. A constitutional restoration is certain to happen long before Manning’s 35-year sentence is up. Click for the Apache Massacre video.

I find it exceedingly difficult to believe that Julian Assange couldn’t find a single incriminating piece of information about israel. You would think that after all the atrocities it has committed just since Operation Cast Lead, “Anonymous” would have downloaded every single byte from israeli Offense Force computers and broadcast the names, addresses, and American Express card numbers of every single i.O.F. war criminal around the world. .Or at least, threatened to (I’ll get into that later).

InGaza Eva Bartlett
Eva Bartlett,

And if al-Qaeda were real, you would have car bombs exploding at israel-occupied Palestine checkpoints every day. “Al-Qaeda” doen’t even claim to be in occupied Palestine. A Texas man, Barry Bujol, was in e-mail contact with “al-Qaeda” in an effort to join their cause (at, their cause as he understood it.). If you are e-mailing al-Qaeda or Anonymous or Wikileaks and trying to officially join their cause, you might as well be e-mailing the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. itself. Furthermore, if the al-Qaeda “terrorists” are so stupid that their recruits are trying to join by e-mail, then we really have nothing to worry about in the first place.

In fact, in the United States, Canada and Britain, every single “terrorist” plot broken up by their respective state security services not only had informants in place, but used those informants and the resources of the state to move those plots along. And the only people that get fooled into participating in these plots are an overlapping group of teenagers, young adults, unemployed people, drug addicts and half-retards.

Need more evidence that you are being had?

Anwar al-Awlaki ( who Barry Bujold thought he was communicating with by e-mail) dined at the Pentagon, even as he was sought as al-Qaeda’s notorious Number Two.

Youself al-Khattab, before he founded the Revolution Muslim website, used to hang out as Mosques and beat up Muslims back when he was using his birthname, Joseph Cohen, and attending rabinnical school.

Adam Ghadan, the “American Al-Qaeda” used to be known as Adam Pearlman. And his grand-daddy was on the board the A.D.L.

Now, maybe you’re not ambitious enough to join al-Qaeda. After all, that’s a lot of work playing on those monkey bars all day as you train to go to war with The Great Satan. Maybe computers are more your forte. Alas, Anonymous!

Guy Fawkes Painting
Guy Fawkes, mascot of the Anonymous movement, was done in by one of his own co-conspirators. Pretty much what you can expect if you allow yourself to believe that you are acting as part of “anonymous.”

As with al-Qaeda, if you are in contact with somebody trying to “get into” Anonymous, you might as well just e-mail Northern Virginia with all your personal details yourself and get around the middle-man.

Even if Anonymous doesn’t really care with what’s going on in occupied Palestine, have you noticed how it seems to show very little interest with the israeli nationals in the United States (a.k.a. the banksters?) You want to do some good, Guy Fawkes? Fine. Shut down the high-frequency trading computers running between the New York Stock Exchange and Goldman Sachs. Wipe out the computers at Bank of America and J.P. Morgan. Publish the names and address of every single bankster (both primary Manhattan address and their pad in The Hamptons). Show us what Lloyd Blankfein does on his computer when he’s not doing God’s work. How about giving us some dirt about the “federal” “reserve?”

Anonymous jumped the shark in Ferguson, Missouri when it “outed” the then-unknown murderer of Michael Brown as somebody completely removed from the crime. This could very well have gotten the man killed. It was an absolute flustercuck that revealed for all of us just how fake and impotent Anonymous really is.


Tweeting images of Guy Fawkes and saying “we do not forgive. We do not forget.” Oh, I’m really scared. Mommy, can you make me some hot chocolate and bring it to me downstairs?

Five years ago, Anonymous threatened to reveal the names, images, personal and financial images of Mexican “drug lords” it purportedly back off a few days later when the drug lords threatened to kill civilians. Of course, as we all know, drug lords keep everything about them stored on computers connected to the internet. In any even, it was a useless, irrelevant gesture on the part of Anonymous. Eric Holder already knows who they are. He ships them his guns and they send the drugs back north in exchange.

In Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are specialists in carrying out what they call “Mr. Big” operations. They can take months. Or years. They easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some have cost millions. The way it works, in a nutshell, is undercover police operatives gradually move you into their world with the final objective being for you to confess to a crime which you may or may not have committed. In the most complex operations, everyone around you in your life is a cop. When their targets are known to be alcoholics or drug addicts, supplying them with their favourite vice is a particularly useful tool to speed up the confession and make the arrest.

Mr. Big Chocolate Bar

If you are as liberty-minded as I am, if you frequently write to your local politicians and tell them you are as mad as hell, if you are active in the independent media, if you post freedom-themed YouTube videos, you are probably on somebody’s radar. I’m not suggesting anything will come of it. Just because they know about you doesn’t mean they’ll SWAT you. But you want to be very careful who you associate with and who you share your opinions with among your co-workers, friends, even family. If somebody, out of the blue (no pun intended) comes to you and starts telling you about how he has this “big idea,” tell him to go to hell and walk away.

Obviously, al-Qaeda, Anonymous, Wikileaks and now ISIS, ISIL and Islamic State in…whatever (think al-Qaeda in…) have a wider audience beyond their unwitting volunteers. It’s the billions of people around the world who need to have the latest war sold to them in order to prop up the U.S. dollar.

Nearly 25 years ago, the American public was fooled into the need to go to war with Iraq when Nariyah al-Sabah gave her tearful testimony about Iraqi soldiers has merciless thrown Kuwaiti babies had thrown babies on the hospital floor and stolen the incubators.

Nariyah al-sabah
Notrious liar Nariyah al-Sabah became an international war criminal when she was only 15 years old.

The lies that led to Iraq II were numerous. Colin Powell, a man whom I respected (until then) deeply, showed grainy black-and-white satellite photographs (hint:  satellite photographs are ultra high-resolution. Not grainy. And they are in colour, not black-and-white) that purported to show a mobile weapons laboratory in Iraq. Most of us call those things “fire trucks.”

New Orleans Fire Truck
A mobile chemical weapons laboratory, as described by Colin Powell, is seen prowling the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana as it mercilessly searches out its next victim.

Of course there was the whole Niger yellow cake thing. And then, once it got going they had to keep up the momentum. Ergo, Jessica Lynch. Not long after that the “al-Qaeda in Iraq” fairy-take took off. The Fox News drones sooned parrotted, “we gotta kill them al-kadda over dair in I-rak before day come ‘ere.” Now the same intellectual heavyweights are telling us how Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly say it’s critical to shoot children in the head from helicopters, blow up schools and hospitals, drop white phosphorous bombs on everybody and basically act in ways Nazis would have found beyond the pale because, after all, they are all terrorists, they are squatting on the land of God’s chosen people, and our God has the biggest penis.

Fox News Brainwashing

Speaking of Dicks, it is frankly embarrassing to tune into neo-con talk radio or watch Fox News as they hold up the likes of Richard Cheney, George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger and other war criminals as revered guests.

The Beast and its willing accomplices in the B.S. Media lied about Vietnam. It lied about Iraq (time, again, again, and again). It lies about Iran (who have never instigated a war of aggression in its history as an Islamic Republic) . It lied about Afghanistan. It lied about Libya. It lies about Syria. It is lying about Ukraine. It not only enables the war crimes of The Apartheid State, it endorses them and claims all of their victims are “terrorists.”

The only government department I am half-way inclined to believe is the weather service. And they lie about global warming.

For the sake of humanity, governments around the world need to be brought down. But it’s not going to be done by shooting people or blowing shit up. The U.S. dollar will collapse. It is mathematically impossible for the ponzi scheme to continue much longer. And that is when all the wars and all the atrocities around the planet will stop. Overnight.

What if I told you the dollar is going to collapse

We can help speed up the process by buying gold and silver, taking physical delivery keeping it in your own possession It’s as easy as going on e-bay. If you are comfortable, buy bitcoins. But keep them in cold storage in multiple locations. Close your bank account, open a credit union account, but keep only enough in your account as to meet your obligations. Even small banks and credit unions have to do business with the likes of the zombie mega banks.

Refuse to watch the B.S. media. E-mail them and tell them you are doing so. Tell them they are full of crap. Newspapers are going out of business on an almost daily basis. Layoffs and bureau closures are regular events in the news business. Make sure they know you are happy to speed up their demise.

Rocky Mountain News Final Edition


And when the Romania moment finally happens (December 25, 1989 in the case of Romania) don’t bother arresting the criminals. Let them leave with their ill-gotten gains. Let them have their worthless paper money. Don’t worry about the gold-tinted bricks. It’s probably tungsten anyway. Rebuild our countries around  and deal with the criminals later. They will probably be contained in the City of London or israel, so they will be easy to find when the tribunals start.

Nicolaie and Elena Ceaucescu execution
It took less than a month for Romanians to go from a football riot to the Christmas Day televised spectacular which saw their despot president and his wife arrested, tried and executed on live television. The New World Order won’t go as quietly, unfortunately.

As Michael Rivero often points out, the U.S. government is prepared to fight the next revolution the only way it knows how: with violence. Like Enron and the Soviet Union before it, the whole thing will collapse under the massive weight of its own fraud and criminality.  And they can’t put us in jail for letting them have all the rope they need, even as their own hand is on the lever of the trapdoor.

Block at the top of the Tower of London
There is still a large wooden block at the top of the Tower of London.








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