After being forced to watch CNN for six hours, I would have confessed to anything.

I addressed this letter to my local member of parliament, Robert “Rob” Nicholson Nicholson is also Canada’s current minister of national defense. I also addressed him as an M.K. (member of the knesset) for obvious reasons. This will be my practise from now on.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll live long enough to see the return of constitutional, representative government to Canada. Sure would be nice to see it returned to our American and British friends, too.

Rob Nicholson
Canadian minister of defense Robert “Rob” Nicholson, M.K. (Likud-Niagara Falls)

August 29, 2014

Mr. Robert Nicholson, M.K.

Minister of Defense

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A5

Dear Mr. Nicholson:

Yesterday, I took my pick-up truck into the dealership to be serviced. Things took longer than expected and I ended up spending six hours there. During that time, they had C.N.N. on. It was probably one of the most painful experiences I have had in quite some time. It worse worse than when my wife used to make me watch TLC shows such as Long Island Medium, Cake Boss and Extreme Couponers. Fortunately, we ditched our cable over a year ago.

One of the migraine-inducing instances of C.N.N. programming was its continued drive to sell us World War III on a number of fronts. For example, they showed a grainy, blurry black-white image which they claimed to be a satellite photograph of Russian tanks headed for the border with Ukraine.

Credit Michael Rivero’s From WRH: This is a call to Rivero’s Rangers to get this story out to the public before Poroshenko and Obama gets us into a potentially nuclear war with Russia! I will save you the time of going to Google Translate. A couple of weeks ago, Ukraine bought some old T-72’s from Hungary for 8,500 dollars each, their value as scrap metal. Now Ukraine does not use the T-72, it uses the later t-80 and t-84. But Russia still uses the T-72. Did Ukraine buy these tanks to plant near the border and frame Russia for an invasion?


Putting aside the small detail that we can’t tell from the “photograph” exactly what kind of tank we are seeing, who owns it, when it was taken or even where it was taken there is a problem with the story (and yes, a story is all it is): satellite photographs are not grainy, they are not blurred (excepting, of course, Google Earth images of The Apartheid State; but that’s only under U.S. law). and they are certainly not monochromatic.

Senator Vreenak It's A Fake

Prior to running the story, before the commercial break, the bingo caller teased the viewers with “and you’re not gonna believe what Russia’s response it…” They actually expect us to take seriously some woman in Georgia who says, “gonna?” Oh, and uh, what was “Russia’s” response? According to C.N.N., it had no response. Russia Today, however, was somewhat more insightful. It quoted Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov “It’s not the first time we’ve heard wild guesses, though facts have never been presented so far…There have been reports about Russian troop movements. They’ve turned out to be images from videogames. The latest accusations happen to be much the same quality. “

General Colin Powell. Click for the moment he went from war hero to war criminal on February 5, 2003.

I could not help but harken back to 2003 when General Powell, in an event televised live around the world (including C.N.N.) when he gave his presentation at the United Nations Security Council selling us Richard “Penis” Cheney’s Iraq war. In addition to representing a vial of talcum powder of anthrax, he passed of those same grainy, blurry black-and-white “satellite images.” Only in the Powell narrative, a weather balloon inflating station and a fire truck became “mobile biological and chemical weapons laboratories.”

San Francisco Fire Department
A mobile chemical and biological weapons laboratory masquerading as a San Francisco Fire Department ladder truck.

It is frankly insulting that your friends in the New World Order would go back to the well and use the same old bag of tricks they used on us before.

C.N.N. even showed video of some exchange which took place recently at the very security council chamber where Colin Powell went from a respected, revered war hero to war criminal 11 years earlier.

There have been so many outright lies reported in the bull-crap media regarding Ukraine that I don’t know where to begin. The fact that Ukraine’s former president, Viktor Yanukovych, was ousted from power in a military coup has gone down the Memory Hole. Yanukovych, who sought closer ties to Russia as opposed to getting in bed with the Eurocrats and I.M.F.ers was replaced with Petro Poroshenko, a billionaire oligarch who is much more sympathetic to London, Brussels, New York and Tel Aviv.

Then of course there was the shoot-down of the Malaysian airliner, with all indications pointing to the fact it was shot down by a Ukranian fighter jet.

We have the continuing sob story about Russia (actually, a Russian company) turning off gas to Ukraine. This problem, of course, could be solved by Ukraine’s state gas company bringing its account with its Russian supplier up to date. I’m not certain how Ukraine supplying natural gas to consumes at a fraction of the cost of importing it is a viable business model in the long term.

Since the Kiev regime cannot or will not pay its account to its Gazprom, I can only imagine the false flags your N.W.O. friends have in store for Russia. No doubt the scripts for the B.S. Media, which will feature Ukranians freezing to death because the evil Vladimir Putin won’t turn on the gas, are already being written.

Maybe they’ll find an actress who kind of, sort of, looks like Nariyah al-Sabah did in 1991 and she can testify before the U.S. Congress about how Russian troops stormed a Kiev hospital, threw all the babies on the floor and stole the incubators.

WagTheDog Girl
In 1997, Wag The Dog depicted how a blue screen could be turned into a war zone. And a bag of Tostitos became a puppy.

When your regime (and you, Mr. Nicholson, supplied the usurping Ukranian regime with materiel in the name of the people of Canada), your allies, and the bull-crap media tell us about all the horrible things that Putin is doing, that the Palestinians, the Syrians, the Iranians or whomever our Two Minutes of Hate is to be directed at this week is doing, I have to ask myself one simple question: why?

It makes no sense for Russia to make war over an insignificant spit of land that is still glowing in the dark nearly three decades after Chernobyl. The United States government, the City of London, and the banksters have every reason to fight endless wars of aggression: continued dollar hegemony.

C.N.N. then turned its attention to Syria. Undeterred by being called out on its phoney Foley “beheading” video, they showed a purported “mass execution” in Syria. Of course, the video appeared to be taken from a cellphone. It was jump and blurry and you couldn’t tell what was really going on.

It’s been nearly 25 years since Robert Zemeckis showed Gary Sinise without any legs and also showed Tom Hanks shaking hands with John F. Kennedy. You’d think after all this time your New World Order fiends could put out a half-decent, convincing fake video.

Forrest Gump and John F. Kennedy

Around the time my truck was ready, C.N.N. then ran a story about “radicalized” Americans going off to fight for “ISIS.” They played a video from some guy from Minneapolis saying how great it was in Syria. It was just like Disneyland. I’m sure jewish kids from Canada, the U.S. and around the world who go to The Apartheid State and “fight” for the israeli Offense Forces think Gaza is also just like Disneyland. Just imagine. All those Arabs they get to kill. Kill all the little brown kids you can. You never know. They just might grow up to dislike their Nazi-like oppressors. Do you think the R.C.M.P., the Federal Bureau of Incineration or Scotland Yard are going to intercept these kids as they board their el-Al flights and go off and “fight” for The Apartheid State? Or arrest them on war crimes charges when they come back in two or three years? Uh, no. That’s just not going to happen. Is it, Bob? But I digress.

Jew Swastika
Never forget!

Jew children signing bombsInGaza Eva Bartlett
Izl War Crimes 1Child with head blown offIzl War Crimes 5Izl War Crimes 3

The icing on the cake was when C.N.N. credited the video of the American kid (who, they reported at end of the story, died five years ago) to the al-Khattab News Service. Of course, we all remember Yousef al-Khattab. Back before he founded his Revolution Muslim website, which featured prominent video of young men swinging on monkey bars, his name was Joseph Leonard Cohen.

Before he became “Yousef al-Khattab” and set up Revolution Muslim, a website dedicated to showing scary-looking brown people swinging from monkey bars with voiceovers promising the streets would flow with rivers of the blood of the non-believers….whoo! Yes, before all that….Yousef – the muslim terrorist with a website – was Joseph. Leonard. Cohen. From Marin, California. Click for the CNN “story” about one of the Minnesota Martyrs (seriously!) crediting the Al-Khattab News Service.

You and your media allies can lie all you want. You can try and pull off all the false flags you want. In the end, you will only end up being brought to justice for your trouble.

Former Romanian Presidenet Nicolae Ceaucescu.

You want to be one big, happy, globalist family so you can impress your masters at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and Tel Aviv? Fine. Then you can be responsible for their crimes.


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