Completing my Canadian Census on-line (Count me out!)

2016-06-20 03_18_35-Count Me Out of the Canada Census

2016-06-20 03_19_14-Count Me Out of the Canada Census

Here you go!


Census 1
Jim left his phone number, (905) 354-1965. I was going to call it after I filled out the form around 3am. But I wasn’t about to let him match up this form with my real name and telephone number from caller i.d. So I’ll give him shit when he drops by. 

Census 2

Census 3

Census 5

Niagara Falls MP Robert Nicholson and Netanyahu
(Times of israel) I suppose, like any good Canadian sheep, I could air my grievances with my local member of parliament (the guy on the left, Robert “Rob” Nicholson CON-Niagara Falls). But he doesn’t like me very much. Something about repeatedly accusing him of being a war criminal and calling for his arrest and trial at The Hague.

Census 4

2016-06-20 03_31_17-A Short History of Canadian Income Taxation _ Dead For Tax Reasons The Income Tax of 1917 captured almost nobody, save high-rollers raking in over $2,000 per year. And then only at four per cent. The marginal rates started kicking in at $6,000 ($97,000 today, a 1,530 per cent increase in inflation according to the Bank of Canada’s own inflation calculator). By 1948 – 14 years after the creation of the Bank of Canada, far more Canadians had been captured. 

I will not keep calm and you can go fuck yourself


I will not comply

Apologists for the census claim the information is vital in order for governments to make proper spending decision in “our communities.”

2016-03-25 04_04_11-Canada's National Debt Clock _ The Canadian Taxpayers Federation

2016-03-17 09_36_51-Canada's National Debt Clock _ The Canadian Taxpayers Federation

The last thing I want to do is to encourage the bastards. 

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