It finally happened: CBC banned me!

2016-06-27 03_50_21-Justin Trudeau's fight with the forces of Brexit and Donald Trump - Politics - C

Offensive profile picture…oh, you mean this?

Bullshit button


I made a bunch of posts around 3:30 am regarding an article about Caribbean customers closing their Royal Bank of Canada accounts due to the introduction of service charges. One comment said Canadians always bend over to banks and government. I replied, “I don’t bend over for anyone” and left an anecdote about my recent census experience. I included a link to LettersToTheBeast.


When I went to comment on another article about Justin Trudeau and Brexit, well, see above.


And to think I had just wasted half-an-hour of my life giving some constructive criticism to CBC’s Feedback page (with a copy to ICUC, of course):

Oh, hi again CBC and ICUC.

Recently, one of Keith’s Work-At-Home scam kids deleted one of my posts regarding a Brexit article. The post was replying to another comment which, to paraphrase, asked how the good people of Britain could be so stupid as to vote this way.

My reply was: “I’m sure advertisers will be asking the same question. And the corporate media’s budgets will suffer for it. ‘Bout time.

Contend Disabled.

I guess that one hit a little too close to home, eh?

On another article on the same subject, someone left a comment praising the British Bullsh…I mean Broadcasting Corporation. I left two comments: “Jimmy Saville.” And another comment which also praised the journalistic integrity of the BBC on September 11, 2001 when it reported on the collapse of World Trade Center Building Seven. Half an hour before it happened. While it stood erect outside the window of Jane Standley’s makeshift studio.

On the upside, you didn’t delete any of my posts making the link between the Orlando mass-shooting by the U.S. government security contractor and the Orlando Police Department and SSRIs and other prescription anti-depressants that are a staple of corporate media advertising budgets.

Anyway, I don’t want to waste your time here. All of my posts censored by you and Keith can be found on my own humble blog, And if you forget the website, don’t worry. Just type in CBC content disabled into The Google.

Mine is the first set of links that come after CBC’s itself.

Oh, by the way, please also check out my blurb regarding the technical quality of

Click on story link at Wait for video crap to load. Wait for adware to load. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait for Google Analytics. Wait. Wait for more video crap. Wait for Schitt$ Creek ad. Wait for geo-locator to determine my address for the Weather Network ad. Wait. Wait for Google Analytics to load. Again. Wait for Shockwave. And then, wait for it…wait for it…

Adobe Shockwave has crashed Stop / Reload

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Seriously, do those rocket scientists in CBC’s I.T. department ever try visiting outside the confines of their Front Street bunker?


James F. Blake.”

(formerly GeorgeWashingtonsGhost)


Goddammit! Now I’ve got to think up a new name and set up a new account. I’ll get around to it when I have time.

2016-06-27 04_02_45-Why don’t you ban this individual_ – CBC Help Centre


Man, I really must have pissed them off this time.

Maybe I should have kept the old profile picture:

israel STFU

Hey, CBC and ICUC, thanks for visiting LettersToTheBeast.


See you again soon!

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