Double homicide of the two city workers in New York

I am not going to get worked up about a couple of New York City police workers getting off’d. This double homicide is as inconsequential as a pair of gangbangers (the non-sanctioned kind) getting plugged. I don’t care.


In fact, I would go on to ask if it is too much to hope for that this is a sign of the people saying “we’ve had it with you thugs.”
On the upside, The Funeral Show promises to be an extravaganza. I might just head down to The City to watch. I love bagpipes.
People are expected to carry on with their North Korean-style fake crying and mourning every time a man in black gets dispatched. Meanwhile, Detroit police worker Joseph Weekly, who shot seven-year-old Aiyana Jones while he was filming a First 48 episode, is still at large. Sadly, he is the closest Amerikans have come to seeing a homicidal police department employee brought to justice. I wonder if Detroit’s police pipe and drum corp showed up at her funeral?
Dees Illustrations
Dees Illustrations

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