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CBC Content Disabled: May 9, 2016

Donald Trump says London Mayor Sadiq Khan exempt from his potential ban on Muslims

Khan was sworn in as London’s 1st Muslim mayor Saturday

Thomson Reuters Posted: May 09, 2016 10:24 PM ET

2016-05-14 08_31_47-Donald Trump says London Mayor Sadiq Khan exempt from his potential ban on Musli

2016-05-14 08_32_44-Donald Trump says his tax rate is 'none of your business' - World - CBC News
Quoting “man! Trump is a total clown! If the USA votes him in, the world is in big time trouble!” China and Mexico will most certainly be in trouble. The good times are over.
2016-05-14 08_33_18-Donald Trump says his tax rate is 'none of your business' - World - CBC News
Quoting “Only 7 & a half months of this fool. It is going to be painful.” Gonna be a long eight years after the next seven-and-a-half months, isn’t it?


North Korea expels BBC journalist as party congress continues

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes wrote an apology, will never be allowed in to country again

The Associated Press Posted: May 09, 2016 6:32 AM ET

2016-05-14 08_34_50-North Korea expels BBC journalist as party congress continues - World - CBC News

2016-05-14 08_36_57-Donald Trump says his tax rate is 'none of your business' - World - CBC News
BBC. Buggering British Children.


2016-05-14 08_37_18-Donald Trump says his tax rate is 'none of your business' - World - CBC News
Quoting “So by your standards it was right to boot him out because he “insulted the dignity” of the country (whatever that means). So since you have “insulted the dignity” of the CBC don’t you think they would have the right to boot you.” Too bad Jimmy Saville is still dead. Auntie Beeb could have sent him to Pyongyang instead.


CBC Content Disabled: April 29, 2016

Donald Trump protesters, supporters clash violently outside California rally

Police car smashed, at least 4 people arrested outside packed event in Costa Mesa

The Associated Press Posted: Apr 29, 2016 1:26 AM ET

2016-05-07 12_33_44-Donald Trump protesters, supporters clash violently outside California rally - W

Raucous crowds of protesters took to the streets late Thursday in California as Donald Trump brought his Republican presidential campaign to conservative Orange County after sweeping the Northeast primaries.


Dozens of protesters were mostly peaceful as Trump gave his speech inside the Pacific Amphitheater. After the event, however, the demonstration grew rowdy and spilled into the streets.

At least four people were arrested and one Trump supporter had his face bloodied in a scuffle as he tried to drive out of the arena. One man jumped on a police car, leaving its front and rear windows smashed and the top dented in and other protests sprayed graffiti on a police car and the venue’s marquee.


2016-05-07 12_37_50-Taxman gouges car buyers for money never spent_ Neil Macdonald - Politics - CBC
Quoting: “Donald Trump is a very bad joke and a monster. That does not justify pepper spraying his supporters, especially children, as reported in another story. Trump and crew are not fit for purpose because of their own performance and words. But sinking to the performance and ethical level that Trump, the Tea Party and the Koch’s display is a poor choice. We shold be protecting and nurturing our children, not pepper spraying them.” “Oil tycoon and conservative mega-donor Charles Koch had kind words for both Bill and Hillary Clinton in an interview Sunday, saying there was an outside chance he could support her in November. We would have had to believe her actions would be quite different from her rhetoric. Let me put it that way,” he said on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday. “But on some of the Republican candidates we would – before we could support them, we’d hae to believe their actions will be quite different from the rhetoric we’ve heard so far.” — CNN, April 24, 2016. What was that you were saying about the Kochs again?

2016-05-07 12_46_41-Charles Koch_ 'Possible' Clinton could be better than GOP nominee - CNNPolitics.2016-05-07 12_47_20-Charles Koch_ 'Possible' Clinton could be better than GOP nominee - CNNPolitics.

Here’s a look at some of those “children” Orest Zaworsky was blabbering on about…

2016-05-07 12_50_38-Donald Trump protesters, supporters clash violently outside California rally - W2016-05-07 12_50_22-Donald Trump protesters, supporters clash violently outside California rally - W2016-05-07 12_50_02-Donald Trump protesters, supporters clash violently outside California rally - W2016-05-07 12_49_46-Donald Trump protesters, supporters clash violently outside California rally - W

And, for those worried about the eeeevil Tea Party, here is our good friend Rand Paul after his conversion had become complete:

Rand Paul Wailing Wall

002 Bellevue
United States flags in Seattle, Washington on September 11, 2002. (LettersToTheBeast)


CBC Content Disabled: May 7, 2016

Christy Clark slams Trump on trade, warns of ‘poisoned’ relations

Donald Trump has called NAFTA a ‘disaster’ that ‘shouldn’t exist,’ worrying the B.C. premier

By John Paul Tasker, CBC News Posted: May 07, 2016 5:00 AM ET

B.C. Premier Christy Clark is taking presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to task for his anti-trade stance — equating it with building a wall between the U.S. and Canada.

“It’s not helpful when down in the States there are serious presidential candidates who are talking about building a wall between Canada and the United States. Trade barriers are just another kind of wall,” Clark said in an interview with Chris Hall on CBC Radio’s The House.

“I’d remind Americans that America was never made great, and no American president is remembered as great, because he built walls.”

The comments come as Canada and the U.S. are still haggling over a new softwood lumber trade agreement. Clark said Friday that she’s hopeful the two sides can craft a deal by summer’s end before presidential politics heat up further.

2016-05-07 11_43_18-Christy Clark slams Trump on trade, warns of 'poisoned' relations - Politics - C

Canada’s State Broadcaster is making fewer and fewer articles available for comment. Those that are still open for comment tend to be articles with absolutely no relevance, such as a story about an British icebreaker being named “Boaty McBoatface.”

Today, CBC had several stories up on its website regarding Donald Trump. Most comments were disabled, perhaps because the comments on stories that are open are not going MotherCorp’s way.

The overwhelming tone of the comments are pro-Trump. Canadians are not anti-Trump and are demanding change in their own country as well. Comments that disparaged or insulted Trump not only had pro-Trump replies, but had significantly more down-votes than up-votes (the “dislike” button is a new innovation to, although they have yet to discover an “edit” button).

2016-05-07 11_36_11-Christy Clark slams Trump on trade, warns of 'poisoned' relations - Politics - C
Quoting: “Hmmmm. Really think a billionaire is not going to support big business or the wealthy over the middle class?” So what has the patron of lefties around the world George Soros done for the middle class? Other than impoverish us?
2016-05-07 11_37_47-Christy Clark slams Trump on trade, warns of 'poisoned' relations - Politics - C
I see the censor didn’t like my observation about George Soros funding left-wing politicians around the world (including Democrats and absolutely the Clintons). Pinking it doesn’t mean it’s not true. No bother. I just put all the pinks on my own humble website, which comes up number two on The Google (just under CBC itself) when typing in CBC Content Disabled. (1 dislike before they killed it).
2016-05-07 11_39_01-Christy Clark slams Trump on trade, warns of 'poisoned' relations - Politics - C
So, uh, George Soros is a forbidden subject (here) too? Kinda like mentioning SSRIs and prescription medications in the same context as “mass shootings?”
2016-05-07 11_40_24-Christy Clark slams Trump on trade, warns of 'poisoned' relations - Politics - C
Quoting: “Lets’s be honest: we always bend over for the US. Canada has shown no back bone when it comes to ‘co-operation’ or economic dispute with the US. We need a leader who stands up against this bullying and starts to act on behalf of the Canadian people.” Agreed. Too bad there is nobody who currently fits the bill. Even O’Leary doesn’t want a part of this.


2016-05-07 11_41_54-Christy Clark slams Trump on trade, warns of 'poisoned' relations - Politics - C
Quoting: “Why isn’t the CBC allowing comments on the NeverTrump article?” Because the comments aren’t going The State Broadcaster’s way. See above and below. Gawd forbid they allow to be exposed the notion that Canadians are NOT anti-Trump. When Trump turns America around, Canadians will be demanding the same of “our” “leaders.”



“We know you are lying!” Michael Rivero,


CBC Content Disabled: April 23, 2016

Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly urges change at CBC, CRTC to boost Canadian content in digital age

Changes could ‘strengthen the creation, discovery and export of Canadian content in a digital world’

CBC News Posted: Apr 23, 2016 7:25 PM ET

Canada’s Liberal government is prepared to overhaul the country’s laws governing broadcasting, media and cultural industries, with Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly announcing Saturday a public consultation on how to “strengthen the creation, discovery and export of Canadian content in a digital world.”


“Canada’s cultural and creative industries are important drivers of innovation and a vibrant part of our economy,” says Joly

“As we adjust to the realities of rapid technological advances and changing consumer behaviour, I am launching consultations to better understand the challenges and opportunities brought on by this transformation.”

Happy days are here again for Canadian broadcasters (chiefly the CBC) now that The Natural Governing Party is back in office. And the CBC is not about to let a bunch of malcontent comment forum contributors spoil its party.

Let’s get started.



2016-04-28 08_04_37-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News

Quoting “Liberal Big Brother and Dear Leader Justin will decide what you can and should watch. Now “revenue streams” (formerly citizens) get filling out that Census Long Form and start (enjoying) your new life under C-51!!!” C-51 is exactly why I, as a lifetime conservative voter, disavowed and repudiated the Harper Regime. Obviously many conservatives fel the same way or Justin wouldn’t be our Dear Leader. 


2016-04-28 08_04_09-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “Start by privatizing the CBC. Their agenda clouds their reporting.” I’ve got a better idea. Do what CKO did. Just disappear. Read a newscast saying this is the final newscast and CBC is going off the air. Sell the “broadcast centres” in Vancouver and Toronto. At a fair auction, they will net taxpayers a fortune.

It’s pretty bad when the CBC has to resort to memory-holing history. But more than likely, ICUC’s censors are too stupid to understand. 

2016-04-28 08_49_47-CKO - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2016-04-28 08_48_14-CKO - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


2016-04-28 08_03_44-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “Wonder if Canadian content includes having French language included cuts it down, most countries don’t have a language law like Canada has. Nothing against French just I don’t need it, but it’s always there. Also under the relaxed rules, specialty TV channels – which currently have Canadian content requirements that range from 15 to 85 per cent – will see their CanCon requirements harmonized at 35 per cent overall. There will no  longer be specific CanCon requirements for the evening hours on specialty channels.” I wonder what the viewership for the french language supper-time news broadcasts west of Ottawa are? I would be suprised if the total COMBINED viewers tuned to CBC french in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Toronto was more than one hundred.

2016-04-28 08_03_01-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News

Quoting “OH god more censorship from the all knowing liberals. Oct 2015 election was such a huge mistake.” The question is: who would go further when it comes to censorship and the unconstitutional clamp-down on our basic freedoms? The “Conservatives?” Or the Liberals? I voted NDP. And I’m a life-long conservative voter. One thing’s for sure. The censorship around this place (i.e. “content disabled” and “your comment is awaiting moderation) was ramped up big time on October 20, 2015


2016-04-28 08_01_50-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “The only thing to do is offer a better and cheaper service and for the private sector not to be cheap and have quality people on their news shows (not the kids they now have, let’s get together and have a news program) and entertainment programming. Oh, yeah and throw more money at it. The other is have a larger audience (another baby boom is needed?) so the broadcaster can produce the stuff we want to watch. I also notifced a lot of commenters don’t use their real identify, how can they be taken seriously?” With regards to the “real names” issue, uh, “Doug,” I don’t use my real name because I don’t want to go to jail like Arthur Topham. There are people like Arthur Topham who, in the spirit of John Hancokck, sign their names big as life for all to see regardless of the consequences to their personal well-being. Then there are the little people like me who call out the b.s. from the anonymity of our keyboards while keeping our careers and our liberty intact. But be assured, “Doug,” when I write to the CBC or my local political critters I use my real address and my real name. And like John Hancock, I sign it big as life. 


Prolific comment section blogger Doug McKenzie (right) pontificates about fellow commenters not using their real names.

2016-04-28 08_01_17-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “Pathetic. With that said, not entirely unexpected. 150 million more to prop up Trudeau, and to propagate the social engineering experiment via subsidized programming. Even Pravda would have been jealous.” Actually, back in the good ol’ days, the Sovieet people KNEW they were being lied to and openly laughed at Pravda and Vremya. Millions of Canadians actually tune into the State Broadcaster at 10pm and listen to its national treasure spokesman tell us stories about us from coast to coast to coast and believe the stuff! Incredible. 
Airplane Soviet Newsreader
Airplane II: The Sequel

But…they let this one slip through…

2016-04-28 08_00_05-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “Does this mean the comments posted to comments disabled ration is going to go up?” All you have to do is say what a swell guy Justin and that bunch in Ottawa are and how the CBC is a national treasure that brings Canadians from coast to coast to coast together. Then you won’t see those pesky pinks. See? It’s really not that complicated (3 likes)

I guess I was right.

“When the government has buried you in shit, more government shit just doesn’t matter!” — Michael Rivero,

CBC Content Disabled: April 10, 2016


Canada Revenue Agency’s case against KPMG over offshore ‘sham’ delayed — again

Accounting firm still won’t hand over remaining names of wealthy clients despite judge’s order

By Harvey Cashore, Kimberly Ivany, Katie Pedersen, CBC News Posted: Apr 10, 2016 4:53 PM ET

The Canada Revenue Agency’s long-dormant court action against accounting firm KPMG, which appeared to have been resurrected last September after media reports exposed delays in the case, won’t go to court anytime soon, CBC News has learned.

A judge first ordered KPMG in February 2013 to hand over to the CRA the names of all the multimillionaire Canadians caught using an offshore tax dodge set up by the accounting firm in the Isle of Man, a scheme the agency alleges was a “sham” and “intended to deceive” the treasury. 

2016-04-28 07_52_22-Canada Revenue Agency's case against KPMG over offshore 'sham' delayed — again -

2016-04-28 07_55_49-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “I wonder why the liberals are not pushing this, suppose they have something to hide maybe???” They all suck. And they are equally corrupt. Liberal, conservative…labels are irrelevant. They are all in it for themselves.

Your humble correspondent here at LettersToTheBeast is catching up after being on hiatus for a month…




“I refuse to pay for Wall Street’s crimes. Find another walking wallet!” — Michael Rivero,

“I (hate) DC” — Michael Rivero,


CBC Content Disabled: March 26,2016

Brussels attacks: Belgian prosecutors charge 3 men with terror offences

Solidarity rally cancelled as police forces too strapped

Thomson Reuters Posted: Mar 26, 2016 10:18 AM ET

Belgian prosecutors have charged three men with terrorist offences, including a suspect who local media said appeared on security footage with two suicide bombers at Brussels airport shortly before they detonated their bombs.

Prosecutors named the third man as Faycal C. while Belgian media identified him as Faycal Cheffou. 

The media reports said he was the man wearing a hat and a light-coloured jacket in last Tuesday’s airport picture that showed three men pushing baggage trolleys bearing luggage.

Prosecutors said Faycal C. had been charged with involvement in a terrorist group, terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder. They would not confirm the Belgian media reports about his identity.

Belgian media are reporting the suspect referred to in the arrest warrant issued Saturday is Fayçal Cheffou and that his image was captured by a surveillance camera shortly before the explosions at the main airport in Brussels. (Belgian Federal Police via Getty Images)

His home had been searched though no weapons or explosives had been found, they said. 2016-03-28 03_21_27-Brussels attacks_ Belgian prosecutors charge 3 men with terror offences - World

2016-03-28 03_18_50-Brussels attacks_ Belgian prosecutors charge 3 men with terror offences - World
Quoting “If we had 24 hour TV news back during The Troubles do you think we would be trying to kick out all the Irish” — Yeah! Can you imagine if worldwide corporate media had to follow British rules and hire voice actors to read quotes by USAma bin laden or Abu Bakhr al-Baghdadi…oh, wait…

You know, CBC, often the censors you hire make you look down right stupid…

2016-03-28 03_49_46-1988–94 British broadcasting voice restrictions - Wikipedia, the free encycloped

From October 1988 to September 1994 the voices of representatives from Sinn Féin and several Irish republican andloyalist groups were banned by the British government from being broadcast on television and radio in the United Kingdom. The restrictions, announced by the Home Secretary, Douglas Hurd, on 19 October 1988, covered eleven organisations based in Northern Ireland and followed a heightened period of violence in the history of the Troubles, as well as the government’s belief in a need to prevent Sinn Féin from using the media for political advantage.

Broadcasters quickly found ways around the ban, chiefly by dubbing the voice of anyone who was prevented from speaking with the voice of an actor. The legislation did not apply during election campaigns, and under certain other circumstances. The restrictions caused difficulties for British journalists who objected to censorship in various other countries, such as Iraq and India. (Wikipedia)

2016-03-28 03_19_29-Brussels attacks_ Belgian prosecutors charge 3 men with terror offences - World
Quoting “Can’t blow them up…do gooders would complain / Can’t call them terrorists…do gooders would complain / Can’t profile them…do gooders would complain / Can’t arrest them…do gooders would complain” — Well, I guess that just leaves letting the individual countries keep their own oil and letting them sell it in whatever currency they wish. On the upside, the world will be safer when the War of Terror is called off. And the world can once again enjoy top-quality American-made goods and innovations once our American friends have to go back to concentrating on making things the world wants. Instead of living off forced dependency on their worthless ink and paper.


American do-gooder Ron Paul (Wikipedia)
2016-03-28 03_37_10-Brussels attacks_ Belgian prosecutors charge 3 men with terror offences - World
Quoting “The CBC can only report what they are told to report. Otherwise they might lose funding. In other news, some guy drove his car into a wall…nothing about turkey but team coverage on the driver.” — Exactly. And 25 years ago, CBC reported Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait were throwing babies out of incubators, stealing the incubators and taking them back to Iraq. Thirteen years ago, CBC told us about Saddam’s Nukular Bombs. And now, the CBC continues to repeat the claim that Bashar al-Assad had gassed his own Alewite supporters in front of the U.N. chemical weapons inspectors on the very day they were scheduled to visit. I could go on…And I don’t care if this post is blocked because it ends up on my own website, which happens to be the number two link on Google when typing in “CBC content disabled.” Just after the CBC itself. 

Peter Mansbridge Gulf Crisis Spectator Tribune

And, speaking of corporate media only reporting what it is allowed to report…What every happened to Jane Standley, the chick who reported on the collapse of Building Seven on September 11, 2001, 26 minutes before it happened? While the building was standing, intact, live in the window behind her?




CBC Content Disabled: March 25, 2016


Response to bombings shows fragility of European unity

Some say countries must pull closer together while others push to take back national sovereignty

By Megan Williams, for CBC News Posted: Mar 25, 2016 11:59 AM ET

As a relentless drizzle washed away the chalked messages of solidarity at Brussels’ Place de la Bourse on Friday, two tightly bound yet antithetical responses to this week’s attacks emerged in the aftermath, revealing with tense clarity the fragility of the grand project of European unity.

Both responses were expressed by the hundreds of mourners who came to lay flowers at the makeshift memorial site, as well as by those in corridors of power across Europe.

And, experts say, they will have a profound and definitive effect on the survival of the European Union.

On the one hand is the now-unanimous chorus of European countries saying they need to pull closer together, to fully share intelligence and tightly co-ordinate police bodies across the continent.

2016-03-27 04_28_48-Response to bombings shows fragility of European unity - World - CBC News

2016-03-27 04_27_12-Response to bombings shows fragility of European unity - World - CBC News
Quoting “You can say bad words against Islam, Christians, but don’t you dare touching (sic) judaism, or supremacists zionists … see the dilemma?” — That’s why I will NEVER use my real name in comments. I have no intention of sharing a prison cell with Arthur Topham.

Terry Wilson RCMP 1

2016-03-27 04_26_40-Response to bombings shows fragility of European unity - World - CBC News

Yeah, so how’s that whole open borders thing working out over in Europe? Can’t wait to try it here!

World War II Nazi collaborator and international war criminal George Soros is 85 years old. He is younger than Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be around forever. And when all three of these psychopaths croak, the world is bound to be a safer place. Provided of course anybody who tries to take their places is immediately stomped down and destroyed. 

“The fastest way to stop terrorism is to stop screwing around with other peoples’ countries!” — Michael Rivero,

CBC Content Disabled: March 23, 2016

Canada child benefit: How to calculate what your family will get

Online calculator only provides an ‘illustration’ of benefit amounts

By Peter Zimonjic, CBC News Posted: Mar 23, 2016 4:30 PM ET

…(A) family’s actual child benefit is calculated based on a family’s adjusted net income, which is the total net family income less any taxable benefits, such as the universal child care benefit, and plus any repayments to government on benefits such as the registered disability savings plan. 

The Canada child benefit was the centrepiece of the federal government’s attempt to help the middle class. It kicks into effect on Canada Day and will increase payments to most Canadian families with children 17 and under.

This new tax-free benefit replaces both the income-tested tax-free Canada child tax benefit and the universal child care benefit, which was taxable.

The benefit is designed to provide more assistance to low-income families. The more a family earns the less they will receive in benefits.

2016-03-25 03_24_40-Canada child benefit_ How to calculate what your family will get - Politics - CB

Comments on this article were overwhelmingly negative, despite the efforts of the Liberal Party war room and the mindless shills doing the work for free.


The article itself reads like a press release from the finance department itself. The Shutterstock picture of an American family was a nice touch, too.


The Trudeau Liberals are continuing on the age-old government policy (which went unchallenged during the Harper “Conservative” years) of making Canadians pay for other Canadians’ kids.

2016-03-25 03_23_55-Canada child benefit_ How to calculate what your family will get - Politics - CB
Quoting “Come on now…be honest…your wife doesn’t pay taxes…unles she works 24 hours a day…7 days a week…52 weeks a year…Maybe it doesn’t benefit you…but your exaggerations don’t do your credibility any favours. We all pay taxes…tax money is spent…it doesn’t always benefit you personally…get over it.” My wife DOES pay taxes. They come off her paycheque. And when she files along with me – she moves into my tax bracket. She doesn’t get the provincial credits. Doesn’t get the “Ontario tax reduction.” Nor the “Trillium Credit.” The rental / property tax credit. Nada. Zilch. Zero. It’s the marriage penalty. And I really don’t have to justify my business to you. As for taxes not always benefitting me, why you are absolutely correct. They benefit “our” politicians (espcially our senators), the CBC, the war machine, the national security state, the City of Ottawa, Queen’s Park, the banksters, the Bank of Canada, israel…but no, the taxes I pay do NOT benefit me. 

Responding to…


2016-03-25 03_27_55-Canada child benefit_ How to calculate what your family will get - Politics - CB

I’ve already done the math: zero. But hey, I’m happy to have $1,000 every two weeks confiscated from my paycheque to pay for your kids. And I know my wife is happy to have taxes taken off her minimum-wage job for your little lones, too. “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree!” (Senator Russell Long, D-Louisiana). Darn trees aren’t big enough for me to hide around here.

“We will eliminate the deficit come hell or high water.” — Paul Martin, Finance Minister, 1997. Not this bunch. 

2016-03-25 04_04_11-Canada's National Debt Clock _ The Canadian Taxpayers Federation

2016-03-17 09_36_51-Canada's National Debt Clock _ The Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Meanwhile…2016-03-17 09_36_13-Russia Debt Clock __ National Debt of Russia

We are totally screwed…


“All wars are banker’s wars” — Michael Rivero,


CBC Content Disabled: March 22, 2016

Federal budget 2016: Liberals push deficit to spend big on families, cities

Tories call Justin Trudeau’s 1st budget ‘a bad day for taxpayers’ as spending increases

By Janyce McGregor, CBC News Posted: Mar 22, 2016 4:14 PM ET

The first budget from Justin Trudeau’s government finds the Liberals compromising some of their election promises to keep others, laying out a longer and larger string of deficits to begin the kind of long-term investments they say Canada needs.

While the big ticket items match the platform that helped the Liberals win a majority last October, other commitments aren’t ready to roll out.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau called the plan “reasonable and affordable,” despite the red ink washing across the otherwise sunny tone of his rookie budget.


“Canadians told us two things: they said ‘help me and my family’ and ‘make investments for the future,'” he told reporters before delivering his budget speech. 

“What we’re also going to do is be prudent along the way.”

Prudent was not the word Conservatives used while reacting from the Opposition bench.

“This is a bad day for the taxpayers of Canada,” interim leader Rona Ambrose said. “What we’re seeing now is reckless spending without a job creation plan and no actual plan in the budget to return to a balance.”

The Tories said that in total taxes were going up by “at least $1.3 billion a year.” The Liberals broke their election promise to contain the deficit to $10 billion annually, they said.

2016-03-24 11_38_58-Federal budget 2016_ Liberals push deficit to spend big on families, cities - Po

2016-03-24 11_51_03-Federal budget 2016_ Liberals push deficit to spend big on families, cities - Po
Quoting “One of the first orders of business of the new Liberal government was to abandon enforcement of the First Nations Transparency Act. This act was passed to ensure that the members of indigenous communities were able to know what was happening to the money that was being given to them. Now they are going to throw $8.4 billion at them with no accountability of how it is spent. Anyone would be naive to believe that without any accountability, the majority of this money will not end up in private bank accounts, through some sort of graft. Very little of it will be left to help the people it was intended for.” Do you think “first nations communities” would see an improvement in their standard of living if they became taxpayers? I mean, we’re always being told how taxes pay for clean water, good roads, schools, fire departments, etc. And if we didn’t pay taxes, we would have none (of) those things. I guess people who say that are correct. 



“ I like Mike. He could hardly do an worse!” — Michael Rivero,

CBC Content Disabled: March 21, 2016

FBI says it may not need Apple’s help to decrypt San Bernardino shooter’s phone

Agency asks judge to delay Tuesday hearing

The Associated Press Posted: Mar 21, 2016 7:49 PM ET

The government has been adamant for weeks: FBI investigators need to unlock an encrypted iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, and Apple Inc. was the only one that could do it.

In a stunning reversal on Monday, federal prosecutors asked a judge to halt a much-anticipated hearing on their efforts to force Apple to unlock the phone. The FBI may have found another way, and Apple’s cooperation may no longer be needed, according to court papers filed late Monday, less than 24 hours before Tuesday’s hearing.

“An outside party” came forward over the weekend and showed the FBI a possible method to access the data on Syed Rizwan Farook’s encrypted phone, according to the filing.

2016-03-24 09_56_55-

2016-03-24 10_02_51-FBI says it may not need Apple's help to decrypt San Bernardino shooter's phone
Why is the phone identified as “Syed Rizwan Farook’s encrypted phone” when in fact the phone is owned by the Corporation of the County of San Bernardino (i.e. his work phone)? Farook’s personal phone was destroyed and if he was dumb enough to leave his master evil terror plans on his monitored work phone, then I really don’t think we need to worry about the intellectual capacity of “terrorists” anywhere.
2016-03-24 10_03_15-FBI says it may not need Apple's help to decrypt San Bernardino shooter's phone
Quoting “Privacy is a quaint old notion. It’s gone forever.”Simple. Don’t use facebook. Don’t use your real name in comment forums. And don’t store your evil terrorist master plans to take over the universe in an i-phone owned by your municipal government employer.
2016-03-24 10_03_32-FBI says it may not need Apple's help to decrypt San Bernardino shooter's phone
Quoting “Translation – patriotic Apple employee steps forward to fight terrorism.”Uh, no. Try the “patriotic” NSA data center workers a few hundred miles north of San Bernardino. You know, the ones the u.s. federal government printed billions of dollars to build in order to “fight terrorism?”


2016-03-24 10_04_37-FBI says it may not need Apple's help to decrypt San Bernardino shooter's phone
Quoting “If another attack by a terrorist who was known to and in contact with Farook happened before the FBI got access to the content of Farkook’s phone Apple’s privacy concerns aren’t going to get much sympathy. That such an attack might occur in the meantime may not be likely but it’s not implausible. Apple’s argument is they can’t trust the FBI to keep the encryption from being used for improper purposes. Perhaps not, but how much can you trust terrorists not to launch another attack or for that matter hinder any criminal investigation. If this goes to the Supreme Court my gut feeling is that Apple will lose. An 18th century guarantee is just one more example (like the 2nd amendment) in which an entrenched right has outlived it’s usefulness in a 21st century world. I liked it better when our rights were protected by precedent and tradition.” — Well, golly gee, maybe the Corporation of the County of San Bernardino’s i-phone Farook (used) has the pictures, names and addresses of the WHITE male shooters who were originally reported to have carried out the crime before Farook’s name somehow got involved. 
2016-03-24 10_04_11-FBI says it may not need Apple's help to decrypt San Bernardino shooter's phone
Quoting “Is this the same FBI that secretly stole 40,000 bitcoins and at the same time said that bitcoin is not a real currency and that it is only used by drug dealers?” — Yes. It is also the same federal bureau of incineration that murdered 76 innocent men, women and CHILDREN using CS tear gas (a chemical weapon whose use during war is a war crime) on April 19, 1995.


Waco: A New Revelation


Daryl Cagle,




Federal budget 2016: 5 things to watch for today

Liberal spending plan expected to focus on middle class, strategic infrastructure spending

By Kathleen Harris, CBC News Posted: Mar 22, 2016 5:00 AM ET

The Liberal government will table its first budget today — a crucial spending plan that will brand the party for better or worse during a challenging economic period.

Expect it to echo and put a price tag on key themes from the party’s campaign platform: strategic investments for long-term economic growth, jobs and productivity; measures to boost the middle class and lift children out of poverty; and shifting to a green economy.

But all eyes will be on the fine print details of how much — and how fast — the Liberal government will deliver.

“This is very critical. It sets the stage and the tone for moving forward,” Conservative MP and natural resources critic Candice Bergen told CBC News

2016-03-24 11_03_50-

2016-03-24 11_07_31-Federal budget 2016_ 5 things to watch for today - Politics - CBC News

2016-03-24 11_08_58-Federal budget 2016_ 5 things to watch for today - Politics - CBC News
Would somebody in the Liberal Party executive kindly walk Justin to the exit and replace him with somebody who won’t put this country in the poor house once and for all? Goodale, Garneau, anybody. An $18-billion BEFORE any new spending? Are these people out of their flippin’ skulls?
2016-03-24 11_09_25-Federal budget 2016_ 5 things to watch for today - Politics - CBC News
Quoting “Watch for justin spending hard earned taxpayers dollars on things that put him and Sophie on the front page more often.” — Not sure what The Trudeaus are more interested in: page one? Or Page Six? One thing’s for sure: Justin’s gone Hollywood.

2016-03-24 11_17_30-Canada’s hot prime minister tells Leo to shut up about climate change _ New York

“Taser: Police brutality with all the modern improvements!” — Michael Rivero,