CBC Content Disabled: April 23, 2016

Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly urges change at CBC, CRTC to boost Canadian content in digital age

Changes could ‘strengthen the creation, discovery and export of Canadian content in a digital world’

CBC News Posted: Apr 23, 2016 7:25 PM ET

Canada’s Liberal government is prepared to overhaul the country’s laws governing broadcasting, media and cultural industries, with Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly announcing Saturday a public consultation on how to “strengthen the creation, discovery and export of Canadian content in a digital world.”


“Canada’s cultural and creative industries are important drivers of innovation and a vibrant part of our economy,” says Joly

“As we adjust to the realities of rapid technological advances and changing consumer behaviour, I am launching consultations to better understand the challenges and opportunities brought on by this transformation.”

Happy days are here again for Canadian broadcasters (chiefly the CBC) now that The Natural Governing Party is back in office. And the CBC is not about to let a bunch of malcontent comment forum contributors spoil its party.

Let’s get started.



2016-04-28 08_04_37-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News

Quoting “Liberal Big Brother and Dear Leader Justin will decide what you can and should watch. Now “revenue streams” (formerly citizens) get filling out that Census Long Form and start (enjoying) your new life under C-51!!!” C-51 is exactly why I, as a lifetime conservative voter, disavowed and repudiated the Harper Regime. Obviously many conservatives fel the same way or Justin wouldn’t be our Dear Leader. 


2016-04-28 08_04_09-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “Start by privatizing the CBC. Their agenda clouds their reporting.” I’ve got a better idea. Do what CKO did. Just disappear. Read a newscast saying this is the final newscast and CBC is going off the air. Sell the “broadcast centres” in Vancouver and Toronto. At a fair auction, they will net taxpayers a fortune.

It’s pretty bad when the CBC has to resort to memory-holing history. But more than likely, ICUC’s censors are too stupid to understand. 

2016-04-28 08_49_47-CKO - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2016-04-28 08_48_14-CKO - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


2016-04-28 08_03_44-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “Wonder if Canadian content includes having French language included cuts it down, most countries don’t have a language law like Canada has. Nothing against French just I don’t need it, but it’s always there. Also under the relaxed rules, specialty TV channels – which currently have Canadian content requirements that range from 15 to 85 per cent – will see their CanCon requirements harmonized at 35 per cent overall. There will no  longer be specific CanCon requirements for the evening hours on specialty channels.” I wonder what the viewership for the french language supper-time news broadcasts west of Ottawa are? I would be suprised if the total COMBINED viewers tuned to CBC french in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Toronto was more than one hundred.

2016-04-28 08_03_01-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News

Quoting “OH god more censorship from the all knowing liberals. Oct 2015 election was such a huge mistake.” The question is: who would go further when it comes to censorship and the unconstitutional clamp-down on our basic freedoms? The “Conservatives?” Or the Liberals? I voted NDP. And I’m a life-long conservative voter. One thing’s for sure. The censorship around this place (i.e. “content disabled” and “your comment is awaiting moderation) was ramped up big time on October 20, 2015


2016-04-28 08_01_50-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “The only thing to do is offer a better and cheaper service and for the private sector not to be cheap and have quality people on their news shows (not the kids they now have, let’s get together and have a news program) and entertainment programming. Oh, yeah and throw more money at it. The other is have a larger audience (another baby boom is needed?) so the broadcaster can produce the stuff we want to watch. I also notifced a lot of commenters don’t use their real identify, how can they be taken seriously?” With regards to the “real names” issue, uh, “Doug,” I don’t use my real name because I don’t want to go to jail like Arthur Topham. There are people like Arthur Topham who, in the spirit of John Hancokck, sign their names big as life for all to see regardless of the consequences to their personal well-being. Then there are the little people like me who call out the b.s. from the anonymity of our keyboards while keeping our careers and our liberty intact. But be assured, “Doug,” when I write to the CBC or my local political critters I use my real address and my real name. And like John Hancock, I sign it big as life. 


Prolific comment section blogger Doug McKenzie (right) pontificates about fellow commenters not using their real names.

2016-04-28 08_01_17-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “Pathetic. With that said, not entirely unexpected. 150 million more to prop up Trudeau, and to propagate the social engineering experiment via subsidized programming. Even Pravda would have been jealous.” Actually, back in the good ol’ days, the Sovieet people KNEW they were being lied to and openly laughed at Pravda and Vremya. Millions of Canadians actually tune into the State Broadcaster at 10pm and listen to its national treasure spokesman tell us stories about us from coast to coast to coast and believe the stuff! Incredible. 
Airplane Soviet Newsreader
Airplane II: The Sequel

But…they let this one slip through…

2016-04-28 08_00_05-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “Does this mean the comments posted to comments disabled ration is going to go up?” All you have to do is say what a swell guy Justin and that bunch in Ottawa are and how the CBC is a national treasure that brings Canadians from coast to coast to coast together. Then you won’t see those pesky pinks. See? It’s really not that complicated (3 likes)

I guess I was right.

“When the government has buried you in shit, more government shit just doesn’t matter!” — Michael Rivero, www.WhatReallyHappened.com

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