CBC Content Disabled: April 10, 2016


Canada Revenue Agency’s case against KPMG over offshore ‘sham’ delayed — again

Accounting firm still won’t hand over remaining names of wealthy clients despite judge’s order

By Harvey Cashore, Kimberly Ivany, Katie Pedersen, CBC News Posted: Apr 10, 2016 4:53 PM ET

The Canada Revenue Agency’s long-dormant court action against accounting firm KPMG, which appeared to have been resurrected last September after media reports exposed delays in the case, won’t go to court anytime soon, CBC News has learned.

A judge first ordered KPMG in February 2013 to hand over to the CRA the names of all the multimillionaire Canadians caught using an offshore tax dodge set up by the accounting firm in the Isle of Man, a scheme the agency alleges was a “sham” and “intended to deceive” the treasury. 

2016-04-28 07_52_22-Canada Revenue Agency's case against KPMG over offshore 'sham' delayed — again -

2016-04-28 07_55_49-Bombardier gets $5.6B CSeries order from Delta - Business - CBC News
Quoting “I wonder why the liberals are not pushing this, suppose they have something to hide maybe???” They all suck. And they are equally corrupt. Liberal, conservative…labels are irrelevant. They are all in it for themselves.

Your humble correspondent here at LettersToTheBeast is catching up after being on hiatus for a month…




“I refuse to pay for Wall Street’s crimes. Find another walking wallet!” — Michael Rivero, www.WhatReallyHappened.com

“I (hate) DC” — Michael Rivero, www.WhatReallyHappened.com


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