CBC Content Disabled: March 26,2016

Brussels attacks: Belgian prosecutors charge 3 men with terror offences

Solidarity rally cancelled as police forces too strapped

Thomson Reuters Posted: Mar 26, 2016 10:18 AM ET


Belgian prosecutors have charged three men with terrorist offences, including a suspect who local media said appeared on security footage with two suicide bombers at Brussels airport shortly before they detonated their bombs.

Prosecutors named the third man as Faycal C. while Belgian media identified him as Faycal Cheffou. 

The media reports said he was the man wearing a hat and a light-coloured jacket in last Tuesday’s airport picture that showed three men pushing baggage trolleys bearing luggage.

Prosecutors said Faycal C. had been charged with involvement in a terrorist group, terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder. They would not confirm the Belgian media reports about his identity.

Belgian media are reporting the suspect referred to in the arrest warrant issued Saturday is Fayçal Cheffou and that his image was captured by a surveillance camera shortly before the explosions at the main airport in Brussels. (Belgian Federal Police via Getty Images)

His home had been searched though no weapons or explosives had been found, they said. 2016-03-28 03_21_27-Brussels attacks_ Belgian prosecutors charge 3 men with terror offences - World

2016-03-28 03_18_50-Brussels attacks_ Belgian prosecutors charge 3 men with terror offences - World
Quoting “If we had 24 hour TV news back during The Troubles do you think we would be trying to kick out all the Irish” — Yeah! Can you imagine if worldwide corporate media had to follow British rules and hire voice actors to read quotes by USAma bin laden or Abu Bakhr al-Baghdadi…oh, wait…

You know, CBC, often the censors you hire make you look down right stupid…

2016-03-28 03_49_46-1988–94 British broadcasting voice restrictions - Wikipedia, the free encycloped

From October 1988 to September 1994 the voices of representatives from Sinn Féin and several Irish republican andloyalist groups were banned by the British government from being broadcast on television and radio in the United Kingdom. The restrictions, announced by the Home Secretary, Douglas Hurd, on 19 October 1988, covered eleven organisations based in Northern Ireland and followed a heightened period of violence in the history of the Troubles, as well as the government’s belief in a need to prevent Sinn Féin from using the media for political advantage.

Broadcasters quickly found ways around the ban, chiefly by dubbing the voice of anyone who was prevented from speaking with the voice of an actor. The legislation did not apply during election campaigns, and under certain other circumstances. The restrictions caused difficulties for British journalists who objected to censorship in various other countries, such as Iraq and India. (Wikipedia)

2016-03-28 03_19_29-Brussels attacks_ Belgian prosecutors charge 3 men with terror offences - World
Quoting “Can’t blow them up…do gooders would complain / Can’t call them terrorists…do gooders would complain / Can’t profile them…do gooders would complain / Can’t arrest them…do gooders would complain” — Well, I guess that just leaves letting the individual countries keep their own oil and letting them sell it in whatever currency they wish. On the upside, the world will be safer when the War of Terror is called off. And the world can once again enjoy top-quality American-made goods and innovations once our American friends have to go back to concentrating on making things the world wants. Instead of living off forced dependency on their worthless ink and paper.


American do-gooder Ron Paul (Wikipedia)
2016-03-28 03_37_10-Brussels attacks_ Belgian prosecutors charge 3 men with terror offences - World
Quoting “The CBC can only report what they are told to report. Otherwise they might lose funding. In other news, some guy drove his car into a wall…nothing about turkey but team coverage on the driver.” — Exactly. And 25 years ago, CBC reported Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait were throwing babies out of incubators, stealing the incubators and taking them back to Iraq. Thirteen years ago, CBC told us about Saddam’s Nukular Bombs. And now, the CBC continues to repeat the claim that Bashar al-Assad had gassed his own Alewite supporters in front of the U.N. chemical weapons inspectors on the very day they were scheduled to visit. I could go on…And I don’t care if this post is blocked because it ends up on my own website, which happens to be the number two link on Google when typing in “CBC content disabled.” Just after the CBC itself. 

Peter Mansbridge Gulf Crisis Spectator Tribune

And, speaking of corporate media only reporting what it is allowed to report…What every happened to Jane Standley, the chick who reported on the collapse of Building Seven on September 11, 2001, 26 minutes before it happened? While the building was standing, intact, live in the window behind her?




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