More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

2015-09-09 Not to defend Harper but the job of the prime minister is no job for a kid
Not to defend Harper, but the job of the prime minister is no job for a “kid.” September 9, 2015.
2015-09-09 I made a comment yesterday about how the LIberals shoudl have gone with the space man
I made a comment yesterday about how the Liberals “should have gone with the space man” (i.e. Marc Garneau) That’s the problem with “moderating” comments using people around the world not proficient in or familiar with Canadian history, politics, or idiosyncrasies. I stated in my comment Garneau would have a clear winner. I would be proud to have my country led by a man of such education and intelligence. The man is truly a hero. And I’m not even a Liberal. September 9, 2015.
So let me get this straight The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars
So let me get this straight. The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars in a years-long campaign to convince Canadians Justin Trudeau “just isn’t ready.” And we, the good people of Canada, have said, “You know what, Steve? You’re absolutely right. That Mulcair guy really deserves a serious look.” Gotta love it. Note to Liberals. You should have gone with the space man. And you shouldn’t have supported C-51.” 1 like. September 6, 2015.



Globe and Mail Kieth Bilous ICUC April 27 2011
Keith Bilous, 39, Guards Against On-Line Hate. Toronto Globe and Mail, April 27, 2011 And, yes, comments were disabled.

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296 thoughts on “More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

  1. A Newsweek — the mainstream media propaganda outlet that declared Hilary Clinton elected President – journalist has publicly resigned from the organization because of its refusal to publish stories on the OPCW scandal.

    So far Canada’s misandrist, warmongering, deep state coup supporting, Liberal party propaganda organ has refused to do anything to make the scandal public. Supporting the Military Industrial Complex and pumping out the propaganda is what the CBC does.

    Will any of the CBC feminist urnalists likewise resign because the CBC is actively suppressing this major story? Or will they happily take their pay cheques so they can continue to manbash and write more stories calling for even more prosecutions against men under sexist laws and sexist feminist frameworks of analysis that make the sharing of intimate images sent with an expectation of privacy the basis for a crime, but intimate letters sent with an expectation of privacy the basis for a crime.

    Is there any reporter at the CBC with anything akin to the integrity of that newsweek reporter? Given the propaganda the CBC has run for the wars on Yugoslavia, Libya, and Syria, and its failure to report on the post coup happenings in Bolivia, I’m thinking not.

    Will any of the CBC reporters likewise resign because the CBC has refused to expose the extent of FBI malfeasance in the Trump-Russia Collusion fake news/deep state coup attempt?

    Will the CBC ever interview someone that questions the merits of the Obama/Clinton coup in Ukraine or the merits behind lethal aid to the Ukrainian government apart from the money funnel this provides to the MIC, on any of its news shows and public affairs and public interest programs? Fat chance.

    Full public inquiry into the misandrist, warmongering, manbashing, hatred against men promoting CBC now, And Trudeau, for the good of the country, resign.

  2. CBC, in the context of the passenger jet crash in Iran, declared itself a trusted news source. Laughable. No-one under 60 regards the CBC as a trusted news source any more — they still haven’t reported on the OPCW scandal Wikileaks broke. Nor have they reported on Bellingcat’s ties to British and American intelligence and how this suggests the findings on the shooting down of a passenger jet in Ukraine may be tainted. Nor has the CBC done any reporting on the Bolivia coup government violent crackdown. Nor has the CBC done any near adequate reporting on the Yellow Vest protests in France. Nor has the CBC done any adequate examination into Canada’s “Equalization Formula” and why it is a major source of western grievance. And for more than two years the CBC promoted the Trump-Russia collusion fake news.

    Promoting hatred against powerless men and their ridicule and criminalization, the restriction of freedoms especially freedom of speech, and the deepening of the Canadian deep state and state funded feminist organization inspired totalitarianism is what this taxpayer funded spewer of fake news does.

  3. Trudeau, you’re attempts to score political points during this time of great sorrow for Iranian Canadians is so smarmy,. And talking like Mr. Tough Guy against Iran is ridiculous — Canada doesn’t even have diplomatic relations with this country, your promise to re-implement same prior to the election of your majority government notwithstanding.

  4. Only the world’s worst state broadcaster/propaganda outlet would attempt to try to portray Jeff Bezos as a citizen victim whose hacking demonstrates the need for further government regulation of hacking tools.

    Meanwhile this worse than useless propagator of misandrist and imperialist propaganda and unabashed advocate for totalitarianesque censorship has yet to report on Glen Greenwald’s arrest in Brazil.

  5. FO Janet Yale
    FO Justin Trudeau
    FO CBC
    FO Neo-liberals and iliberal liberals

    Keep your paws and your greedy, sticky fingers off the internet.

    Years ago, I had this idea for a video upload, view and download site in Canada and attempted to find funding to build it – from Canada’s 1% and government. NFW in this technologically backwards country.

    Youtube is now worth billions.

    The CBC couldn’t even create a streaming service like gem until last year despite its billion dollar plus annual budget.

    You want more Canadian content you sticky fingered slimeballs also wanting the public to pay for your schemes by paying GST and thereby lowering accessibility — the antithesis of your declared and necessarily false goal, change the CBC.

    Make the CBC a venue like youtube for content creators to upload content to, and pay them for the page views they get. The shows the CBC produces on radio and tv are now pretty much all crap and the antithesis of diverse. Anti-male, anti-peace, anti-freedom, anti-democratic, anti-working class, pro-war, pro-censorship and more or less completely in violation of your mandate which is to accurately reflect the views of the diverse people of Canada. Is anyone even watching CBC television any more?

    And CBC, even when you had a great show like Ideas you contaminate it by appointing a war propagandist and imperialism proponent as its host. Q has been garbage since you forced out Jian Gomeshi who at least had the balls to occasionally examine and comment on global and Canadian and American social and economic issues

    Again, Janet Yale, Justin Trudeau, CRTC, CBC and Neo-liberal vampires of working class blood and citizen rights. FO.

  6. Not April Fool’s Day, not the CBC satirizing itself, not the CBC parodying itself, just the CBC being the CBC.#world’sworststatebroadcaster

    CBC announces new buddy cop drama series Lady Dicks

  7. Been posting on the CBC comment boards for a few days now and expect to be banned again soon as my comments are now always being moderated and the number of comments I make that are content disabled are increasing. This was most recently disabled:
    “And if he manages to thwart the DNC the way Trump managed to thwart the Republican elites and becomes the nominee the deep state will have an even bigger hate-on for Bernie than they had for Trump. Bernie had better start wearing bullet proof vests if he isn’t already doing so. Some sort of skull protection will probably also be required if his popularity and prospects for winning continue to grow. ”

    Where is the submission guideline violation? There isn’t one, There is just a raising of the issues of the deep state’s power and motivating ideologies. What kind of news agency that believes in freedom of speech and expression and democracy would do this?


    1. Corporations like CBC pretend they’re different from the social media monoliths like Google, FaceBook, etc. The CBC rails against the violations of privacy or expression or whatever… while practicing exactly the behaviour they criticize. If there was ever a “fake” media, it’s CBC. I got a 24 hour ban about 2 years ago because someone complained about my avatar (a photo of Trudeau with his tongue hanging out). Apparently Liberals have very very thin skin. I’m sure you could post whatever photo of Harper or Sheer than you want, with no problems.

      I have yet to log in since that date 2 years ago. From what I can see in the comments today, the submission guides mean zero. There is more shit-throwing in those forums than ever… and very little “elevated” conversation.

      There is just a shaped and tailored discussion directed by moderators who have a vested interest in their own views.

  8. Content disabled
    Reply to @Fredrick J. Torbjorn: The CBC has yet to report on the jury refusal to convict the courageous defenders of the Venezuelan Embassy. They literally risked their lives to maintain the territorial integrity of the Embassy when Juan Guido’s thugs and the American deep state attempted to seize it.

    Content disabled
    Reply to @Fredrick J. Torbjorn: The Committee to Protect Journalists is a billionaire funded, US deep state front organization. Nothing they say is worthy of respect or being quoted, but you already know that don’t you? Censorship sucks CBC.

    Content disabled
    Why are previously allowed comments being content disabled?

    Content disabled
    The censorship grows strong on this site. It always does when a particular pro Isreal commentor is commenting. What’s up with that anyway?


  9. Can you spot the submission guideline violation:
    “Content disabled
    Some doctors are in it for the money and the lifestyle that money gives them. Some doctors are in it for the prestige. Some doctors are in it to save human lives and reduce human suffering. Too often these good souls lose their lives because of their efforts. ”


  10. Do they really, really like Trudeau and Freeland or do they really fear them? Talk about not wanting to bite the hand that feeds you.

    Content disabled
    Reply to @Bob Johnson: Spreading lies about Bernie Sanders and Russian efforts to support his candidacy, and stomping for Cold War two — something they’ve been doing since they were doing since the Democrats went with the warmonger candidate last election. For anyone paying attention, while Trump has yet to start a war and did good with respect to North Korea he has supported coups and attempted coups — just like Chrystia and Justin — and is ramping up US military spending.

    Reply to @Bob Johnson: Spreading lies about Bernie Sanders and Russian efforts to support his candidacy, and stomping for Cold War two — something they’ve been doing since they were doing since the Democrats went with the warmonger candidate last election. For anyone paying attention, while Trump has yet to start a war and did good with respect to North Korea he has supported coups and attempted coups and is ramping up US military spending.

  11. Content disabled
    Beware the men of law and letters who would make truth treason.


    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

  12. Content disabled

    Why do government funded “feminist” organizations and their supporters think speech can be “violent” and “toxic” but don’t think that calling for censorship and more laws to criminalize people for even more actions and behaviours and sending people to jail for doing these behaviors, is “violent” and “toxic?”

    Imprisoning and criminalizing people is orders of magnitude more violent that some nasty or angry words published on twitster, farcebook, or some comment board on the interweb. Censorship denies people basic human and democratic rights and hinders technological and social development.


  13. Content disabled
    Canada gives men criminal records for life because they did something that made a woman feel afraid or distributed “intimate images” without consent and criminalizes men more than 20 times as often as it criminalizes women. Yet it has a state broadcaster that constantly claims that “women are so oppressed.”


  14. CBC censorship continues to take place at ridiculous levels that would make the most authoritarian regimes blush. Today this comment was:

    “Content disabled
    Will there be any discussion of the CBC’s horrible misandry and how it uses the incredible resources it has available to it to beat up on and shame and blame men, as a sex and individually? Looking at you there Piya – Outfront is horrible for this.

    Will there be any discussion on the senseless, frustrating, rights violating censorship on the CBC’s comment boards?

    Will there be discussion on how the CBC always seems to propagandize for war and never exposes the military industrial complex?

    Otherwise, not really worth attending. ”


    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now. It constantly exhibits bias and agendas not worthy of a news agency of any kind.

  15. Content disabled
    Reply to @Bob Thompson: Please stop your illegal, biased and patently self-serving censorship. There are no submission guidelines nor is anything in my comment in any way inaccurate.

    If this woman — when still a young woman — was actually the boyfriend of the young woman he might still be rotting in jail. The sentencing gap, a real gender gap, is something the see B sea feminists are not at all concerned about. The incarceration gap, another real gender gap, is also something sea B see feminists are not at all concerned about


  16. CBC’s illegal, gender-biased, pro-war, pro-military industrial complex censorship continues unabated. Remarkably, I have not yet been banned for the content of my posts yet — I take special care not to violate the CBC’s submission guidelines. The last time it only took the censors a couple of days for a ban to be imposed.

    “Content disabled
    HRC, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are “woke. They love making war in foreign lands and feeding the military industrial and prison industrial complexes.

    Tulsi Gabbard opposes making war in foreign lands and feeding the military industrial and prison industrial complexes and wants a UBI. She is so “unwoke” the DNC continuously changed its rules to prevent her from participating in its debates.”

    Another attempt breaking it into two comments:

    “Content disabled
    HRC, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are “woke. They love making war in foreign lands and feeding the military industrial and prison industrial complexes.”

    “Content disabled
    Tulsi Gabbard opposes making war in foreign lands and feeding the military industrial and prison industrial complexes and wants a UBI. She is so “unwoke” the DNC continuously changed its rules to prevent her from participating in its debates.”

    Besides not violating any submission guidelines the above comments are true in every respect.

    Content disabled
    Reply to @Georges Kanoute: The “feminist” allies pseudo-left male “lets address women’s oppression with even worse and deeper oppression of men, lets give men criminal records and cause their complete marginalization” is worse than really sad.


    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now. It constantly exhibits bias and agendas not worthy of a news agency of any kind.

  17. Well, here it is:
    “Your account has been banned permanently. Reason: Your account has been blocked due to violations of our Terms of Use. For more information, please visit:”
    My greeting when I tried logging in today. 🙂

    There wasn’t a single violation of any of the CBC’s submission guidelines in any of my comments. Not a one. The CBC bans on the basis of content. A state broadcaster banning on the basis of content is Orwellian level censorship.

    This is a violation of Canadians’ Charter Rights and a full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC and its biases and not so secret agendas — not worthy of a news agency of any kind — is required immediately.


  18. The goofball CBC didn’t allow comments for this article:
    and shortly after my banning is running a lot of deep state China bash and feed the new cold war stories.

    At the same time it has yet to report on Trump’s UBI, on the many shenanigans the DNC has committed to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the democratic nomination, or even how the DNC put the lives of voters at risk to help Biden with his most recent wins.


    1. I would say—very seriously—that the new paradigm of “civilized discourse” promoted by CBC is about as “civil” as 4Chan at its peak. The insults traded in the CBC are an insult to all of us who were socialized as small children.

      Moderators (and their “algorithms”) are an affront to intelligence.

  19. The goofball CBC had a web article today based on a MarketPlace program extolling the government of Taiwan for the way it has dealt with the Covid-19 crisis while simultaneously running an article throwing shade at Naturalpaths.

    Obviously, the Taiwanese government has done things right in combating the spread of the virus like securing supplies of face masks and hand-sanitizer (a number of Asian countries have done this and distribute it to their citizens for “free). However, what the CBC article failed to say, which is quite ironic given the NaturalPaths shade article, and what Market Place probably refused to elucidate as it doesn’t conform to the CBC’s pro-Liberal, neo-liberal agenda and ethos, is that Taiwan’s medicare program is vastly superior to Canada’s medicare system.

    Not only does it cover the costs of western medicine, it covers the costs of preventative medicine and traditional Chinese medicine — Naturalpaths.

    Does the CBC think Canadians are stupid? Why does the CBC work to keep Canadians uninformed or misinformed?


  20. Hey CBC feminists and CBC censors, how pressing of an issue is “street harassment” now? Why weren’t you doing real journalism and exposing Canada’s health care system problems and vulnerabilities? Problems and vulnerabilities like the lack of hospital beds, ventilators, and even face masks and hand sanitizer in the event a pandemic would occur. It isn’t like there haven’t been any experts predicting a pandemic would occur again in the near future when you were spewing about the pressing issues of “street harassment” and “domestic violence” or the Trump-Russia collusion fake news.


    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now. It constantly exhibits bias and agendas not worthy of a news agency of any kind.

  21. Disgusted at the CBC again today. Story title: “Cupcakes, podcasts and Instagram: How churches are navigating the pandemic”

    Then they open comments. I can just imagine the ignoramus in charge at CBC sniggering as he opens comments, because of course 98% of the comments are from haters who have zero interest in the story other than to mock and put down those with whom they disagree.

    The CBC might as well declare open season on civility… for all its “posturing.”

  22. Canada’s state funded, Orwellianly censorious, man-bashing, misandrist, fakenews spewing, self-described “Canada’s Trusted Covid-19 Pandemic news source” has with all the tens of thousands of Covid-19 related news stories they could be covering, and the DNC corruption stories they could have been covering, and the Latin America havoc stories it could be covering, thinks Zoom bombing is big news and worthy of on-going national media attention. WTF?


    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now. It constantly exhibits bias and agendas not worthy of a news agency of any kind.

  23. CBC Radio spews fake Corona Virus News

    On the radio tonight a CBC talking head proudly proclaimed that Russia was slow in responding to the corona virus. Wow just wow CBC, you may not fact check but your listeners can… especially when they remember your previous critical reports.

    February 4th CBC. The CBC was critical.

    Air Canada cancelled all flights to China 21 days later.

    Canada’s Trusted Source.

  24. Ridiculously feminist CBC, Canada’s Trusted Covid-19 news source — in their own minds of course – thinks with all the crap going on in the world today, in the USA, in Canada, with wild cat fast food restaurant and Amazon warehouse strikes, somehow thinks this is what is newsworthy: “New text, chat service gets abuse victims help during pandemic.”

    And of course they had no fewer than two China bash articles to ensure that the military-industrial complex continues to be fed.


    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now. It constantly exhibits bias and agendas not worthy of a news agency of any kind.

    So far the only good thing about the CBC seems to be the new ombudsperson, who seems willing to be more than a rubber stamp that gives its approval of CBC bias, incompetence and flagrant departure from the standards of objective journalism/fariness one should be able to expect from a state funded news organization.

    1. CBC headline: “How to celebrate Easter and Passover during the pandemic.”

      CBC opens this subject for comments, in the pursuit of “thoughtful and respectful conversations.” Look at the “respectful comments” of avowed atheists, who—apparently—have nothing better to do than throw rotten eggs at the houses of their neighbours. I presume CBC is happy to see it. You might ask why these vandals are even reading this story about Easter. I’m sure the answer would say a LOT about what sort of people they really are… the fact that they stand says a lot about CBC staff.

      Casey Jay: “Maybe we could just give up these silly superstitions that date from humanity’s ignorant adolescence and embrace reason and humanism.”

      Alex Nevsky: “I’m wondering why our state financed 1st media is advocating a Judeo-Christian religious event? All state services should be non-spiritual and non-religious. Stop using tax payers money to hawk for the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!”

      Beckler Atsugi: “Here’s how to celebrate: STOP celebrating your nutty middle eastern creation myths. Done!”

      Stan Johnston: “Religion and cults. Sigh.”

      Patrick MacNeil: “Why not use this weekend as an opportunity to free the world once and for all from this pernicious and ancient superstition.”

      henry king: “hilarious how the fairy tales of religion will be the demise of the human race….”

      1. They are funny aren’t they? Bashing Christianity, bashing men, and always propagandizing for war and the military industrial complex.

  25. In October, the CBC will be commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Iraqi soldiers throwing thousands of Kuwaiti babies from incubators so they could take the incubators back to Baghdad horror. Even commenting from non-banned commenters will not be allowed.

    1. The Nayirah testimony (regarding incubators in Kuwait) was a false testimony given before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990 by a 15-year-old girl who provided only her first name, Nayirah. The testimony was widely publicized, and was cited numerous times by United States senators and President George H. W. Bush in their rationale to back Kuwait in the Gulf War.

      In 1992, it was revealed that Nayirah’s last name was al-Ṣabaḥ (Arabic: نيرة الصباح‎) and that she was the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Furthermore, it was revealed that her testimony was organized as part of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait public relations campaign, which was run by the American public relations firm Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government.

      Following this, al-Sabah’s testimony has come to be regarded as a classic example of modern atrocity propaganda.

      1. Just one of many lies in the interests of the MIC that the CBC (and BBC and US MSM) has happily spewed and promoted or is spewing and promoting.

  26. Even in the midst of a pandemic that has taken more than 450000 lives Canada’s state funded broadcaster continues to man bash, man blame, and claim that sexual harassment is some sort of heinous act that is deserving of public shaming, firing and even criminalization.

    Enough already, CBC. It has long ago gotten old

  27. Canada’s sad, sad excuse for a state broadcaster actively promotes big, invasive spy on users American tech, while almost completely failing to support and promote Canadian tech. Today, it even had some B.C. doctor who devotes time to editing wikipedia medical news and claimed with seeming sincerity that the extensively edited – by US and British intelligence — entity, which pushes a neoliberal, pro military industrial complex, pro-imperialist agenda, was mostly accurate.


  28. One of the few Canadian tech companies the Orwellianly censorious CBC supports is a company that helps the CBC be Orwellianly censorious. #Defundthecbc

  29. People of colour horribly underrepresented on Canadian courts, says the CBC and visible minorities. So are left-wingers — not Liberals but actual left-wingers — socialists or communists, people female or male who don’t come from the establishment including whites who are not English or Scottish or French or Jewish (sort of like the CBC) , and people who refuse to support either of the two major political parties and play political games.

    In truth, Canada’s judiciary, its upper echelons especially, is drawn from the same class as most politicians who get so far as membership within the cabinet of a federal government. Anyone who claims it is in any sense representative of the Canadian population or “independent” is naive to the extreme or a liar.

  30. So the CBC hates Trump so much that it has given warmonger and war criminal John Bolton a soap box on its national TV news program and on its morning hour and a half of misogyny “The Current.” Yet it is going on and on about the need for Facebook to become as censorious as the CBC itself. It is doing so at the same time it is maintaining Facebook accounts, publicizing Facebook debates through its radio programs and websites, and conducting CBC processes through Facebook.

    Given the CBC’s constant promotion of misandry, one has to wonder if an institution could be any more hypocritical and self-unaware?

  31. CBC Q, which hasn’t been anything but neo-liberal pap since they dumped Ghomeshi, had a guest promoting censorship on youtube and facebook. Not concerned about freedom of speech in the least, the censorious CBC wants big tech to become even more censorious than they already are. Meanwhile, about the .01 percent who control the international financial system or the 1% who run the USA and have it spending 970 billion on weapons of war annually, stealing from America’s poor and overtaxed middle class so it can make war upon and steal the wealth of other nations, the CBC says nothing.

  32. CBC tv shows worth watching?

    Kim’s Convenience – sometimes

    CBC radio shows worth listening to:
    Quirks and Quarks,
    Laugh Out Loud
    The Debaters
    The Irrelevant Show – cancelled
    Now or Never
    Backstage with Ben Heppner

    CBC Radio Shows that could be worth listening to if they had less misandrist hosts or hosts that didn’t happily and constantly spew pro-war and pro-imperialist propaganda:
    Sunday Morning

    Value for money??? With its annual budget it could easily have funded the creation of a video upload and view site before youtube was created, It could create a youtube alternative for Canadian content creators now. Why isn’t it?

  33. According to the CBC covid-19 has brought about a major societal crisis. For the first time in 30 years the unemployment rate for women is higher than it is for men.

    How was this information compiled? What of the CERB and CEW that a lot of the women working in the hotel industry and as waitresses in the devastated bar and restaurant industries collect? What of the program for university students that many students who work as waitresses part time are able to collect? No examination of this whatsoever.

    Instead the CBC and its selected experts just advance the absurd notion that there is a major crisis because for the first time in 30 years the unemployment rate for women is higher than for men.

    For 29 years in a row the fact that more men are unemployed than women is not in any sense a crisis. Perhaps the differential in unemployment rates is reflected in the differential suicide rates, where men suicide three times as often as women and have for years — also not a crisis in the face of the debunked and fictitious wage gape.


  34. 60 million people in North America are in danger of being evicted because they haven’t been able to make their mortgage payments or rent, the military industrial complex is ensuring their budget is maintained and increased by stoking the new cold war, and a pandemic rages.

    What does the CBC think is the most important issue in Canada today? The unchecked and unbridled “violence” that is “sexual harassment.”


  35. CBC proud that for the first time ever, a book written by a woman and championed by a woman, about a Muslim lesbian, has won “Canada Reads.”

    The diverse Canada Reads panel consists of three women, a lesbian youtuber from the left coast, a woman of color who works on the feminist screed, The Handmaid’s Tale, and a woman of color Mohawk actress, and two men.

    I’ll take “Stacking a panel to get the result I want” Alex.

    And no, I am not going to read the book. Even if it is well written and informative, who but the 1%, cat ladies and retired people have time to read books these days?

  36. The CBC and other North American and European US aligned media are going on and on about a “fraudulent election” in Belarus and the unrest now taking place there. Was there a fraudulent election in Belarus? Maybe, but no one should take the word of the CBC on it, nor the word of the North American and European US aligned media.

    MIT has now debunked the OAS claim about election fraud in the Bolivian election that was used to support the coup. Strangely, the CBC and the msm and European aligned media was silent about the coup,and the massacres and disappearances that followed, andthe MIT debunking. They are equally silent about the General Strike against the coup government that is now taking place. It may be only a matter of hours before the military moves against the strikers and there is another massacre and blood bath. About the horrible covid-19 response of the coup government: crickets.

    Belarus? The Balkan states chiming in on cue to claim what they could not yet know: that there was fraud in the election results, and demanding another election.

    Another NED and Soros funded regime change effort?

    At present I will reserve judgment on what is actually taking place in Belarus, and whether what is taking place there is any more populist and democratic than what took place in the former Yugoslavia when Milosovic was deposed and kidnapped away to a waiting puppet court in the Hague. But the obvious bias of the CBC and the rest of the msm is apparent in their vastly differential reporting and accounts of what is taking and has taken place in Belarus and Bolivia.

  37. CBC Massey lectures rebroadcast to the masses on Ideas.
    5 hours of state funded neo-liberal misandry.

    The guest made so many dubious claims. These included the claim that the countries that have done the best with covid-19 were led by women while the countries that were doing the worst were led by populists, the claim that war is about hate and the absurd claims that women are impacted the worst by war and that #MeToo is a more just and fair sort of power.

    Vietnam, China, Venezuela and Cuba are not run by women so far as I am aware, They are doing far better than any of the countries the misandrist the CBC is so in love with as to pay her to jot around the country to spread her misandry listed.

    War is is about economics and patriotism and theft from others that eventually may become about hate. It never starts because of hate. Sure there is demonization, but there is always an elite, supported by the media the elite own or control, pushing the demonization because the war will benefit them directly. Also, unless there is total war on cities where women and children are incinerated, as they were in Germany and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Pyongyang and Sinuiju, men are primarily affected by war since it is their sex that is having their heads blows off and their bodies blown apart.

    #MeToo is anything but a just and fair sort of power unless you totally negate the humanity of those who are outed, rightfully or wrongfully, and have their careers and lives destroyed. It is supported by the same elite controlled, neo-liberal orientated msm that owns the war-machine and employs “progressive journalists” like the CBC loved misandrist to scape-goat and misdirect people’s attention away from their privilege, state funded private profits and nasty and dirty deeds and warmongering.

  38. So on the CBC’s inaugural new Sunday morning show, Sunday Magazine, the host, — whom I didn’t have much hope for given the very misandrist content and expressed views in her previous show — declared that the new CBC show was going to have more in depth examination of issues, wider perspectives, departures from the orthodox.

    But of course, one of the first three guests was a bash men, misandrist, “seeing misogyny and sexist oppression under ever bedpost,” economist advancing the absurd notion that the main victims of the covid-19 pandemic and ensuing economic turmoil, are women. Men are much more likely to die from covid-19 than women, and as a result of the pandemic, for the first time in 20 years, the unemployment rate for women has been higher than it has been for men.

    Read that again. The msm never talks about it at all. For 19 of the previous 20 years men have suffered from higher rates of unemployment than women. Men also get criminalized in Canada at a rate of about 20 times that of women.

    Men also suicide 3 x as often as women. Perhaps because they are unemployed? Perhaps because they have been criminalized and can’t get employment? Perhaps because they were sent off to some war in a foreign land for some greedy purpose of the .01 percent by politicians bought by the .01 percent and returned mentally damaged because they saw fellow soldiers blown to bits or felt so much guilt over the dirty deeds that they were compelled to do.

    Yet the CBC and the US military industrial complex owned and controlled msm continue to spew the nonsense that it is women who are the real oppressed gender.

    #defundtheCBC #notsosecretagendas

  39. The wife of a former Canadian PM the CBC loves and western Canada absolutely detests, has died and the CBC news can’t shut up about it. They are obviously trying to prop up the “legacy” of this enemy of western Canadians and the present government in their reporting. Enough already.

    #defundtheCBC #notsosecretagendas

  40. Pressing issue and newsworthy at the CBC: women in Antarctic exploration told not to wear tight and revealing clothes lest the men, often without female companionship for months on end, get too excited.

    Not newsworthy at the CBC:
    – Amnesty International strongly opposes any possibility of Julian Assange being extradited or sent in any manner to the USA where he faces a risk of serious human rights violations including detention conditions that would amount to torture and solitary confinement and demands that US drop charges against Assange.
    – Amnesty International petition demands US drop all charges against Julian Assange.
    – Amnesty International not allowed to observe Julian Assange extradition hearing proceedings

    Also not worthy of news coverage at the CBC
    Lady Emma Arbuthno’s troubling ties to UK deep state/intelligence agencies and defence industry

    #worldsworststatenewsagency #notarealnewsnetwork #defundthecbc #purgeallmisandristsfromstatefundedorganizations

  41. I was very critical of the CBC when they appointed the new host of CBC Ideas. She had been a real propagandist for the war on Libya.

    Tonight, however, the most truthful CBC ideas episode in years exposing:
    the power of the MIC,
    how it has distorted the American economy and harmed its democracy,
    how the MIC is bankrupting the US and
    how the operations of the MIC is destabalizing the world and causing nations to organize and plot against the present economic order and view the US as a dangerous rogue state.

  42. Ideas yesterday was a gem among stones. Today’s the Current was one of the stones. Nothing but soft ball questions and legitimation for a guest with very dubious credentials, a deep state operative supporter of the MIC and its financial well being.

    Not one hard question for this dubiously credentialed deep stater and his dubious claims. Not one. He is anti-Trump and consequently a hero for the CBC and going to be portrayed to Canadian listeners as such.

    Meanwhile, about a true hero for freedom, freedom of speech and democracy, Julian Assange, from the CBC crickets..

  43. The new CBC Sunday morning program does an entire program without manbashing and man blaming, and with the host, after a very interesting interview with an Asian author whose son committed suicide, calling on everyone to cut others some slack. (Not the host’s words but my summation of them)

    It was hard to believe I was actually listening to the CBC. So use to the misandry spewing by the state broadcaster have I become.

  44. CBC’s Q, now devoted to spewing neo-liberal identity politics misdirection crap since Ghomeshi was shoved out the door and ruined by false testimony by colluding ex-girlfriends or wannabe girlfriends, still hasn’t said anything about the improper and illegal spying on Assange, plays a song in French by a singer on the pressing issue of “street harassment.”


  45. Susan Bonner was so effusive and enthusiastic in her praise for the drafting of a person of colour into the NHL tonight at a major, major salary, I couldn’t help thinking she was getting wet.

    “Inclusivity, inclusivity,” she crowed ignoring that the NHL is essentially following the NBA and becoming a sport for unusually tall, large men only. Gone forever are the days of players like Henri Richard, Yvan Cournoyer, and Theoren Fleury.

    To so many CBC feminists and “human rights activists” and social justice warriors, only certain types of inclusivity matter.


  46. This is huge: Leaked/hacked documents reveal that western intelligence agencies manufactured the Syrian civil war and propaganda campaign to generate public support for “western intervention” in Syria — for the benefit of the military industrial complex — and that western msm outlets were complicit and active participants in this manufacturing of consent.

    Will the world’s worst state funded news outlet report major scandal? Or will it instead report how some feminist somewhere found something she felt was sexist oppression?

    1. The world’s worst state news broadcaster recently published an article concerning the Biden email revelations that contained this bit of fake news:
      “The emails have surfaced as U.S. officials have been warning that Russia, which backed Trump’s 2016 campaign through hacking of Democratic emails and a covert social media campaign, is interfering again this year. ”
      It is not yet known who hacked the Podesta – Clinton campaign emails Wikileaks released or even if they were hacked. (The unsolved murder of Seth Rich) So the CBC passes off as true something it can not know to be true. And it goes on in the same piece of fake news to make another assertion of fact it also can’t possibly know to be true: that Russia is interfering in the election this year. Interesting that the CBC fixates on this as well, rather than the newsworthy disturbing content of the emails.

      The CBC of course, has yet to report on the OPCW scandal and how reports on possible chemical weapons deployments in Syria were altered to support a pro-war, pro-attacks on Syria narrative. On the ground inspectors concluded that fatalities were not caused by the Syrian government’s deployment of chemical weapons but after entreaties from the US government the reports the OPCW produced were made to support this premise, and of course, additional US intervention and action in Syria.

      Nor of course has the CBC reported on the huge pro-war on Syria propaganda effort carried out by agencies of US, UK and European governments exposed by GrayZone investigative journalists referred to previously.


  47. Today CBC Radio News reader Susan Bonner completely and unwittingly parodied the CBC and its crazy, pro-establishment, anti-male, wingnut feminism. In her most serious and only used for the most serious of news spews voice Bonner described covid-19 a “stalker” and the Pfizer vaccine as something that is “stalking the stalker.” What next CBC, will you be getting a news reader to draw an analogy between global nuclear war or nuclear winter and a spree killer? Or between some guy who looked at a woman for a few seconds too long and made her feel uncomfortable and a spree killer?

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