More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

2015-09-09 Not to defend Harper but the job of the prime minister is no job for a kid
Not to defend Harper, but the job of the prime minister is no job for a “kid.” September 9, 2015.
2015-09-09 I made a comment yesterday about how the LIberals shoudl have gone with the space man
I made a comment yesterday about how the Liberals “should have gone with the space man” (i.e. Marc Garneau) That’s the problem with “moderating” comments using people around the world not proficient in or familiar with Canadian history, politics, or idiosyncrasies. I stated in my comment Garneau would have a clear winner. I would be proud to have my country led by a man of such education and intelligence. The man is truly a hero. And I’m not even a Liberal. September 9, 2015.
So let me get this straight The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars
So let me get this straight. The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars in a years-long campaign to convince Canadians Justin Trudeau “just isn’t ready.” And we, the good people of Canada, have said, “You know what, Steve? You’re absolutely right. That Mulcair guy really deserves a serious look.” Gotta love it. Note to Liberals. You should have gone with the space man. And you shouldn’t have supported C-51.” 1 like. September 6, 2015.



Globe and Mail Kieth Bilous ICUC April 27 2011
Keith Bilous, 39, Guards Against On-Line Hate. Toronto Globe and Mail, April 27, 2011 And, yes, comments were disabled.

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154 thoughts on “More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

  1. No commenting allowed for this article.

    Ottawa sets aside $900M to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits against Canadian Armed Forces
    Social Sharing
    Class members will be eligible for compensation between $5,000 and $55,000

    Why wouldn’t the CBC allow comments. Probably because some not banned commentator would make observations similar to the following:

    900 million to be paid out, not by the wrong doers most of whom at the time of the wrong doing had no knowledge or conception that their actions were wrong, but by the taxpayers of tomorrow.

    Our daughters and sons and granddaughters and grandsons, already facing declining economic prospects because Canada has been too stupid and short-sighted to make the funding and development of tech in this country any sort of a priority, and because the Trudeau government keeps screwing up trade relations with our biggest natural resource and agricultural products customers, are now destined to be raped financially to pay for Turdeau’s latest vote buying shenanigans.

    Because he’s a feminist, and despite his incessant virtue signalling is really a highly unethical turd.

  2. I think I just found the internet’s biggest moron or b.s. hurler, posting as James Rockford ( Spaceman ) on a CBC news site about fake newspapers:
    James Rockford –
    49 minutes ago
    “Just stick to the regular main stream media sites and you’ll get real news. The real sites are constantly monitored and fact checked and employ legitimate award winning journalists.
    Despite what trump says.”

    The msm regularly disseminated fake news, false news, and warmongering propaganda, rarely pays any attention to the real power structure in the western world as opposed to the fake patriarchy power structure, rarely investigates any of the corruption that takes place day in and day out, and more often than not fails to report actual news because it is against the economic and political interests of its owners.

    James should go back to his mediocre 70’s tv show and stop polluting the internet with unbelievable blather.

    Full public inquiry into the misandrist, warmongering, fake news spewing CBC now.
    Free Assange and Manning.

  3. DNC Lawsuit against Trump and Wikileaks over theft of emails dismissed.

    You’d know this from listening to CBC Radio News and reading the CBC News website, wouldn’t you? No, you wouldn’t. About the dismissal, the CBC has reported crickets.


    Full public inquiry into the misandrist, warmongering, fake news spewing CBC now.
    Free Assange and Manning. End the military industrial complex’s control of the “western world.”

  4. Jimmy Dore has an excellent expose on Mueller on you tube.

    This tweet by law professor Tim Canova kind of sums it up.
    Jul 24
    “Mueller could not link Russian troll farms to Kremlin, not in federal court or in testimony to Congress. He never inspected DNC servers, never sought to question Julian Assange. His investigation stoked a new Cold War without evidence, a replay of his 2002 Iraqi WMD fairy tales.”

    Shame on the CBC for supporting the fake news of the American military industrial complex owned msm. Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

  5. Headline for CBC website article at

    “Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner says she was sexually assaulted as teen”
    for which comments were of course not allowed.

    Here’s an alternative, lengthier, accurate headline “Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner says she was sexually assaulted when 17 by then 22 year old John Coughlin, who was likely an equal number of years out of adolescence at the time of the assault as the victim, and who committed suicide at 33 because his life and and career were ruined. #metoo

    As an aside and for interesting reading:

  6. The CBC still hasn’t reported on Tulsi Gabbard’s lawsuit against Google. Actively interfering in politics is ok when huge billionaire run organizations like Google do it, and it is ok when huge military industrial complex connected media outlets like the NYT and Washington Post do it, but something demonic when 20 something trolls in Ukraine make a few twitter posts.


    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

  7. “Democratic Party alleges conspiracy in suit naming Trump team, Russia and Wikileaks
    Court action alleges campaign officials conspired with Russia to help swing 2016 election to Donald Trump
    Thomson Reuters · Posted: Apr 20, 2018 11:30 AM ET | Last Updated: April 20, 2018”
    Big headlined CBC story here:

    Not news according to the CBC: DNC Lawsuit against Trump and Russia Thrown out.


    Full public inquiry into the misandrist, warmongering, fake news spewing, pro-Trudeau, taxpayer funded CBC now.
    Free Assange and Manning.

  8. F. Yeue banned CBC commentator for promoting hate by being anti-war, against abortion, and not believing Trudeau and Freeland says:

    The CBC and its feminist “disinformation experts” are showing once again that a full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC is required. Rather than questioning the appropriateness of this gift of taxpayer money to the warmongering msm, or all the bribes on the back of future generations that the Turdeau Liberals are making in their efforts to secure re-election, or admitting that the entire Trump Russia collusion crap was crap and the fakest of fake news, the “disinformation experts” are going to bat for Turdeau and trying to make the issue a video being circulated of Trudeau trying some self-deprecating humour in respect of the gift to the warmongering msm.

  9. ttp://…

    “….So, it is a pressure cooker in Tripoli. Gadhafi, backed by his henchmen, is locked in a standoff against Tripoli’s people, and he currently has the upper hand by perpetrating fear, as he has for 42 years…Clearly, his goal is different from that of the allies. His is to secure a ceasefire that would allow him or one of his family members to retain control of the mafia kingdom has has nurtured for the past 4 decades…So, unless Gadhafi leaves of his own volition which is unlikely, he will undoubtedly be ousted by his own people – helped along by those air strikes. In either case, you can be sure that the hands that will capture or kill him will be Libyan. The experience in Iraq almost guarantees that..”

    How is Libya doing now Nahlah, you shameless propagandist for the military industrial complex? Are you sleeping well at night knowing about all the killing you legitimated, the new slave trade, all those people drowning trying to cross the Mediterranean to get out of the hell hole Libya has become?

    Thanks for making Ideas into another CBC program I am not going to listen to.

    Full public inquiry into the fake news spewing, misandrist, warmongering CBC now.

  10. This comment was made in defence of Margret “feminist, colonialist” Atwood, a hero to the CBC and Liberals.
    “Angelica West
    2 days ago
    Reply to @Brett Blaikie: Someone like you commenting on Atwood?! What a joke you are, a true comedian….you obviously don’t read anything of import except maybe canned CBC news. How many books of hers have you read oh great professor of ridiculous mediocrity?”

    Why did the Orwellian CBC not censor this comment for violating the CBC’s “submission guidelines”? Because it supports a false narrative the CBC is promoting of course.

    Full public inquiry into the Orwellian, misandrist, warmongering CBC now.

  11. In another fawning CBC article on St. Margaret of Atwood, who completely failed to predict how oppressive against men post 1990’s anglo-North American (not to mention Northern European) societies would become, a feminist Atwood supporter makes the following logically inconsistent comments:

    “Lily O’Loughlin
    3 days ago
    Reply to @TonyMasters:
    Most feminists are looking for equality. That’s what the word means.”


    “Lily O’Loughlin
    2 days ago
    Reply to @TonyMasters:
    Men have been dominant for at least 2000 years, what’s the problem with some women wanting their turn?”

    Aside from the fact that comment #2 is historically inaccurate as regards the western and oriental nations, where ruling elites of both sexes have dominated peasants and workers for most of history as opposed to males dominating females — and it was the sons of the peasants and workers rather than the sons and daughters of the peasants and workers who died in the battlefields in the games of Kings and Queens, the comments provide a great argument — if Lily’s comments are the embodiment of female thinking — on why women should not be running things. In this technologically advanced nuclearized world, rationality, logic and logical consistency must be required of those charged with deciding the fate of nations and humanity..

  12. According to the Turdeau Liberals, Singh NDP and CBC, having anti-abortion views disqualifies you from being a candidate for political office.

    According to the Turdeau Liberals, Singh NDP and CBC, women must be given the freedom to choose to take the life of an unborn human. Men, however, do not have the freedom to say anything to a woman that she might consider harassing, have sex with a woman without first obtaining her clear written consent, or look at a woman for a millisecond too long and cause the woman to feel uncomfortable.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the Orwellian, warmongering, misandrist, Trudeau mouthpiece the CBC has become.

  13. Pro-Liberal commentator claims pro-life people are against birth control and similar to white supremacists.

    “Rosemary Beattie
    True. But what would May say if a White Supremacist joined the party??? In saying she won’t interfere, she is implying that this is a question on which reasonable minds can differ. Right to life people are not just anti-abortion. They are anxious to keep birth control out of the hands of other people’s children and force them, in effect, to have back street abortions or unwanted children. The best way to stop abortions is to heavy up on birth control availability and counselling. ”

    The pro-abortion, misandrist, warmongering, Liberal propagandist CBC happily allows the CBC submission guideline violating and ridiculously false comment.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the fake news spewing, misandrist CBC now.

  14. F. Yeue banned CBC commentator for promoting hate by being anti-war, against abortion, and not believing Trudeau and Freeland says:

    CBC “Investigative Journalism” has now exposed several Conservative and Green Candidates for “anti-abortion” social media comments.


    Full public inquiry into the Orwellian, warmonger, misandrist CBC now.

  15. F. Yeue banned CBC commentator for promoting hate by being anti-war, against abortion, and not believing Trudeau and Freeland says:

    For a couple of days, CBC radio news and its webpage news were doing linguistic gymnastics to avoid calling what Trudeau did “Blackface.” It was like they were completely unfamiliar with the term, which they weren’t of course since an As it Happens program within the time span used it in relation to a Christmas tradition in some parts of Europe of dubious taste.

    CBC have now relented and are using the term.

    One is left wondering why their intrepid research team was not able to locate any of these troubling and distasteful images in the last election when their surfacing might have prevented the Liberals from getting a majority government and given us the minority government Canada so desperately needs? Why did a New York publication have to break the story this election? Were the CBC and Canadian mainstream media actively suppressing the story? Did they suppress it last election?

    The CBC, in perhaps the most extreme and glaring displays of hypocrisy, hubris and a complete misunderstanding of the degree of trust and respect they now hold with the Canadian public thanks to all the fake news they broadcast — on Trump-Russia, Russian influence on the last U.S. Presidential election, Kosovo genocide, Libyan revolution, Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine, the crimes of the patriarchy against women, the privilege of men, the list goes on — and all the real news they haven’t reported on like the barbarity and crimes against humanity taking place in Yemen, the way the DNC cheated Bernie out of the Democratic Party nomination, the way in which the DNC is cheating anti military industrial complex candidate Tulsi now, shenanigans that were pulled to get Assange out of the Ecuadorian Embassy, and the Stalinistic/Fascistic imprisonment of Chelsea Manning — have a fake news bureau that is regularly attacking anti-Trudeau, anti-Liberal fake news circulating on the internet.

    What this fake news exposing unit has not done yet is attack one of the biggest lies the Liberals have been telling — that they have improved the lives of 9 out of 10 Canadian families thanks to raising the child tax benefit. Yes, more ctb is being paid out. But gone are the child fitness and children arts credits and the $1000 per month uccb, which for many Canadian families was way more support than they are now receiving under the ctn.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the warmongering, misandrist, fake news spewing, pro-Liberal, pro-Trudeau, CBC now. Canadians deserve so much better from a state broadcaster.

  16. I’m waiting for the CBC news report, citing unnamed sources in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, that Venezuela, China, Russian trolls or Wikileaks were responsible for digging up the Trudeau black face images and giving them to a US msm conglomerate outlet, in order to interfere with the outcome of the Canadian election.

  17. CBC’s Quirk’s and Quarks runs completely sexist program (against men) to expose how hard done by women are in STEM.

    In running the program the CBC ignored:


    And the toxic workplace (for men) universities have become with their puritanical, sexist, sexual harassment and misconduct codes.

    Or the fact that vastly more men than women are criminalized, marginalized, homeless and/or addicted to drugs or alcohol than women,

    Or the age gap — the different life expectancies of women and men in our society — or the suicide gap.

    Or the fact than men have more neurons in their brains (though women seem to have more efficient connections between them) and that the number of males with IQ’s of 180 (extremely rare) are 80 X the number of women with IQ’s of 180.

    Full public inquiry into the misandrist, warmongering, fake news spewing CBC now.

  18. CBC’s Morning Misandry program equates sexual harassment to sexual assault, and pays homage to NYT reporters who “broke the Harvey Weinstein story” that gave rise to the #MeToo hysteria.

    How about reporting on the way the US military industrial complex owns the msm, NYT included, and how this means the msm, like our lame CBC, always propagandizes for war? How about reporting on the war on freedom of speech that big tech is carrying out, rather than promoting and encouraging it? How about some fair and decent reporting on Wikileaks and Chelsea Manning?

    Full public inquiry into the misandrist, warmongering, fake news spewing CBC now.

  19. The CBC has had a spontaneous orgasm because a MacArthur Foundation grant was given to pro-internet censhorship feminazi Danielle Citron, who clearly is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Citron herself was ecstatic that her pro-censorship feminazism has caused the majority of the civil libertarian states of the union to pass laws criminalizing cyberharassment — something the online dictionary used by wordpress doesn’t even recognize as a word.

    Doing the bidding of the Bilderberg group is what feminazi Citron does, what the CBC does, and what the MacArthur Foundation does. They even poneyed up 1 million for the MIC tied Citizen Lab.

    Meanwhile, more than 30 million Americans go without healthcare and the land of the free incarcerates more people per capita than any other country on the planet, including China and North Korea.

    Full public inquiry into the misandrist, warmongering, fake news spewing CBC now.

  20. Could it be that the CBC isn’t a warmongering, fake news spewing organization of government hacks and intelligence operatives, and that instead the high caliber, quality journalists the CBC employs are merely being pwned by the fake news spewing, military industrial complex owned or funded, US msm?

    Real news on the Trump-President of Ukraine phone call here:

  21. F. Yeue banned CBC commentator for promoting hate by being anti-war, against abortion, and not believing Trudeau and Freeland says:

    The CBC continues to spew blatant Liberal propaganda, blatant misandry, pro-war propaganda, and Trump hate. What it doesn’t cover are:


    Full public inquiry into the warmongering, hate against men promoting, fake news spewing, Liberal propaganda disseminating, not a real news organization CBC now.

    1. The CBC and the US Hedge Fund owned or Military Industrial complex owned “Canadian” press are trying to make being pro-life or having dual citizenship the moral equivalent of wearing blackface.

      With the freakishly totalitarian, anti heterosexual male state that the Canadian pseudo-democracy has become, or the way it has persecuted its poor of whatever background, and with what has been happening in other countries anyone who has the opportunity to get citizenship from another country and declines is clearly acting against their own best interests.

      1. So today, two CBC feminist presstitutes in an article extolling the watchful eye of state/RCMP surveillance of the Internet for hateful comments, comments that could incite violence and comments threatening to do harm to politicians, claimed Catherine McKenna was “verbally assaulted” outside a movie theater.

        In law and in normal parlance assault is the intentional application of force to another without their consent or lawful authority to apply force notwithstanding the nonconsent of the recipient, as when a cop subdues a suspect. There is no such thing as verbal assault.

        Not of any concern to the presstitutes are the social conditions many Canadians are living under that have engendered anti-immigration sentiment and politician hate nor is any mention being made of the great Canadian geopolitical divide.

        Full public inquiry into the Orwellian, totalitarian, censorship and surviellence state loving CBC now.


  22. More hypocrisy from CBC radio news and the CBC news website – only some foreign interference in Canada’s election is bad and must be condemned and prevented by Canada’s security service. A tweet endorsing Trudeau from former US President, warmonger, Libya destroyer, deep state spy on your political opponent orchestrater and, drone third world US opponents and their families, Obama is to be celebrated, extolled and widely published and disseminated..

    Full public inquiry into the Orwellian, misandrist, warmongering, politically biased CBC now.

  23. So the warmongering, pro-imperialist, Orwellian, censorious, man-hate promoting CBC news is now crowing about the Democrats and Republicans condemning Trump’s decision to remove US troops from Syria to fulfill one of his election promises.

    What the warmongering CBC is not doing is reporting on the military-industrial complex ties of these Democrats and Republicans or how anti-war Democrats and Republicans — yes those exist — are extolling Trump’s decision, and how politically popular Trump’s decision happens to be. Only these military-industrial complex funded politicians and the military industrial complex owned US mainstream media — that hardly anyone takes seriously anymore — hate the decision.

    Full public inquiry into the warmongering, pro-imperialist, Orwellian, censorious, man-hate promoting CBC now. First political party promising to conduct this inquiry during the election campaign is going to get a lot of votes on election day.

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