Newspaper Runs P.R. Puff-Piece on TSA; Next day a security guard is arrested for stealing cash from a passenger

Analysis by LettersToTheBeast

2017-06-24 14_17_58-Orlando News, Weather & Sports - Orlando Sentinel

On Thursday, June 22, 2017, our good friends at that bastion of journalism, the Orlando Sentinel, joined its corporate media colleagues in The City Beautiful in pliantly gushing about the Transportation Security Administration’s tour of the Orlando Airport and the various unseen security measures “behind the scenes.”

2017-06-24 14_17_35-Orlando News, Weather & Sports - Orlando Sentinel

After the tour, ace reporter Kevin Spear typed out his press release and thus his work for the day was done. The typist’s work was published in Friday’s edition for dozens of Orlandoans to see.

Sadly, while the media was hard at work in the basement of MCO, 22-year-old Alexander Shae Johnson was also plugging away upstairs at his checkpoint. According to fellow Sentinel stenographer David “Dave” Harris, Johnson, a TSA security guard, was caught stealing cash from a passenger’s bag. While a complicit security guard distracted the female passenger with a “pat-down” (i.e. sexual assault), Johnson went into her (the passenger’s) bag and helped himself to the cash.

2017-06-24 14_17_00-Orlando News, Weather & Sports - Orlando Sentinel

It clearly wasn’t the passenger’s first rodeo and she had the presence of mind to inventory her bag before she left the security-theater checkpoint. Her cash was gone. By a remarkable co-incidence, a large amount of cash just happened to be bulging out of our hero’s shirt.

Alex claimed the money was his. Someone checked the security video and, lo and behold, he was caught in the act. Alex was turned over to the Orlando Police. And fired (pending his mandatory union grievance hearing and inevitable reversal to suspension with pay, of course; after all, this was obviously Alex’s first offense.)

The Transportation Security Administration would do well to make more of an effort to recruit its security guards from the neighborhoods of Doctor Philips, Winter Park and Clermont and minimize recruits from Pine Hills, Carver Shores and Tangelo Park. Or the entire city of Orlando, for that matter.

See, this is why your humble correspondent takes Amtrak.



Orlando Airport’s Terminal B on June 20, 2017. (LettersToTheBeast)


LettersToTheBeast readers are, of course, welcome and encouraged to read the corporate media articles for themselves. However, be warned. The Orlando Sentinel’s website is even more poorly written, scripted and coded than even the Cartoon News Network. The various Facebook, Twitter and Google plug-ins, combined with the forced video, popovers, and gawd only knows how much adware, spyware and malware make the Sentinel’s site practically useless.  Apparently, none of the dateless wonder’s from the Sentinel’s I.T. department has ever had the thought occur to them to try loading their own website from outside the confines of their downtown three-story.

2017-06-24 14_26_37-TSA gives inside look at Orlando airport security technology - Orlando Sentinel

And just a friendly reminder, the gangbangers, child molesters, McDonald’s rejects and other assorted perverts and misfits who proudly don the blue latex gloves have never intercepted a single terrorist (save for Henry Kissinger, and they let him continue on to Toronto). Nor have they prevented a single act of “terrorism.”

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