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A call for Randy Hillier to take over the Ontario P.C. Party before Tim Hudak destroys it (oops, Sorry, Randy. Too late. I tolja this would happen)

Ontario P.C. leader Tim Hudak.
Ontario P.C. leader Tim Hudak.


(I can’t flippin’ believe Tom Long is still allowed on P.C. property. Eves. Tory. Now Hudak. How many chances does this guy get to screw things up?)


August 16, 2013


Mr. Randy Hiller, M.P.P.

Room 207, North Wing

Main Legislative Building

Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario

M7A 1A8

Fax 1-416-325-2166


Dear Mr. Hiller:


To put it succinctly, as a former P.C. Ontario party member, I’m asking you to take the bull by the horns and put an end to this nonsense.


I voted for my local P.C. candidate in whatever part of the province I happened to reside from 1990 through 2011. When I lived in Orangeville, I voted for Ernie Eves and John Tory. In the 2011 election, I decided I had enough. I voted for a young man running under the Libertarian banner here in Niagara Falls.


If your party ever wishes to have my vote again, it will field an acceptable leader and an acceptable local candidate. Last election, it did neither. By acceptable local candidate, I would exclude anybody who is a lawyer or an accountant. And by acceptable leader, I mean you.


Tim Hudak has proved himself to be even more incompetent than John Tory. And after the 2007 election, I wouldn’t have thought it possible. Hudak managed to lose to a known pathological liar. The people of Ontario cannot afford another four years of the Liberal Party. Premiers Wynne and McGuinty make Bob Rae look like Mike Harris in comparison.


According to Elections Ontario, voter turnout in 1995 was 63% and dropped to 58% in 1999. It has continued to drop through the 2003 and 2007 elections. In 2011, it was a whopping 48%. It is not unreasonable to suggest that conservative voters stayed home rather than hold their noses and vote for a party led by Eves, Tory and Hudak. Had my choices only been P.C., Liberal or N.D.P. in the last election, I would have stayed home as well. Unfortunately, most people have become convinced that if they vote for a “fringe” party, they are throwing their vote away.

There has to be an intervention with Tim Hudak as well as Tom Long, Leslie Noble and whoever else is in his entourage (it wouldn’t surprise me to find Jamie Watt hanging on as well). It has to be made clear to Hudak he won’t be around to lead the next election. And his hangers-on have to understand they’ve had a good run since the Harris days, but it’s time for them to go as well.


This has nothing to do with rules or procedures. The party made a mistake and it must correct it as soon as possible. In 1983, Joe Clark realized that, even though he won a clear majority of his leadership review, he could not win the next election. Not that I’m suggesting that Brian Mulroney was a particularly good choice, either. But Mulroney did deliver a crushing landslide in 1984.


Mr. Hiller, you have considerable street cred amongst libertarian conservatives such as myself. I was impressed with your grand jury legislation. My only criticism is that it doesn’t go far enough. Should you ever be premier, or at least in a position of power, returning a citizen grand jury (one that is free from interference from politicians, judges and prosecutors) would be a major blow for freedom for Ontarians.


I hope the London convention will change the name of the party to the Conservative Party. Of course, I also hope the new Conservative Party actually governs under conservative principles which, unfortunately, are absent from the federal party.


Should you find yourself in a leadership position in the P.C. Party, I would be delighted to purchase a new membership. However, if my alternative is joining other conservatives and withholding my support, I am willing to sacrifice yet another Liberal term if that is what it takes to rebuild this party.


I wish you every success.



Justin Trudeau, it’s time to stop dicking around

Canadian prime minister-in-waiting Justin Trudeau (right). Credit, Globe and Mail.
Canadian prime minister-in-waiting Justin Trudeau (right). Credit, Globe and Mail.


June 13, 2014 (original incorrectly dated at January 13)

Mr. Justin Trudeau, M.P.

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

As a conservative-minded Canadian and former Conservative voter, I am writing to appeal to you and your party to get your (crap) together before the next election.

Here in Niagara Falls, we have a patriotic duty to our country to make sure our current member of parliament, Rob Nicholson, is not re-elected. He is a proponent of the police state and for that he needs to go. He should have been defeated in 2011. Unfortunately, your party chose to field an ineffective, incompetent candidate.

I would like to share with you a sampling of the intellectual heavyweight your provincial cousins chose to offer us, based on his purportedly self-written profile in the Niagara Falls Review newspaper of June 11, 2014:

Why I’m running/key issues: The focus of Lionel’s (sic) campaign has three elements: jobs, transportation and health care. I believes (sic) that I can bring jobs to Niagara, to reinvigorate and revive Niagara’s failing industrial sector. I am committed to bringing regular GO Transit service to Niagara so that Niagara will be connected to the rest of the province. I believes (sic) that all people of Niagara have a fundamental entitlement to quality accessible health care and that a hospital must be built sooner, rather than later, to address the needs of southern Niagara’s citizens.

—Lionel Tupman, age 26, lawyer

Mr. Tupman came in third place, 17,000 votes behind NDP incumbent Wayne Gates. Voters probably did this rich kid from Niagara-on-the-Lake a favour because on the first day of his campaign, he vowed to sue someone who had created a fake twitter account. If the boy doesn’t understand that dirty tricks and people saying mean things about you go hand-in-hand with politics, then the provincial riding association really screwed up with this one.

If your party expects my vote in the next federal election, you will field a candidate who will serve as a credible, engaging representative of the people. Hopefully somebody high-profile. Sticking us with whatever parasitic lawyer who is able to win the nomination will not cut it with me.

If the Liberal Party isn’t identifying ridings with current Conservative cabinet ministers and making those a high priority, then you are not doing your job as leader. In the case of Niagara Falls, it’s not just a matter of getting a winning candidate. It’s a national emergency. We have a member of parliament and cabinet minister who is an open opponent of the constitution. He advocates unlimited powers for police, supports the U.S. War of Terror, and is accelerating the policy of imprisoning Canadians for victimless offenses.

The only circumstances under which I would vote for your party is if both its leader and its party advocated a platform of a constitutional restoration, and a return to the fiscal sanity that Mr. Martin provided. I often express my regret for not voting (or at least supporting) your party when Paul Martin was leader and finance minister. He was the closest thing our country got to a true conservative leader.

You will also need to repudiate the policy of one-way free trade deals espoused by Messrs. Chretien and Martin. There are only two ways manufacturing will return and thus the depression will end: a) impose countervailing duties on goods manufactured by slaves with no labour, wage or environmental regulations or; b) Canadians must be willing to work for 25 cents per hour, 12 hours per day, seven days per week in factories with suicide nets. If Ontarians thought “b” was practical, Mr. Hudak would have won by a landslide last night.

While I could be persuaded to vote Liberal in the next federal election if that is what it takes to remove my current M.P. from office, if your party were to abandon its policies of gun-grabbing, blind obedience to Israel and implementing “carbon taxes” in the name of propagating the global warming hoax, I would gladly become a member as well.

For now, I am content to accept baby steps. End the “war on drugs” (and I don’t even smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, by the way), stop supporting the War of Terror, and reign in the police state. That, and cut spending and reduce taxes.

Up until 2004, we had an excellent Member of Parliament here in Niagara Falls: Gary Pilleteri. Mr. Pilleteri was a throwback to the way M.P.s used to be. And should be now. When he wasn’t in Ottawa, he could be found at his winery in Niagara on the Lake. Occasionally, I used to drop by and chat with him in his back yard. If it wasn’t for the fact that the man is pushing 80, I would drop by his winery and plead with him to run again. Did I happen to mention that I am a conservative?

Who is Rob Nicholson? Other than on television or in my mailbox, I have never seen his face. I have never seen him while walking down the street, or riding the city bus, or shopping. And he sure hasn’t invited me to join him in his back yard. For the years I have lived here, I can’t remember him even holding a public event (“town hall meeting” or something along those lines.

He is completely ineffective as a member of parliament. And the fault is partially your parties for consistently failing to offer up a credible candidate.

It is called the House of Commons for a reason: the house of the common people. Not a club for lawyers and accountants. We need more people with real jobs and real life experience in Ottawa. I will never vote for a lawyer or an accountant because they are only there to perpetuate job security for their respective occupations.

Mr. Trudeau, this is our last chance to push back against fascism. As leader of the Liberal Party, you need to put the interests of Canadians ahead of your party if you care about the future of your children.

We can’t afford to fool around in the upcoming election. As the Harper Regime becomes more tyrannical and more fascist, this may be our last chance.