In Orlando, the lockdown duo of Demings & Demings continues to punish Democrat voters for not voting for them in high enough numbers

Valdez “Val” Demings is a congresswoman “representing” much of the city of Orlando, Florida as well as outlying areas including Walt Disney World. 

Must of Demings district was formerly held by Corrine Brown, also a Democrat, who was arrested and ultimately imprisoned in a charity fraud scheme. At the time, Brown’s district stretched 150 miles, encompassing Jacksonville and Orlando and connected by a narrow corridor in between. 

Demings was elected to congress in 2016, winning 65 per cent of the vote. In 2018, she won 75 per cent of the district primary and ran uncontested in the November mid-term election (

Prior to being elected to congress, Demings was chief of the Orlando Police Department and an officer before that. One of her claims to fame as police chief was losing her gun when it was left in her police truck, which was broken into in her own driveway. The incident happened in 2009. The gun was never recovered. (

Val’s husband, Jerry Demings is currently the mayor of Orange County (in Florida, the title of “mayor” exists for county executives, in addition to city heads). He was sheriff of Orange County – where Orlando resides – from 2009 to 2018, when he was elected mayor. Prior to being elected sheriff, Jerry Demings was Orlando police chief. Although elected as NPA (No Party Affiliation), he is a Democrat. 

Jerry Demings was elected mayor with over 61 per cent of the vote.

Residents of Orlando and Orange County have lived under a somewhat tenuous social contract. Generous Cash-for-life, stay-at-home welfare programs do not exist in Florida. This means the only option – short of collecting federal disability schemes – is to work. As a result, that work ALWAYS has to be available in order to prevent society from collapsing. 

The Orlando metropolitan area has a population of over 2-million. By official numbers, 17 per cent of Orlandoans work in the tourism business. Nearly 19 per cent of the area’s GDP is dependent on tourism. (

The top three tourism job centers are Walt Disney World, which, prior to the “pandemic,” employed over 77,000 directly and thousands more in contractor, vendor and other downstream jobs. Universal Studios and Sea World follow close behind as Orange County’s three major employers.

Those jobs are low paying and they have historically had the effect of suppressing wages across the area, even in non-tourist jobs. In 2017, the highest paying unionized job at Walt Disney World was a bus driver, with a starting wage of  a whopping $12 per hour. Disney has since gradually increased its wages and other local employers (including Universal) have followed suit. 

The shutdown, lockdown and crackdown prompted by the Chinese corona virus has had as much a catastrophic effect on Orlando as it has on the rest of the United States and the world. 

Congress critter Val Demings, a member of the house intelligence (sic) committee,  has had a particular disinterest in her voters since this emergency began. When the Wuhan Flu broke out in late 2019, rather than meet with President Trump and other elected officials, she was busy participating in the impeachment (attempted coup) of the President. 

However much Central Floridians may be struggling, the Demings don’t need to worry. Since Val went to congress in 2016, they have amassed a net worth in the millions of dollars despite earning combined salaries of less than $350,000 per year. 

As Governor Ron DeSantis’s ill-advised participation in the shutdown, lockdown and crackdown (which he at first resisted) resulted in the collapse of the state unemployment system as two million Floridians, hundreds of thousands of them in Orlando, were thrown out of work on an hour’s notice, Val Demings did NOTHING.

In fact, even today, Demings only interest – now that her dreams of being Vice President have been smashed – has been to introduce legislation which would allow homosexuals to donate blood. Her campaign website does not have an e-mail function, its telephone number leads to a “this mailbox is full” message and her congressional e-mail web form generates  a website error. Your humble correspondent has not noted a single Demings, nor Biden sign, anywhere in Orlando or Orange County. 

Jerry Demings, known locally as “Lockdown Jerry” has been just as enthusiastic about causing as much misery and destruction as Orlando’s city mayor Buddy Dwyer (also a Democrat elected as NPA). 

Jerry Demings ordered the closings off all of the parks (including Walt Disney World, Universal and Sea World), all bars, restaurants, hotels, all stores EXCEPT the “big box” stores, inside whose walls, apparently, the ‘Rona cannot survive). 

Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, never imposed a state-wide mask “order.” Unfortunately, he chose to defer to municipalities (mostly controlled by Democrats) who imposed such orders with gusto. 

When Hillsborough County (Tampa) sheriff Chad Chronister ordered the arrest of a minister for holding church services, DeSantis issued an executive order forbidding the harassment of churches under the First Amendment. Similar orders were issued for the benefit of gun shops under the Second Amendment. 

All medical advice furnished to Jerry Demings and Dwyer has come from Orange County’s medical director, Raul Pina, a communist Cuban who graduated from the University of Havana’s medical school. As a doctor, Pina has never had a patient. The concept of American freedom and liberty is foreign (literally) to him. In the United States, he has made a career as a “public health” tyrant first in Connecticut and now in Florida. (

Jerry Demings dragged his feet and grudgingly approved the re-opening of the theme parks, but with the most restrictive restrictions, including significantly reduced admission and, of course, masks. 

Governor DeSantis knows he was had, even if he hasn’t admitted as much. In early September, he ordered every city and county in Florida to submit reports on local corona virus numbers, mask effectiveness and citations.

DeSantis may have been prompted by the admission by Orange County’s medical examiner that “97 to 98 per cent” of purported COVID deaths had significant underlying causes, including heart disease and advanced age.(

On September 25, Governor DeSantis banned municipalities from continuing to impose restaurant restrictions or impose any further mask citations. )

Sadly, DeSantis continued his tired pattern of not going nearly far enough in protecting Floridians and did not explicitly ban those mask orders from existing in the first place.

As a result, cities and counties across the state have ignored DeSantis and compelled businesses to require customers (or would-be customers) to wear masks at risk of their business operating license. This is an outright mutiny by municipalities and clear sabotaging and disobedience of DeSantis’s executive order.–mask-mandate-stands–orange-county-leaders-say

Thus, the farce of having to wear a mask at all times at a theme park (in tropical heat and humidity), while being allowed to remove it whilst eating and drinking – as if the virus cannot enter or exit you so while engaging in such actions so long as you were wearing the mask immediately before and after – continues.

The lockdown duo of Demings & Demings are operating under the premise that being the beneficiaries of the votes of hundreds of thousands low wage workers isn’t enough. The businesses that employ (or more accurately employed) these workers – business often also owned or operated by Democrats – must also be destroyed. 

The Fentanyl Floyd riots which swept the rest of the United States have not been allowed to happen in Orlando. Thus, the Demings Democrats must resort to extraordinary measures to suppress the local economy, cause massive unemployment, destruction of credit, bankruptcies, repossessions, utilities disconnections and homelessness in the “hopes” that people in such circumstances will blame President Trump and Governor DeSantis and, as a bonus, create Democrat dependency. 

The State of Florida’s resources are limited. It has no state income tax and is forbidden from running an operating deficit by state constitution. It also managed to run on half the budget of New York State which having twice the budget. A state welfare scheme in Florida is as unlikely as it is unwelcome. 

Governor DeSantis screwed up big-time by acceding to the shutdown / lockdown / crackdown. He should have joined South Dakota’s governor Kristi Noem in refusing  to allow this to happen in his state. DeSantis has since said his original decision was wrong and it will never happen again, but that doesn’t help us now. 

As Florida’s unemployment compensation system nears insolvency, DeSantis needs to recall the state legislature, which never felt the events of the past seven months unworthy of their attention; they have not reconvened since the session ended in March. 

The Orwellian-named Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s “Re-employment Assistance” website,, is the ONLY means for unemployed Florida workers to not only apply for benefits, but to check-in and “claim” benefits every two weeks. 

And that website has made both applying and “claiming” benefits impossible due to limited connectivity and website errors. 

We need legislation in Florida which would forbid any municipality from continuing to sabotaging the FULL, unrestricted, UNMASKED re-opening and recovery of the state. This includes forbidding cities and counties from not only imposing mask orders but forbidding them from either compelling or allowing such businesses from requiring face coverings. 

The state must allow the unrestricted distribution of hydroxychloroquine and any other drug or treatment not just as it relates to corona virus, but any medical ailment. Medical treatment is between the patient and his or her doctor. The government doesn’t enter the picture. 

The state must forbid any discrimination against anyone who declines to accept a future “COVID” vaccine, or any vaccine. This includes discrimination by government, business and, yes, schools. ANY vaccine. 

As violence increases across the country leading up the general election in November, and as Democrats threaten violence long after the election, Governor DeSantis must sign an executive order which temporarily eliminates the need to obtain a conceal carry permit and the state house and senate must make that permanent by abolishing the need for such permits. 

The Governor’s office must set up a war room in order to push back against propaganda in corporate media which has portrayed Florida as a “COVID” death trap, despite the fact that Florida’s deaths (as suspicious as those numbers are) are less than half that of New York State’s (, with twice New York’s population, and despite thousands of elderly New Yorkers fleeing to Florida ( to avoid Andrew Cuomo’s death-sentence nursing homes.

Since Orlando’s theme parks opened in July, this War Room must make it known that nobody is even suspected to have gotten sick at a park, as well as at beaches and other tourist spots in Florida.

Florida’s governor and government must aggressively market Florida as a safe and welcoming reprieve from the oppressive public health tyranny taking place across the rest of the county. Florida IS safe, nobody is getting sick here who didn’t have other underlying issues (primarily advanced age), and eventually put an end to the COVID hoax.

Unfortunately, there has been only one politician in Florida pushing back against the unconstitutional mask orders: State Senator Anthony Sabatini (R), from suburban Orlando. ( )

Sabatini has been filing lawsuits against cities and counties across the state. Unfortunately, he has met up with Democrat judges who invariably cite a “public health” exemption in the state and federal constitution which apparently suspends the rest of the document. 

In the last legislative session, Sabatini introduced constitutional carry legislation which would have allowed Floridians to carry firearms (open and concealed) without a permit (or as he referred to it, a “permission slip.”  ( ). The bill was never advanced to a vote before the legislature adjourned in March. 

Incredibly, Florida is one of only four states – as well as the District of Criminals and the Virgin Islands – which forbid the open carrying of handguns (with or without a permit). 

As Anthony Sabatini is the only state politician who has not only pushed back against he mask orders, but recognizes our unalienable constitutional rights, perhaps he should running to primary and replace Ron DeSantis in 2022. 

As for Orlando, fortunately, voters in the Tenth Congressional District have an option on November 3rd (unlike in 2018). Vennia Francois ( ) won the district primary and will be opposing Val Demings. 


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