More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

2015-09-09 Not to defend Harper but the job of the prime minister is no job for a kid
Not to defend Harper, but the job of the prime minister is no job for a “kid.” September 9, 2015.
2015-09-09 I made a comment yesterday about how the LIberals shoudl have gone with the space man
I made a comment yesterday about how the Liberals “should have gone with the space man” (i.e. Marc Garneau) That’s the problem with “moderating” comments using people around the world not proficient in or familiar with Canadian history, politics, or idiosyncrasies. I stated in my comment Garneau would have a clear winner. I would be proud to have my country led by a man of such education and intelligence. The man is truly a hero. And I’m not even a Liberal. September 9, 2015.
So let me get this straight The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars
So let me get this straight. The Conservative In Name Only Party has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars in a years-long campaign to convince Canadians Justin Trudeau “just isn’t ready.” And we, the good people of Canada, have said, “You know what, Steve? You’re absolutely right. That Mulcair guy really deserves a serious look.” Gotta love it. Note to Liberals. You should have gone with the space man. And you shouldn’t have supported C-51.” 1 like. September 6, 2015.



Globe and Mail Kieth Bilous ICUC April 27 2011
Keith Bilous, 39, Guards Against On-Line Hate. Toronto Globe and Mail, April 27, 2011 And, yes, comments were disabled.

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154 thoughts on “More “Content Disabled” Censorship from the CBC and its partners at I.C.U.C. and Viafoura

  1. Excellent item. I recently had CBC comment disallowed for posting (in response to “…Then there is the situation when Canada and the U.S.A. would not accept Jews prior to WW II'”), the comment, “The information I have found online says Canada accepted 5,000 Jews, and the USA 200,000… this in the 30s and 40s.” (I had found this information on a museum’s site.)

    The same day, another comment disallowed was, “Well, doesn’t that say a lot! Reminds me of that old Groucho Marx saying ‘I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.'”

    I have come to the conclusion that Viafoura’s so-called “moderating” is mainly based on thin-skinned readers (usually NDP/Liberal supporters) who “Flag” posts that they don’t like. These posts do not violate any CBC policy, but the moderators find it simpler to delete the posts than to read and judge them. This policy actually encourages people to “flag” posts. (Ironic that the NDP/Liberal side touts its “freedom of speech principles, isn’t it?)

    Some of my disallowed posts lead me to believe that the moderators merely pick posts completely at random, on occasion, simply to raise the quota of “work” they have accomplished.

    And why is it that I can go weeks with no disallowed posts, then suddenly in a single day have 4 or 5 posts disallowed? Obviously there is either a moderator off his nut, or some reader who is flagging everything I post.

    In the end, CBC’s moderation is joke, stifling legitimate conversation, and whatever they are paying Viafoura seems to be a waste of money. But hey, there’s plenty more taxpayer’s money where that came from!

    1. I would be interested as to why you think it is NDP or Liberals who flag your comments. I would say just the opposite as I have always put it down to Conservatives, given the nature of my comments.

      So I suppose it is across the board then, and not related to the views of any one partisan.

      I do think, though, that even reacting to flagged commenst without looking at the context of the comment is totally unacceptable. We should have the right to post critical comments as long as they meet the CBC guidelines and not suffer arbitrary censorship..

    2. I totally agree about the so called moderation on CBC. To have a comment disabled for stating the obvious, that Donald Trump is a buffoon that is a scary scenario for the US, and for the world. When I get three disabled in a row, and one already had 10 likes on it. The main posting was still there, so it seems I got pinked.

      1. Stating the obvious is that Hillary Clinton as POTUS is a scary scenario for the US and for the world.

        The CBC has censored this repeatedly:

        “Please stop your illegal, unconstitutional, pro-Clinton censorship. There are no submission guideline violations in my comment. None.

        There really is no depths to which the Clinton Broadcasting Corporation will not sink in their efforts to support warmonger Clinton.

        “BecauseNews,” the sometimes funny but vastly inferior comedy the CBC braintrust replaced the almost always hilarious “Irrelevant Show” with, bashes Trump on every episode.

        What comment did they provide on the DNC email scandal?

        What comment did they provide on the wikileaks released emails?
        Again, nothing

        Today, the Current did another pro-Clinton piece with a bit about how bad it would be to have Trump with his fingers on the red button. The bit totally failed to mention how it is Clinton and Obama who are destroying MAD, that the US airforce didn’t hesitate to follow Clinton’s illegal orders when it came to Libya, and that it is Clinton that the American public should really be worried about when it comes to having her fingers on the button.

        Anyone that could do this:
        just shouldn’t be given that sort of power.

        For program guests, the Current could’ve had:
        Julian Assange
        Ralph Nader
        Jeffrey D. Sachs and
        Paul Craig Roberts.”

      2. Having Hillary as POTUS is a scary scenario for the US and world. The CBC keeps censoring this:

        “Please stop your illegal, unconstitutional, pro-Clinton censorship. There are no submission guideline violations in my comment. None.

        There really is no depths to which the Clinton Broadcasting Corporation will not sink in their efforts to support warmonger Clinton.

        “BecauseNews,” the sometimes funny but vastly inferior comedy the CBC braintrust replaced the almost always hilarious “Irrelevant Show” with, bashes Trump on every episode.

        What comment did they provide on the DNC email scandal?

        What comment did they provide on the wikileaks released emails?
        Again, nothing

        Today, the Current did another pro-Clinton piece with a bit about how bad it would be to have Trump with his fingers on the red button. The bit totally failed to mention how it is Clinton and Obama who are destroying MAD, that the US airforce didn’t hesitate to follow Clinton’s illegal orders when it came to Libya, and that it is Clinton that the American public should really be worried about when it comes to having her fingers on the button.

        Anyone that could do this:
        just shouldn’t be given that sort of power.

        For program guests, the Current could’ve had:
        Julian Assange
        Ralph Nader
        Jeffrey D. Sachs and
        Paul Craig Roberts.”

  2. I totally agree that the CBC moderation is totally inexplicable. It seems to have nothing to do with the posting regulations and DOES seem to be based on some readers flagging posts simply because they disagree with them.

    I can understand that moderation is necessary as there certainly are posts that do broach the regulations, but the CBC moderation is not working well. It needs to be replaced with something that IS based on the posting regulations.

  3. Here is my most recent “disallowed” comment at CBC:

    “And where do you suppose those ‘homegrown’ issues arose? They began by allowing huge masses of immigrants to enter, and set up entire communities which operate as separate ‘sub-cultures’ with their own laws, politics, etc. We are not that far from it ourselves. Ask the Edmonton Police about the Somali community.”

    What particular aspect of this post violates CBC policy?

  4. I doubt this will ever be read, as the original post is months old. But I just had a ‘content disabled’ by the CBC for saying the following:

    “There’s a tree in Winnipeg? I don’t buy it.”

    Are they protecting Winnipeg’ers feelings here, of vegetation’s in general? I shudder when my words echo Donald Trump’s sentiments, but political correctness is SERIOUSLY gone bat-s*$@ crazy.

  5. Cripes, you should go on the site now. Everything is moderated. Posts take hours to get through and are disabled for no reason whatsoever. Which means most people won’t repost because they are not going to wait around for hours to see if the post meets the mysterious standards of the moderators. Whom are obviously part of some make work project for Liberal party supporters. It was bad enough under the Conservatives, no it is completely surreal.

  6. CBC moderation of reader comments is getting worse as every day goes by. Canadians who pay a billion dollars a year for this organization are getting a poor return on their investment, and while our Charter or Rights allows us the privilege of free speech, and one would think the national broadcaster’s stories would be an opportunity for Canadians to engage in a dialogue, the opportunity has been throttled back to a trickle. How do they do this? (1) by imposing a highly censored filter on anything which challenges the ideas being put forward by the main published story itself. If it is any way critical of content of the CBC story, for example by pointing to elements that have a contentious nature, or by challenging the ‘sources’ of their story, chances are you’ll be filtered out. (2) by slowing the publishing of comments to a point that it takes hours (4,5,6) for comments to even appear. By doing this they deliberately discourage interest and the following of the conversation among Canadians that follows the story. It has perhaps gotten worse since some of the implementation of Harper’s C-51 began to kick in, and so any challenging of the official story (which has been proven so many times to be absolutely false, misleading disinformation and propaganda), any contest to the narrative which is presented by the story, is quickly removed. Mark Twain once said that “If you don’t read the news paper, you’re uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” The appearance of alternative sources of news has been a major challenge to the MSM, but they have been the cause of their own demise through the telling of their false narratives. Many readers responding on this issue have said that the ‘reader comments’ were the best part of CBC stories, because it was in there that one could read the pulse of the Canadian people. It’s true; the comments have often been the best part of the story, with frequently better crafted, more insightful, intelligent writing. It’s criminal that Canadians are moderated by a company in another part of the world, too (I.C.U.C.) .. this company is utterly failing in it’s responsibility to Canadians ‘and’ the CBC .. their moderation is driving readers away. CBC fails Canadians once again by imposing this draconian control over the publishing of reader comments, and this militant censoring of reader feedback. It’s offensive, and a lot of people are abandoning the broadcaster for this reason alone. I certainly am. Canadians would be far better served if the billion dollars a year that goes into this white elephant were spent on something more worthwhile. Shut CBC down; they are not worth it any more.

    1. I agree with most of what you say. I do not think, though, that the information contained in CBC articles is as misleading or false as you imply. But I do agree that the moderation of comments is highly arbitrary, has nothing to do with the rules that CBC requires and the delay in posting comments makes any dialog with other commenters next to impossible.

      Although I have always tried to post objective and fair comments, some have been disabled for no reason that I can imagine. The result has been that I have ceased to comment very much any more as it serves little purpose.

      I can understand that moderation is required to remove much of the trolling and personal slurs. but the company that has been chosen to do this moderation seem totally inept.

      1. George .. I agree with you that the arbitrary nature of comment moderation is one of the major concerns .. there frequently seems to be a disconnect between the applied rules and the content which does and doesn’t get posted. Perhaps it’s the nature of the beast, that wherever and whoever is tasked with the job, the subjectivity and arbitrariness is impossible to get around.

        Without being too hard on them, I do have serious concerns about the accuracy of their narrative on numerous occasions. They get an enormous amount of their content from the likes of Thompson Reuters and Associated Press, plus other mainstream US and European sources. These are the same kind of organizations which provided ‘the narrative’ for the buildup to the Iraq War, for example, and for Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria. It’s one of the biggest stories of the century that the mainstream media was culpable in the fanning of the flames for these conflicts .. they fail to challenge the narrative that politicians tell us. Millions of lives have been lost in the Middle East, in part because the fifth estate has failed to keep our leaders and officials accountable .. to make them answerable for the things they tell us to justify wars and bombing runs. As a person gets into researching these serious issues in the world, you come to understand that there is a wide gap between the official story we’re told in the MSM, and the truth. How does one get the truth .. with a lot of effort, often going to dozens and dozens of other sites where intelligent, educated, experienced and talented writers tell their own version of what is happening. Frequently these writers have abandoned mainstream news corporations BECAUSE of this problem .. because they are incensed at how their personal journalistic standards have been compromised. Over time as one explores other diverse sources, like dabs of paint on a canvas, a different picture emerges to what we read in the newspapers on see on television. Many, many books, countless articles, have been written about this mismatch between the truth and what we read and see in the mainstream media. With respect, because I agree with you that its is arbitrary, and you make some excellent points, I do not believe that the ‘news’ we get on CBC is always so close to the truth, and I stand by my claim. In fact, I think it’s because of this, as one reason among many, that reader comments often do become as inflammatory and angry as they appear to .. because intelligent, informed people KNOW that they are not being informed of the full truth.

      2. Any news source depends on the viewpoint and experience of the reporter. I also look at a number of alternative news sources and while there are differences between those sources, it is hard to know which has the greater truth without being on the site personally.

        I would say that MSM tends towards over-sensationalism as it strives to attract readers/viewers.

        Given the expense of having investigative reporting and foreign reporting, we are always at the mercy of a short supply of news.

        However, the one thing not to trust is social media of any form as this is a totally unaccredited source and so frequently totally off the mark as a result.

  7. Most of the national media has been providing minimal if any coverage on the various resistances and “land defenses” currently going on throughout central and northern British Columbia.

    The most notable of those would be (from West to East) the Lax Kw’aalams vs Petronas and the BC government at Lelu Island, the Unist’ot’en camp (along with the Gitdumden and Gitxsan Madii Lii camps) that is in the way of multiple pipelines through their unceded traditional territories, and the Site C dam being forced through by BC Hydro against the suggestions of the Joint Review Panel that the province paid to do a three year assessment of the project and that is opposed by local First Nations on a Constitutional basis, resident land owners, and environmental scientists globally.

    The last project has had a camp of protesters camped out on the front lawn of the BC Hydro offices in Vancouver for over a month that originally surrounded a young woman performing a hunger strike to attempt to draw attention to the many issues that indicate that the dam is not needed, dangerously destructive, and very likely a multi-billion dollar boondoggle.

    She lasted 20 days before being hospitalized with no attention from any major media, the CBC stated that they would not report on the protest because of a policy of not “encouraging self harm” with their stories.

    That network covered multiple hunger strikes throughout 2015, and there is no record of that policy being implemented by the Stephen Harper appointed President and Directors of the CBC.

    With BC Hydro having filed an injunction to require that the protesters be removed from the site yesterday (April 27) both CTV and CBC news teams finally showed up for the first time (amazingly quickly after the injunction was filed) and were able to produce seemingly unbiased reports that actually manage to both be sympathetic to the Crown Corporation and condescending towards the campers.

    Of course, the CBC has disabled comments for that story.

    Any student of history looking at the full alignment with the corporate conglomerate media networks by the supposedly public national news network of a country regarding big money stories would be very, very concerned.

    I know that I am.

    1. Thank you for the awesome comment. You are absolutely correct.

      I might add that, regardless of one’s stand on personal firearms freedom, I don’t think that picking a fight with the one group of people in this country who have that natural right recognized in law is a particularly good idea.

  8. My comment to the CBC moderators today and yesterday.

    Stop your illegal, unconstitutional, totalitarian, pro-Clinton censorship. You censored this comment, originally made to another article to which comments were open and then closed before the comment was allowed, even though there are Absolutely NO submission guideline violations in same. People have a right to know what you are doing.

    ——– My censored comment—–

    On CBC’s National News tonight, (last night) which I watched for the first time in years, (which will also be the last time I will watch in years) the major news story was Trump’s making lewd comments and showing, shockingly, I say with considerable sarcasm, that horror of horrors there is a heterosexual male running for President.

    There was absolutely nothing about the Wikileaks released Clinton emails and their actually appalling and shocking revelations. Nor was there any mention of these emails on the radio news broadcasts.

    What a joke of a network the Clinton Broadcasting Corporation has become.

    (And of course, this joke of a network sees fit to run this as a story:

    1. First of all, thank you so much for stumbling across my humble blog and leaving your comment. Second, you’re absolutely correct.

      I don’t watch CBC News or any other “news.” From my viewing of their on-line “reporting” I can only imagine the crap that makes it to air. As it happens (no pun intended, CBC), my wife is American. Japanese American, actually. Born in Mississauga to be precise. And she is most assuredly voting for Trump. Just the mere mention of Mrs. or Mr. Clinton causes words to come out of her mouth that would embarrass a longshoreman. We went down to suburban Detroit to visit her family last weekend. They are all Trump supporters (including the women) and they are all working folk just like you and me.

      As I noted on my website, LettersToTheBeast, tomorrow (October 10, 2016) is the 26TH anniversary of the Babies and Incubators hoax, which Peter Mansbridge (among many others) reported breathlessly. That lie, and many since, have gotten hundreds of thousands killed since then. Unfortunately – at least if you are CBC and other corporate media – they can’t get away with that crap any longer because WE have the means to point out their lies in a matter of seconds. What you are witnessing on the idiot box is corporate media in its death throes. And if we’re not careful, it’s going to kill a lot more people along with it. As I warned in a letter to Mr. Mansbridge (posted on this website), these continued lies are likely to get US ALL INCINERATED. And I’m pretty sure neither his house in Stratford or the Front Street bunker where he works is designed to withstand one million degrees F and winds of 1,000 miles per hour.

      Let’s hope that Donald Trump survives long enough to be inaugurated and that he has the wisdom to see we’ve been lied to. And he puts a stop to it.

      Best wishes.

      1. Thank you. To you as well. And thank you for creating this comment board to expose what is now happening and has been happening, at the CBC.
        I don’t like Trump, I supported Sanders, but Trump is much less of a danger to world peace than Clinton. Her joking and laughter on live tv upon hearing of Ghadafi’s murder was deeply disturbing. She is the warmonger candidate and she seems to lack conscience and empathy.

    2. I’m not sure CBC news is worse than any other, but I’m not a good judge… I don’t watch television news. If it’s on when I enter the room, I change the channel or leave the room.

      In my opinion, watching TV news to find out what’s happening is like asking someone else to select and chew your food for you, then put it into your mouth for you to swallow. You’re at their mercy, and not necessarily going to get what’s best for you. You will also never learn to “process” things for yourself.

  9. Today, the pro-Clinton censorship was particularly strong. Clinton supporters can say anything they want about Trump and call him any names they like but I was unable to publish this:

    “You’ve got it backwards. Clinton is orders of magnitude worse than Trump.

    Clinton strongly advocated and propagandized for the second Iraq war, she convinced her husband to make war on Yugoslavia over the fake Kosovo genocide, Clinton spearheaded the war on Libya, Clinton supported the coup against the lawfully and democratically elected President of Honduras, she supported the coup against the lawfully and democratically elected President of Ukraine, she practically created ISIS to try and bring down Syria’s secular government., and Clinton laughed and mused about nuking Iran. She has been responsible for four wars, more than 5 million displaced, more than 250,000 deaths, and she actually laughed and joked about Ghadafi’s rape and murder on live tv.

    As for the content of those emails which you decided you don’t care about, seriously, if you aren’t a Clintonite you should take the time to read through them. A lot of what you will find is absolutely shocking.”

    There is not one word that violates the CBC “submission guidelines,” yet it was content disabled. I also endeavoured to make other comments which did not violate the guidelines and they were content disabled.

    In frustration, I made the following comment, twice:
    “The unbiased asshole Clintonite moderator is only allowing pro-Clinton and anti-Trump comments.” which violates the CBC submission guidelines and was content disabled, but seems to be true.

    The very biased moderator proceeded to ban me from commenting for 24 hours.

    “Your account has been banned from posting until 10/19/2016.
    Reason: Your account has been blocked for a period of 24 hours due to a
    comment(s) that could be construed as ‘hate speech’ which is against our
    Submission Guidelines. For more information, please visit:”

    Wow just wow. No extremely biased, pro-Clinton censor, there is nothing in my comment attempting to call attention to your censorship, that could be construed as “hate speech.”

    There must be a public inquiry into what is happening at the CBC. They have failed their mandate completely

    1. Sorry to be a pain but what is happening at the CBC is Orwellian.

      The CBC’s pro-Clinton censor censored this multiple times today.

      Disabled content:

      “The CBC, in its website and on its radio news, report on this, but they failed to report on this:,trump%20pussy,trump%20women,trump%20allegations

      Or this:

      Or this:

      Or this:

      Or even this:

      Just incredibly shoddy journalism? Wargasm? Misandry? Payola?”

      In response to this allowed comment:
      “Trumpspeak…..please don’t add this to the new words list for English language. Trump is just an ignoramus of epic proportions and lets leave it at that.”

      I made this comment:
      “Just a test:

      @Tim Joseph

      Clintonspeak…..please don’t add this to the new words list for English language. Clinton is just an ignoramus of epic proportions and lets leave it at that.”

      Content disabled.

      And of course linking to your site:
      Content disabled.

      Have a great day.

      1. I do appreciate your comments and your support. Sorry if I don’t approve all comments right away. I do have a paying job and sometimes it takes me a day or so before I can get on to my computer. Thanks again and best wishes.

      2. The CBC is a joke. I once thought it was a place to see what a cross-section of the Canadian public thought…. but if it ever was that, it is not now. If you make a post butt-kissing Trudeau, you are sure to get posted. If you criticize him, the moderators may disallow you… and if they don’t, some Liberal will “Flag” your post and it will then be deleted by the moderators.

        I figured this out a while ago, after several of my posts were allowed, and then disallowed later. From reading the various other posts in the thread I could see what had happened.

        I doubt that the moderators even bother to ponder the “Flags.” It’s too much trouble. If a post is flagged, they delete it. Easy-Peasy.

  10. The censorship at is strong again today.
    My first comment was “content disabled.”
    Where are the CBC submission guideline violations?

    “The only thing that has hit rock bottom is the state of the US democracy, thanks to the propaganda being continuously disseminated by the military-industrial complex owned msm to support the warmonger candidate.

    Don’t believe it.

    October 10th was the 30th anniversary of the Iraqi soldiers throwing babies from incubators story the msm, including the CBC, so happily ran.

    The wargasm the msm were having was so intense it caused their reasoning ability and any skills of critical analysis they had to cease.
    It is happening again this Presidential election.”

    I can’t complain on the CBC site lest I be banned again for “possible hate speech.”

  11. The CBC censor continues to allow Clinton supporters to call Trump all sorts of names including “Groper,” and “rapist.” and to call his supporters,”racists,” “misogynists,” “deplorables” “sexists,” and “pyschopaths.”

    It will not allow Clinton opponents to call Clinton a warmonger or psychopath, though she is clearly both of those, or to call Clinton supporters, “misandrists,” “femfascists,” and “manginas.”

  12. Allowed comment:

    Maurice O’brien

    “It seems that Trump, to his utter astonishment, is discovering that being revealed to the world as a racist misogynist does not do wonders for one’s corporate image. Hey, who knew?”

    My content disabled reply:
    Stop your illegal, unconstitutional, free speech suppressing pro-Clinton censorship.

    @Maurice O’brien

    “Being revealed to the world as an anti-democratic, warmongering, psychopathic. misandrist, racist – the wikileaks emails show that too – sleazebag doesn’t seem to be hurting Clitnon’s popularity if the msm can be believed. Except they can’t and everyone but Clintonites and the msm know it.

    Way more people are interested in the wikileaks revelations than any trivialities the msm has reported on concerning Trump.,trump%20pussy,trump%20women,trump%20allegations

  13. CBC censorship is a joke, I haven’t been on the CBC website in months and last week I made a couple of comments, not confrontational or hateful at all just stating a very basic point and my comments were disabled. Canada is ‘supposed’ to be a democracy then it should act like one since we taxpayers give CBC over a billion a year.

  14. The following post was “disallowed” today, November 9, 2016. What kind of morons are hired as moderators? Seriously.

    STORY HEADLINE: Long lines, voting machine problems and a lawsuit to start election day

    “Trump is nothing like Hitler…. however I can see that the reasons he was elected were similar. Before 1939, Germans were living in poverty. War reparations were draining the country, and the people were desperate. (This is history you can read about.)

    Hitler offered hope and dignity to people who had lost hope and saw no way out except an “outsider.”

    When people are backed into a corner, it’s amazing what they’ll do to try to fight their way out. They’ll blame Mexicans (or Jews), and submit to a lot of extraordinary effort (war and hard work) if they can see what they think is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Many Americans feel that they have been backed into a corner.”

    This censorship would be funny if it wasn’t so asinine.

  15. After the CBC ran an article by a poet in residence claiming that Clinton lost because of racism and sexism, I tried to get this repeatedly “content disabled” comment published.

    “Third wave (femfascist) feminism is really just blatant misandry: “mansplainer, sexual harasser, groper, stalker, philanderer, rapey, creepy, manspreader” all labels designed to demonize and attack the male of the species, all sexist labels the CBC censors happily allow, and CBC journalists happily and unquestioningly employ in their misandrist articles. This feminism is also puritanical and an enemy of free speech and freedom of expression. It is time all men and all reasonable women told third wave (femfascist) feminism and the pro-warmonger msm that supported their warmonger queen, that they really really suck – intellectually, philosophically, and biologically – and have been Trumped to the dustbin of history.

    Remember Clinton Broadcasting Corporation, no matter how badly you want to proclaim their propaganda, the majority doesn’t feel any need to hear from them any more. We’ve heard the femfascists, and for their misandry, hatefulness, authoritarianism and intolerance we’ve judged them sorely lacking.”

    The censors are apparently confusing sexism with attacking a particularly virulent, particularly misandrist, particularly free speech hating, branch of the feminist movement.

  16. More ridiculous censorship at the CBC, based on substantive content.

    “Disabled comment”

    The Capitalist Post is usually wrong about everything, rarely can truth be gleaned from its pages. Barbara Kay’s article is no exception. Yes, many millennial preferred Trump to warmonger Hillary, and yes many millennials couldn’t bring themselves to vote for corrupt global 1% representing Hillary and stayed home. And yes, millennials aren’t that big on democracy, corrupt as it has been, and see little reason to prefer to live in a corrupt society with a war economy that offers little in the way of economic growth any more, especially when they know communist China and communist Vietnam are growing by leaps and bounds. But no, the CPUSA backed HRC in her efforts to defeat/cheat Bernie out of the nomination, and were bigly into Hillary defeating Trump.

    Millenials aren’t by and large interested in the identity politics and the tribulations of those poor, hard done by ivory league university women who get traumatized by “ghetto” males attempting to communicate with them when they walk down public streets. They are interested in economic issues, class issues, trade issues. It was because Sanders and Trump talked that language, rather than the misdirecting language of gender and identity politics that does nothing but obscure economic reality, that they supportered Sanders and then Trump, and found HRC so distasteful.

    “I’m with her” no more resonated with millennials than it did with middle age white males who lost their formerly well paying, unionized jobs in the auto and steel sectors.

  17. Still more censorship from the CBC. Questioning their strident misandrist narrative just isn’t allowed. Can you see any submission guideline violations in this comment?

    “Comments allowed for this, but not the latest piece of femfascist propaganda on “revenge porn” and the need to prosecute those who distribute nudie pics for which they have no document to prove they had the “victim’s” consent.

    1. Don’t have nudie pics if you want to ensure they never end up on the internet.
    2. If you have given a guy nudie pics because you wanted to generate or keep his interest, and you lose your attraction for him, decide he wasn’t right for you after all, or some other guy comes along and gets your interest, don’t be a heartless, cheating, c nut, and you won’t have to worry about the pics being distributed as revenge porn.
    3 Put on the big girl pants, and stop crying to the state, or expecting it, and taxpayers, to protect you from the consequences of your naivety or horrible behaviour.

    The legislation the Harper government enacted that the CBC wants to use to go after image distributors is appalling in its breath and scope, and wide enough to criminalize the viewing of internet porn. Viewing necessarily entails distribution – it is the way the internet works.”

  18. This was repeatedly censored today. There are no submission guideline violations.

    “CBC censorship summed up: if it violates submission guidelines but attacks men, Trump, Trump supporters, men’s rights advocates, or peace advocates, allow. If it doesn’t violate submission guidelines but attacks femfascism, Trudeau, Clinton, Clinton supporters, supporters of the Liberal government, the CBC’s hypocrisy, or warmongers, disallow.”

    1. “Please stop your illegal, unconstitutional, pro-Clinton censorship. There are no submission guideline violations in my comment. None.”

      From submission guidelines:
      3.If you are writing about legal issues, remember that people are innocent until proven guilty (that may mean using words such as “allegedly”).

      Right there, they gotchu. Throw in modifiers such as “It is my stated belief that…”.

      2.Be respectful and courteous, as if you were having a face-to-face discussion.

      Marginal, but applicable.

      1.Keep Your Content relevant to the topic and avoid repetitive posting.

      How many times did you say that they deleted that comment?

      (cough, cough)

      1. I never include this clause:
        “Please stop your illegal, unconstitutional, pro-Clinton censorship. There are no submission guideline violations in my comment. None.”

        in a comment when the comment is first made, not until after it has been censored.
        So the submission guideline you cite does not provide any basis for the censorship.

        Until a comment has been posted, there is no repetitive posting.

  19. Still more censorship on the CBC. This was repeatedly censored even though there are no submission guideline violations in my comment.

    More fake news from the msm.

    The countries where Obama and then Trump, sought travel restrictions for are countries America has, for no good reason, been making war upon or stirring up dissent in. They happen to be primarily Muslim countries but there are many Muslim countries there are no restrictions for, one of which (Saudi Arabia) may have had citizens that were extensively involved in 911.

    Of course terrorists who were born in the US are going to outnumber those who weren’t by a wide margin. There is a wide margin between the US population and the numbers of people who immigrate to it each generation.

    And no, no one from Syria has been involved in an attack on the USA. But they have been involved in a multitude of attacks in Europe.

    It must be tough being part of a “profession” were so much of the public is more intelligent than the “professionals,” or at least, aren’t half as stupid as the members of the “profession” think the public is.

    On the CIA’s plans to foment war in and destabilize Syria, something the military-industrial complex’s presstitutes in the US and Canadian msm have not reported on at all, and which the Clinton Broadcasting Corporation won’t report on either. see

    “The seven countries were included in a law President Barack Obama signed in 2015 that updated visa requirements for foreigners who had traveled to those countries.”

    You sometimes can find truth in CBC propaganda. It is what Jimmy Dore exposed weeks ago when the msm were hollering about Trump’s “Muslim ban,” and what I tried to get readers of the comments sections to some of the shrill CBC stories, to understand

  20. The censorship at the CBC was particularly atrocious and atrociously biased tonight. Does s/he work for the US deep state?
    The CBC censor allows Nancy van der Meulen
    to say this:
    “I am surprised and even appalled at how many people who post on this site see nothing wrong with Sessions lying under oath. And they see nothing wrong with Sessions (or Flynn) working on Trump’s campaign team as surrogates and regularly talking to the Russian Ambassador, a known spy master. Obviously these two knew they were doing something wrong, otherwise they wouldn’t lie about it.
    What has happened to people’s morals? Their sense of right and wrong? Is honesty a thing of the past?
    Or are they so dazzled by Trump that anything done for him is okay? It looks as if Trump was right when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his followers would still vote for him.
    What a sad comment on humanity.”

    A claim of dubious accuracy, since Sessions may have legitimately forgotten, and the question that was asked by Al Franken was not asking Sessions if he personally had talked to anyone working for Russia, but if he knew of anyone,
    which would of course direct Session’s mind elsewhere,
    and a comment that was certainly in violation of the CBC submission guideline prohibiting attacks on other commentators, in fact there were multiple violations of this guideline.

    I repeatedly tried to make the following reply comment:

    “You be appalled. I’m appalled you Clintonites weren’t appalled when Obama and HRC were bombing Libya back to the stone age, when Obama was killing children in Pakistan and Yemen with drones, greenlighted the Ukraine coup governments launch of an air and military attack against East Ukraine – which did not support the coup government, and helped carry out the PNAC agenda on Syria, which led to millions of deaths and millions more displaced.

    You and Madeleine Albright, peas in a pod, and a sad comment on humanity.

    Always censored. Now I guess calling someone a Clintonite could be construed as a personal attack, but the censor allows Trump opponents to call those who stick up for him “Trumpsters,” “traitors,” “Putinistas,” and worse.

    The censor allowed this comment in the same comment line:

    “William Zandoli

    @Nancy van der Meulen

    It’s what they get paid to do.”

    also a complete violation of the CBC submission guidelines against attacking other commentators.

    and another gem in a different comment line but in the same comment section also

    William Zandoli

    “Fearon Steele still thinks that Pizzagate is real.


    a comment adding nothing to the discussion and a complete violation of the CBC submission guidelines prohibiting personal attacks on other commentators.

    Clearly the censor is breaking Canadian law and censoring without regard to the CBC’s own submission guidelines, but for whether the substantive content accords with the CBC narrative or the personal beliefs and bias of the censor.

    The Canadian public deserves better. Much better.

  21. Sorry for being a pain but this was repeatedly censored today:

    “Stop your illegal, unconstitutional, free speech suppressing censorship. There are no submission guideline violations in my comment. None. So either it goes up here or on one of the many websites documenting your illegal censorship.

    I love how the oppressed majority trying to enter the tech field are so quick to run screaming “sexual harassment” and “sexism” when the culture they find at the tech companies isn’t to their liking and doesn’t match their puritanical beliefs.

    The people who create the tech companies, largely men, largely nerds and often outsiders who these women or their mothers wanted nothing to do with when they were in high school – since these women or their mothers were all going gaga over the football, basketball or hockey jocks – or university – since they were going gaga over the med, dental and law students – created the concepts, took the risks, put in the long hours, experienced the failures and hardships and rejections and the dispiriting and income robbing intellectual property thefts and knock-offs, and the business losses, and the bankruptcies, and the horror of having to deal with venture/vulture capitalists, all without female support. Then finally, when these largely unsung heroes manage to come up with something that makes them money, well, they just have to change and accommodate all the poor oppressed majority and their beliefs and standards because they now want to work there and set the parameters and terms of their employment.

    “We won’t adapt to your workplace culture, you adapt to the misandrist, puritanical culture we experienced as privileged females attending universities, and want for your workplace.””

    Were there any submission violations? Was the comment doing anything other than telling it how it is?

  22. Comments were not allowed for this piece of femfascist trash:

    So I tried to object on a story where comments were allowed, complaining about the CBC’s not allowing comments to question the spew and the
    man-hate and sexism giving rise to these new government forced policies.

    Comment repeatedly denied of course. Beside complaining about the CBC’s refusal to let its misandrist, pro-freedom restricting, narrative be challenged, I also stated the following in relation to the story:

    “I love how the story quotes the most misandrist as experts saying the policies don’t go far enough, but will never quote the libertarians and the mra’s as experts who will say these policies go too far, amount to persecution of men, and allow men to be unfairly brought up on non-academic misconduct charges, since the policies always target male sexual behaviours and never female sexual behaviours – like making males jealous, or trying to get suitors to “fight” for them.

    It seems the author, and the CBC itself, could use some investigation for the way they promote misandry and the introduction of policies that blatantly sexually discriminate against males in our society. Making Canadian universities into hostile working environments for students who don’t have their sexual organs entirely within their bodies, has got to stop.”

  23. The politically motivated censorship, and refusal to apply the CBC’s own submission guideline rules when the violator supports the CBC narrative, continues:

    Stop your illegal, unconstitutional, free speech suppressing censorship. You had no trouble allowing the replied to poster posting their fake news or calling the commentator they were replying to a liar.

    @kathy powell briand

    Yes, they do. The Clinton campaign and DNC manipulated things to give Clinton the victory, did all sorts of dirty tricks to give her New York and California, and even had people dress up as Sanders supporters to engage violently with Trump supporters at Trump rallies so Bernie would get blamed by the media.

    Debbie Wasserman Shultz had to resign when Wikileaks revelations provided documentary evidence of the collusion So did other leading DNC members.

    And Seth Rich is still dead. Take your lies elsewhere Clintonite.

  24. The illegal censorship at the CBC just doesn’t stop. This was disallowed multiple times.

    “One last time: stop your illegal, unconstitutional, free speech suppressing censorship.You don’t like the words Mangina or femfascist, too bad. The people denoted by both do not constitute any special group protected by the Charter or your submission guidelines, and there is nothing in my comment that violates the CBC’s submission guidelines. So stop your illegal censorship and stop violating my rights and the freedom of speech and expression rights of Canadians. Either you put my comment up here or I publish it on one or all of the many websites exposing your illegal censorship. It really seems it is time to defund you.

    The people who created Uber took the risk, suffered the failures and hardships and should get to enjoy the rewards. Femfascists, manginas and misandrsts who think they should get to dictate the policies of companies they had no part in creating, and the people in government and the legal profession who work with the femfascists, manginas and misandrists, can fun themselves.

    If you don’t like the culture of a company, rather than running to the arms manufacturer-owned/military industrial complex owned msm – which has been responsible for millions more deaths and a multitude more suffering than Uber, and always comes down on the side of restricting the freedoms of everyone other than themselves – come up with your own great idea, start your own company, commercialize your products, and run your company as you wish.”

  25. Yet more illegal censorship at the CBC. Repeatedly denied.

    Please stop your illegal, unconstitutional, free speech suppressing, CBC shoddy journalism hiding, censorship. Most have realized by now that the msm, CBC included, are little more than propagandists for the warmongers and military industrial complex. There are no submission guideline violations in my comment, so either you stop your illegal censorship and put it up here, or it goes up on the many sites devoted to exposing your illegal censorship.

    The CBC host talking about the false news Alex Jones spreads was a great case of someone with a plank in their eye pointing at the sliver in another’s eye.

    In the last 20 years, the CBC lied to propagandize for war many times: Iraqi soldiers throwing babies from incubators, Iraq having wmds, genocide and ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, rebellion in Libya, Taliban culpability for 911. This has lead to millions of deaths. It takes some nerve for the CBC to be castigating Alex Jones for the damage he causes spreading false news.

  26. CBC. The Censorship continues unabated.

    Stop your illegal, unconstitutional, free speech suppressing, pro-misandrist, pro-puritanism, pro-femfascist censorship. There are no submission guideline violations in my comment. None and if you were half the news organization you should be, and weren’t so incredibly biased and incapable of filling your mandate, you’d be questioning the war on men now taking place in this country, the US, and Israel. So either, you stop violating my rights and the rights of my fellow Canadians, or I publish on one of the many sites devoted to exposing your illegal censorship.

    “Rape culture” exists only in the heads of misandrist, puritanical, femfascists, and the surveillance-state loving, militarism-loving, freedom-hating msm. When women start taking responsibility for initiating sexual activities between the sexes there will be cause for complaint about men initiating it in circumstances were women feel bothered and vexed, but not until.

    It always seems to be the male’s responsibility: to ask the girl out first, to make the first physical pass, the first touch, the first kiss, the first hand-hold, the first clearly sexual touch. Grow up femfascists, and realize this isn’t rape culture, or sexism, or sexual harassment. It is sexual reproduction, and a consequence of a biological-cultural system your sex has played as much a role in developing as the sex you hate.

  27. The CBC censor banned me for three days for trying to get this comment published in one of its Weinstein fall-out pieces of misandrist propaganda.

    Please stop your unconstitutional, illegal, free speech suppressing censorship. There are no submission guideline violations in my comment. NONE! So either it goes up here or on one of the many websites that expose your illegal, misandrist censorship.

    Rules of thumb for heterosexual males looking for a female mate in the modern age:
    1. If she uses the words “rape culture,” run.
    2. If she uses the phrase “PiV sex,” run.
    3. If she works or has ever worked in a rape crisis center, run.
    4. If you find out she contributed to the “IbelieveLucy” or “MeToo” twitter hashtags, run.
    5. If you find out she works or has ever worked for the CBC, as a reporter, columnist, or censor, run.
    6. If you find out she works for or has ever worked for the Huffington Post or New York Times as a reporter, columnist, or censor, run.
    7. If you find out she works for Jezebel or writes for or has ever worked for Jezebel or written for Medium, slit your throat. You’ve probably already been publicly shamed and vilified for failing in some grievous, heinous but ultimately imaginary way to recognize and acknowledge the innate superiority of women.


    The CBC’s submission guideline violations are here:

    I can’t see any violation anywhere in my comment. I wonder what the censor objected to. Perhaps the comment was too hetero-normative?

    The CBC’s mandate is here:

    It would appear that the CBC is consistently failing to meet this mandate.

  28. The CBC censor has now banned me for 7 days. There are no submission guideline violations in my comments. The censor just hates having misandrist/3rd wave feminism attacked and critiqued.

    There are a few good programs on CBC radio — Ideas, Spark, Quirks and Quarks, and even Michael Enright’s Sunday morning program. But most of the programs just spew pro-war, pro-imperialist, anti-Trump, anti-Russia, or anti-male propaganda.

    The censorship CBC “moderators” engage in is extreme and unlawful. All censorship takes place by restricting stories to which the public is allowed to make comments.

    Perhaps it is time to shut the CBC down and start over.

      1. the CBC allows the public to comment on. Generally speaking, the CBC does not allow comments for any story advancing a misandrist or man-bashing agenda, or a Liberal Party puff piece.

    1. It is time to shut the CBC down for the reasons you have just stated. If needed, pressure will be put on Scheer if he becomes the next PM two years. What CBC/Radio-Canada is doing is nothing less than propaganda..

  29. Well, it didn’t take long. Three successful comments and then this:
    “Your account has been banned until 11/16/2017. Reason: We have banned this account for 15 days because we believe it is in violation of our Terms of Use. If you believe this has been done in error, please contact us via For more information, please visit:”

    Actual reason — the censor is a power happy, control freak, misandrist.

    In response to an article about how hard done by women are in the technology sector:

    I attempted to make the following comment:
    “Women in North America have it so, so bad. Their life expectancy is only five years greater than that of their male counterparts — it should be at least 30 years greater in order to compensate them for all the times a male made them feel uncomfortable by asking them out, making a sexual pass at them, saying hello to them on the street, or impregnating them and making them go through the horror of child birth.”

    Misandrist feminists, when they can’t defeat your logic, they silence you. Incredible.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now!

  30. Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.
    People like me get banned from commenting for opposing femfascism, and the lies it tells and the oppression and puritanism it promotes.

    Meanwhile, people like “Awistoyus Nahasthay” and “Pauline Tremblay” are allowed to routinely violate submission guidelines with comments that are nothing but blatant misandry.

    Read their comments under this article by a millennial woman who isn’t buying the manhate the msm and femfascists are selling.

    Also, why hasn’t the Clinton Manbashing Corporation reported on the latest revelations from Donna Brazille or Wikileaks? The same reason the US military industrial complex owned msm hasn’t — it doesn’t advance a pro-war agenda.

    You can read about the shocking revelations here:

    Or get information on them here:

    No wonder the goofs at the CBC. New York Times, and WaPo are so busy with oppressed university educated first world women and manbash stories.

    Again, full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

  31. Perhaps it is premature, but the CBC seems to have done away with commenting to its web articles and propaganda pieces, entirely, unless you are willing to use facebook commenting, or some other privacy killing tool of the techopoly.

    They haven’t allowed commenting for Saskatoon in days, and today there were no comments for or Day 6 and The Current, the propaganda outlets they are, have never allowed comments.

  32. The CBC has now banned me from commenting for 90 days because it doesn’t want its blatant misandry challenged. Censoring my comments isn’t enough for the intolerant, power-mad, man-hating censor.

    1. Only a couple of more days and my ban ends. Can’t wait to challenge the warmongering, propaganda and misandry again.

  33. The CBC was originally reporting the Youtube shooting was a domestic dispute. When net journalists/real journalists as opposed to msm presstitutes, proved this false and that the shooting was in response to the censorship youtube/google is engaging in — with the msm’s support and instigation, part of what the Trump and Russia collusion fake news was designed to bring about — and the demonetization of the shooter’s youtube channels killing the income streams her work had previously allowed her to make, the CBC ran a second article.

    It was an AP article saying the motive for the shooting was that the shooter hated youtube because it had stopped paying her for videos she posted on the platform,
    helpfully adding youtube/google “de-monetizes some channels for reasons including inappropriate material or having fewer than 1,000 subscribers.”

    The shooter had posted evidence showing her channel one month had 300,000 visitors and that Google paid her 10 cents that month. She also showed how youtube/google censorship then caused visits on her channel to drop to less than 90,000 views.

    Many who were previously using youtube to generate revenues and distribute views and opinions at variance with the views propagated and propagandized by the msm, have similarly been demonetized and had their views decline as a result of youtube/google censorship and algorithms it has deployed that are designed to bury their channels and reduce the visitors they were getting. They have likewise been decrying the youtube/google censorship, a censorship the msm, CBC included, has said nothing about and will continue to say nothing about. After all, it is what they wanted to bring about with the fake collusion news. They long for the day when they again are the exclusive gatekeeper of news and opinion that can be disseminated to the masses and the revenues that come with that privilege.

    The second article the CBC published was of course, not open for comments. The CBC certainly wouldn’t want any material that could possibly inform their audience and correct the propaganda.

  34. The msm, CBC included, is still not reporting that the Florida school shooter was a victim of severe bullying and ostracism, and possibly the same sort of institutional “piling on” the Virginia Tech shooter had been subjected to.

  35. “We have banned this account for 90 days because we believe it is in violation of our Terms of Use, specifically repeated inappropriate and off-topic comments and using spaces to circumvent moderation.”

    The CBC has a select use of words you can’t say on-line that are neither obscene, racist, or sexist. They do challenge CBC agendas however.

    Also, the CBC refuses to allow comments to a lot of its propaganda pieces, the ones that promote misandry or support militarism and military spending.

    Attempts to get around this by commenting elsewhere get you banned.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now. Either that or shut it down.

  36. I was recently banned for 24 hours. I had used the exact same avatar for over 2 years, but on some particular day, the semi-literate millennial who qualifies as a CBC moderator decided it violated their standards. At first I was shocked and angry. What kind of idiots look at the same image repeatedly for 2 years and then decide it’s offensive?

    But then I realized the CBC needs me much more than I need it. It doesn’t really want my participation, unless it’s on the CBC’s terms. Over the past 60 days, I have realized that I can live perfectly well without the CBC.

  37. So my 90 day ban should have expired. What do I find?

    “Your account has been banned until 6/17/2018. Reason: We have banned this account for 90 days because we believe it is in violation of our Terms of Use, specifically repeated inappropriate and off-topic comments and using spaces to circumvent moderation.”

    Either the censors can’t count days very well, since my 90 day ban was originally imposed on January 5, 2018 or the censor unilaterally imposed an additional 90 day ban, presumably because of my comments here about their illegal, unconstitutional, incessant, free speech suppressing censorship. Or the censor has made my ban infinite and auto-renewing.

    Whatever it is, the CBC is profoundly disrespectful of our charter rights and its own mandate, and as well as being blatantly misandrist and warmongering, Orwellian and totalitarian.


    1. I would not be the least surprised if staff from Viafoura are aware of this blog and read it for amusement. They seem to be particularly juvenile, and I can see them deriving amusement from it. Based on the information in my posts here, it would not be difficult to discern who I am and add further banning to my 24 hours. They are certainly petty enough… and perhaps not well supervised.

      I have not been back since they banned me, and I won’t be back… ever. So I’ll never know.

  38. It is horrible that Viafoura got angel investors to back it in its efforts to censor the internet and make it safe for femfascists, illiberal liberals, and Clinton and Trudeau supporters. I wonder how many of them have connections to the Toronto Liberal elite

    It is beyond reprehensible that the CBC engages in widespread censorship based not on its own submission guidelines but on the substantive content of views being expressed, and is spending Canadian tax dollars on an organization like Viafoura that has so little regard for freedom of expression and opinion and freedom of speech.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.

    #not a real news network

    1. How many of the angel investors who have given Viafoura cash have connections to the Toronto Liberal elite.

  39. My last 6 month ban, and ban extension ended, I wanted to make a comment to one of the CBC’s more biased “news articles” but couldn’t remember my password, and did the password change thing. No email showed up in my inbox. Surprise me not.

    Later in the day, I remembered my password and was able to log on. I made a few comments that criticized Trudeau and the msm and supported Trump, including one that use the words Man Gina.

    “Your account has been banned until 12/28/2018. Reason: We have banned this account for 6 months because we believe it is in violation of our Terms of Use, specifically repeated uncivil comments, personal attacks, and comments that could be construed as hate speech.”

    There was absolutely nothing in my comments that could be construed as hate speech, nor was there anything uncivil towards other commentators. There was what one might construe as a personal attack against Trudeau but it was nothing like the personal attacks against Trump that the CBC allows commentators or its own “journalists” to make day in and day out, incessantly.

    Full public inquiry into the CBC now!

  40. I sent this to cbc after frustratingly trying to leave a comment.
    ‘Posted a balanced comment, on topic, with no insults or foul language or anything of the sort. Yet it’s been blocked. And the person who I replied to had a hate filled message accusing conservatives of all being dumb and racist. I want an answer or I will boycott CBC and make sure everyone knows why. This is an insane double standard. I believe despite what you say, that my comment was only moderated because of it’s not left wing enough. Here is his comment, followed my mine.
    His comment:
    The IOC are a bunch of corrupt crooks who love ripping people off and flattering dictators.
    So it’s kind of odd seeing alt right groups like the mum’s basement gang of the CTF object to holding the Olympic Games here. And it’s weird seeing the alt right UCP types supporting the whistle-blower, but hey…. better late than never.
    Having said that, it would be nice to see the context Nenshi claims exists. After all one wouldn’t want to think that the conservative commenters here are only moved to action because the Mayor is brown and Muslim.
    @David Colley Time for the old cliche.. but it’s so applicable here.
    This attitude is the fuel that keeps the alt-right burning. Lumping in a mainstream Conservative party with the extreme of the alt-right, claiming conservatives are anti-whistleblower when the North American leader who did more to harm those people than any other in living memory is B.Obama, and claiming that the only reason people are opposed to it is because of racism when everyone knows the mantra of the Conservative party is lower taxes. This story is about tax payers being lied to and taken advantage of.
    This is ideological rhetoric lacking any scent of independent or rational thought. Your supported cause is being damaged by this ignorance and vitriol.

    How in the world can you justify moderating me and not him???????????????

  41. I consider myself on the left but anti-feminist, since modern feminism is now unabashed misandry operating in the service of the military-industrial complex. I’ve been banished for comments the CBC censors claim “may be construed as hate speech.”

    There is no court of law in Canada or the US that has yet defined criticism of feminism and its attempts to make our society less free and democratic, as hate the CBC censors routinely do. Not yet.

    Also, the CBC’s double standards are, as you point out, ridiculous. Really Orwellian is that when they ban you they also delete all your comments.

    A full public inquiry into the operation of this Orwellian, anti-democratic, state owned “news” organization is required.

  42. The thoroughly biased Orwellian censors at the CBC did not censor this comment, though it violates more than one of the CBC’s submission guidelines:

    “@Barbara Dwyer why are you pretending to be a woman. Can’t you own up to your opinions as a man?? Weirdo! Not fooling anyone.”

    Of course, the comment supports the CBC’s misandrist feminist agenda. Hence submission guideline violations are acceptable.

  43. Thanks to the completely biased moderation/censorship taking place the CBC comment boards are not representative of the opinion of Canadians and should not be taken as such by anyone. They are a cesspool of illiberal liberal, and neoliberal misandry.

    A full public inquiry into the operation of this Orwellian, anti-democratic, state owned “news” organization is required.

  44. New CBC motto: “We’ve been spewing fake news since Iraqi soldiers were throwing Kuwaiti babies from incubators, and even considerably before that.”

    The CBC radio news continues to spew as if it is truth that Russian intelligence were responsible for the email hacks that Wikileaks published — even though there is no evidence for this, even though Wikileaks denies it, and even though Seth Rich is still dead.

    What the CBC won’t report is:
    Assange was right all along, the US has secret charges against Assange and wants to extradite him,
    the UK wants and intends to extradite Assange if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy, and
    the US has put immense pressure on the Ecuadorian government to silence Assange and turn him over to UK authorities.

    Try pointing any of this out on the CBC comment boards. Orwellian.

    Also, with a budget of more than 1 billion annually, you’d think someone at the CBC could have developed a communicative tech like facebook or twitter but that would respect Canadians’ privacy rights. Dim.

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the CBC now.


  45. Another comment in violation of the CBC submission guidelines that the censor happily allows because it attacks “the patriarchy” and “men.”

    “Not surprised at all by most of the so called “men” on here showing their “strongman” Trumpian side that for some reason they think will cover their insecurity as Trump is the most insecure person imaginable. Anyway, you should check out the video of that woman who also occupies the WH and her “artsy” movie (well lol) that she posted re decorations in the WH. Oh lawdy, someone topped them off with bonnets from the ladies of Handmaid’s Tale. Sicko video – sicko WH.”

    Maybe the CBC should be prosecuted for promoting hate speech?

  46. “Sounds like a load of men’s rights bs.”

    This comment violates two of the CBC’s submission guidelines: against personal attacks and against foul language. Of course it is in support of the CBC’s misandrist agenda, and supporting a story the CBC supposedly did three different pieces on, the reprehensible conduct (and I use the phrase lightly) of a host asking a gorgeous twenty something female soccer star if she knew how to twerk.

    The CBC also allowed this submission guideline violating comment:
    “@Jill Timko
    I thought you guys thought the Russia investigation was the biggest witch hunt ever.” in relation to an equally pressing matter the CBC reported on wherein the CBC decided to join with Canada’s wonderfully progressive Rogers and Bell and not play “Baby its Cold Outside” because some man-haters think it is “rapey.”

    What the CBC did not see fit to run were bio stories on the three protestors killed in France or any stories, bio or otherwise, on the `9 Canadian men who committed suicide daily in 2017.

    “Let em eat cake, baby.”

    Full public inquiry into this Orwellian misandrist abomination of a state broadcaster now!

  47. Even more submission guideline violating content allowed on the CBC because it supports misandry, and promotes violence against men, or at least a man:
    ” Greg Williams

    A good swift kick you know where would have taken him down a notch or two! I bet she’d pack a wallop!

    Dave Hall

    Dave Hall

    @Greg Williams I’ld pay to see it. I’ld pay again the next night for a rematch.”

    A good swift kick in the balls is assault, a criminal offence. It is also gender based violence since only men have balls.

    What do the CBC submission guidelines say:

    “The following kind of Your Content is also prohibited:
    Threats or suggesting committing a criminal act.”

    Full public inquiry into the operations of the misandrist, Orwellian, biased, censorious CBC.

  48. Awistoyus Nahasthay has some kind of in with the CBC board moderator. I dont comment there often but I confirmed it tonight. Keep an eye out for that name as it pops up. He’s a Nahastay Traholl (nasty troll)

  49. Canada’s misandrist state broadcaster and its talking head guests are continuing to spew Trudeau’s line that Canada has an independent judiciary (cough, cough) and police force (cough, cough) and that the Canadian government had no role in the arrest of the Huawei CFO. There is no way the CFO would have been arrested and detained without Foreign Affairs and Chrystia Freeland green-lighting the arrest beforehand. The Chinese government knows this. Most Canadian citizens know this. Our government, msm and the talking heads they employ think we are stupid, naive children.

    If any incident demonstrates Justin just wasn’t ready, it was the green-lighting of the arrest. It is going to cost Canada bigly. Sure we were between a rock and a hard place, China and the USA, but the UK would have had no problem acting as a lapdog for the US as it has done countless times in the past, and it isn’t going to suffer the economic backlash from China that Canada will because it doesn’t do the natural resources, grains and oil seeds exports to China that Canada does.

    I’d like to make these points in the comments sections to the many nonsensical and misleading articles the CBC is publishing to support Trudeau but can’t. Only views supporting the CBC’s false narratives are allowed.

  50. One only needs to look at the comments allowed by the CBC; I have screenshots of comments in which the words chit head, chit peddler, etc. that passed CBC moderation scrutiny. Neil MacDonald used the term “simple-minded flying monkey” to describe people and attacked people on their physical appearance. Therefore, it is easy to see that CBC is using submission guidelines to control the message board. Infringement on free speech (Canadian Charter of rights). If anyone wants to start legal proceedings, I’m well documented and would be on board. Here are the links to the articles in violation of their own guideline:

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