Delta Airlines is banning over 450 “anti-maskers;” I wrote to them and told them to add me to the list

Delta Airlines paid for the services off CNN Newsource, CNN’s fake news division (yes there is such a department) to issue a press release and brag about having banned 460 customers from flying on their airline again for having apparently mouth back to the waitress or driver about having to endure the face diaper and inhale their own carbon dioxide for an hours-long flight.

I took the opportunity to send Delta a strongly-worded e-mail:

Corporate media is reporting that your airline is banning 450 “anti-maskers.”

I haven’t flown on your airline, or any airline for that matter since 2017, since a flight from Buffalo to Atlanta in which a TSA security guard shoved his hands down my pants (as if just being in Buffalo wasn’t enough). Since then, my wife and I have driven EVERYWHERE. Back in July when he had to travel from Orlando to Michigan for a funeral for my wife’s aunt, all four of us (myself, my wife and our two dogs), put everything we needed into my F-150 and pointed the truck north on I-75. 

When we stopped for fuel and for food, we did NOT put on our face diapers. Fortunately, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky were respites from the mask crap.

I defy you to explain to me how that stupid piece of cloth across my face is helping ANYBODY when the very act of exhaling fogs up my sunglasses. And I suppose you have a logical, scientific explanation for me about how the face diaper stops the China Flu when I take it off to eat and drink? Is there some period of protection that one is afforded with if you eat and drink, so long as you were wearing the diaper before and put it back on immediately after?

The airlines have scammed HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS off the American taxpayer in the past 20 years. Over 25-billion of that since this hoax began in March. I was laid off from my job with one of the larger inter-city bus companies back in March because my employer didn’t get a bailout from Uncle Sucker to drive empty buses (or one or two people on the bus) back and forth across the country.

And in gratitude for the largesse you have extracted from us, the security guards, waitresses and drivers have been downright abusive towards your few paying customers. Not Just Delta, but ALL of the airlines.

So go ahead. I’ve given you my name and address. Ban me. Now. Put me on the TSA no-fly list. Because I can assure you there is absolutely NOWHERE I need to fly to. And if I can’t drive there, I guess I won’t be going. You couldn’t PAY ME to step on to an airplane. 

And you’ll notice that our Republican senate has not paid Queen Nancy’s ransom and you haven’t gotten any more bailout candy since April. We intended to keep it that way. 

I hope every single airline goes bankrupt and all of you join the other half of the country on the unemployment lines. Flying has been a miserable experience for decades, but now you’ve put the ship into hyper-drive. 

Congratulations. We’re done with you. 

Graham Media (formerly Washington Post) and WKMG-Channel 6, Orlando’s lowest-rated and least-watched newscast, continues to get results as it continues on destroying the economy of Central Florida and the United States in the name of “getting Trump.”

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