Lockdown Jerry Demings Hasn’t Kept Enough Orlandoans Unemployed; Now Harassing The Only Major Survivors: The Parks

Hundreds of thousands of residents in Orlando and Orange County remain unemployed as Lockdown Jerry Demings continues to sabotage any recovery in the hopes that voters will take their anger out on President Trump and Republicans and re-elect his partner-in-corruption, congress-critter wife Valdez “Val” Demings

Not satisfied with sending his “Strike Teams” to bars, restaurants, gas stations, stores and other small businesses, Demings’ health tyrants are now sinking their teeth into a new victim in an attempt to shut them down: the county’s theme parks (primarily Sea World, Universal Studios and the Big Kahuna: Walt Disney World.

The Parks are barely hanging on. They have laid off tens of thousands of staff and are employing a skeleton crew to keep things running. Yet the response of the incompetent Demings is to send his bureaucrats in to make sure the parks are enforcing “social distancing” and the very mask orders nullified by Governor DeSantis.

The Walt Disney Company has laid off over 32,000 workers: 28,000 in Anaheim, where Democrats have kept Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure shackled since March and other 4,000 at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

It’s still summer in Florida and Jerry Demings won’t be happy until customers and staff have dropped dead with their face diapers on in tropical heat and humidity. The Demings won’t be happy until every last worker in Orlando and Orange County is out of work, even the largest employers are bankrupt and left to rust and everybody is collecting welfare (which doesn’t exist in Florida) and left dependent and at the mercy of a tyrannical Democrat government.

The minimum wage in Florida is less than $9 per hour, but as a couple who have become multi-millionaires since Val went to the District of Criminals in 2016, the Demings needn’t burden themselves with such unpleasantness.

In short, the Demings and the Democrats won’t be happy until Orlando, Orange County, Florida and the entire United States look just like California.

Why Republican governor Ron DeSantis and Florida’s Republican-majority state house and senate continues to allow this disaster and obvious sabotage by corrupt Democrat municipal politicians like Jerry Demings is a very good question indeed.


ORLANDO, Fla. – Orange County leaders are cracking down on businesses not following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Now they have a new area of focus: theme parks.

The Orange County strike teams will start doing surprise checks at area theme parks. This is a county-wide effort going on for several weeks now.

“So far over 3,600, to be precise 3,620, different business sites have been visited,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings.

Mayor Demings gave an update on the county’s strike teams on Monday that are working to ensure businesses are being compliant with CDC guidelines — most recently focusing in on businesses along Goldenrod and Curry Ford Road.

Now the teams are hitting the major attractions.

“In addition to smaller businesses, the strike teams will be once again visiting major theme parks unannounced very soon.”

Mayor Demings says the strike teams have been going out for more than two months.

The county says they’ve done about 450 follow-up inspections.

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