WKMG / Graham Media Bullshit: Channel 6 posts NFL Schedule; Commenters Say, “Who Cares?”


WKMG Channel 6, owned by Graham Media (formerly the Washington Post) and named for the late publisher Katharine Meyer Graham, is Orlando’s most liberal (now approaching Marxist) and thus lowest rated news television station. They are dumb enough to allow comments on all of their articles.

An article advertising the schedule for the upcoming National Felons’ League broadcast season brought out comments which were almost unanimously indifferent to anything NFL. Other than a comment that called out everybody else in favor of a boycott as racist (of course), and another that insisted that football was still popular (based on previous seasons; another comment called out), the rest of the commenters didn’t give a shit.

And these were just the comments that were allowed to stay up, or that weren’t shadow banned by users oblivious to the fact that their work is not being seen by others.

And the three top comments, in the opinion of your humble correspondent:

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